Questions Asked on
April 2, 2020

  1. math

    Violeta wants to install new tiling in her kitchen. She places two triangular tiles together as shown in the following figure. In order to plan her installation, she needs to find the length of BC . A_____________D The rectangle has a diagnol line in the

    asked by miriam
  2. US History

    Here is 10 questions that I would like someone to double check for me. Civil Rights and the Vietnam War Unit Test 1. Drag each description to the correct form of segregation. Intimidation and violence toward different races was common; Student Nonviolent

    asked by Bri
  3. science

    For a 1.00 m (100 cm) crumple zone, how much deformation do you think is needed in order to keep the passenger the safest?

    asked by mzvd /ak
  4. Calculus, math

    Consider the function below. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = e^arctan(7x) I did the problem but I have mistakes on some items. I think the ff. are right: Vertical Asymptote: x = DNE Horizontal Asymptote: y = e^-(pi/2), e^(pi/2) Interval

    asked by D
  5. Calculus

    Suppose the functions f and g and their derivatives have the following values at x = 1 and x = 2. Let h(x) = f(g(x)). Evaluate h′(1).

    asked by Cool
  6. Algebra

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = -0.04x^2+5.8x+4.9, where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the height, in meters, of

    asked by Lindsey
  7. Math

    x and y are points on the earth's surface at opposite ends of a diameter through the centre of the Earth. (a) If the longitude of x is 19 degrees East, what is the longitude of y? (b) If the latitude of x is 52 degrees North, what is the latitude of y?

    asked by Knox
  8. Maths

    Explain what you've used and why? There are a large number of students in Luttley College. 60% of the students are boys. Students can choose exactly one of Games, Drama or Music on Friday afternoons. It is found that 75% of the boys choose Games, 10% of

    asked by Raj
  9. Physics

    A cop cars siren has a frequency of 700Hz. If you are standing on the sidewalk as the cop car approaches you at the speed of 25 m/s, what frequency would you hear? The speed of sound is 340 m/s

    asked by Amina
  10. math

    four friends shared 1/2 of one carton of orange juice. what fraction of each carton of juice did each friend get?

    asked by addison
  11. science

    Read the passage from “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall.” Anthocyanin, the pigment that gives apples their red and turns leaves red or red-violet, is produced by sugars that remain in the leaf after the supply of nutrients dwindles. Unlike the

    asked by annie
  12. Chemistry

    A critical reaction in the production of energy to do work or drive chemical reactions in biological systems is the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, to adenosine diphosphate, ADP, as described by the reaction ATP(aq) + H2O(l)-->ADP(aq) +

    asked by SG
  13. Maths

    Repost Explain what you've used and why? There are a large number of students in Luttley College. 60% of the students are boys. Students can choose exactly one of Games, Drama or Music on Friday afternoons. It is found that 75% of the boys choose Games,

    asked by Raj
  14. social studies

    Compare the GDP of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa? Suggest two reasons for the differences between the GDP of the countries

    asked by savon
  15. Math

    Trish wants to put a fence around her square garden. The area of the garden is 81 ft². How many feet of fencing does she need?

    asked by Zaiden
  16. Chemistry

    count and list the new bonds formed in Hydrazine burn in oxygen

    asked by Yaction
  17. History

    1) What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas? How did other countries respond when Portugal built a global empire? Select 3 events that led to the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Led to Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire Caribbean colonies

    asked by Zach
  18. Chemistry

    Which reactions have a positive ΔSrxn? A(g)+2B(g)⟶2C(g) A(s)+2B(g)⟶C(g) 2A(g)+B(g)⟶4C(g) 2A(g)+B(s)⟶3C(g)

    asked by SG
  19. MATH

    a women spent 1 over 3 of her money at market 1 over 4 at the chemist 1 over 6 at electrical shop and had #555 left how much did she hare to start with

    asked by bayo
  20. math

    If r = 8 units and h = 6 units, what is the volume of the cylinder shown above? Use 3.14 for .

