Questions Asked on
April 6, 2020

  1. chemistry

    Calculate the theoretical yield of NaCl (using mass-to-mass calculation). (Use the mass of sodium carbonate reactant used as the starting point, along with the relevant mole ratio from the balanced equation to perform this calculation). Work must be shown

    asked by elliott
  2. College algebra

    An apple orchard yields 20 bushels of apples per tree when there are 75 trees per acre. For each additional tree per acre, it is estimated that yield will decrease 3 bushels per tree. How many trees should be planted per acre to maximize the yield? Round

    asked by Jay
  3. Math

    order the group of quadratic functions from Widest to Narrowest graph. Y=7×^2, y= 1/4 x^2, Y =-2x^2 《please Help •3•》

    asked by M I A
  4. math

    Legitimate Financial Services made a loan at 9.75% interest for 254 days. If the amount of interest was $270.50, use the exact interest method to find the amount of principal borrowed. (Round to the nearest whole dollar amount) Group of answer choices

    asked by Stephanie Lintow
  5. Math

    If Porthos wants $25,000 after 8 years to make a down payment on a home, how much does he need to invest every quarter, into an account that pays 2% compounded quarterly? How much will Athos pay quarterly All i have is this and im not sure what im doing

    asked by EMERSON
  6. statistics

    A consumer group wants to know if an automobile insurance company with thousands of customers has an average insurance payout for all their customers that is greater than $500 per insurance claim. They know that most customers have zero payouts and a few

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    If Porthos wants $25,000 after 8 years to make a down payment on a home, how much does he need to invest every quarter, into an account that pays 2% compounded quarterly? What is the simplified numerator? m(431439)-1 m(1.173)-1 m(1.614)-1 m(435655)-1

    asked by EMERSON
  8. Math

    If Porthos wants $25,000 after 8 years to make a down payment on a home, how much does he need to invest every quarter, into an account that pays 2% compounded quarterly? What is the simplified denominator?

    asked by EMERSON
  9. Math

    Which triangle is not possible to construct? A a right isosceles triangle B an acute equilateral triangle C an obtuse scalene triangle D a right equilateral triangle I have no idea what the answer is, pls help me

    asked by daenerys targaryen
  10. Physics

    An elastic spring of length 20cm stretches by 7mm undergoes a strain of 0.02 under load of 20n, the natural length of the spring is?

    asked by Neeeeee
  11. English

    A student is writing an essay on the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Which sentence would function as a coherent thesis statement? A. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and the first who did not come from the aristocracy. B. Andrew

    asked by annie
  12. statistics

    A travel company is investigating whether the average cost of a hotel stay in a certain city has increased over the past year. The company recorded the cost of a one-night stay for a Friday night in January of the current year and in the previous year for

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    Consider the system shown, Block A weighs 45N and block b weighs 25N. Once block b is set into downward motion, it descends at a constant speed. Its an atwood machine with A resting on a surface and B dangling off the surface. ____A____ | | B uk equals

    asked by tom
  14. science

    Which options correctly describe the components of the scientific method? (Select all that apply) produces results that can be verified or tested produces results that are believable can be observed or detected by the senses can be measured in some way

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    A patrol boat took 2.5 h for a round trip 12 km upriver and 12 km back. The speed of the current 2 km/h. What was the speed of the boat in still water?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. biology

    Suppose that the local temperature changes in favor of greater oxygen levels in the water. Write a short paragraph how both the population of the small fish species and the wading bird population would change in response to the new oxygen levels over the

    asked by loves to bullet journal
  17. English

    Q:3 In The Diary of Anne Frank, Act II, scene 3, Mr Frank says, " we don't need the Nazis to destroy us. we are destroying ourselves." What does he mean by this? Support your answer with details from the play. I'm confused by this. I get the plot and

    asked by Strawberry banana yogurt
  18. Government

    I really need help please there are 4 questions 1) which function of political parties is also called the “watchdog function” Options: A) Campaign for candidates B) Monitor the party in power C) Nominate candidates for office D) Organize the government

    asked by Spongebob
  19. Pre-algebra

    1. Find the slope A. 2 B.-1/2 C. -2 D.1/2 2. Find the slope of the line described her one variable changes in Relation to the other. A. 2; distance increases by 2 Miles per hour B.2; Distance decreases by 2 Miles Per hour C. 1/2; Distance increases 1 mile

    asked by 안녕
  20. Science

    Joel lives near the beach. One day he sees that the tide is much lower than he's ever seen before. The high tide is higher than he's seen before. Two weeks later, he notices that there is not much difference between low and high tide. In paragraph, tell

    asked by :p
  21. math

    Mrs. Bishop ran her last marathon (26.2 miles) in 4 hours 48 minutes while Dr. Farrar ran a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 ½ hours. Who had the faster running speed? How do you know?

