Questions Asked on
April 14, 2020

  1. math

    Each week Lance drives two routes, route A and route B. One week he drives route A five times and route B twice. He drives a total of 181 miles that week. The week after, he drives route A twice and route B three times. He drives a total of 112 miles that

    asked by mboc
  2. Algebra

    If 7 cartons of apple juice and 2 cartons of grapefruit juice cost £6.15 and 5 cartons of apple juice and 8 cartons of gratefruit juice cost £9.19 calculate the cost of 2 cartons of apple juice and 5 grapefruit juice Using Algebraic calculation

    asked by Pete
  3. math

    Find the inverse of g(x) = 3x^2 - 5

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    A small and a large sphere, of mass M and 3M respectively, are arranged as shown on the left side of the figure above. The spheres are then simultaneously dropped from rest. When the large sphere strikes the floor, the spheres have fallen a height H.

    asked by Alex
  5. physics

    A 12 V car battery is found to be capable of storing 2.00 kWh of electrical energy. For a certain electric car, it is necessary to develop 1.00 x 104 W of power to drive at 5.56 m/s. (a) Suppose that the car has 10 such batteries which results in 10 times

    asked by Anusha
  6. Math

    Sally earns $3200 per month. If 6.2% is withheld for Social Security and 1.45% is withheld for Medicare, how much is withheld for FICA tax each month? Round your answer to the nearest cent

    asked by Question
  7. Math

    Write the parametric equations of a line perpendicular to 4x + 8y +7 =0 with the same x-intercept as [𝑥,𝑦]=[2,7]+𝑡[−10,3].

    asked by Jay
  8. English

    '...whose members share similar attitudes.' what grammatical name is given to the above expression and what is its function.

    asked by Stacy
  9. Science

    1. As air gets warmer, _____. a it can hold more water vapor b its relative humidity decreases c its relative humidity increases* d it can hold less water vapor 2. The temperature at which water vapor condenses out of the air is called the _____ point. a

    asked by Some Random Person Who Needs Help With Homework
  10. MATH

    The millage rate in an area is 12.43 mills. What is the amount of property tax for a $141,300 house?

    asked by HELP
  11. Math

    A passenger car will go 495 miles on 16.5 gallons of gasoline in city driving. What is the rate in miles per​ gallon?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry

    How many moles of Al are needed to form 2.43 mol of Al2Br6?

    asked by Carol
  13. archaeology

    What has been the significance of a written alphabet to past societies?

    asked by alxx
  14. Math

    State two properties of H.C.F by division method

    asked by Ali Haider
  15. Science

    Which of the following is alkaline? a. colas b. vinegar c. detergents d. lemon juice I can't figure out whether it would be c., or d. Can you help me out? Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    4,x,y,32 are in GP, find x,y and the 11th term of the progression.

    asked by Mimi
  17. Math

    An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 3 painters, 7 sculptors, and 12 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a painter or a sculptor? Write your answer as a

    asked by Madison Kershaw
  18. Math

    From a platform an object is projected vertically into air. Its height, h metres above ground level after t seconds is modelled by equation h=3+20t-5t^2. At what height above the ground is the platform from which the object was projected? Calculate the

    asked by Gordon
  19. Science

    How to separate salt and sand with natural process

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    In a class of 30 ​students, on​ average, 6 will be​ left-handed. If a class includes 27 ​"lefties", estimate how many students are in the class.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    What are the coordinates of the vertex of the graph? Is it a maximum or a minimum? a. (−2, −1); maximum b. (−1, −2); maximum c. (−2, −1); minimum d. (−1, −2); minimum the graph shows the shape like a U and it's towards the negative area

