Questions Asked on
April 9, 2020

  1. History

    Which is the most accurate description of the use of social consciousness in political exchanges between the governments of the world? A. A despot who is oppressing a tribal clan outlaws social media outlets because people post criticisms of his behavior.

    asked by I'm Not Guessing Seriously
  2. History

    Which were factors that triggered the Darfur genocide? Select all that apply. A bitter rift over enforcing Islamic law between Arab Muslims and non-Muslim Africans. Sudan’s colonial occupiers created an elite Sudanese class to control lower-ranked

    asked by Aubrea
  3. history

    What is a free market? A. Trade conducted with fewer restrictions and lower customs rates B. Markets whose existence is due to their high fees and restrictions C. The open-air markets of Indonesia where CEOs engage in business D. A marketplace that does

    asked by idontknow
  4. Digital arts

    1. In what way is animation a type of three-dimensional art? 2. What parts of a character do digital artists create? Be sure to give examples in your answer. 3. Why do digital artists need strong analytical skills (meaning, to be good at analyzing things)?

    asked by Jay
  5. Algebra

    The 9th term of an A.P is three times the 5th term. Is it true or false that the 8th term is five times the 4th term.

    asked by Benedicta
  6. chemistry

    Which of the following compounds is the most polar? HCl HI HBr HF HCl????

    asked by bella
  7. Science

    Given the reaction at equilibrium: BaSO4(s) ↔ Ba2+(aq) + SO42–(aq) BaSO4 Ba2+. + SO42- The concentration of SO42– ions can be decreased by the addition of A) BaSO4(s) B) BaCl2(s) C) Na2SO4(s) D) NaNO3(s)

    asked by Carolina
  8. chemistry

    A 25.0 mL sample of 0.100 M pyridine (Kb for pyridine is 1.7 ✕ 10-9) is titrated with 0.100 M HCl solution. Calculate the pH after the addition of the following amounts of HCl with sig figs. a) 24.5 mL b) 25.0 mL c) 26.0 mL d) 28.0 mL e) 30.0 mL

    asked by joe
  9. math

    how to determine vectors u and v are parallel, orthogonal, or neither?

    asked by Alex
  10. sign language

    which of the follow instrumental classifiers could best show writing with a pencil? a. CL: modified X b. CL: modified P c. CL: modified 1 d. CL: modified i

    asked by help pls
  11. Math

    Ophira's insurance company has notified her that her premiums will increase due to a poor insurance score and a recent claim she filed. The recent claim has increased her premiums by 41%, and her poor insurance score will cost her an additional $25 per

    asked by @johnnnnnnnnnn
  12. Math

    Line segment AB is perpendicular to CD. Ray BD bisects ∠ABC. What is m∠DBC? A. 22.5 B. 45******* C. 67.5 D. 90

    asked by Bonnie
  13. Chemistry

    A 25.0 mL sample of 0.100 M propanoic acid (HC3H5O2, Ka = 1.3 ✕ 10-5) is titrated with 0.100 M KOH solution. A) 8.0ml B) 12.5 ml C) 20.0 ml D) 25.0 ml E) 25.1 ml F) 28.0 ml

    asked by Jane
  14. English

    Which sentence contains a dependent clause? A. Sentence 4 B. Sentence 5 **** C. Sentence 6 D. Sentence 7 (4) It was almost like she had a museum in her basement! (5) She doesn’t always throw away old things when they get replaced. (6) One of the old

    asked by hello
  15. Math

    The drawing shown contains the intersection of two lines. The figure shows the intersection of two lines. The angle formed above the intersection point is labeled as 2 and the angle formed below the intersection point is labeled as 1. ​The measure of

    asked by Bat
  16. Math

    x^2+9x+20=0 Solve using quadratic formula

    asked by Jack
  17. geometry

    what is sometimes true about a obtuse triangle.

    asked by Teyona
  18. English

    The Ambassador invited our leaders in us for a tour of the zoo identify the underlined word is us what noun or pronoun is this

    asked by Joslin
  19. Physics

    Select as many of the following statements that are TRUE when comparing Coulomb's Law to Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation. * Both Laws are about the relationship between two masses. Both Laws are "inverse square" relationships. Each Law relates a

    asked by ina
  20. algebra

    solve this using zero product property (−4x−3)(x−3)

    asked by nana
  21. Physics

    At the platform diving in the Olympics, a diver jumps from either a 5 meter, 7.5 meter or 10 meter board. Neglecting air resistance, calculate the diver's speed when she hits the water after diving off the 10 m board.

