Questions Asked on
April 10, 2020

  1. math

    If the cost of 5 whole 1 by 2 kg of sugar is rupees 206 whole 1 by 4 then find the cost of 8 whole 1 by 4 kg of sugar

    asked by sarthak
  2. Math

    What is 1:56:20+ 1:01:13+1:50:05? Please show all the work on how you came to your answer along with your explanation as well.

    asked by Asumi
  3. Math

    Mr. Wong is a history teacher. In order to study how his 1st period class did on a 100-point test, he made the stem-and-leaf plot shown. Twenty-five students took the test. What conclusion can be drawn about the distribution of the data? Select two

    asked by Connexus questioner
  4. Trigonometry

    Find the value of x. Round to the nearest tenth. The diagram is not drawn to scale. The adjacent is 12cm wide and the angle of the hypotenuse is at 35 degrees. The opposite is x. I'm posting this here because I want to know what I did wrong regarding my

    asked by A Victim of Bullying
  5. math

    251664.72 rounded to the nearest km im strugging my answers on test are 12,762 25,512 62,884 6,339,700 approximated the earths equator is 40,074 kilometers. round to the nearest km... please help im only on problem11 on my test

    asked by coronavirus man
  6. math

    There was water damage to personal property in a home. The items damaged were originally priced at $4000. The items lose value by 11% per year. The items were four years old when they were damaged. The owner had actual cash value coverage with a deductible

    asked by helplz
  7. math

    4350 ml rounded to the nearest 0.5 litre

    asked by suzan akther
  8. ASL

    Which of the following instrumental classifiers would most likely be used to show closing a window? Which of the following instrumental classifiers would least likely be used to show holding a bowling ball? CL:flat palm, CL:flat palm B. CL:3 C. CL:B D.

    asked by tiktok
  9. civics

    The phrase, “the Elastic Clause,” comes from which powers of Congress? A.enumerated powers***** B.implied powers C.inherent powers D.reserved powers Please help asap

    asked by Eva
  10. Civics

    How does the principle of separation of powers limit Congress? A.Congress cannot enforce the laws that they make. B.Congress must interpret legislation for the courts. C.Congress must rely on the executive branch to introduce legislation. D.Congress must

    asked by Eva
  11. physics

    You place a point charge q = -4.00 nC a distance of 9.00 cm from an infinitely long, thin wire that has linear charge density 3.00×10−9C/m. What is the magnitude of the electric force that the wire exerts on the point charge?

    asked by J
  12. Math

    HELP ASAP PLEASE! A. Write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. B. Write another expression in simplest form that shows the difference between the perimeter of the larger triangle and the perimeter of the smaller triangle.

    asked by Goldfish
  13. Physics

    If aluminum (Al), with an atomic weight of 27, combines with oxygen (O), with an atomic weight 16, to form the compound aluminum oxide (Al2O3), how much oxygen would be required to react completely with 57g of aluminum ? Answer is in grams.

    asked by Ethan
  14. Math

    Jeff rear-ended a car on his way to work and damaged his vehicle. He drove his car to the local body shop for an estimate of the cost to repair his car. Jeff has a $500 deductible. The local body shop provided an estimate of $3725. How much will Jeff have

    asked by Eddie
  15. pre-algebra

    1. which polynomial does the model represent (Model shows: 1 big black square, 2 long white rectangles, 3 long black rectangles, 3 small white squares, 1 small black square) a) -x^3+2x^2-3x+2 b) x^2+x-2****** c) -x^2-x+2 d) -x^2+x-2

    asked by short
  16. Chemistry

    12.5g of zinc trioxo carbonate(iv), ZnCo3, were heated to a constant mass and the residue treated with excess hydrochloric acid. Calculate the mass of zinc chloride that will be produced (Zn =65 C=12 O=16 H=1 Cl=35

    asked by Mercy
  17. civics

    Which power would give a president greater legislative power than the office currently has? A. power of a line-item veto B. power of executive privilege C. power to call a special session*** D. power to recommend legislation Can you check my answers

    asked by eva
  18. Chemistry

    2. Identify the oxidation numbers for each element in the following equations. Then determine whether each equation describes a redox reaction. Justify your answer in terms of electron transfer. Describe the oxidation and reduction that occurs. a. Ca +

    asked by Drew
  19. Economics

    If the price level rises, demand of real money increases proporitnally? TRUE or FALSE

    asked by Talisha
  20. pre-algebra

    simplify the polynomial 2x^2+6x-7x+8-3x^2

    asked by short
  21. Programming

    Consider the following code. public static int recur3(int n) { if (n == 0) return 0; if (n == 1) return 1; if (n == 2) return 2; return recur3(n - 1) + recur3(n - 2) + recur3(n - 3); } What value would be returned if this method were called and passed a

    asked by ...
  22. science

    What is the difference between electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves? Give one way they are similar and one way they are different. Mechanical waves need a medium in order to travel, but electromagnetic waves do not. I'm not sure how they're similar

    asked by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. pre-algebra

    add or subtract (5x^2+x-3)-(-2x^3+4) a) -2x^3+5x^2+x-7 b) -2x^3+5x^2+x+1 c) 2x^3+5x^2+x-7******** d) 2x^3+5x^2+x+1

