Questions Asked on
April 19, 2020

  1. Math

    A group of 72 children completed a survey on what kind of activity they like. The choices were: Chess, Swimming, and Football. Everyone liked at least one activity except 7 kids, who don't like any of these three kinds of activities. 12 children liked

    asked by Kara
  2. Maths

    A room is 3m high with volume 60m3 calculate the area of the floor of the room

    asked by Obaro
  3. History

    How might the coming of modern conveniences such as electricity change life for the indigenous people of Peru? A. They may begin to move away from some of their traditional ways of life and adopt more modern ways.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Probability

    Let 𝑋 and π‘Œ be independent positive random variables. Let 𝑍=𝑋/π‘Œ. In what follows, all occurrences of π‘₯, 𝑦, 𝑧 are assumed to be positive numbers. 1. Suppose that 𝑋 and π‘Œ are discrete, with known PMFs, 𝑝𝑋 and π‘π‘Œ.

    asked by Sanjay
  5. Calculus

    The population (P) of an island y years after colonization is given by the function P=250/1+4e^-0.01y c. After how many years was the population growing the fastest? d. Using Curve Sketching methods, sketch the graph of the function. Make sure that you

    asked by something
  6. Physics

    Nuclear forces between proton proton proton neutron

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math:Probability

    A random variable X is generated as follows. We flip a coin. With probability p , the result is Heads, and then X is generated according to a PDF fX|H which is uniform on [0,1] . With probability 1βˆ’p the result is Tails, and then X is generated according

    asked by ramj
  8. Calculus

    Use the process of implicit differentiation to find dy/dx given that x^3e^y-ye^x=0

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    A ball at the end of a rope is swung in a circle that is parallel to the ground. If the ball is then swung around in a circle that is perpendicular to the ground, which of the following statements is true? Assume the speed and length of rope are the same

    asked by ko
  10. Science

    A cube of ice is dropped carefully into cylinder of liquid, and the following observations are made ; 1. The cube floats about half-way down the cylinder. 2. After 30 secs the cube has melted a little but floats in the same position. 3. After 50 secs the

    asked by Brad Samuels
  11. science

    A road from the bottom of a hill to the top is 800 feet long, and the top of the hill is 60 feet higher than the bottom. The angle of elevation of the road is ___ degrees.

    asked by Leonard
  12. Math,stat

    A smartphone company receives shipments of smartphones from three factories, labelled, 1, 2 and 3. Twenty-five percent of shipments come from factory 1 whose shipments contain 8% defective smartphones. Sixty-five percent of the shipments come from factory

    asked by Katy
  13. Physics

    An AC generator delivers an alternating current I(t) = (3.4 A) sin[(140Ο€ rad/s)t] to a single resistor in series with the generator. (a) What is the rms value of the current in the circuit? (b) If the resistor has a resistance of 240.0 Ω, what is the

    asked by AAA
  14. Probability

    We are given a stick that extends from 0 to x . Its length, x , is the realization of an exponential random variable X , with mean 1 . We break that stick at a point Y that is uniformly distributed over the interval [0,x] . Find joint PDF fX,Y(x,y) of X

    asked by Alpha
  15. Science

    Describe the context of your community in terms of its environmental resources, social relations, culture, and economic activities and explain how you could make a biofuel technology or water harvesting technology fit appropriately in such context

    asked by George
  16. Maths

    My proffersor gave us all to do this It it worth 50% of my assessment score this semester but I don't really know how to even go about have been googling it online but still no luck..... I need details analysis Conjecture : The equation 24b= 2(ab+1) has no

    asked by Isaac
  17. Physics

    Nuclear forces between fundamental elements

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    How to solve for bonds from compound?