    asked by Rhiannon
  22. maths

    In a book shelf 60 identical books occupy a length of 1.5 on a shelf Find the length occupied by 50 such books on shelf

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Chemistry

    How would you distinguish between calcium hydrogen carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate without using any lab chemical

    asked by Elly
  24. Chemistry

    In a reaction FeS2 is oxidized by O2toFe2O3 and SO2 . If the equivalents of O2 consumed are 'y' then the equivalents of FeS2 consumed and moles of 2 3 2 Fe O and SO produced are respectively are

    asked by Chethan
  25. English

    Did miss darling advice to include myra in their group go well?Give two reason

    asked by Sonam
  26. Math

    The perimeter of the rectangle below is 150 units. Find the length of side PQ and write the answer with no variables. side 4x+3 Bottom: 5x

    asked by Rob
  27. Math

    If the graph of the function h defined by h(x)= -4x2-1 If translated vertically downward by 3 units, it becomes the graph of function f. Find the expression for f(x)

    asked by Leo
  28. Careers

    Now that you have explored different types of careers, you should have some idea of what kind of career you would like to pursue. In one or two paragraphs, answer the following questions: What kind of job within your chosen career field do you wish to

    asked by oop
  29. Chemistry

    What intermolecular forces exist in dichloromethane, n-pentanol, and toluene besides London Dispersion Forces?

    asked by Dave
  30. chemistry

    A 25.0 mL sample of 0.100 M propanoic acid (HC3H5O2, Ka = 1.3 ✕ 10-5) is titrated with 0.100 M KOH solution. after the addition of the following amounts of KOH with sig figs. a) 24.5 ml b) 25.0 ml c) 30.0 ml

    asked by bill
  31. Geography

    Describe the civil war in Syria and Yemen. How are they similar? How are they different?

    asked by Kris
  32. math

    Let a and b be two positive integers, where a ≥ b. Find all pairs a, b such that their sum, their positive difference, their product, and their quotient add to 36

    asked by Will
  33. physics

    A dancer completes 2.6 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement?

    asked by cinn
  34. physics

    A string is wound around the edge of a solid 1.60 kg disk with a 0.130 m radius. The disk is initially at rest when the string is pulled, applying a force of 8.75 N in the plane of the disk and tangent to its edge. If the force is applied for 1.90 seconds,

    asked by cinn
  35. Social Studies

    The United States is the largest exporter of wheat. Canada is the second-largest. Today there are fewer Canadian farms. How is it possible that the number of farms has decreased but the Prairie Provinces continue to produce most of Canada’s wheat? Does

    asked by Hunter
  36. Physics

    Solve each problem. Be sure to show your work and give a final answer with units rounded to the given number of significant figures. 1) Find the voltage on a circuit with a resistance of 12.5 Ω if it has a current of 2.35 A. 2) If a circuit with a 9.0 V

    asked by Lilly
  37. math

    John runs at 12 km/h. How far does John run in 2.5 hours?

    asked by jasmin
  38. algebra

    what is the nearest 10th of 2614.530003?

    asked by Ali
  39. Physics

    Robin Hood exerted an average force of 100 N in pulling back his bow by 0.5 m. He fired the arrow of mass 0.2 kg vertically upwards. How much energy was stored in his bow? How high did the arrow go?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Science

    Give an example where Work done by friction is positive and one where it is negative.

    asked by Striker
  41. Social Studies

    What happened during the Spanish Inquisition?

    asked by Joseph
  42. social studies

    Free trade economic system?

    asked by Anita Gutierrez
  43. math

    E. A die is rolled and a coin is tossed Find the probability that the die snows an odd number and that coins show a head

    asked by marnel
  44. math

    Find the probability that the is Equel to 1______Equel to 4______ Less than 13______

    asked by marnel
  45. math

    A card is drawn from a deck of 52 cards

    asked by marnel
  46. math

    =Simplify/expand (a − b) (b − a) =Simplify/expand (a − b) (b + a)

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Agebra

    Shorten 2y + xy as far as possible.

