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April 3, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction H2(g) + I2(g) ---- 2HI(g). What is the reaction quotient, Q, for this system when [H2] = 0.100 M, [I2] = 0.200 M, and [HI] = 3.50 M? The choices are; 87.5 175 350 613 I dont believe it is 87.5 or 613

  2. Algebra

    The box-and-whisker plot shows the average temperatures in Orlando, Florida in January. Numbers for the box&whisker: 51,54,57,60,63,66,69,72,75,78,81,84 You can do a box&whisker here: alcula box plot Which statement about the temperatures in Orlando must

  3. material sciences

    The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is: U(r)=−Arm+Brn 1) Derive an expression for the equilibrium spacing, r0, as a function of A, B, m, and n. Explicitly indicate multiplication with a * symbol. r0 = ?? 2) Derive and

  4. math

    What is the period of the function f(x)=-6\sin(3\pi x+4)-2f(x)=−6sin(3πx+4)−2f, left parenthesis, x, right parenthesis, equals, minus, 6, sine, left parenthesis, 3, pi, x, plus, 4, right parenthesis, minus, 2?

  5. Physics

    A proton is accelerated from rest through a 5.70-V potential difference. (a) What is the proton's speed after it has been accelerated? (b) What is the maximum magnetic field that this proton produces at a point that is 4.00 m from the proton? (Enter the

  6. Literature

    Which statement about poetry is accurate

  7. Math

    Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only (I) construct a triangle XYZ such that XY =8cm and angle YXZ =ANGLE ZYX =45 DEGREES . Locate a point P In the triangle equidistant from XY AND XZ AND YX AND YZ . Construct a circle touching the three sides of the

  8. Statistics

    An experiment was designed to test a hypothesis that stated that high-drive subjects would be able to learn a simple task much more quickly than would low-drive subjects. The hypothesis further state that on a difficult task the opposite would be found –

  9. algebra

    There will be 3 floats in a parade. The parade organizers are trying to determine the order in which the floats should appear. How many different orders are possible?

  10. algebra

    A rocket is launched from atop a 76-foot cliff with an initial velocity of 107 ft/s. The height of the rocket above the ground at time t is given by . A) When will the rocket hit the ground after it is launched? Round to the nearest tenth of a second.

  11. US History

    read the passage and answer the question below. “They expressed their great satisfaction, saying that no greater good could come to them than to have our friendship, and that they desired to live in peace with their enemies, and that we should dwell in

  12. math

    kinyua spent 1/4 of his net January on school fees

  13. social studies

    Which of the following explains the importance of the Siberian area to Russia today? A. Siberian tigers have become a protected species there. B. The Kremlin is located there. C. There are vast deposits of oil, natural gas, and minerals there. D. Siberia

  14. Trigonometry

    How could you evaluate tan (13pi/12) if you did not know the sum and difference formula for tangent? Would you use the sin and cos sum and difference formulas, and if so, can someone walk me through it? Thank you!!!

  15. Algebra

    Answers to Connections Academy 7B (7th grade semester 2) Unit 4 Lesson 12: Graphing in the Coordinate Plane Unit Test.

  16. English

    1. I have many books. 2. I have a lot of books. 3. Do you have many books? 4. Do you have a lot of books? 5. I don't have many books. 6. I don't have a lot of books. ----------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Which one is ungrammatical?

  17. science

    Is the universe finite or infinite? What is the universe made of?

  18. Math

    Evaluate 4x for each value of x. In simplest form. X=1/4.

  19. Social studies

    Use the quote below to answer the question: Why did the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision anger Northerners? Frederick Douglass, Collected Speeches, 1857 "This infamous decision maintains that slaves...are property in the same sense that horses, sheep and

  20. chemistry

    Calculate the total amount of heat released in units of kilojoules when 25.8 g of ethanol vapor (C2H5OH) at 92.0◦C is cooled to -10.0◦ C. The molar heat capacities of ethanol vapor and liquid ethanol are 65.6 J/◦C.mol and 112.3 J/◦C.mol. The

  21. Science

    requirements and constraints for robot? Requirments are Wires, staillies, coding but what are constraits

  22. PreCal

    Solve the following equation for all solutions: cos(5x)cos(3x)-sin(5x)sin(3x)=√3/2. I know the formula to use would be cos(A+B), but I'm just not confident in my ability to solve it correctly.

  23. math

    If you try to solve a linear system by the substitution method and get the result 0 = 8, what does this mean? A. The system has one solution, (0,8). B.The system has one solution, (8,0). C.The system has no solutions. D.The system has an infinite number of

  24. Math

    If the difference of two numbers is a and the smaller number is x what is the greater number

  25. Math

    Kiara bakes 40 oatmeal cookies and 48 chocolate chip cookies in plastic containers for her friends at school. She wants to divide the cookies into identical containers so that each container had the same number of each kind of cookie. If she wants each

  26. Math

    An artist makes three types of ceramic statues (large, medium, and small) at a monthly cost of $650 for 180 statues. The manufacturing costs for the three types are $5, $4, and $3. If the statues sell for $20, $12, and $9, respectively, how many of each

  27. arithmetic

    whats 2,837 divided by 62

  28. History

    What are countries like Britain, Germany, and Russia doing before WWI begins?

