Questions Asked on
April 13, 2020

  1. Math

    Ali's tyre pressure gauge shows a reading which is 8% lower than the actual pressure. What is the actual pressure of Ali's tyres when the gauge shows 33.58?

    asked by mboc
  2. math

    At the start of 2015, Barry's house was worth £270000. The value of his house increased by 3% every year. Work out the value of his house at the start of 2020.

    asked by dylan
  3. Math

    Mr and Mrs Boyden take their 3 children to a leisure park. They buy tickets for the whole family. The cost of an adult ticket is £6 more than the cost of a child ticket. The total cost of the 5 tickets is £82. Work out the cost of an adult ticket.

    asked by JP
  4. math

    Buses to Aintree leave the station every 25 minutes. Buses to Blossford leave the station every 30 minutes. Buses to both places leave at 8am. What is the next time buses to Aintree and Blossford leave the station together?

    asked by KYL
  5. math

    Lisa and Ant share some money in the ratio 5:8. What fraction of the money does Lisa receive?

    asked by Jh
  6. Math/Finance

    Julia earns gross monthly pay of $3300. Of her paycheck, 25% is withheld for deductions, which means that 75% is net earnings. If she pays $300 for utilities, what percentage of her net earnings is used to pay her utility bills? Answer choices have been

    asked by Romero
  7. Math

    Marcel gives Philip a business loan of $10,000 for 2 years with an annual interest rate of 9%. What is Philip's monthly payment on the loan, rounded to 2 decimal places? $456.85 $1030.23 $37.50 $1800.00

    asked by Tati
  8. science

    a pupil of mass 50 kg runs a flight of 20 stairs each 25cm high in a time of 20 seconds (take g= N/kg calculate the pupil s gain in potential energy

    asked by Emmanuel
  9. Science

    What is the correct formula for the compound formed by Ca2+ and NO2? A. Ca2(NO)2 B. Ca(NO2)2 C. CaNO2 D. Ca2NO2

    asked by Goldfish
  10. science

    Suppose two 45-g ice cubes are added to a glass containing 500 cm3 of cola at 20,0°C. When thermal equilibrium is reached, all the ice will have melted, and the temperature of the mixture will be somewhere between 20,0°C and 0°C. Calculate the final

    asked by tshepiso
  11. english

    In which type of text reader most likely to encounter domain-specific vocabulary A an autobiography B an newspaper article C an geography textbook D a collection of poetry

    asked by alek
  12. civics

    Which of the following is true about members of the Supreme Court? A.Justices are elected for life and cannot be impeached. B.Justices are nominated by the president but must be approved by the Senate. C.People nominated to the Supreme Court must have a

    asked by eva
  13. Physics

    a small car has a head-on collision with a large truck. Which vehicle has the larger change in momentum?

    asked by Christian
  14. MATH

    The account balance on April 1st is $60.15. On April 15th a payment of $51.00 is made. On April 25th a purchase of $91.27 is made. What is the finance charge if the annual rate is 18%? What is the new account balance? Finance charge =_______$ New balance

    asked by beyonce
  15. Environmental Science

    A cold night is followed by an overcast morning. When this happens, the cool air at the surface and any pollutants it contains is trapped beneath the warm layer above it. Which term describes this phenomenon? A. temperature conversion B. temperature

    asked by John
  16. history

    What change was made in 1969 to South Carolina constitution of 1895? A. The governor was permitted to succeed. B. The residency requirement for voting was eliminated. C. The court system would no longer be controlled by the state senate. D. The legislature

    asked by mandy
  17. Chemistry

    A chemist performs a series of reactions that produce binary lithium compounds. The elements include sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen, fluorine, selenium, oxygen, and iodine. The models below represent the ionic radii of compounds formed by reacting lithium with

    asked by Bob
  18. Government

    Two major causes of low voter turnout include the fact that A. older Americans tend to vote in lower numbers and those with less education vote less often. B. individuals with less education vote less often and young adults are less likely to vote. C.

    asked by Anna
  19. Math

    Loan Amount: $13,000 Method of payment: discount basis Amount of Interest: $625 Term of loan: 1 year Effective Rate of Interest (to the nearest tenth): _____ %

    asked by beyonce
  20. Math

    An insurance company reported that 50% of all automobile damage claims were made bye people under the age of 25. If seven automobile damage claims were selected at random, determine the probability that exactly five of them were made by someone under the

    asked by Carlos
  21. Science

    Moby travels down a halfpipe on his skateboard in five seconds. His speed at the bottom is 10 m/s. What was his acceleration? I need help!