    asked by Mike
  48. math

    Two coins are tossed

    asked by marnel
  49. algebra

    Expand and Simplify (32x+12x^3) / 4 + 16x

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math


    asked by Joan
  51. math

    y=2x^2-2x-3x+3 y=2x^2-5x+3 0=2x^2-3x-2 when you minus this u get y=-2x-3x+5 how is this possible

    asked by lucy
  52. science

    Bouncing and Bending Light activity from the Interactive Digital Path website: You observed light passing through lenses and through a set of prisms. Why does refraction occur? Include your lab observations in your answer.

    asked by help
  53. algebra

    Factorize 264x^3 as far as possible. I know 81x is 3^4*x or 3*3*3*3*x now for example, but how do you get the smallest number in this case?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    Prove: vectors u•v=u1•v1+u2+v2 from a• b=|a|•|b|•cos D

    asked by Alice
  55. math

    Serge had the following scores on his math tests last quarter. 100,94,78,88,87,93,96,and 92.Find the mean absolute deviation for the set of data.

    asked by Chase
  56. math

    if the measure of angle p is 90°, what type of angle is its supplement

    asked by ina
  57. math

    if angle A and angle B are complementary and angle A and angle C are supplementary, then angle C is a(n) _____________ angle.

    asked by ina
  58. history

    which is an example of an idea from western countries that has been adopted in southwest Asia absolute monarchies sharia laws Jewish traditions women's rights i think it’s jewish traditions.

    asked by gamzee makara
  59. English

    Hi, can you help me create an attention grabber in which someone breaks the law to honor their loved one?

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP
  60. math

    determine vectors u and v are parallel ,orthogonal or neither u=(2,5) v=(10/3,4/3) please use ab=|a|•|b|•cos theta to solve this problem!!! thx

    asked by Alex
  61. Algebra

    There can be at most 1100 people in the Pokemon conference room. There are currently 20 tables setup that can seat 10 people each. The are additional tables in storage that seat 25 people each. How many people is the Pokemon conference room currently set

    asked by Teresita
  62. pre algerbra

    the radius is 30 what is the circumfrence

    asked by baron poling
  63. Science

    A box weighing 30 N is pushed a distance of 5 meters. How much work was done?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Science

    How much power is used if a machine does 28 J of work in 7 seconds? *

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Science

    If a machine is doing 500 J of work with 75 watts of power, how long did it take to complete its task? (Round your answer to the nearest 10th (0.1))

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Social studies

    How do the governments of South Africa and Nigeria differ? A. South Africa has an authoritarian government; Nigeria is a democracy. B. South Africa has a written constitution; Nigeria does not. C. South Africa is a parliamentary democracy; Nigeria is a

    asked by hehehe
  67. Math

    Fraction equal to 1 that has a denominator of 12

    asked by Jose
  68. math

    Given only an 11 liter jug and an 8-liter jug, each with no markings, find the method of using the two jugs to measure out exactly 1 liter of water while using the smallest amount of water. Argue clearly why you think that your procedure uses the smallest

    asked by Will
  69. Math

    You can construct congruent triangles if you know which of the Following? A. The measure of two angles B. The measure of three angles C. The measure of two sides D. The measure of three sides.******

    asked by Bonnie
  70. Math

    how do I write the sum of a number times 2 and 20 is greater than 24 as a inequality?

    asked by Naomi
  71. Geography

    Why did the location of the Arkansas post change several times during the early days of settlement?Select all that apply Some locations experience flooding. Settlers searched for better farmland. The Spanish took control and moved the location south.

    asked by Maddison
  72. English

    Is this statement an example of manipulation.. “All dads in Austin buy basketball tickets for their sons.”

    asked by Emily
  73. Statistics

    A sample of 12 measurements has a mean of 30 and a standard deviation of 4.75. Suppose that the sample is enlarged to 14 measurements, by including two additional measurements having a common value of 30 each. A. Find the mean of the sample of 14

    asked by Lexi
  74. Math

    A cuboid has a totalsurface area of 241cm-2 a length of 6.5cm and a height of 4cm. Calculate the width

    asked by Tyreke
  75. Math

    Suppose that the distance (in miles) is a linear function of his total driving time (in minutes). Eric has 51 miles to his destination after 24 minutes of driving, and he has 39 miles to his destination after 40 minutes of driving. How many miles will he

    asked by Molly
  76. Math

    A party rental company has chairs and tables for rent. The total cost to rent 5 chairs and 2 tables is $18. The total cost to rent 3 chairs and 8 tables is $55. What is the cost to rent each chair and each table ?