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  22. Math

    In an office​ building, 51 offices are currently being rented. This represents 30​% of the total units. How many offices are there in the​ building?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Question : Let Vr = (Ur+1)^2 - (Ur)^2 , where Ur+1 & Ur denote the r+1th and rth term of a sequence where Ur>0 It is given that Sigma(from r=1 to n) Vr = [ (n-2)((2n-3)]/ (n^2 + 1) , where n>= 1 and Ur>0 Show that (1/2)

    asked by Ashley
  24. English

    compare and contrast between drummer boy of Shiloh and civil war journal

    asked by fatmah
  25. math

    The coordinates of points A and B are A(2,3).B(4,-5).M is the midpoint of vector AB.Determine the coordinates of point M and the magnitude of vector BM.

    asked by lucy
  26. Math

    From a platform an object is projected vertically into air. Its height, h metres above ground level after t seconds is modelled by equation h=3+20t-5t^2. Deduce the equation of axis of symmetry Calculate the greatest height the object reaches.

    asked by Angel
  27. History

    The Progressive movement was a response to ______. A. European Imperialism and American expansionism overseas B. the effects of rapid industrialization, immigration, and urbanization C. increased governmental involvement in people's lives

    asked by beyonce
  28. Science

    Hello, can you please check this? Saving Energy: Things to consider List 3 - 4 Downsides to Low-Flush Toilets - They are more costly (to install). - They clog more easily (which can lead to more money spent on getting that fixed). Except if it's a pressure

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  29. Math

    A group of 7 friends are sharing an order of 5 pizzas. Each pizza is cut into 8 slices. Explain how you could use different fractions to describe the amount of pizza each friend gets.

    asked by Lily
  30. math

    If $400 is invested at an interest rate of 5.5% per year, find the amount of the investment at the end of 12 years for the following compounding methods. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.)

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Calculus and Vectors

    Given a = [1,6] and b = [-1,2], express the vector c = [5,9] as a linear combination of a and b

    asked by 123
  32. Calculus and Vectors

    Given u = [2,5] and v = [6,4], determing u (down arrow) v

    asked by test
  33. math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a 4 or a 5? A. 1 B. 1/5 C. 1/3 D 1/6

    asked by anyone?
  34. Math

    How many 3-digit numbers that are divisible neither by 4 nor by 6 are there?

    asked by Sila
  35. Math

    The sales tax is ​$46 on the purchase of a dining room set for ​$920. Find the sales tax rate.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Algebra

    Y=X2+bx+c (the 2 means squared) Y = 16 when x= 0 Y= 0 when x=-2 Find the values of b & c

    asked by Pete
  37. Calculus and Vectors

    If a=(5,2) and b=(-3,1) then which of the following vectors represent 3a-2b? a) (9,4) b) (9,8) c) (21,8) d) (21,4)

    asked by 45467
  38. Calculus and Vectors

    Let a=(5,2) and b=(-3,1), find a (dot) b

    asked by Math
  39. Calculus and Vectors

    Let a= (1,2) and b=(-2,0). Find 2a+3b.

    asked by g
  40. math


    asked by Anonymous
  41. Physics

    In a pinball game, a compressed spring with spring constant 1.2x10^2 N/m fires an 82 g pinball. The pinball first travels horizontally and then travels up an inclined plane in the machine before coming to rest. The ball rises up the ramp through a vertical

    asked by Alex
  42. biology

    Are flatworms a species?

    asked by freya
  43. Physics

    A system exhibits simple harmonic motion with a frequency of 0.85 cycles per second. Calculate the acceleration experienced by the mass 3.0 m from the equilibrium point.

    asked by Mea
  44. math

    The width of a rectangle is one half its length. The perimeter of the rectangle is 54 cm. What are the width and length of the rectangle?

    asked by help
  45. Math

    an automobile gasoline tak holds 80 litres. Gasoline weighs 0.803 g/cm^3. what is the weight of the gasoline in a full tank? Give the answer in kilograms rounded off to the nearest tenth kilogram

    asked by anonymous
  46. Calculus

    Is there ever a case where a function can be derived implicitly and explicitly ?

    asked by Peopsh8
  47. English

    Is Mr. a contraction of 'mister' or 'master'?