    asked by Szarina
  19. Maths

    Ravi decides to Choose a 5 digit passcode from the Following 7 characters 1. 9. 6. 7. R. P # No digits are used twice A ) how many combinations of 5 digits are there ? B) Probability that The one he chooses will start with a R and end in P

    asked by Pete
  20. math

    mrs johnson baked 2 dozen cookies two thirds of cookies were oatmeal how many cookies did mrs johnson bake

    asked by briana
  21. statistics

    Q: Use the following information to determine whether or not you should reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis: SBetween=100 SSWithin=500 n per group=20 (i.e. total n=80) H0: Β΅1= Β΅2= Β΅3= Β΅4 H1: At least one mean is different Ξ±=.05 A: I

    asked by pleasehelp
  22. math

    Maggie has a box of 200 colored blocks. The box has an equal number of green and blue blocks and an equal number of red and yellow blocks. If Maggie arranged all of the green blocks in stacks of 10 and all of the blue blocks in stacks of 7, how many yellow

    asked by jordyn
  23. math

    In a study of the domestic market share of the three major automobile manufacturers A, B, and C in a certain country, it was found that their current market shares were 60%, 30%, and 10%, respectively. Furthermore, it was found that of the customers who

    asked by V
  24. career

    Now that you have explored different types of careers, you should have some idea of what kind of career you would like to pursue. In one or two paragraphs, answer the following questions: What kind of job within your chosen career field do you wish to

    asked by Holly
  25. math

    Let Z be the standard normal variable with ΞΌ = 26 and Οƒ = 3.2. Find the value of P(24 < X < 34).

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Calc

    Find an equation of the curve whose tangent line has a slope of f'(x) =2x^-10/11, given that the point ​(-​1,-4​) is on the curve.

    asked by Abby
  27. Physics

    Three identical small balls are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle as on the picture below. Find coordinates, Xcm and Ycm, of the center of mass (CM) of this system. The find (A) Moment of inertia relative to an axis through CM and parallel

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    Find the probability of spinning a 5 and rolling a 1, 2, or 3. A) 1/16 B) 1/2 C) 1/6 D) 1/8

    asked by lucy
  29. Math

    An experiment consists of spinning a spinner. Use the results in the table to find the experimental probablity that the spinner does not land on green.

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    A pumpkin pie costs $12.55 at Bobby’s Bakery. If the pie has a diameter of 12 inches what is the cost per square inch of the pie?

    asked by A PeRsOn
  31. Accounting

    Magic Mountain retires its 8% bonds for $126,000 before their scheduled maturity. At the time, the bonds have a face value of 124,000 and a carrying value of $116,000. Record the early retirement of the bonds. (If no entry is required for a

    asked by haleemah
  32. Math

    If you make a tree diagram and then list all of the possible outcomes for flipping a coin and rolling a 6-sided die, how many possible outcomes are there? A) 2 B) 6 C) 12 D) 36

    asked by Melanomas
  33. Math

    The 90 men that visited restaurant take one of either pounded yam, rice or Amala. 10 take pounded yam and rice 19 take rice and Amala and 29 take pounded yam and Amala, x men take all the three menu. 2x men each take one food item. How many men take all

    asked by Gado Sunday
  34. Chemistry

    When the temperature of 4 dm cube of an ideal gas is increased from 200k to halved,calculate the final volume of the gas

    asked by Eniola
  35. science

    This example of sedimentary rock is formed when rock fragments, minerals, and the remains of plants and animals are deposited as sediments and are then A) chemically weathered by water. B) compacted and cemented together. C) recrystalized under the weight

    asked by Aperson
  36. Calculus

    e^4x=-x-1 I've tried taking the ln of both sides but led me nowhere near the answer. Please help!

    asked by Jay
  37. Chemistry

    1. Mention 3 occurrences of chlorine 2. Mention 2 chemical properties of chlorine 3. Discuss the laboratory preparation of chlorine

    asked by Wybe
  38. Calc

    The slope of the tangent line to a curve is given by f'(x)=4x^2 + 7x -9. If the point ​(0,6​) is on the​ curve, find an equation of the curve.

    asked by Abby
  39. Science

    What are two major differences in the composition of the inner and outer planets? I don't know what they mean my comparing their compostions.