    asked by seven
  22. math

    A bike was recently marked down $200.00 from its initial price. If you have a coupon for an additional 30% off after the markdown, how much will the bike cost if it was originally $950.00?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Determine if it is possible to form a triangle using the set of segments with the given measurements. Explain your reasoning. 7 in., 8.7 in, 15.4 in. Please help! Thank you!!

    asked by cookie giver! 🍪🍪
  24. math

    The area of a playground is 216 yd2. The width of the playground is 6 yd longer than its length. Find the length and width of the playground, including appropriate units. Then, enter the sum of the length and width in the provided grid. Show your work

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  25. Environmental Science

    Your family purchases a house that was built in 1922. It is a bit of a "fixer-upper", but it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, you are on a tight budget so you decide to only fix the essentials. Your family decides to invest most of your money into

    asked by John
  26. Physics

    Unpolarised light of intensity 4.0Wm^−2 is incident on a polariser placed at 15∘ to the vertical. State the intensity of the transmitted light. I've tried 4 x cos(15)^2 = 3.732050808, but it says "Unpolarised light is a random mix of polarisations, so

    asked by Physics
  27. Physics

    State the physical quantities one has to measure in order to determine the Young's Modulus of a wire.

    asked by Jasmine
  28. Pre-Algebra

    Two months ago, the mean daily rainfall in a local city was 9.4 cm. The mean absolute deviation was 3.5 cm. Last month, the mean daily rainfall in that city was 11.5 cm, and the mean absolute deviation was 1.6 cm. Which statement about the rainfall is

    asked by cleo
  29. English

    claude is getting a new computer for his birthday this year

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    There was water damage to personal property in a home. The items damaged were originally priced at $4000. The items lose value by 11% per year. The items were four years old when they were damaged. The owner had actual cash value coverage with a deductible

    asked by jacob
  31. math

    The table shows the height of a plant over time. Which type of function best models the data? Write an equation to model the data. Year Height (cm) 0 86 1 101 2 116 3 131 4 146 please help

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  32. Math

    Marked | Price Rate of Discount| ​$290.00 20​% With the information provided what is the discount and sale price? pls show me how to do this.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    Brian has 8 feet of canvas. He needs 1/4 foot to make a painting. How many paintings can Brian make?

    asked by Ashley
  34. Algebra

    A store sells packages of 48 Snickers bars for $28 per package, and packages of 36 KitKat bars for $22.50 per package. Mrs. Sweettooth bought some packages of Snickers bars and some packages of KitKat bars in this store. She bought total 204 candy bars and

    asked by Helen
  35. Government

    Which factor led to the establishment of the Voting Rights Act? A.The Fifteenth Amendment was being circumvented by Southern states. B.The federal government wanted to increase voter turnout. C.The Nineteenth Amendment was unfair toward women. D.The

    asked by Anna
  36. math

    A car averaged 48 miles per hour traveling 672 miles from Washington to Orlando. How long was the trip?

    asked by robin
  37. Calculus

    The pilot of an airplane that flies with an airspeed of 800 km/h wishes to travel to a city 800 km due east. There is a 80 km/h wind FROM the northeast a) what should the plane's heading be? b) How long will the trip take?

    asked by music123
  38. math

    suki is trying to solve the equation 62.75 + x 92 answers possible?

    asked by mary
  39. math

    Stretch out your arm and measure the distance from the tip of your nose to the end of your middle finger. How does YOUR "yard" compare to the actual set value of a yard? Explain the reason for any discrepancy. Please help immediately!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  40. Science

    I did an experiment where I shine a light on a piece of paper to demonstrate how one of the earth's hemispheres tilts away from the sun and the intensity of the sunlight dims causing the seasons. The question asks to identify the two constants in the

    asked by Help
  41. Algebra

    Oceanside bike rental shop charges 14 dollars plus 9 dollars an hour for renting a bike. Joan paid 86 dollars to rent a bike. How many hours did she pay to have the bike checked out?

    asked by Monique
  42. Algebra

    Identify the ordered pair that represents the vector from 649-11-02-00-00_files/i0030000.jpg to 649-11-02-00-00_files/i0030001.jpg and the magnitude of 649-11-02-00-00_files/i0030002.jpg.