  29. math

    A college football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each

  30. Math

    Of 200 adults, 176 own one TV set, 22 own two TV sets, and 2 own three TV sets. A person is chosen at random. a. What is the probability function of X? b. What is the expected value for the probability distribution? c. What are the variance and standard

  31. math

    solve using formula method x^2+3x-28=0

  32. Chemistry

    How many miles are in 55.0 L or Ar?

  33. Chemistry

    If 465cm^3 of sulphur (iv) oxide can diffuse through porous partitions in 36 seconds how long will (A) An equal volume (B) 620cm^2 of hydrogen sulphide take to diffuse through the same partitions (H=1,S=32,O=16)

  34. Mathematics

    The number of realms of paper varies inversely as the cube root of number of question paper. When there are 3 realms, on question papers were produced. Find the number of realms when 27 question papers are produced and also number of question papers when 2

  35. maths

    Simplify the following surd.Square root of 16/9.square root of 8+square root 18 +square root 50.Plz explain in detail

  36. Physics

    Wat is momentum

  37. History

    Study the graph showing the value of trade between the United States and the countries that signed the CAFTA-DR free-trade agreement in 2004.

  38. Chemistry

    If 465 cm cube of sulphur (I've) oxide can diffuse through porous partition in 30 seconds, how long will a. An equal volume b. 620 cm cube of hydrogen sulphide take to diffuse through the same partitio ( h = 1, s = 32 , 0 = 16)

  39. Math

    There are 8 rows of chairs in the auditorium. 3 of the rows are empty. What fraction of the rows are empty

  40. Algebra

    How do u find the average in a dot splot

  41. English

    In need of a Thesis statement: Does this make a good thesis statement? The purpose of this project is analyze the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation 1994 (P.L. 103-182), provide an synopsis of the policy design, implementation,

  42. math

    190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were made from this data, what would the measure of the central angle be for the group that likes

  43. Math

    Points A, B, C, and T are in space such that each of TA, TB, and TC is perpendicular to the other two. If TA = TB = 12 and TC = 6, then what is the distance from T to face ABC?

  44. Statistics

    A psychologist was looking for the cause of failure among school children. She took a group of former students who had flunked out and a group of students who had received good grades in Chemistry. She gave both groups a self-esteem test and found that the

  45. Math

    The slope of a line passing through is H (-2.5) is -.75 . Which ordered pair represents a point on this line? A.(6,-1) B.(2,8) C.(-5,1) D.(1,1)

  46. science

    What are the components of a triglyceride molecule?

  47. maths

    kinyua spent 1/4 of his net january

  48. Chemistry

    What is the molecular geometry and hybridization of (z)-1,2-difluoroethylene and (e)-1,2-difluoroethylene? Would it be sp2 and trigonal planar for both?

  49. precalculus

    Let C be the circle with center -3i and radius 2. The Mobius transformation R given by the equation R(z)=(b/z+d) maps C to the unit circle in such a way that the inside of C maps to the outside of the unit circle. Find |R(1-2i)|. I'm having trouble with

  50. careers

    I want to be a lawyer but i have no idea what grades i shld get in every subject so as to achieve this and i dont take physics and geography.Plz somebody help am really stressed out

  51. math

    Identify the slope (m) and y-intercept (b) of the graph of each equation. y=−4x−12

  52. Maths

    Were are the solutions

  53. Social studies

    How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 conflict with the Missouri Compromise of 1820? 1.The Missouri Compromise would not go into effect until the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed 2.Northerners wanted to allow popular sovereignty 3.The Kansas-Nebraska Act

  54. precalculus

    Recall that a Mobius transformation f has an equation of the form $f(z) = (az+b)/(cz+d) where a, b, c, and d are complex numbers. Suppose that f is a Mobius transformation such that f(1)=i, f(i)=-1, and f(-1)=1. Find the value of f(-i).

  55. Math

    What is the Area of 64 mi squared?

  56. Math

    You have a tax refund of $360.80. You are able to get the tax refund immediately from your tax preparation agency for a finance charge of $34.01. What annual simple interest rate are you paying for this loan assuming the tax refund Check would be a

  57. PreCal

    Solve the following equation for all solutions: sin(11x)cos(6x)-cos(11x)sin(6x)=√3/2

  58. English

    What is Elie Wiesel's main message to both young and old?

  59. English

    I have to do an argumentative essay and I can't think of a topic, any ideas?

  60. Math

    Sage has a hot dog stand. Last week he spent $13 for hot dogs and supplies. He earned $25. What was his profit?