    asked by Molly
  77. Accounting

    On January 2, 2019. Konrad Corporation acquired equipment for $500,000. The estimated life of the equipment is 5 years or 18,000 hours. The estimated residual value is $14,000. If Konrad Corporation uses the units of production method of depreciation, what

    asked by TIFF
  78. math

    Given the following points A(1, 0, 1), B(4, 2, 3) and C(0, 2, 0), find the symmetric form of the equation of the line passing through B and C. I am not sure how to do this and I need help.

    asked by Brandon
  79. History

    Which of the following shows that the Whitman’s did not understand the Native Americans?

    asked by Hunter
  80. Math


    asked by Melissa
  81. pre-algebra

    translate this sentence into an inequality the sum of a number times 9and 28 is atleast -27

    asked by Alex
  82. Physics

    A young boy is pulling his wooden toboggan up a 30 slope. If the toboggan is moving at a constant speed on the dry snow of the slope, calculate the minimum force the boy must exert in order to pull the toboggan, if the mass of the toboggan is 15 kg. The

    asked by Mea
  83. English

    how grades can affect your ability to achieve your career goals. Include the subject areas that are most important to your career goals, and what you might realistically do to improve your grades in those subjects.

    asked by oop
  84. math

    A ladder leaning against a wall makes a 75º angle with the ground. The base of the ladder is 5.0 feet from the wall. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?

    asked by kisi
  85. Math

    Everyone’s about her friend Siri about one for cheapest price per outs store a has a 32 ounce box for $3.78 store B has a 22 ounce box for $2.86 store she has a 40 ounce bars for $4.76 store d Has a 34 ounce box for $3.08 which store has the better bit

    asked by Maddison
  86. sign language

    which of the following instrumental classifiers would most likely be used to show closing a window? does anyone know what this is

    asked by tiktok
  87. Calculus

    Consider the function F(x)=k(x^2)+3 a) If the tangent lines to the graph of F at (t,F(t)) and (-t,F(-t)) are perpendicular, find t in term of k. b) Find the slopes of tangent lines mentioned in part (a). c) Find the coordinates of the point of intersection

    asked by Ireland
  88. math

    Rushton had $90 to spend at a baseball game. She spent 31/45 of her money on her ticket. Then, she spent 3/7 of her remaining money at the concession stand. While walking back to her seat, she saw a new hat on sale for $18. Did Mme Rushton have enough

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Religion

    There are so many religions in the world, which one is the right one?

    asked by pinkfox
  90. math

    4. Which equation has (2, −1) as a solution? (1 point) y = 2x − 1 y = x + 3 y = x – 3 y = −2x + 1

    asked by ssg
  91. chemistry

    What is the theoretic yield of CaO when you have 2.34 g of calcium which reacts with excess oxygen? Here is formula2Ca(s) + O2(g) → 2CaO(s)

    asked by Yams
  92. maths

    Suppose that the random variables Θ and X are not independent, but E[Θ∣X=x]=3 for all x . Then the LLMS estimator of Θ based on X is of the form aX+b , with a= b=

    asked by seun
  93. Math


    asked by candace
  94. history

    Which was the first Spanish-ruled country to win independence? A. Venezuela B. Brazil C. Cuba D. Mexico

    asked by quarintine
  95. math

    Suppose that instead of estimators of the form aX+e , we consider estimators of the form Θˆ=aX and ask for the value of a that minimizes the mean squared error. Mimic the derivation you have just seen and find the optimal value of a . Your answer should

    asked by seun
  96. math

    check my answers 1. -23 x 5 my answer is -115 2. -8 x 15 my answer is -120 3. 75 x 6 my answer is 450 4. 12 x -7 my answer is -84 5. -24 x -20 my answer is 480 6. -130 x 7 my answer is -910 7. which has a product of 170 my answer is -85 x -2 8. which has a

    asked by new helpful guy
  97. Statistics

    Suppose that Θ and W are independent, both with variance 1 , and that X=Θ+W . Furthermore, E[Θ]=1 and E[W]=2 . The LLMS estimator Θˆ=aX+b has a= b=

    asked by seun
  98. calculus

    f(u)=tan(u) and g(x)=x^3. Find: f '(u)= f '(g(x))= (f∘g)′(x)=

    asked by nsg
  99. calculus

    f(x)=(x+16)^10. e^(7x) Find f′(−2).