    asked by Bennajae
  43. physics

    Consider the circuit shown (in the link below), determine the time required for the capacitor to reach a full charge where: DC = 10V R= 10 KΩ C= 100 uF h

    asked by anonymous
  44. Math

    using mean value theorem justify y=e^x over [0,1]

    asked by Anonymous
  45. statistics

    Suppose that Θ , 𝑋1 , and 𝑋2 have zero means. Furthermore, 𝖵𝖺𝗋(𝑋1)=𝖵𝖺𝗋(𝑋2)=𝖵𝖺𝗋(Θ)=4, and 𝖢𝗈𝗏(Θ,𝑋1)=𝖢𝗈𝗏(Θ,𝑋2)=𝖢𝗈𝗏(𝑋1,𝑋2)=1. The LLMS estimator of Θ based on 𝑋1 and 𝑋2

    asked by irowif
  46. English

    In a compare and contrast essay, which of the following transitions would show a comparison of ideas

    asked by Joseph
  47. civics

    Why would it not be appropriate for Congress to get the Supreme Court’s opinion about a bill it is considering? A.It would check the President’s power of veto. B.It would upset the legislative process. C.The Supreme Court cannot rule on a law that does

    asked by eva
  48. Geometry

    Find the circumference of the given circle. Use 3.14 for pi, and round your answer to the nearest tenth. A) 59 in B) 29.5 in C) 19.2 in ** D) 554.3 in

    asked by Spring Allergies
  49. Math

    Type the price per unit in blanks a and b, and place an x by the best buy. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a cent. a. Tomato juice, 48 oz. can for $2.49 would = ______¢ per oz. b. Tomato juice, 6-pack of 10 oz. cans for $3.99 would = _______¢

    asked by beyonce
  50. Math

    In planning the opening of your restaurant, you estimate that the restaurant's total area should allow each customer 20 square feet of dining space. Of the planned space, you hope to utilize one-third of the total space for the kitchen and storage. Seating

    asked by beyonce
  51. Physics

    Does anybody know the answer to this question? According to the equation for the diffraction pattern, the angles of constructive interference (and thus the angles of destructive interference), would be... larger or smaller. My answer is smaller but I need

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Science

    How is the flow rate of gas controlled as it leaves a storage container?

    asked by Tiana
  53. Calculus

    A plane flies on a heading of S60 degrees East at a constant speed of 550 km/h. If the velocity of the wind is 50 km/h on a bearing of S40 degrees West, what is the velocity of the plane with respect to the ground?

    asked by drumboy34
  54. math

    What difficulties do using non-standard units present for introducing measurement? What are the advantages of using non-standard units to introduce measurement? Please help ASAP!!!

    asked by Andrea
  55. Government

    In a general election, candidates will typically adjust their messages to A. target as broad a voting base as possible. B. highlight their distinctiveness within the party. C. challenge their party’s organizational structure. D. focus on the most

    asked by Anna
  56. Government

    A common trend in American party politics is that as Americans get older, they tend to A. identify as either Democrats or Republicans. B. abandon being identified as a member of one of the major political parties. C. identify as Republicans, but fewer

    asked by Anna
  57. Government

    The winner-take-all system of elections in the United States creates a barrier for third parties because third parties A. often do not get enough votes for proportional representation. B. usually are able to beat one major party, but not both. C. rarely

    asked by Anna
  58. Government

    What might one conclude about politics prior to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974? A. Political machines had reached the height of their power. B. Loose campaign financing regulations were producing corruption. C. Patronage positions were leading

    asked by Anna
  59. Government

    A political party’s national convention is BEST defined as a meeting where A. delegates elect the national chairperson and the party’s national committee members. B. members of a political party gather to celebrate the success of implementing their

    asked by Anna
  60. Math

    n investment of ​$93 comma 000 was made by a business club. The investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. The first part of the investment earned​ 8% interest, the second​ 6%, and the third​ 9%. Total interest from the

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Physics

    A manufacturer is designing a two part firecracker with a total mass of 1.0 kg. The firecracker will launch at a speed of 25 m/s, then separate into its parts some time, t, after launch. The parts have equal mass. If the parts separate such that the angle

    asked by Mea
  62. math

    Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Light takes about 11⁄3 seconds to travel from the earth to the moon. Calculate the distance between the earth and the moon based on the speed of light.