    asked by Nathan
  22. English

    When summarizing _____ of a plot one should notice the key ideas about how the conflict builds

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Which is the next number in the pattern? 1, 3, 9, 27, 81,____

    asked by Kd
  24. english

    Based on the information in the passage, what statement extends the idea that people only appreciate things that can be seen? A. Meteor showers are not interesting; there are too many other visible things in space to study. B. If something is not always

    asked by annie
  25. algebra

    Come up with and describe two scenarios: one that models a direct variation situation and one that models an inverse variation situation. Do not state explicitly which scenario is which, but provide at least four data pairs for each situation. Your

    asked by 1000456
  26. Calculus

    Can you please help me? I try very hard but I don’t understand how to do Given the function f (x) = 2x^3 + 24x^2 + 72x, determine all intervals on which f’ is increasing. Thank you for the answer.

    asked by Linda
  27. algebra

    You purchase a car with a labeled price of $19,200. The local sales tax rate is 7.2%. What is the final cost?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. physics electricity

    Cell phones use an electric field to receive and broadcast signals. A salesman claims that carrying the phone in a pouch constructed of metalized fabric will protect cell phone user’s privacy. Which of the following correctly assesses the statement and

    asked by Chloe
  29. physics

    A nonconducting sphere with net charge +Q uniformly distributed throughout its volume creates an electric field of magnitude E at point P(not in the center) that is within the sphere. If the sphere is a conducting sphere with charge +Q, how would the

    asked by Brittney
  30. statistics

    An agency that hires out clerical workers claims its workers can type, on average, at least 60 words per minute (wpm ). To test the claim, a random sample of 50 workers from the agency were given a typing test, and the average typing speed was 58.8 wpm . A

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math

    a ladder leans against a building forming an angle of 56 degrees with the ground.The base of the ladder is 3 feet from the building. Use the cosine to determine the length of the ladder.

    asked by Gabby
  32. Geometry

    Math question :a ladder leans against a building forming an angle of 56 degrees with the ground.The base of the ladder is 3 feet from the building. Use the cosine to determine the length of the ladder.

    asked by kaylee
  33. History

    The main purpose of the Civilian Conservation Corps was to

    asked by Anonymous
  34. geometry

    equivalent degree measure of radian measure? 11pi/9

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    Survival flashlights have a hand crank, that when turned, spins a magnet inside a coil of wire. Why does this make the flashlight work?

    asked by tina
  36. Math

    A ray separates a right angles into two acute angles.One of the acute angles measures 37°.what is the measure of the other acute angle?

    asked by John
  37. geometry

    A quarter-circle with radius 5 is drawn. A circle is drawn inside the sector, which is tangent to the sides of the sector. Find the radius of the inscribed circle.

    asked by a child
  38. physics

    A capacitor is constructed of two aluminum plate separated by a dielectric. the capacitance is measured to be 268.00 uf. without changing the dimensions of the plates, they are brought closer together so that the distance between the two plates is 1/2 of

    asked by anonymous
  39. math

    Consider the following: h={(1,2),(2,4),(3,6),(-1,-2),(-2,-4)}. a) Explain why h: ℤ --> ℤ does not describe h correctly. This does not describe the function h correctly because the range of the function h seems to be finite or limited to the set of even

    asked by Dave
  40. Programming

    What is backend programming? and design B. computer code that makes a website or program work C. the programming that makes hardware work D. the network that runs your computer

    asked by 안녕
  41. Science

    In the picture below, a boy is trying to pull a dog on a leash, but the dog and the boy are moving in the same direction. Which of the following best describes the forces in this situation? * 1 point A The forces are balanced, and the net force is zero. B

    asked by taco
  42. Math

    How do you find slope? (I don't really understand it)

    asked by 지혜 없는
  43. algebra

    The sum of ten and the quotient of a number x and 6

    asked by i
  44. Sociology

    1. Discuss the role children’s adjustment prior to the divorce plays in their post-divorce adjustment. Can someone explain this question in different terms

    asked by Anonymous
  45. physics

    A certain moving electron has a kinetic energy of 0.991 × 10−19 J. Calculate the speed necessary for the electron to have this energy. The mass of an electron is 9.109 × 10−31 kg. Answer in units of m/s. answer is ?