    asked by rfvv
  48. physics

    at the moment when a shot putter releases a 5 kg shot, the shot is 3 m above the ground and travelling at 15 m/s. it reaches a maximum height of 14.5 m above the ground and then falls to the ground. if air resistance is negligible, what was the potential

    asked by Anusha
  49. math

    Rationalize the denominator and simplify:4 square root 5+3square root 2 divide 2square root 2-square root 5

    asked by lucy
  50. Maths

    Two people depart from the same spot.One traveling North at at 5 ft per second and one traveling East at 1 ft per second.How fast are they separating from each other after 5 seconds?

    asked by William
  51. Maths


    asked by Siphiwo
  52. English

    1. Mr. is a shortened form of mister. You use Mr. before a man's name, usually the last name or the full name. [Simple Wikepedia] 2. Mr. [Wikipedia] Mister, usually written in its abbreviated form Mr. (US) or Mr (UK), is a commonly used English honorific

    asked by rfvv
  53. Math

    The surface area of a soft drink with cylindrical shape is given by a formula SA=2×pi×r(r+h), where r cm is radius of can and h cm is the height. The height of a can of wood finish is 5 cm and its surface area is 250cm^2 Substitute values into formula to

    asked by Angel
  54. math

    which is a set of collinear point A G,H,I B L,H,I C G,H,J D G,I,J

    asked by covid 19
  55. Social studies

    which of the following contributed to suburban growth? a.telivion b.highways c.airplanes d.appliecises **my awnser

    asked by ms.mibrett
  56. Math

    Ramey recorded the favorite sport of students at his school. Football is 44%, Baseball 15%, Basketball 20%and Tennis 20% .What decimal is Baseball? ( Hint: move 2 places to the left)

    asked by A
  57. Math

    I live in a building with 23 units of which 14 are owner occupied and 9 are renters what is the formular in percecentage to owners and renters ?

    asked by Paul
  58. English

    Okay I went over and revised my writing again and had it read out loud to me. I change some sentences all together. The question I answered was: Batman. Spiderman. Superman. These characters often come to mind as heroes. But what about everyday people?

    asked by happy apple
  59. statistics

    As in an earlier exercise, we assume that the random variables Θ and X are described by a joint PDF which is uniform on the triangular set defined by the constraints 0≤x≤1 , 0≤θ≤x . a) Find an expression for the conditional mean squared error of

    asked by Ken
  60. physics

    a lightning bolt has a charge of about 5.0 C. How many excess electrons are present?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Maths

    The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9. If the digits are reversed, the number is 63 more than the original. Find the number

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Science

    Budding and Binary fission are alike in that both:

    asked by Goldfish

    Which of the following applies to the growth of cities at the turn of the twentieth century? A. Rural migrants found few job opportunities in the cities. B. Many workers lived in crowded and unsanitary tenements. C. Most homes had running water and indoor

    asked by beyonce
  64. math

    Sales of Scooters * tt lc. E H o o) o!c 5000 4000 3000 2U)O 1000 0 .Ian Feb Mar Apr Months The mean monthly sale for the period' January to April, is $3 OOO. (a) Calculate the TOTAL sales for the periodG) Compleie the diagrern by drawing the bar for the

    asked by yahya
  65. Math

    How do I do arrays and an expanded algorithem please help not getting it- 4th grade student

    asked by Zoey
  66. History

    What destroyed the confederation Tecumseh had built? A. Tecumseh’s death B. Canadian losses in York C. U.S. control of Lake Erie D. U.S. victory at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    asked by Hannah
  67. Calculus/Vectors

    Given a = [-2,7], b = [1,1], and c = [-2,-1], determine a*(b+c)

    asked by Soccerkid
  68. science

    The moon orbits around the earth, which rotates on its own axis. What is the result?

    asked by tay
  69. Math

    PLEASE HELP ASAP: Suppose that 48 out of every 120 students at Independence like to dance. And, of the people who like to dance, 3 out of 5 plan to enroll in the Dance Class for next Fall. Based on these ratios, if you survey 500 students at IHS, how many

    asked by candace
  70. Calculus

    f(x)=-cos(x^2)+2sin(x) [1,3.5] Find the three roots of f'(x) on the given interval

