Questions Asked on
April 7, 2020

  1. math

    Marvin the fly starts at $(0,0).$ Each step, Marvin moves one unit right or one unit up. He is trying to get to the point $(5,7)$. However, at $(4,3)$ there is a frog that will eat him if he goes through that point. In how many ways can Marvin reach

    asked by Steve
  2. Math

    Nouchi has two investment options. Option A offers 9% annual interest with a $5000.00 principal and contributions of $500 at the beginning of each month. Option B offers 8% annual interest with a $10,000.00 principal and contributions of $300 at the

    asked by none
  3. Math

    A company experiences a stock split due to poor performance. Ariana's initial investment was a purchase of 50 stocks at $12.99 per share. The reverse split is 1:2. How many stocks does Ariana own after the stock split? 6.5 150 25 50 100

    asked by none
  4. Math

    On December 31, 2018, a share of a cosmetics company was worth $53.85. If the company paid a year-end dividend of $4.75 per share, what is the dividend yield of the shares of the company? 8.97% 9.04% 8.82% 9.16% 8.89%

    asked by Kenz
  5. math

    Sally owns 145 shares of stock in a property management company. The current price of the stock is $42.17 per share. If the price of the stock decreases to $35.94 in the next month, how much did the value of Sally's shares decrease over the month? $903.35

    asked by Kenz
  6. Physical Science

    Does this answer look correct? How many gold atoms are in a 1 kg gold bar? The chemical symbol of gold is Au. Consult The Periodic Table in Figure 11.9 on p. 216 in the textbook. Hint: Remember 1u=1.66x10-27kg. 1 mole= 6.022x1023, which is Avogadro’s

    asked by JD
  7. Math

    Gwen owns 357 shares of common stock in a software company. The software company recently paid a cash dividend of $3.75 per share. If the current price of the stock is $14.75, what is the dividend yield of the stock? 25.42% 2.54% 1.27% 12.71% ????

    asked by Donovon
  8. chemistry

    Calculate the weight of metal deposited when a current of 15 A with 75% current efficiency is passed through the cell for 2 hours. (Given : Z = 0.0004)

    asked by K G shivakumara swamy
  9. math

    Johnson had 22,000 shares in a blue chip company before a stock split of 2:1. How many shares does Johnson have after the stock split? 44,000 66,000 88,000 11,000

    asked by Anlise
  10. physics

    In a parallel circuit, how does the potential difference across the load compare with the potential difference across the power source? The Pd across the power source is the same as the PD across the load?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. physics

    If a high-diver performs a handstand dive (falls vertically) from a platform and enters the water with a velocity of 18.98 m/s, through which displacement will the diver have travelled? Express your answer from the platform to the ground and indicate the

    asked by Evan
  12. Geometry

    Find an equation for the perpendicular bisector of the line segment whose endpoints are (-8,7) and (4,3)

    asked by Liz
  13. Chemistry

    What would you expect to see if you performed the chemical reaction shown below? 2H2O2 —> H2O(l) + O2(g) - solid precipitate forming in a liquid - no detectable change - bubbles forming in a liquid - color change in a liquid

    asked by Bri
  14. Algebra 1

    Solve for x. x2 + 4x − 12 = 0 A) x = −4 or x = 3 B) x = 4 or x = −3 C) x = −6 or x = 2 D) x = 6 or x = −2

    asked by Please Help
  15. physics

    A fun seeker begins sliding from the top of a water slide and accelerates uniformly at 0.56 m.s-2. If the slide is 36 m long, how long will it take them to reach the bottom?

    asked by Evan
  16. Algebra

    What are the approximate solutions of 2x^2 - x + 10 = 0? A. -2, 2.5 B. -1.97, 2.47 C. -2.5, 2 D. no solution Please help im completely stuck on this one, and i already searched through previous lessons.

    asked by Anonymince
  17. Algebra 1

    Solve the quadratic equation by completing the square. 4x2 + 2x - 7 = 0 A) x = 1 ± square root of 29/4 B) x = −1 ± square root of 29/4 C) x = −1 ± square root of 29/8 D) x = −1 ± square root of 29/16 Please help me!

    asked by Please Help
  18. algebra

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = 0.04x + 7.1x + 7.2, where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters, of

    asked by alex
  19. History

    In what way was the twelfth Amendment important to the election of 1824

    asked by Soraya
  20. math

    A cab company charges per cab ride, plus an additional $1 per mile driven. How long is a cab ride that costs $42?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Geography