    asked by james
  21. English

    What is the definition of metaphor? a comparison between two things that are similar; for example, "A grapefruit is larger than an orange" language that uses an object to represent an idea; for example, a flying bird represents freedom language that states

    asked by sally
  22. Math

    From a committee of 6 girls and 4 boys, a name is selected. Then another name is selected. What is the probability that both people drawn will be girls? A. nine over twenty-five B. two-fifteenths C. three-fifths D. one-third I've tried multiplying

    asked by Just a gamer
  23. Math

    I am taking the Using Tables, Rules, and Graphs quiz part 2, and I dont understand these two problems. 1. Use the function rule to complete the table: -10x+y=y Above it shows a graph, with x and y marked, then along the top it goes -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 I don't

    asked by Cherry
  24. English

    What is the definition of rhyming couplet? when the word at the end of a line in a poem rhymes with the ending word of the previous line when one word rhymes with another word in a poem two times when a line in a poem begins and ends with the same word

    asked by sally
  25. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.5 BaCl2 are needed to have 0.1moles of BaCl2

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Algebra

    The function y = 15(x – 2) + 45 can be used to determine the total amount of money spent on a gym membership for x months. What is the rate of change of the total amount spent in dollars with respect to the number of months of gym membership?

    asked by carmella
  27. Math

    A tile installer has selected four different size square tiles to cover a floor. The areas of the tiles are Tile A = 9 in.², Tile B = 25 in.², Tile C = 34 in.², and Tile D = 76 in.². For which tiles are the lengths of the sides rational?

    asked by Zaiden
  28. Math

    Jeff is a real estate agent he earns 3% commission on his sales if he sells a house for 390,000 How much commission will he make

    asked by Briley
  29. Calculus

    Suppose f '' is continuous on (−∞, ∞). (a) If f '(1) = 0 and f ''(1) = −1, what can you say about f ? 1)At x = 1, f has a local maximum. 2)At x = 1, f has a local minimum. 3)At x = 1, f has neither a maximum nor a minimum. 4)More information is

    asked by Parker
  30. PreCalculus

    Find all solutions to the given trigonometric equation in the interval 0, 2𝜋 : sin2x=cos2xsinx

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    For an object in uniform circular motion, on what parameters does the experimental determination of the centripetal force depend when using F = ma?

    asked by Tris
  32. Math

    Given rectangular prism A is similar to rectangular prism B and the volume of A is 125 ft3 and the volume of B is 27 ft3. What is the ratio of the surface areas for A:B? A. 3 : 5 B. 5 : 3 C. 25 : 9 D. 125. 27

    asked by Johnny
  33. Pre-Calculus

    Find all solutions to the given trigonometric equation in the interval 0, 2𝜋 : sin2x=cos2xsinx

    asked by Anon
  34. sociology

    The sociologist who conducted extensive research on varying rates of suicide within a specific country and among different countries was Wright Mills. Karl Marx. Emile Durkheim. Talcott Parsons.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    What method(s) would you choose to solve the equation? Explain your reasoning. 4x^2-48=0 a. Quadratic formula, graphing; the equation cannot be factored easily since the numbers are large. Selected:b. Square roots; there is no x-term. c. Factoring; the

    asked by Lindsey
  36. History

    Why did sugar plantations produce such high profits

    asked by Zach
  37. Math

    A package shaped like a cube has an edge that is 28 cm long

    asked by Aa
  38. Geometry

    Draw the image of the translation of MNOP given by the translation rule (x, y) → (x + 3, y − 2).

    asked by Meep
  39. precalculus

    Recall that a Mobius transformation f has an equation of the form f(z)=(az+b)/(cz+d) where a, b, c, and d are complex numbers. Suppose that f is a Mobius transformation such that f(1)=i, f(i)=-1, and f(-1)=1. Find the value of f(-i).

    asked by Jakob
  40. Physics

    The figure below shows very long current-carrying wires. Using the coordinate system indicated (with the z axis out of the page), state the direction of the magnetic field at point P in each case.

    asked by AAA
  41. physics

    A marble with speed 14 cm/s rolls off the edge of a table 75 cm high. How long does it take to drop to the floor? How far, horizontally, from the table edge does the marble strike the floor?