    asked by robin
  63. Math

    Daniel is in a choir where all of the members have a different height. When the members are numbered from 1 to n in order of increasing height, he is number n/3. When numbered in reverse order, he is member number n − 9. How many members are in the

    asked by Bella
  64. math

    A cheetah traveling at 31 m/s chased its prey for 11 seconds. What distance did the cheetah travel during the chase?

    asked by robin
  65. Math

    If a scale drawing of a wall, with a scale of 1:64 ,is 1/4 inches tall , how tall is the actual wall?

    asked by Destiny
  66. math

    How long will it take a bird traveling at an average speed of 12 miles per hour to travel 202 miles while flying south for winter?

    asked by robin
  67. Math

    An employer has $500 that she can award in bonuses to her 7 employees. If she wants all of the bonuses to be in $25 increments and not everyone has to receive bonuses, how many different ways are there for her to give out bonuses? I still don't understand

    asked by Dave
  68. Physics

    A 17 kg girl slides down a playground slide that is 2.7 m high. When she reaches the bottom of the slide, her speed is 1.3 m/s. What is the coefficient of friction? Use energy theorem

    asked by Anonymus
  69. Math

    The inland sandy desert is one of the largest. It covers part of 4 countries. 684000 sq km in desert land 232,000 sq km in sandy land 119000 sq km in Aridland 71000 sq km in Beachland About what percentage of the inland sandy desert is contained in the 2

    asked by Gordon
  70. Math

    Three people invest in a treasure dive, each investing the amount listed below. The dive results in 34 gold coins. Using Hamilton's method, apportion those coins to the investors based on their investment. Investor Investment Allocation of 34 coins Karissa

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Question : Let Vr = (Ur+1)^2 - (Ur)^2 = [ (n-2)((2n-3)]/ (n^2 + 1) , where n>= 1 and Ur>0 Show that (1/2)

    asked by Ashley
  72. accounting

    On January 2, 2019, Konrad Corporation acquired equipment for $500,000. The estimated life of the equipment is 5 years or 18,000 hours. The estimated residual value is $14,000. If Konrad Corporation uses the straight line method of depreciation, what will

    asked by hose
  73. English

    When do parents apply for Social Security cards in the USA for their kids? After the birth of their babies, do they have to apply for Social Security cards without delay?

    asked by rfvv
  74. Physics

    What evidence supports the wave model for light? How do we find the location and intensity of the fringes in interference and diffraction patterns?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physics

    How do you find the wavelength of the fourth harmonic of a closed pipe with length 2m?

    asked by Anonymus
  76. Math

    What is 2.16e+16 billion

    asked by BROOK
  77. Math

    What is a size of the angle ? Draw a polygon that has the same interior angle

    asked by Sinethemba
  78. math

    Genna has 5/6 litre of soup. She pours the soup equally into 10 mugs. How much soup is in each mug?

    asked by Someone
  79. physics

    can anyone help me on this question. I don't understand A capacitor is constructed of two aluminium plates separated by a dielectric. The capacitance is measured to be 268.00μF. Without changing the dimensions of the plates, they are brought closer

    asked by anonymous
  80. English

    Hello, can anyone help me with a starting sentence to show how COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people?

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  81. math

    3+14(12x2)-7= a. 29 b. 33 c.40 d. none of the above

    asked by regs
  82. Algebra

    Given f(x) = 8^x evaluate f(-2/3

    asked by Claudia
  83. Algebra

    Simplify. 75 square root

    asked by carmella
  84. science

    thumbs up if a blackhole is real thumbs down if it is not real

    asked by jake
  85. Science

    A Bat hanging motionless on the ceiling of a cave has no mechanical energy. True or false?

    asked by Goldfish
  86. Math

    The sales tax on a used car is​ $156​, and the sales tax rate is 5​%. Find the purchase price ​(the price before taxes are​ added).

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Programming

    Objective: The purpose of this lab project is to exposes you to writing larger programs, and how to use selection. Problem Specification: The PCCC Palace Hotel needs a program to compute and prints a statement of charges for customers. Your input to the

    asked by devraj
  88. Algebra

    simplify 12 square root

    asked by carmella
  89. Physics

    A simple wheel and axle is used to lift a bucket of water from a well the radii of the wheel and axle are 20cm and 4cm respectively determine the theoretical effort required to lift a load of 30N assuming no energy losses

    asked by Rodas
  90. English

    1. Which statement is shared by both "Zoos: Joys or Jails?" and "Why Do We Need Zoos?" a. clearly stated claim b. humorous introduction c. unsupported facts d. one-sided argument 23 Read the passage. What technique is the author using to develop point of

    asked by happy
  91. physics

    The magnetic field in a loudspeaker is 0.18 T. The wire consists of 150 turns wound on a 1.4 cm diameter cylindrical form. The resistance of the wire is 8.0 . Find the force exerted on the wire when 15 V is placed across the wire.