    Drag and drop the descriptions of events to match conditions in each country following world war II china japan korea Taiwan 1. Communist anti-communist forces backed by foreign nations went to war here, dividing the country into North and south **Taiwan

    asked by Katy
  22. Math

    Which property justifies each step? Problem A: (6 + 2)a + 8b = 8a + 8b Problem B: 8a^2 + (8a + a^2) + 7a = 8a^2 + (a^2 + 8a) + 7a Problem C: 8a^2 + (a^2 + 8a) + 7a = (8a^2 + a^2) + 8a + 7a Problem D: (6a + 2a) + 8b = (6 + 2)a + 8b Thanks!

    asked by Lana
  23. Probability

    A random variable X is generated as follows. We flip a coin. With probability p, the result is Heads, and then X is generated according to a PDF fX|H which is uniform on [0,1]. With probability 1−p the result is Tails, and then X is generated according

    asked by Fargameon
  24. Math

    Solve the equation to find the value of x : log10 (3x+2) – 2 log10 x = 1– log10 (5x – 3)

    asked by Anonymous
  25. physics

    A disc without slipping rolls down a hill height 10.0 m. If the disc starts from rest at the top of hill, what is its speed at the bottom?

    asked by Maryum Khalid
  26. math

    a centimetre linking cube is smaller than a regular linking cube, as shown. What is the volume of each cube.

    asked by Mikehal
  27. History

    Which choice names two problems of the South that the civil rights movement helped change? inadequate health care and overcrowded ghettos Jim Crow laws and police-enforced segregation urban poverty and lack of jobs******* Can someone check my answer?

    asked by pinkfox
  28. History

    Which of the following is a resource available in New England that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution? Money for investing Large cotton plantations Trained workers A constant climate

    asked by Soraya
  29. math

    Solve for X using the matrices below. 2A + 4B = −2X A = 6 −3 9 0 9 −4 B = 0 5 8 0 −4 −1

    asked by anonymous
  30. chemistry

    Aqueous iron (III) chloride reacts with sodium hydroxide, producing solid iron (III) hydroxide and sodium chloride

    asked by terror
  31. algebra

    Condense the equation log3+1/2logx-log5

    asked by Happy
  32. Math

    A piece of plexiglass is in the shape of a semicircle with radius 2m. Determine the dimensions of the rectangle with the greatest area that can be cut from the piece of plexiglass

    asked by david
  33. Chemistry

    Which information can you determine about a chemical reaction from a complete chemical equation? - how much energy is released as heat - how fast the reaction occurs - formation of a solid precipitate - color of the products

    asked by Jane
  34. math

    A company sells five models of computers through three retail outlets. The inventories are represented by S. The wholesale and retail prices are represented by T. Compute ST and interpret the result. S= 4 4 3 4 2 0 0 4 4 4 0 4 3 3 0 t = wholesale retail

    asked by anonymous
  35. Math

    Mega Fitness charges $22 per month and a $40 sign up fee. If Kenneth has spent a total $370 so far, How many months has he been at Mega Fitness membership? Write Equation Solve the problem. I think the equation is 40 + 22 then whatever that equals subtract

    asked by Lucy
  36. Math

    Juma left his house 8:30 he drove a distance of 140km and arrived at 10:50a.m determine average speed in km/h

    asked by Ebonny
  37. clothing and textile

    including method of disposal/control fullness design and condstuct an article using a piece of woven fabric

    asked by leiden
  38. math

    Write the augmented matrix for the system of linear equations. 7x + 4y = 53 5x − 9y = −57

    asked by anonymous
  39. Algebra

    Use the method of completing the square to transform the quadratic equation into the equation form (x + p)2 = q. 3 + x - 3x2 = 9 A) (x -1/6)2 = 7/36 B) (x -1/3)2 =71/36 C) (x -1/6)2 = -71/36 D) (x -1/3)2 = -71/36 Please help me!

    asked by Please Help
  40. Science

    The image shows a pulley being used to move a heavy object. In which direction will the object move if the force applied to the rope is greater than the force of gravity on the load? A. Right B. Left C. Up D. Down

    asked by hello
  41. math

    A company sells five models of computers through three retail outlets. The inventories are represented by S. The wholesale and retail prices are represented by T. Compute ST and interpret the result. S= 4 4 3 4 2 0 0 4 4 4 0 4 3 3 0 t = wholesale retail

    asked by anonymous
  42. Math

    Six students equally share 1/2 of a pan of brownies. What fraction of the whole pan does each student eat?