    asked by short
  24. Physics

    A volleyball player serves a ball, giving it an initial velocity of 8.5 m/s [32 up] at an initial height of 1.4 m above the court floor. An opposing player jumps to meet the ball and hits 2.36 m above the court, returning it over the net. Calculate the

    asked by Mea
  25. engineering

    A sign (including its post and base) weighs 40 pounds and is supported by an 18 in by 18 in square base. If the wind applies a force of 13.2 lbs to the sign at the geometric center of the sign surface, will the sign tip over? If so, how much evenly

    asked by .
  26. physics

    A 15.0 kg stone slides down a snow-covered hill (the figure (Figure 1)), leaving point A with a speed of 10.0 m/s . There is no friction on the hill between points A and B, but there is friction on the level ground at the bottom of the hill, between B and

    asked by Markos
  27. Science

    A 0.25kg stone tied to a rope is swung to make a circular motion in a vertical plane. If the circle is of radius 300cm, what is the minimum uniform speed of the stone that will keep the rope taut.

    asked by Valentine
  28. Chemistry

    Can you help me please? Calculate the pH of the solution that is 0.05 M in NaHC2O4

    asked by chris
  29. English

    is there another word for "planned remotely"? I’m writing an essay, so I tried many thesaurus website and all the website "couldn’t be found"

    asked by anonymous
  30. Programming

    Consider the following code. public void printNumbers(int x, int y) { if (x < 5) { System.out.println("x: " + x); } if (y > 5) { System.out.println("y: " + y); } int a = (int)(Math.random() * 10); int b= (int)(Math.random() * 10); if (x != y)

    asked by ...
  31. math

    A portion of Raul's check register is shown. His checking account had a balance of $539.50 on April 2. DL Friday 4-10 #1.JPG Based on the information in the check register, what was the balance of Raul's checking account after the transaction on April 13

    asked by Sofia Resendiz
  32. History

    What has enabled Texas manufacturers to help the state's economy become more productive? A. environmentally friendly techniques B. new computer technology*** C. new labor practices D. population increases How has the oil industry in Houston changed over

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  33. Algebra

    Solve for x: a(x−b)+bx+c=a, if a≠−b, if a ≠ − b

    asked by Helen
  34. math

    Plot points on the number line to represent all whole number values that round to 200 when rounded to the nearest hundred and to 150 when rounded to the nearest ten.

    asked by Cindy
  35. History

    What message did the Rosenberg Trial send to many Americans? A) No one was safe from communism. B) The Soviets had the upper hand in the Cold War. C) All immigrants were under suspicion of communism. D) There might be other Soviet spies in the United

    asked by E
  36. English

    Do you capitalize the word "do" in a title if it's not the first word in a sentence?

    asked by GG
  37. Science

    sensory tracts run in the right half and motor tracts run in the left half True or false TRUE?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. social studies

    Which of the following is a major reason that Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance

    asked by YolkNoob55
  39. pre-algebra

    x^11 / x^4 a) x^7***** b) x^15 c) x^44 d) x^11/4

    asked by short
  40. physics

    Mr. McGregor stands on top of a 15 m high cliff. He fires his rifle horizontally. The bullet speed is 321 m/s. How far from the cliff did the bullet travel?

    asked by jayven march
  41. Math

    A school librarian wants to know which books are the most popular among the students in her school. Since she can’t ask all the students, she will survey a group of them. Part A Which sample can best help her draw conclusions about the preferences of all

    asked by Jessica
  42. math

    if a box can hold 24 with 1/8 volume what is the volume of the box?

    asked by aldair
  43. Geometry

    What would the radius and height be of a 3-dimensional cylinder that was formed by rotating a square, with 3 inch sides, around the y-axis?

    asked by Sean
  44. math

    the tap in the health room drips 1 ml of water every 15 seconds. how many milliliters does the tap drip every minute?

    asked by amelia
  45. biology

    What are some functions of RNA? Select all that apply. a. serves as a temporary mobile copy of the DNA’s instructions B. is part of the structure of ribosomes c. brings amino acids to the ribosome d. stores the information about all of life’s processes

    asked by loler
  46. pre-algebra

    4^7/4^9 a) -16 b) 1/16 c) 1/8 d) 8******

    asked by short
  47. English

    This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by BillyBob
  48. Physics

    A solenoid 10 turns per cm carries a current of 5A flowing through it. What is the magnetic field inside the solenoid?

    asked by Raven
  49. physics

    Mr. Tiet is driving her car at a speed of 55 km/h. he accidentally drops the phone out the window. he drops the phone from 4.0 feet. a)How far did the car travel when the phone hit the ground? b)What was the final velocity?

    asked by Kaleb Aron
  50. math

    Which of the following types of information is suited for display on a double line graph? A. average wages paid to men and to women over 5 years B. average heights of basketball players in five schools*** C. average ages of people entering the public

    asked by hehehe
  51. Science

    What is the notation tt mean to genetics?

    asked by Liliana
  52. Math

    Factor the difference 77-28 by finding a common factor. Can you please walk me through this problem? I urgently need help.