    asked by anonymous
  92. Math

    An employer has $500 that she can award in bonuses to her 7 employees. If she wants all of the bonuses to be in $25 increments and not everyone has to receive bonuses, how many different ways are there for her to give out bonuses? I don't understand how to

    asked by Dave
  93. Science

    Which star classifies as an M2 and is 500 times larger than the sun?

    asked by Hi
  94. Math

    The scale factor of figure stub to figure ways is 3:1. If ST =39 mm and sv =51 mm what is the length of size wz?

    asked by Sonovia
  95. history

    Which of the following describes how the Spanish colonization affected American Indians in Middle America? A. Spanish colonizers introduced diseases to American Indians, resulting in a decrease in American Indian populations. B. Spanish colonizers adopted

    asked by person
  96. Texas history

    Explain how industry in Texas has led to progress in technology and education This is a short answer essay. All I need is the technology part.

    asked by Nobody
  97. math

    1. After returning from a knee injury, your trainer tells you to return to your running program slowly. She suggests running for 60 minutes total for the first week. Each week thereafter, she suggests that you increase that time by 6 minutes each week.

    asked by sara
  98. statistics

    We wish to estimate an unknown quantity Θ. Our measuring equipment produces an observation of the form X-Θ3 + W, where W is a noise term which is small relative to the range of Θ. Which type of linear estimator is preferable in such a situation?

    asked by ndwjhro
  99. Social Studies

    How were early New Guineans different from Australia’s first people? A. They were among the first people to discover farming. B. They lived by hunting, fishing, and gathering. C. They were divided into hundreds of distinct ethnic groups. D. They migrated

    asked by Bxby London
  100. statistics

    Suppose that instead of estimators of the form 𝑎𝑋+𝑒 , we consider estimators of the form Θˆ=𝑎𝑋 and ask for the value of 𝑎 that minimizes the mean squared error. Mimic the derivation you have just seen and find the optimal value of 𝑎

    asked by cnwiufhwr
  101. statistics

    Suppose that Θ and 𝑊 are independent, both with variance 1 , and that 𝑋=Θ+𝑊 . Furthermore, 𝐄[Θ]=1 and 𝐄[𝑊]=2 . The LLMS estimator Θˆ=𝑎𝑋+𝑏 has

    asked by dewkriu
  102. statistics

    Suppose that the random variable Θ takes values in the interval [0,1]. a) Is it true that the LMS estimator is guaranteed to take values only in the interval [0,1]? b) Is it true that the LLMS estimator is guaranteed to take values only in the interval

    asked by dwie
  103. statistics

    Recall that the MAP estimator for the problem of estimating the bias of a coin is 𝑋/𝑛 , which is different from the LLMS estimator (𝑋+1)/(𝑛+2) . How do they compare in terms of mean squared error (MSE)?

    asked by sdkj
  104. math

    1. After returning from a knee injury, your trainer tells you to return to your running program slowly. She suggests running for 60 minutes total for the first week. Each week thereafter, she suggests that you increase that time by 6 minutes each week.

    asked by sara
  105. Calc

    A rectangular tank with a square​ base, an open​ top, and a volume of 32 ft cubed is to be constructed of sheet steel. Find the dimensions of the tank that has the minimum surface area.

    asked by Abby
  106. physics

    please help me! There is a capacitor C1 constructed by a pair of paralleled conductive plates 20 mm by 50 mm, spacing distance of 10 mm, and a ceramic dielectric with a relative permittivity of εr = 7500 (the absolute dielectric constant of vacuum or air

    asked by Please Help me!!!!
  107. Calc

    Find the elasticity of demand​ (E) for the given demand function at the indicated values of p. Is the demand​ elastic, inelastic, or neither at the indicated​ values? q=410 - 0.2 p^2 a.​$21 b.$39

    asked by Abby
  108. Civics

    Which is an important purpose of having the president serve as the military’s commander-in-chief? A.civilian control of the military B.fewer attacks by foreign powers C.increased efficiency in the chain of command ** D.more experienced leaders Please