    asked by Emmanuella
  43. physics

    A motorcycle racer falls off their motorbike while travelling at 143 km/hr and skids in a straight line down the track. If the friction with the track decelerates the rider at a uniform rate of 3.8 m/s/s, how long (what time) would it take for the rider to

    asked by Evan
  44. statistics

    The National Assessment of Educational Progress ( NAEP) includes a mathematics test for eigth-grade students. Scores on the test range from 0 to 500. Suppose that you give the NAEP test to an SRS of 1100 8th-graders from a large population in which the

    asked by Gabby
  45. Probability

    Let X be uniform on [0,1/2]. Find the PDF fY(y) of Y=X/(1−X). For 0≤y≤1: fY(y)= ?

    asked by Fargameon
  46. English

    Are there any appropriate extracts from a literary work (novel, poem or play) of approximately 40x lines with a visual element?

    asked by Mary
  47. Math

    How can I calculate the exact value of cos(1/2alpha) if alpha=arcsin1/3.

    asked by Rick
  48. physics

    /a-block-of-mass-2kg-is-pushed-along-a-table-with-a-constant-velocity-by-a-force-of-5N-when its push is increased to 9N what is the accelaration and the resultant force

    asked by yjkk
  49. science

    A 25000kg card moves south at 15m/s squared, 15m/s squared is the _____ of the car. 1.acceleratrion 2.displacement 3.velocity 4.speed

    asked by anonymous
  50. science

    if a bowling ball hits a wall with a force of 6 N, the wall exserts a force of ____ back on the bowling ball. 0 N 3 N 6 N 12 N

    asked by anonymous
  51. ela

    A Quilt of a Country” Include the central idea and the main supporting ideas of the essay. Include significant details; omit unimportant details. Summarize the ideas and details in the order in which they appear in the essay. Make sure to include the

    asked by fk it
  52. Geometry

    (0,5) (3,1) (8,1) find the orthocenter

    asked by Gigi
  53. Careers

    What work I'm supposed to do when I'm studying These subject Business studies, History,Maths Literacy and Tourism

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Physics

    1. A skateboarder coasts at a constant velocity toward a ramp with a 15 angle, preparing for the big trick jump. If the frictionless ramp is 3m long, and his initial velocity at the base of the ramp is 5 m/s, calculate his final speed at the end of the

    asked by Mea
  55. science

    1. Explain the processes that occur in each step of the cycle of a star from a stellar nebula to a black hole. 2) Explain the processes that occur in each step of the cycle of a star from a stellar nebula to a white dwarf. help please!!

    asked by abracadabra
  56. Algebra

    Write equation to show x=number of hours reservoir is draining at rate of 25 gallons per hour, y=the number of gallons in reservoir is 200

    asked by Martha
  57. Math

    You currently have 12 bottles of water on your shelf and want to keep a minimum level of 6 bottles at a time, you average sales of 2 bottles per day, what is the minimum number you would order for enough bottles for 7 days?

    asked by Summer
  58. History

    How did the Americans disagree over the role of federal and state governments before and during the civil war?

    asked by :0
  59. Chemistry

    In constructing simple galvanic cell what is the important if two d/f metal electrode

    asked by Zekaryas
  60. Geometry

    Find the midpoint of M of the line segment joining the points C=(3,-7) and D=(-1,1)

    asked by Danielle
  61. Chemistry

    Synthetic diamonds can be manufactured at pressures of 6.00 x 104 atm. If we took 2.00 liters of gas at 1.00 atm and compressed it to a pressure of 6.00 x 104 atm, what would the volume of that gas be?

    asked by Sam
  62. math

    how do you know what to call a number after seeing what it does? eg how do you know that a value compresses or stretches an equation? how can you tell if something vertical stretches/compresses or horizontally compresses/stretches?