    asked by kc
  46. Micro

    The ____ is a major group of Archaea that do not have cell walls, has an S-layer, can be square shaped and have intricate networks between the cells A) Crenarchaeota B) Euryarchaeota C) Nanoarchaeota D) Korarchaeota The ______ is a group of Archaea that

    asked by James
  47. physics

    Two conducting spheres are isolated from their surroundings. The radii of spheres A and B are R and R/2 , respectively. Initially sphere A has charge +Q , and sphere B is neutral. A wire is connected between the sphere. What is the final charge on each

    asked by Chris
  48. physics

    A spherical conducting shell has a net charge of +5Q. At the center of the shell, there is a point charge of +Q. Which of the following gives the charge on the inner surface of the shell? -Q, 5Q, or 6Q

    asked by Eddy
  49. physics c

    A conducting sphere has a net charge of +Q . Points A and B are on opposite sides of the surface of the sphere. If a point charge +q is moved from point A to point B in a straight line through the center of the sphere, the work done to move the charge is

    asked by Brady
  50. physics

    Students perform an experiment using a circuit that contains the two parallel plate capacitors C1=10μF and C2=40μF. Come up with a hypothesis regarding the relative magnitude of charges Q1 and Q2 stored on charges C1 and C2, respectively, when the

    asked by Helen
  51. math

    how do I calculate this 1/sinθ=1sin/() when θ=43? I don't get this formula . show steps

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    A spiral spring natural length is 1.5m is extended by a force of 0.8N. What will be it's length when the applied force is 3.2N

    asked by Liana
  53. Science

    When money is used to compare the value of different products it is used

    asked by Alivia
  54. Physics

    A needle of length 10cm floats on water. If the force acting per unit length of the needle is 0.7N/m, calculate the surface tension supporting the weight of the needle

    asked by Liana
  55. Literature

    Hello! I am writing an essay on "A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley" (This is the drama version of A Christmas Carol) I am just wondering if there is a proper term for the sort of people shown to Scrooge by the Third Spirit. The people who stole items

    asked by CellLover727
  56. math

    Solev for x and y: - x^2=4y+13 - ((x-.56)^2)/.4+((y+.39)^2)/1.6=.5 - x^2+4x-2.52 - ((y+.8)^2)/.2-((x+0)^2)/1=1 Can someone solve these because i wasnt able to find the answers for like an hour:(

    asked by tina
  57. Chemistry

    A mixture of argon and hydrogen gases contains argon at a partial pressure of 241 mm Hg and hydrogen at a partial pressure of 534 mm Hg. What is the mole fraction of each gas in the mixture?

    asked by Emily
  58. math

    How much money do you need to invest each month in a retirement fund with an interest rate of 7% compounded monthly in order to have a million dollars by the time you are 65. Assume you are 18. What was the total amount that you invested? How much interest

    asked by Gina
  59. History

    History Question! Please Check My Answer How did the sit-ins in Greensboro, North Carolina, influence people around the country? A. They caused people to organize the Ku Klux Klan. B. They inspired similar protests in other cities and states. C. They led

    asked by Sid.V
  60. Social Studies

    True or false: The Great March West angered Prime Minister Macdonald and led him to send the new police force to the West as soon as possible I think it's false, but I need more context to be sure.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  61. science

    xamine the scenario. A scientist wishes to discover whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold–blooded. However, he cannot directly perform any measurements or experiments because dinosaurs are extinct. What aspects of scientific thinking can help him

    asked by Anonymous
  62. physics

    A motorcycle racer falls off their motorbike while traveling at 102 km/hr and skids in a straight line down the track. If the friction with the track decelerates the rider at a uniform rate of 4.6 m/s/s, how far (what displacement) would the rider travel

    asked by Evan
  63. Math

    Express 5x³+9x²–8x–11 in the form (x–1)(x+2)Q(x)+rx+s, find the values of r and s

    asked by Feta
  64. chemistry

    Am re-posting this question.A certain volume of oxgen diffused from a given apparatus in 125 secs.In the same conditions,the same volume of gas N,diffused in 100 secs.Calculate the RMM.I used graham's law but i think i did it the wrong way.Plz help out.

    asked by lucy
  65. physics

    in any complex resistance circuit the voltage across any resistor in the circuit is always _________ equal or less than the voltage source or is it just less than the voltage source?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. English

    1. The Yosemite is famous for its natural wonders. 2. Yosemite Valley is famous for its natural wonders. 3. Yosemite National Park is famous for its natural wonders. ------------------------------------------- Do we put 'The' before Yosemite? Does #1 mean

    asked by rfvv
  67. Math

    List all of the ways that a square can be correctly classified ( or named ) and Explain why each of the different names is also correct. one point will be given for each classification and explanation Help :(

    asked by Frog
  68. Math

    Write a relation representing the information in the table. Input: 1 2 3 4 Output: 6 8 10 14 (Pretend those columns are next to each other) I don't understand why it says 14 at the last output since I think it should be 12 (because it is the +4 rule, not