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    James has 10 shirts in his drawer: 3 red, 2 black and 5 white. He has 6 pairs of shorts in his drawer: 3 black, 1 blue, and 2 khaki. What is the probability that a shirt and a pair of shorts chosen at random are both black? ______________________

    asked by Trineddie
  72. statistics

    Suppose that Θ , X1 , and X2 have zero means. Furthermore, Var(X1)=Var(X2)=Var(Θ)=4, and Cov(Θ,X1)=Cov(Θ,X2)=Cov(X1,X2)=1. The LLMS estimator of Θ based on X1 and X2 is of the form Θˆ=a1X1+a2X2+b . Find the coefficients a1 , a2 , and b . Hint: To

    asked by Ken
  73. math

    Why is it important to include both a number and a unit when describing a measure? Please help I can't think of anything!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  74. biology

    With which body system, do you FEEL hot and cold?

    asked by carmella
  75. math

    Find the equation for each tangent line to the curve x^2 - sin y = y+4 where y=0.

    asked by Amy
  76. Civics

    a company fires an employee for campaigning for candidates during her own time away from work. The employee files a civil case against the company . A judge rules that the company policy is unconstitutional . What power has the judge used? A judicial

    asked by Bip
  77. Social studies

    1. Describe feudal Japanese society. What were the roles of shoguns, samurai, daimyo, and peasants? 2. Compare and contrast the Chinese government bureaucracy under the Tang and Song dynasties. How was it similar? How did it differ? 3. Choose one of the

    asked by Connexus Student
  78. math

    A game involves spinning this spinner. What is the probability of the pointer landing on G? Spinner: (I'm going to start from the left half of the middle, on the bottom.) R, R, R, R, B, B, G, Y A. 1/8 B. 5/8 C. 1/2 D. 3/8

    asked by anyone?
  79. Physics

    Two spacecratfs from different nations have linked in space and are coasting with their engines off, heading directly toward Mars. The spacecrafts are thrust apart by large springs. Spacecraft 1, with a mass of 1.9x104 kg, then has a velocity of 3.5x103

    asked by Mea
  80. math

    four friends were playing a card game where the smallest number wins. Friend -15 friend -18 friend -12 friend -9 who won the game

    asked by hailey
  81. biology

    Most cancer cells have ____ number of divisions. a) unlimited b) 100,000 c) 10 d) 100

    asked by Ana
  82. Algebra

    75g^9 Simplify. Assume g is greater than or equal to zero

    asked by carmella
  83. Math

    Solve the equation b/-6 = -3 A: -18 B: 18 C: 1/2 D: -1/2

    asked by Danii
  84. math

    what is 2*5/12?

    asked by sad
  85. Science

    which soil layer contains the most humus ? (1) A horizon (2) B horizon (3) C horizon (4) D horizon

    asked by Zakbets
  86. Calculus and Vectors

    A 200 N mass is supported by two wires that make angles of 54 degrees and 67 degrees with the ceiling. Determine the tension in each wire.

    asked by help123
  87. Science

    A species that influences the survival of many other species in an ecosystem is called what

    asked by Lily
  88. math

    Determine the equation for the parabola with roots 2 + √5 and 2 − √5 and passing through the point (2,5).

    asked by ar
  89. math

    A calcium ion has 20 protons and 18 electrons. Each proton has a +1 charge and each electron has a -1 charge. What is the charge of the calcium ion?

    asked by robin
  90. Calculus and Vectors

    A plane flies on a heading of N50 degrees East at a constant speed of 450 km/h. If the velocity of the wind is 70 km/h on a bearing of S30 degrees East, what is the velocity (speed and direction) of the plane with respect to the ground?