    asked by jayven march
  63. Business Math

    What is the net price factor of a 25/15 series of trade discounts? (2pts) What is the net price factor of a 35/10/15 series of discounts? (2pts) Legacy Designs places an order for furniture listing for $90500 less trade discounts of 25/20. What is the net

    asked by JessieMc
  64. maths

    The angle of elevation of the top of a tree from a point P on a horizontal ground is 30°.From another point Q 8 metres from the base of the tree,the angle of elevation of the angle of elevation of the top of the tree is 48°. a)Calculate to one decimal

    asked by lucy
  65. Health

    1. Which is a common viral disease a. strep throat b.lyme c.tuberculosis d.common cold

    asked by :)
  66. statistics

    Q: For each question, discuss the cost of making each type of error. 1. A customer purchases an item. Once they exit the store, the alarm goes off. This alarm goes off routinely for paying customers. 2. A patient is diagnosed as negative when a doctor

    asked by pleasehelp
  67. Science

    If your goal is to produce white butterflies, is it faster to wait for natural selection to take place or to use artificial selection? Why? I need help thanks in advanced!

    asked by Dude Halp
  68. math

    How many cups of sorbet are used in 8 cups of punch

    asked by tay
  69. math

    Draw an image in a different color and label coordinates. Translate by (-4,5). Please help ASAP!!!

    asked by Andrea
  70. science

    what are physical features that run in a family

    asked by stella
  71. science

    what are diseases that are inherited in a family

    asked by stella
  72. math

    Jen and her sister has cats. Her sister has two less than three times as many cats as jen. How many cats does jen have if her sister has four? Write equation Solve problem. I think the answer is 10 cats

    asked by Lucy
  73. History

    Read the following quotation from Susan B Anthony written in a letter to governor John P St John. Write a paragraph that explains why Anthony Believed that all American citizens should have the right to vote. Do you agree with Anthony? Compose complete

    asked by Anneliese.agui26
  74. Environmental Science

    1. What characteristics can make a population shrink or grow over time? 2. How can age structure diagrams be used to predict the future populations?

    asked by Sabrina
  75. Health

    I could use some ideas for my health project: What are some examples of workplace dangers? How can they be prevented?

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  76. clothing and textile

    describe the method for working: quilting applique smocking binding carding or piping ruffles

    asked by lily
  77. math

    proportional to 65⁄5?

    asked by loser
  78. Statistics

    A particular pain relieving medicine has a decay rate of 12% per hour. A patient was given a dose of the medicine 5 hours ago and there is currently 80 milligrams of the medicine in the patients bloodstream. After the dose was given how long must the

    asked by Jo
  79. Trigonometry

    I have been stuck on this for hours. Please help!! During a nature trip, Joni, Billy, and Larry documented the location of an eagles nest. From point A, the campers observed the eagles nest on top of a tree, directly across a deep stream. The angle of

    asked by Braeden
  80. math

    Write the augmented matrix for the system of linear equations. 7x + 4y = 53 5x − 9y = −57 I got the answer below but my online assignment said it's wrong please help me 1 0 3 0 1 8

    asked by anonymous
  81. science

    which of the following is an example of kinetic energy? A a lamp sitting on a table B a rubber band streched out C a bowling ball rolling down a bowling lane D building blocks stacked up down

    asked by hello
  82. Health

    1.Are most deaths of young people due to disease or injury and violence? 2.List steps you can take to prevent or reduce your risk of being involved in an accident or violence.

    asked by M.J.
  83. social studies

    why is schools like convent an institution

    asked by lily
  84. Algebra 1

    Find the value of the greater root of x2 + 14x + 45 = 0. A) -9 B) -5 C) 5 D) 9

    asked by Please Help
  85. clothing and textile

    a simple soft furnishing using quilting examples

    asked by lily
  86. social studies

    Which statement describes how geography influenced the cultural development of Southeast Asia?

    asked by emahjai
  87. Math

    An airplane descended 237 feet to a height of 489 feet. What was the original height of the airplane? A:726 feet B:716 feet C:252 feet (I think it’s b)

    asked by Anonymous
  88. History

    1. Which of the following is a requirement of all service sector occupations? A. expertise B. transportation*** C. haste D. enthusiasm 2. In 1983, oil prices in Texas fell from 34$ to 10$ per barrel causing oil firms to struggle to stay in business which

    asked by MuchConfusion
  89. History

    1) How did slavery in the ancient world differ from slavery in the Americas? 1) What gave Portugal an advantage in the slave trade? 2) Why did the slave trade grow dramatically in the Americas in the mid-1500s? 1) From where did the Middle Passage

    asked by Alfredo Pineda
  90. Math

    Last week Bryan traveled 4 miles by a bus, 18 miles by a train, 11 miles by a van, 33 miles by a car, 7 miles by a bike and walked 2 miles. What is the range in miles for the different ways that Bryan traveled? A) 23 B) 27 C) 31 D) 33

    asked by MasterEgg39