    asked by Ajayy
  100. calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve. sin(x+y)=4x−4y at the point (π,π). Tangent Line Equation:

    asked by quarantine
  101. math

    Mary spent 3/7 of her money on a bag. The difference between the amount spent and not used was 12 dollars. How much did Mary spent on the bag?

    asked by Emma
  102. math

    Quyen noticed that the number of bags of popcorn she sells is usually about half of the number of people in the theatre. Write an expression for the bags of popcorn she can expect to sell.

    asked by Katarina
  103. calculus

    Suppose f is a one-to-one, differentiable function and its inverse function f^−1 is also differentiable. One can show, using implicit differentiation (do it!), that (f^−1)′(x)=1 / f′(f^−1(x)) Find (f^−1)′(−6) if f(−1)=−6 and

    asked by quarantine
  104. algebra

    A painter earns 15$ per hour. What is the minimum number of hours he must work to earn at least $200? Write an inequality to represent this situation and solve. Show your work. I know 15 * 13 is about 200, need help creating the equation

    asked by connexus student
  105. math

    If Scarlet made 2 1/2 pounds of trail mix. If she puts 5/6 of a pound into each bag, how many bags can Scarlet fill? Write your answer as a fraction or as a whole or mixed number.

    asked by jasmine
  106. algebra

    Choose the correct solution in roster form. S is the set of prime numbers that are less than 15. {2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13} {2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13} {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13)** {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15}

    asked by Connexus Academy student
  107. Math

    You can see from the number line that 1/8 is than 1/3 which is less thab1/2. Explicit why the fraction with largest denominator is the smallest of the three fractions

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Algebra

    9. Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all work. (2 pts.) y = -x2 + 4x – 3 y = -x + 1 I have tried everything before coming here, but I'm still stuck.

    asked by Cute Fox Girl
  109. Algebra

    List all subsets of the following set: {dog, cat, fish} A. {dog}; {Cat}; {fish} B. {dog}; {Cat}; {fish}; {dog,cat}; {dog,fish} C {}; {dog}; {cat}; {fish}; {dog,cat}; {dog,fish}*** D {}; {dog}; {cat}; {fish}; {dog,cat}; {dog,fish}; {cat,fish};

    asked by Anonfile
  110. science

    how long will it take to get to mars at 28 000 km per hour Its for a project plz help me!

    asked by loser
  111. calculus

    Given that f(x)=2x+cos(x) is one-to-one, use the formula (f^−1)′(x)=1 / f′(f^−1(x)) to find (f^−1)′(1). (f^−1)′(1)=

    asked by quarantine
  112. calculus

    Suppose that f(x)=log(base 7) (2x^2+1). Find f′(2).

    asked by quarantine
  113. calculus

    f(x)=7^(x^2+4x) Find f′(1)=

    asked by quarantine
  114. math

    The area of a playground is 168 𝑦𝑑2. The width of the playground is 2 𝑦𝑑 longer than its length. Find the length and width of the playground. Then, enter the sum of the length and width in the provided grid. please help

    asked by 𝓜𝓘𝓐
  115. calculus

    Let f(x)=8(sin(x))^x. Find f′(3). f′(3)=

    asked by quarantine
  116. Math

    Euchre uses only 9’s, 10’s, Jacks, Queens, KIngs and aces. What is the probability that a 5 card hand will have either both red jacks or both black jacks?

    asked by Ryan
  117. Chemistry

    Is n-petanol polar? I know that methanol is polar, so would n-petanol be the same?

    asked by Dave
  118. physics

    Two point charges are separated by 9 cm, with an attractive force between them of 18 N. Find the force between them when they are separated by 20 cm. The Coulomb constant is 8.99 × 109 N · m2 /C 2 . Answer in units of N.

    asked by kc
  119. physics

    Assume that in interstellar space the distance between two electrons is about 0.68 cm. The electric force between the two electrons is 1. attractive. 2. repulsive. Calculate the electric force between these two electrons. The value of the Coulomb constant

    asked by kc
  120. Science

    What is another name for motor neuron for the central nervous system? There are 3 blanks

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Algebra

    Set up the Discriminant 2x^2+12x+10 A) (square root of) 122-4(2)(10) B) (square root of) 22-4(12)(10) C) (square root of) 12-4(2)(10) D) 122-4(2)(10) Can someone help, I am really confused.

    asked by NoU
  122. Algebra

    matt has the following grades in his science class: 92, 85, 96, and 100. of he has one more test to take in the class, what score must he have to make an average of 90?