    asked by help
  40. math

    Which coordinate pairs lie on the x-axis? Select two answers. A. (0,5) B.(0, -13) c.(4,0) d.(-1,0)

    asked by idk
  41. Calc

    y=sqrt(x^2-5x+4) find: - local min/max - inflection points - horizontal/vertical asymptote - inc/dec

    asked by Tim
  42. English

    Does this sentence , β€œThe explorers whom I most admire are astronauts β€œ have a essential or nonessential clause”

    asked by Britney
  43. Physics

    VERY URGENT PLEASE HELP!!! A block of mass 493 g is pushed against the spring (located on the left-hand side of the track) and compresses the spring a distance 4.9 cm from its equilibrium position (as shown in the figure below). The block starts from rest,

    asked by Ochi
  44. Science

    Two point charges Q1 = 10Β΅c and Q2 = 2Β΅c are arranged along the x-axis at x = 0 and x=4m respectively. Find the position along the x-axis where v = 0.

    asked by Oghenefejiro
  45. Math

    2x+3y=13 I keep getting fractions 2x= 13-3y Div both sides by 2 X= 13/2 -3y/2 Then y same

    asked by Gissell
  46. English

    In the Outsiders by S.E Hinton who is the true outsider? Have one example why that character is the true outsider.

    asked by A PeRsOn
  47. Algebra

    You are standing on the ground when a friend standing on a balcony asks you to toss him his keys. He can catch the keys as long as they are at least 4 meters above the ground. If you toss the keys from an initial height of 2 meters with an initial vertical

    asked by Lil Tecca
  48. Math

    The vertex of an angle measuring 32Β° is in the exterior of a circle and its sides are secants of the circle. If the sum of the measures of the intercepted arcs is 180Β°, find the measure of each intercepted arc.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. algebra

    Solve this equation: x^2+4x-5=0

    asked by Mike
  50. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line (3,3) (7,5)

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    The quest say round answer to nearest thousandth if necessary. 2/24 = 0.83333 if i round would be 0.083 if in thousandth . Therefore , it doesn't need rounding ?

    asked by Gissell
  52. Physics

    A series RLC circuit with a resistance of 116.0 Ω has a resonance angular frequency of 5.1 βœ• 105 rad/s. At resonance, the voltages across the resistor and inductor are 60.0 V and 40.0 V, respectively. (b) At what frequency does the current in the

    asked by AAA
  53. Math

    Write the formula for absolute value function if its graph has the vertex at point ( 1/3 ,βˆ’3) and passes through the point (1,1).

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    How does x^2(4.72*10^-12)-x(3.26*10^-6)-1=0 become x= .920072? If you know how can you show me the steps to the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math/ business

    What is the effective rate of the interest rate of the interest when the rate is 6 percent compounded continuously?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. physics

    A person with mass 60kg is sitting on a Ferris wheel at a distance of 10m from the center. If the person experiences a constant force of 600N on them as they go around, what is the period of the motion? Express your answer to three significant figures.

    asked by ko
  57. Math

    Suppose that 30% of a population carries a certain gene. You want to estimate the probability that it will take at least a sample of four to find a person that carries the gene, how could you simulate a person having or not having the gene? A) 0, 1, 2

    asked by Nancy drew
  58. History

    1) Who were the Nor' Westers a. farmers who settled on the north west territories b. railroad workers who were involved in the building of the northwest line c. sailors who traviled the route from the eastern seaboard to the pasific northwest territories

    asked by anonymous
  59. physics

    Two satellites orbit Earth with the same mass, but satellite A orbits at a distance of 2 Earth radii whereas satellite B orbits at a distance of 3 Earth radii. By what factor is satellite B's gravitational force smaller than A's? (Hint: You are finding the

    asked by ko
  60. physics

    Calculate the work and power done when a track athlete lifts a 20 kg barbell 0.6 meters in 0.8 seconds.

    asked by anna
  61. Chemistry

    What is the concentration in % (m/v) of a solution with 75 g K2SO4 dissolved in 1500 mL of solvent?

    asked by Ty
  62. math

    A two-digit locker combination is made up of non-zero digits and no digit is repeated in any combination. Event A = the first digit is 4 Event B = the second digit is odd If a combination is chosen at random with each possible locker combination being

    asked by alyssa
  63. Physics

    A bucket is at rest at the bottom of a well. A cable is attached to the bucket and the force of tension is used to lift the bucket up out of the well. What type of energy is changing as the bucket is being lifted?

    asked by izzabella