    asked by 45467757885
  91. Physics

    A 109.8 cord has an equilibrium of 2.27 m. the cord is stretched to length of 8.09 m then vibrated at 52.7 hertz. what is the spring constant

    asked by Kiran
  92. physics

    a box of lollipops accidentally falls from the back of a truck and hits the ground with a speed of 15 m/s. it slides along the ground for a distance of 45 m before coming to rest. a)the time it takes to slide the last 10.0 meters

    asked by Kaleb Aron
  93. History

    “General, I have been a soldier all my life. I have been with soldiers engaged in fights by couples, by squads, companies, regiments, divisions, and armies, and should know, as well as any one, what soldiers can do. It is my opinion that no fifteen

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Civics

    Which of the following is judicial interpretation? A.determining what the law means in a specific case B.following the law, regardless of one’s personal views C.imposing one’s own personal views on what the law should be D.using the principles of due

    asked by Manny
  95. Math

    How would i respond to this question? Estimate the circumference of the circle with the given radius or diameter. Use 3.14 for n. round to the nearest unit. i need help and answers

    asked by Chill turtle
  96. Math

    Fibd dilation factor of a transformed parabola, when vertex 3, 30 and x intercepts 0,0 and 6,0

    asked by Angel
  97. Math - Ratios

    Suppose that 48 out of every 120 students at Piedmont like to dance. And, of the people who like to dance, 3 out of 5 plan to enroll in the Dance Class for next Fall. Based on these ratios, if you survey 500 students at Piedmont, how many students would

    asked by Audrey
  98. world history

    CHECK MY ANSWERS 1. Which best describes the sequence of events in Hitler’s campaign against the Jews of Germany? A.persecution begins, Nuremberg Laws issued, concentration camps created, death camps created B. Nuremberg Laws issued, persecution begins,

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  99. physics

    A hockey puck B rests on frictionless, level ice and is struck by a second puck A, which was originally traveling at 40.0 m/s and which is deflected 30.0° from its original direction. Puck B acquires a velocity at a 45.0° angle to the original direction

    asked by david
  100. math

    what is 2+1001100+25-700+700*2/20

    asked by Phoebe
  101. Science

    If the R-value is higher, than does it mean that the insulation keeps in more heat? I'm confused about what the R-value is. I need to plan out the insulation plan for a community centre.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  102. math

    a technician measures the weights of some objects as 12.30z, 9.6 oz, 7.4oz, 11.6oz, 9.2oz, 13.0z, and 8.4oz. Find the total weight in pounds and ounces.

    asked by anonymous
  103. science

    why does an underwater swimmer hears an approaching motorboat before a swimmer on the surface does?

    asked by nawra
  104. Chemistry

    If 197.1 mL of SO3 is collected (measured at 324 K and 52.6 mmHg) what is the percent yield of the reaction?

    asked by Kelvin
  105. Calculus

    f(x) = − cos(x^2) + 2sin(x) How to find critical points, absolute max, and absolute min of f(x) on the interval [1,3.5]?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    megan spent 1/4 of her money on a pair of shoes

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Statistics

    roll 2 standard dice and add the numbers. what is the probability of getting a number larger than 8 for the first time on the third roll?

    asked by Fatima
  108. physics

    An object with a charge of 2.3 space x space 10 to the power of negative 6 end exponent C and an object of charge negative 4.2 space x space 10 to the power of negative 6 end exponent are .30 m apart. Calculate the magnitude of the force.

    asked by basel
  109. Algebra


    asked by Sam
  110. Stats

    A simple random sample of size n equals=3737 is obtained from a population with μ equals=6969 and σ equals=1515. ​(a) What must be true regarding the distribution of the population in order to use the normal model to compute probabilities involving the

    asked by Ray
  111. math

    For all points on the curve x^2 - siny=y+4 where y=pi/2, is the curve concave up or concave down? Why?

    asked by Amy
  112. Stats

    Hello please help.. The owner of a computer repair shop has determined that their daily revenue has mean​ $7200 and standard deviation​ $1200. The daily revenue totals for the next 30 days will be monitored. What is the probability that the mean daily

    asked by Ray