    asked by Kristia
  123. math

    Imagine you are a teacher in a 7th grade math class and you want to create an experiment for your class with red, blue, and yellow marbles in a bag. You want the theoretical probability of drawing a red marble to be LaTeX: \frac{1}{4}1 4, the theoretical

    asked by Aaron Wendt
  124. math

    fencing material cost $8 per foot. A circular garden has a diameter of 30 feet. how much will it cost to buy febcing material for the perimeter of the garden

    asked by Salma
  125. math

    It makes 3/4 of an hour for an automated sprinkler to cover 2/7 of a lawn.After an hour has passed ,what fraction of a lawn has been covered

    asked by kim
  126. chem

    A 25.0 mL sample of 0.100 M pyridine (Kb for pyridine is 1.7 ✕ 10-9) is titrated with 0.100 M HCl solution. Calculate the pH after the addition of the following amounts of HCl with sig figs. a) 24.5 mL b) 25.0 mL

    asked by ryan
  127. physics

    can someone help me on these questions. the questions are on these two links. there's no space between the h and ttps h ttps:// h

    asked by anonymous
  128. math

    I have to answer this question: "Kevin had 2 sixths if James gave him 5 tenths how much would Kevin have?" I think it would be 7/2 because you have to find a likely number that would go into 10 and 2 would go into both 6 and 10

    asked by Ginny Lincoln
  129. physics

    Two charges, Q1 and Q2, are held a fixed distance apart. Q1 is exactly twice Q2. You do an experiment: Part a) you double Q1 and measure the force between the charges. Part b) You return Q1 to the original charge, but double Q2 and measure the force

    asked by help me
  130. Algebra

    Find the solution to the system y = 2x2 - 2x - 3 y = -2x + 2 A) (-1,1) and (1, -3) B) (0, -1) and (-0.5, 0) C) (0.5, -3.5) and (0, -3) D) (2, 1) and (0,0) Can someone please help me I tried doing it and I did not come out with anyone of these answers.

    asked by NoU
  131. Math

    A ball is shot from the ground straight up into the air with initial velocity of 45 ft/sec. Assuming that the air resistance can be ignored, how high does it go? HINT: The acceleration due to gravity is 32 ft per second squared.

    asked by Daniel
  132. calculus

    Given that f(x)=2x+cos(x) is one-to-one. use the formula (f^−1)′(x)=1 / f′(f^−1(x)) to find (f^−1)′(1) (f^−1)′(1)=

    asked by roddy ricch
  133. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution that contains [H⁺] = .0023 M? Is the solution acidic or basic? Show your work

    asked by K
  134. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 89 g of KNO₃ in 0.525 L of water. Show your work.

    asked by K
  135. math

    Given x^2 = y + a and y^2 = x + a where a is a positive integer, find expressions for that yield integer solution for x and y.

    asked by Will
  136. Algebra

    If one out of the last nine customers wanted mustard on their hotdogs what is the experimental probability that the next customer that comes in will want mustard on their hotdogs.

    asked by Adayla
  137. calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve sin(x+y)=2x−2y at the point (π,π). Tangent Line Equation:

    asked by Donald Trump
  138. calculus

    Suppose f is a one-to-one, differentiable function and its inverse function f−1 is also differentiable. One can show, using implicit differentiation (do it!), that f(^−1)′(x)=1/ f′(f^−1(x)) Find (f^−1)′(−4) if f(5)=−4 and f′(5)=2/7.

    asked by James Bond
  139. calculus

    Given that f(x)=2x+cos(x) is one-to-one, use the formula f(^−1)′(x)=1/ f′(f^−1(x)) find f(^−1)′(x)

    asked by Selena Gomez
  140. calculus

    Given the following functions: f(u)=tan(u) and g(x)=x^8. Find: f ′(g(x))= (f∘g)′(x)=

    asked by Dua Lipa
  141. Physics

    A ray of green light has a wavelength of 5.34 x 10-7 m. What is the frequency? (Hint: remember the speed of light!)

    asked by Lilly
  142. calculus

    Given the following functions: f(u)=tan(u) and g(x)=x^3. Find: f ′(g(x))= (f∘g)′(x)= ps; there's a differentiation sign there

    asked by Jeff Bezos
  143. Algebra

    The graph of y = |x| is shifted left 48 and vertically compressed by a factor of 3/7

    asked by kingcast