    asked by eva
  109. Math

    Suppose a company has fixed costs of $38,400 and variable cost per unit of 1 3 x + 222 dollars, where x is the total number of units produced. Suppose further that the selling price of its product is 1454 − 2 3 x dollars per unit. (a) Find the break-even

    asked by Brett
  110. math

    If the supply and demand functions for a commodity are given by p − q = 10 and q(2p − 10) = 2100, what is the equilibrium price and what is the corresponding number of units supplied and demanded? equilibrium price $ number of units units

    asked by Brett
  111. Math

    The profit function for a certain commodity is P(x) = 150x − x2 − 1000. Find the level of production that yields maximum profit, and find the maximum profit. x = Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. units P = $

    asked by Brett
  112. Math

    If, in a monopoly market, the demand function for a product is p = 140 − 0.80x and the revenue function is R = px, where x is the number of units sold and p is the price per unit, what price will maximize revenue? $

    asked by Brett
  113. Math

    Find the maximum revenue for the revenue function R(x) = 359x − 0.6x2. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) R = $

    asked by Brett
  114. Art

    setting up a photograph to control the lighting, the subjects position, and the angle of the photograph is an example of which artistic technique A.) improvisation B.) staging C.) photo editing d.) cropping In Order to capture a rare moment on file, a

    asked by happy
  115. civics

    Which are the main philosophies of judicial interpretation? Select all that apply. A.judicial activism B.judicial jurisdiction C.judicial restraint D.judicial review E.judicial standing

    asked by eva
  116. math

    I need help on these questions: 1. After returning from a knee injury, your trainer tells you to return to your running program slowly. She suggests running for 60 minutes total for the first week. Each week thereafter, she suggests that you increase that

    asked by Klara
  117. Science

    I did an experiment shining light on a piece of paper and tilting it to demonstrate how Earth tilts away from the Sun causing the seasons to change. The question asked what the independent and dependent variable is. I looked up what they mean I'm still

    asked by Help
  118. Calculus

    graph a function with following rules: - local max at x=2 - local min at x=1 - does not have any concavity - domain: [-3,3]

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math

    Can somebody check my math before I submit it? Thanks. 1. Answer: Arithmetic Sequences 2. Answer: 60, 66, 72, 78, ... 3. Answer: t(n + 1) = t(n) + 6, t(1) = 60 4. Answer: Geometric Sequence 5. Answer: 3,000,000 , 3,120,000 , 3,444,800, ... 6. Answer: t(n +

    asked by Klara
  120. Math

    Richard was born in the 20th century. On his birthday in 2016, his age will be equal to the remainder when his birth year is divided by 100. How old will Richard be on his birthday in 2042?

    asked by Bella
  121. science

    b. Explore mechanical waves (like sound and water waves) and/or electromagnetic waves (like light waves). Consider how these waves are created, what is accomplished by them, what kinds of things they can be used for, and how they are impacted (strengthened

    asked by urgent
  122. physics

    An object with a charge of 2.3 space x space 10 to the power of negative 6 end exponent C and an object of charge negative 4.2 space x space 10 to the power of negative 6 end exponent are .30 m apart. Calculate the magnitude of the force.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Physics

    Two small identical metal spheres, A and B, on insulated stands, are each given a charge of +2.4 10-6 coulomb. The distance between the spheres is 7 10-1 meter. Calculate the magnitude of the electrostatic force that the charge on sphere A exerts on the

    asked by Sarah
  124. math


    asked by help
  125. social studies

    on the chart, which two philosophies talk about improving society

    asked by maria
  126. science

    Static electricity can build up to a maximum of _________ volts only. a) 110 b) 1000 c) 12 d) none are correct

    asked by anonymous
  127. Databases

    For each, compute the ’follow from’ for each given FD o Make a list of all BCNF violations with one attribute on the right-hand side o Decompose each relation into a set of equivalent BCNF relations 1. R = (A,B, C, D, E) Fds: A→B C→D 2. R = (A, B,

    asked by ALpha
  128. Physics

    3. Human cannonballs have been a part of circuses for years. A human cannonball with a mass of 70 kg experiences an impulse of 4.0x103 Ns for 0.35 s. a) Calculate the force acting on the human cannonball. b) How long was the barrel of the cannon?

    asked by Mea
  129. civics

    Which are the main philosophies of judicial interpretation? Select all that apply. A.judicial activism B.judicial jurisdiction C.judicial restraint D.judicial review E.judicial standing

    asked by john