  61. Math

    An employer has $500 that she can award in bonuses to her 7 employees. If she wants all of the bonuses to be in $25 increments and not everyone has to receive bonuses, how many different ways are there for her to give out bonuses?

  62. statistics

    You want to estimate the mean amount spent by customers at a local gas station with 95% confidence and a margin of error of no more than $3. Preliminary data suggests that $5.10 is a reasonable estimate for the standard deviation for all customers. How

  63. Mathematics

    Hi everyone, i just had an assignment and I was wondering if someone could check my answer to one of the questions. Thanks in advanced. :) 4. In the expression -9x - 2x^2 + 7, what is the coefficient of x? -) -9 -) -2 -) 7 -) 9 I actually couldn't decide

  64. Math re-post for someone

    Joseph spent 3/4 of an hour working out in a gym. He spent 1/2 of that time lifting weights. What fraction of a hour did he spend lifting weights?

  65. Precal re-post for Amal

    The endpoints of line segment XY are X(-6,2) and Y(6,-10). Find the point Q the partitions YX in a ratio of 3:1

  66. math

    Imagine lots of people in a park, sitting in the Sun. Each person wants to keep at least 2m distance to everyone else, but they want to have as many people as possible at the minimum 2m distance. How should the people arrange themselves to make this

  67. Social studies

    Use the quote below to answer the question: Why did the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision anger Northerners? Frederick Douglass, Collected Speeches, 1857 "This infamous decision maintains that slaves...are property in the same sense that horses, sheep and

  68. math

    Solve Algebraically: 5.((x+0)^2)/1+((y+.8)^2)/1=9 12. x^2=1.2y+4.8 i cant get the answer i keep doing it wrong someone please help

  69. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 100.065 g of SnBr2 in water and diluting with water to 1.00 L total?

  70. Physics

    An oceanic depth-sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom with ultrasonic waves that travel 1530 m/s in seawater. How deep is the water directly below the vessel if the time delay of the echo to the ocean floor and back is 6 s?

  71. math

    What is the first step in solving the linear system {2x−3y=11 {−x+5y=−9 by the substitution method in the most efficient way? A. Solve the first equation for x. B. Solve the first equation for y. C. Solve the second equation for x. D. Solve the

  72. Pre Calc

    A ship travels 60 miles due east, then adjusts its course 55 degrees northward. After traveling 80 miles in that direction, how far is the ship from its point of departure?

  73. Programming

    Is there a maximum number of functions that JavaScript can have? What about parameters?

  74. Physics

    I just want to know the direction for this question. I use the right hand rule and it shows the magnetic field is going into the page but that is not the answer neither is to the left or right. The answer could be any of these choices up, down, out of the

  75. English

    Which sentence has no mistakes? A. Kaitlyn tore her reciept in half. B. Mason wanted to go to the movies and he went.*** C. Ryan told his mom about his bad grade, yesterday. D. Blakely talked about plains and how she wanted to become a pilot with her mom.

  76. Math

    The sum of two numbers subtracted from twice the sum of those numbers

  77. Biology: Echinoderms

    Hello! I'm having trouble with this question on my study guide about the phylum of echinoderms: The individual calcareous elements that compose the water vascular system in echinoderms are ____. I know that ossicles are made of calcium but they are a part

  78. economy

    My friend Tim is trying to open up a new business and needs a great deal of investment money to get off the ground. The business is a zoo by day, nightclub by night, in downtown. Tim has no experience in this industry, and has never run or owned a business

  79. Chemistry

    Given the following information: 2NaHCO3(s) + 85 kJ → Na2CO3(s) + H2O(l) CO2(g) Calculate the amount of heat (in kJ) required to decompose 2.24 mol NaHCO3(s). You must show your work to receive credit. I need serious help with this.

  80. math

    Which of the following is not a characteristic of a graph displaying direct variation?

  81. math

    A store owner buys clothes at wholesale and adds 80% to the wholesale price to set the retail price. The retail price of a pair of pants is $36.00. What is the wholesale price?

  82. Math

    A carpenter needs to make 60 dowels each dowel must be 6 inches long the wood from which the carpenter will cut the dowel comes in 4-foot lengths. What is the length of wood the carpenter can buy and still make all 60 dowels

  83. Math

    In how many times can the number 9,633,333 be arranged

  84. chemistry

    Pouring liquid nitrogen onto a balloon decreases the volume of the balloon dramatically. Afterward, the balloon re-inflates. Use kinetic theory to explain this sequence of events. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 degrees Celsius

  85. English

    What does Annie mean when she says, “What good will your pity do her when you are under the strawberries

  86. English

    What is an example for an interesting personal anecdotes???

  87. math

    A jar cointains dimes and quarters .the total number of coins in the jar is 25 .the total value of the coins is $3.70 how many of each type of coin are in the jar