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  53. Math

    What does it mean to "factor" an expression, and what does it have to do with multiplication? In your response, use a numerical example to help you explain.

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  54. Math

    Factor the expression 2(3)+2(5)+2(6)

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  55. Chemistry

    Hello guys, I was wondering if any of you can help me with the Electrochemistry: Galvanic Cells lab through APEX learning for AP Chem. If so, please let me know. I'm very confused. Thanks, Bill

    asked by Bill
  56. Chemistry

    Hello guys, any help is appreciated. Thank you so much 3. The graph compares the 1s orbital energies for the F atom (Z = 9), the Ne+ ion (Z = 10), and the Na++ ion (Z = 11). a. How many electrons does each species have? (1 point) b. According to the graph,

    asked by John
  57. Math

    A sandwich shop sells 12 different kinds of sandwiches. 1. You want to buy 5 different sandwiches to bring home to your family. How many ways are there to choose the 5 sandwiches that you will buy? Would it be 12P5 which is equal to 12*11*10*9*8 = 95,040

    asked by Dave
  58. Science

    Need Help! on this question.. Each organism on Earth is a part of a complex relationship with other organisms. This relationship is called a food web. The following organisms are part of a food web typically located in and around a reservoir (man-made

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English

    Of Mice and Men Question: What does Candy say will happen to him when he is too old to work? How are Candy and his dog similar? How does this make you feel sympathy for Candy?

    asked by Asumi
  60. math

    A certain vehicle loses 5% of its value each year. If the vehicle has an initial value of $24,742, construct a model that represents the value of the vehicle after a certain number of years. Use your model to compute the value of the vehicle at the end of

    asked by Aru
  61. Statistics

    Four people working independently on an assembly line all perform the same task. The time (in minutes) to complete this task for person i (i = 1, 2, 3, 4) has a uniform distribution on the interval [0, i]. Suppose each person begins the task at the same

    asked by Mai
  62. math

    (-k/2)^2=2*18,k^2=36*4.How is this possible i have no idea where *4 came from

    asked by lucy
  63. Physics

    A magnifying glass uses a converging lens with a focal length of 15.5 cm. It produces a virtual and upright image that is 3.1 times larger than the object. How far is the object from the lens?

    asked by Annonymus
  64. Algebra

    Here is a doozy: Solve: ((-2w^2+v)^2)+4t^4-(-1+v-2t^2)^2

    asked by Mike
  65. algebra

    I have two questions here: Solve the equation: ( (p + 1) / 2 ) ^ 2 - ( (p - 1) / 2 ) ^ 2 (Note it's P+1 over 2 for example but I think that's how you would write it on one line above?) Factorize: x^2−x−2=0

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Economics

    Suppose in 1980 nominal GDP in country F was equal to $500 and in 2000 was equal to $2400. The GDP deflator was 100 and 500, respectively. Which one is true: a) Country F in 2000 was richer, in real terms, than in 1980 b)prices have increased faster than

    asked by Help me plz
  67. Economics

    If the MPC is .8 and the government increases both spending and lump-sum taxes by $100 million, then we would expect: a) an increase in total income of $500 million b) a reduction in equilibrium income of $80 million c)an increase in equilibrium income of

    asked by Harry
  68. Programming

    Hi my question is: Modify the program that computers gross pay to allow the user to enter the income tax rate.the program out outputs the net pay after taxes have devided

    asked by Mzo
  69. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution containing 0.500 M KHSO3 and 1.0 M K2SO3.

    asked by Burak
  70. science

    How many grams of silver sulphide are formed when 1.90 g of silver reacts with 0.280 g of hydrogen sulphide and 0.160 g of oxygen?

    asked by rodwell
  71. Physics

    A rectangular coil of wire has a dimensions of 4.9 cm by 9.7 cm and is wound with 84 turns of wire. It is turned between the pole faces of a horseshoe magnet that produces an approximately uniform field of 0.54T, so that sometimes the plane of the coil is

    asked by Ethan
  72. social studies

    In what Southwest Asian nation do women face the most restrictions? A. Iraq

    asked by oca.
  73. History

    Analyze how the crisis over Berlin led to new Cold War alliances.

    asked by Esse
  74. Algebra

    Find the solution to the system y = 2x2 - 2x - 3 y = -2x + 2 A) (-1,1) and (1, -3) B) (0, -1) and (-0.5, 0) C) (0.5, -3.5) and (0, -3) D) (2, 1) and (0,0) I saw the question asked with NoU, and I had gotten the same result as the teacher, however I do not

    asked by FrostyFairy
  75. math

    How many student are in the sample? A 15 B 20 C 22 D 25

    asked by Aww yeah these are right answers
  76. econ

    True or False: The agency responsible for regulating the money supply in the United States is U.S. Treasury True False

    asked by brob
  77. Math

    Your local gas station is having a price war. During the past 7 days, they have lowered the price of regular gas by $.02 each day. Define a variable. Then write and solve an equation to find the total change in gas price. Show your work. I need help

    asked by Kat