    asked by Matt
  42. english

    i need help finding the message, and what literary devices or elements were used to demonstrate this message. im writing a poetry explication. jerrod wasn’t planned love kept him growing in my womb my g.e.d. r.n. was for him i gave him things i never had

    asked by juliana
  43. maths

    A village water tank is in the form of a frustrum of a cone of height 3.2 cm.The top and bottom radii are 18cm and 24cm respectively.Calculate:The surface area of the tank

    asked by lucy
  44. trigonometry

    Find the exact value of cos(2θ)and sin(2θ) if tan(θ) = (-5/12) and 270° < θ < 360

    asked by rainbow
  45. Algebra

    r/8 - p-2/2 Solution and why someone would get the working out incorrect

    asked by Nive
  46. biology

    Chemistry Calculate the mass of silver deposited when a current of 2.6A is passed through a solution of a silver salt for 70minutes. (Ag=108;1faraday=96500C)

    asked by tolu
  47. Physics

    A cylindrical resistor has a resistance of 217 Ohms. What is the resistance (in Ohms) if the length is increased by a factor of 2.7 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    A cylindrical resistor has a resistance of 262 Ohms. What is the resistance (in Ohms) if the radius is increased by a factor of 5.80 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    A bullet is fired at 660m/s and strikes a target 200m away. How long has it taken to hit the target.

    asked by Pem
  50. Physics

    A spring of force constant 1500n/m is acted upon by a constant force of 75n.calculate the potential energy stored in the spring.

    asked by Paul
  51. English

    Essay on morning walk: blessings or curse

    asked by Atif
  52. Physics

    A 0.33 kg pendulum bob is attached to a 1.2 m string. What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the system as the bob swings

    asked by Sara
  53. Physics

    a 15kg wagon Is pulled to the right with a force of 45 newtons. The wagon accelerates at 2 m/s^2 what is the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the wagon

    asked by trentgamez
  54. science

    what happens when two forces act in the same direction

    asked by help
  55. science

    what is the force that results from a 3000 kg car accelerating at 20 meters per second squared

    asked by help
  56. Physics

    A 10 kg box is pushed across horizontally to the right with 60N of force. The box accelerates to the right at 2 m/s^2 what is the coefficient of friction

    asked by LilYeet
  57. Physics

    a ball rolls up a incline with a initial velocity of 15 m/s, the ball comes to rest on the incline after rolling for 4 seconds a - what is the acceleration of the ball b - what is the ball's speed at the end of 5 seconds c - how far up the incline does the

    asked by Anthony Lake
  58. History

    Zhou rulers claimed that the

    asked by Curtis
  59. Maths

    v=u+ at u=2 a=-5 t=1/2 Work out the value of v Hi im really confused about this question please can someone help me. Thanks x

    asked by Kay Parkinson
  60. Physical science

    In an acidic solution A. concentration of OH– > concentration of H+. B. concentration of OH– < concentration of H+. C. concentration of OH– = concentration of H+. D. concentration of H+ < concentration of OH–.

    asked by Sophia
  61. Physics

    You blow across the top of an open straw to produce a musical note. Then you cut the straw in half, close the bottom end, and blow across the top again. How does the pitch of the new note compare to the original note?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Pre-Calculus

    Verify the following identity: (sin2x)/sin - (cos2x)/cosx=secx

    asked by Serena
  63. math

    Solve the equation 5b = 25

    asked by diya
  64. Language arts

    What is the definition of setting? the location and time period of a story the problem that needs to be solved in a story the mood of a story>>> the beginning of a story Am I right

    asked by sally
  65. Physics

    It is found necessary to apply an effort of 500N through a distance of 5m in order to raise a mass of 200kg through a height of 1m calculate the mechanical advantage and the efficiency.

    asked by Ebube
  66. Math

    What is the volume of the rectangular prism? it is 10.4 mm in width, 5 mm in length, and 8 mm in height

    asked by :p
  67. Science

    Water and glass with refractive index of 1.5 are interface. If the incident ray from the water makes an angle of 60 degree with the normal find the direction of the reflected and refracted ray Take refractive index of water to 1.33

    asked by Israel
  68. Arithmetic

    how to add 7 to 8 minus 3.

    asked by Cjeck
  69. English

    Is some dog’s tails are long and thin. Linking verb or action verb

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    p-18=3 p=

    asked by Sofia
  71. English

    What is the definition of imagery? words used in a way that causes the reader to read at a certain pace words used in a way that makes readers change their opinions words that are used in a way that creates pictures in a reader's head** words that are used

    asked by sally
  72. Math

    P(not 7) A.1/7 B.1/8 C.5/8 D.7/8 I don't understand the question can someone please help

    asked by halp
  73. English

    What is the definition of narrative poem? a poem that tells a story a poem that tells how someone feels**** a poem that is told with words that rhyme at the ends of lines a poem that is told by a speaker

    asked by sally
  74. Algebra

    Can someone check my answer? Also show you work so I know you didn't choose a random answer. I Pick C for the following problem: Since opening night, attendance at Play A has increased steadily, while attendance at Play B first rose and then fell.