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  69. Chemistry

    Mention any five material/Reagents used during chemistry practical(and their concentration) and briefly describe how you can prepare them

    asked by Wisdom
  70. English

    The Americans with Disabilities Act claims that "The continuing existence of unfair and unnecessary discrimination and prejudice denies people with disabilities the opportunity to compete on an equal basis." Why do the authors include Part 2 in this

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    which ordered pair is not a solution of -4x-9 a.-9,27 b.3,-21 c.-6,15 d.5,-28

    asked by Anyone
  72. Math

    What can be used to show the difference in variation for two populations that have equivalent measures of center?

    asked by Rowan
  73. history

    1. What was the most important consequence of the Columbian Exchange for peoples living in Europe and Asia? What is a food that was unavailable to the American peoples prior to the Columbian Exchange? pumpkin, corn, potatoes, or beef?

    asked by k
  74. management

    The _______________________ refutes universal principles of management by stating that a variety of factors, both internal and external to the firm, ma affect an organization’s performance.

    asked by Shannon
  75. English

    Can someone please over look my work and check for errors, I read over it and found nothing wrong, but I am sure there are things I am missing. Thank you I believe that the question “Can we control our fate?” is difficult to answer when most of us do

    asked by KAH
  76. Health

    How do you ask for help for your mental health? My parents aren't really that accepting and I'm afraid of being casted out to a mental asylum, and called "crazy" like they've said before. I honestly don't know what to do.

    asked by Carly
  77. statistics

    Q: Hours of TV Less than average: Greater than average: Mean 22.3 20.8 S.D 25.6 25.5 n 903 390 Use hypothesis testing procedures to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the average number of days of church attendance across the

    asked by pleasehelp
  78. math

    I have a red, green and blue ball. They can be repeated I have 4 bags to put the balls into. I have to use all 3 colors. so I could have red red green blue or I could have red red blue green...etc, etc. Is there a way to figure out how many possible

    asked by John
  79. Math

    What is the formula of Surface area of a Octagon?

    asked by CardsOfSpades101
  80. math

    You cut off half of a strip of paper. Then you cut off half of the piece that is left. Then you cut off half of the remaining piece. What fraction of the original strip is left? CLEAR CHECK 16 12 14 18 this is for imagine math I have no clue of what I am

    asked by ms.mibrett
  81. History

    2. What change was made in 1969 to South Carolina constitution of 1895? (1 point) A. The governor was permitted to succeed. B. The residency requirement for voting was eliminated. C. The court system would no longer be controlled by the state senate. D.

    asked by I need help NOW PLEASEEEE
  82. Physical Science

    I have to write 500 words on 4 ways toxicity can manifest?? I hate writing

    asked by JD
  83. statistics

    Q: Use hypothesis testing procedures to test the a priori assumption that people who are fearful of walking in their neighborhood at night have lower average trust than people who are not fearful. Use a 2 t-tail, with alpha of 0.001 Fear Yes No Mean 1.08

    asked by pleasehelp
  84. Math

    Which of the following could be represented by-8

    asked by ChOoChO
  85. math

    Bobby’s uncle gave him 300 baseball cards. Each week, Bobby purchases 40 baseball cards to add to his collection. Which inequality can be used to find w, the number of weeks after starting his collection when Bobby will have more than 700 baseball cards

    asked by Felicity
  86. Math

    Consider the following: h={(1,2),(2,4),(3,6),(-1,-2),(-2,-4)}. a) Explain why h: ℤ --> ℤ does not describe h correctly. This does not describe the function h correctly because the range of the function h seems to be finite or limited to the set of even

    asked by David
  87. science

    Two masses exerting a force on each other is an example of _________________. Which phrase best completes the sentence? geocentric theory heliocentric theory universal law of gravitation

    asked by pinkfox
  88. math

    Can't be right quiz connections academy 8th grade. Help me I don't know how to find the leg of a shape

    asked by Abbey
  89. math

    A recipe calls for 23 cup of flour for every 12teaspoon of honey. What is the unit rate of cups per teaspoon?

    asked by Daijona
  90. Social studies

    “no state … can lawfully get out of the Union.” “In YOUR hands, my dissatisfied fellow-countrymen, and not in MINE, is the momentous issue of civil war. … We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained,

    asked by bam