    asked by Fiddle sticks!
  75. math

    Find the missing length. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. *

    asked by karlie
  76. Math

    Solve the equation c/4 - 5 = 4 I think c is 36. 36 divided by 4 is 9. 9 minus 5 equals 4. Am I correct! Thanks very much!

    asked by @person
  77. Algebra

    Of 20 test​ scores, seven are less than or equal to 81. What is the percentile rank of a test score of 81​?

    asked by Alan
  78. Algebra

    A pollster conducts a survey by phone. The probability that a call does not result in a person taking this survey is 85​%. What is the probability that the pollster makes 4 calls and none result in a person taking the​ survey?

    asked by Alan
  79. English

    What is the definition of plot? the beginning, middle, and end of a story the outcome of a story the solution to the main problem in a story>>>> the characters and places in a story

    asked by sally
  80. math

    Brad takes the bus to work. When he gets off at the bus station, on the ground level, he has to take the elevator down 3 floors and then take another elevator up 16 floors to his office. What is Brad's net gain in floors from where he got off the bus to

    asked by idk
  81. english

    Read the sentence. The irritable old man who lives at the end of the street waved a baseball bat as he chased some skateboarders off his driveway. Which words with similar meanings would have a more negative connotation than irritable in the sentence?

    asked by i need heelllpppp
  82. Science

    1. Rockets have been used in which of the following areas (choose three of the following) a. warfare b. submarine propulsion c. fireworks d. jet engines e. space exploration

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math

    which order pair is a solution of y=x+4 A. 0,0 B. 5,54 c. 7,28 D. 9,13

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    What’s 4% of 300

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Algebra

    The function y = 125 + 75x can be used to determine the cost in dollars for a painting job of x hours. What is the rate of change of the cost in dollars with respect to the number of hours spent painting? *

    asked by carmella
  86. Algebra

    Simply the expression 5x^-2 A) 1/5x^2 B) -10x C) 5/x^2 D) 1/25x^2

    asked by Shantel
  87. math

    how do you estimate a range for the sum of 9.6+3.1+5.8

    asked by bobby
  88. Calculus

    The annual demand q for bottles of wine from a vineyard when the bottles are priced at p dollars each satisfies the equation qe0.04p = 6000. The price is currently $12 per bottle. Find the rate at which demand changes (with respect to time) if the price

    asked by Parker
  89. Math

    What is the difference in minutes of median collection times before and after the well was installed?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Science

    Which of the following describes feedback in an oven? A: Setting temperature (this is input) B: Burning gases releases heat (this is output) C: A thermostat monitors the temperature and increases the gas flow when the temperature falls to low**** feedback

    asked by Sunshine
  91. math

    Find the cost of lining a topless rectangular tank 4.8 inches long, 12.2 inches wide, and 9 inches deep with zinc, weighing 4.8 pound per square foot, at $2.83 per pound installed

    asked by fran
  92. Math

    Identify the coefficient. Be sure to include the sign. -𝓃 + 8 I chose -𝓃. My answer key says the answer is -1, but I don't understand why.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  93. Physics

    A crate of mass 10 kg is pulled up a rough incline with an initial speed of 1.5 m/s. The pulling force is 100 N, parallel to the incline; which makes an angle of 20o with the horizontal. The coefficient of friction is 0.40, and the crate is pulled 5.0 m.

    asked by Christian
  94. Biology

    How am I supposed to make a story about how the giraffe evolved its neck but including all 4 types of Natural Selection? The Giraffe got its long neck through needs of food and breeding but I have no idea how to word anything if it has to include all types

    asked by DoIHaveTo
  95. Health

    You and James have been out in the sun playing soccer all day. James starts vomiting, is confused, and is not sweating. What type of heat-related illness does he have, and what should your next step be to help him? A. He has heat exhaustion and needs to

    asked by Feathertail
  96. Math

    Identify the constant for each expression. 4𝓍𝓎 My answer: 4 or no constant? -𝓃 + 8 My answer: +8 or just 8.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  97. social studies

    How did growing secularism influence European writers during the Renaissance?

    asked by khamarii
  98. Math

    Three sides of a triangle measures 0.5, 0.6, and 0.82 sides of a similar triangle measures two and 3.2 what is the length of the third side?

    asked by Matt
  99. science

    it’s telling me to identify each layer and describe the three soil horizons and explain the formation and composition of each. can someone give me some websites to help? or some summaries of said websites?

    asked by Alex
  100. Math

    Victoria renovated a house for $71,000 if she paid 506,000 for the house what percent of the original cost did she spend renovating the house round to the nearest whole percent

    asked by briley
  101. Physics

    One common type of cosmic ray is a proton traveling at close to the speed of light. If the proton is traveling downward, as shown in the figure below, at a speed of 2.03 ✕ 10^7 m/s, what are the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at point B?

    asked by AAA
  102. Geography

    A flagpole casts a shadow 27 feet long. At the same time of day, a person standing nearby casts a shadow of 8 feet long. If the person is 6 feet tall, how tall is the flagpole?

    asked by John
  103. Social studies

    Outline two reasons why emotional readiness is necessary for good parenting?

    asked by Kasandra
  104. Math

    If we flip a coin three times what is the theoretical probability of getting zero heads, one heads, two heads, and three heads PLEASE ANSWER

    asked by Briley
  105. Math

    Marcy bought plane tickets for $345 if she sees the same ticket on sale for $405 a week later what percent increase did the airline use

    asked by Briley
  106. math

    (7.5x10^3) ÷ (1.5x10^4)

    asked by Ray
  107. Math

    What number makes this equation true? 82- ___ -29=18. I have no idea what the answer is.

    asked by Jessica
  108. Math

    For the given graph of y=f(x), sketch the graph y=1/f(x). clearly show the asymptote(s) with a dotted line and write the coordinates of the invariant points

    asked by Julie
  109. Math

    Sketch the graph of f(x)=x^2-4 and y=1/f(x) on the grid provided. label the asymptotes, the invariant points and the intercepts of y=1/f(x)

    asked by Julie
  110. math

    Six Flags Amusement Park has found that 3/5 of its customers ride the Colossus roller coaster. Of these, 1/4 ride it again. What fraction of the customers ride the roller coaster twice?

    asked by monny gnas
  111. History

    how did SC benefit from the war

    asked by Mac
  112. Geography

    This former Soviet Republic still largely depends on its neighbor Russia for most of its trade and business. Roughly 30% of this country's economy is centered on agriculture and manufacturing but is growing in its development of services. No longer is this

    asked by Sherley
  113. Algebra

    A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = mc006-1.jpg0.04xmc006-2.jpg+ 5.8x + 4.9, where x is the horizontal distance, in meters, from the starting point on the roof and y is the

    asked by Lindsey
  114. English

    What is the subject and verb of this sentence? "The dedication of professors to multiculturalism is crucial to encouraging students of all races to succeed"

    asked by Aryana
  115. math

    A hiker is climbing at a constant rate of 2.4 miles per hour. Part A If d represents the distance the hiker climbed and h represents the time in hours, write an equation to model the relationship. Explain your answer. Complete the table by determining the

    asked by sicilis
  116. Physics

    A straight conductor between points O and P has a mass of 0.54 kg and a length of 1.5 m and carries a current of 12 A (see figure below). It is hinged at O and is placed in a plane perpendicular to a magnetic field of 3.4 T. If the conductor begins from

    asked by AAA
  117. Physics

    A(n) 19 g object moving to the right at 39 cm/s overtakes and collides elastically with a 36 g object moving in the same direction at 19 cm/s. Find the velocity of faster object after the collision. Answer in units of cm/s. (I know this is a lot similar to

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Math

    Three more than six times a number equals -15 what is the number

    asked by briley
  119. Math

    If 2 pounds of almonds are $8.20 and 5 pounds cost $19.75 is the cost of almonds proportional to the weight

    asked by briley
  120. Math

    If14 less than the square of a number is 182 what is the number

    asked by briley
  121. Math

    2X to the third power minus 3X to the second power plus 9X X=-8

    asked by briley
  122. Math

    Arman needs a new suit he has a 25% off coupon that will be applied before a tax of 7.5% it is applied to his total how much will he end up paying for a $325 suit

    asked by briley
  123. Math

    A larger number is three more than twice the smaller number is the difference between the 2 is 19 what are the numbers

    asked by briley
  124. economics

    My friend Tim is trying to open up a new business and needs a great deal of investment money to get off the ground. The business is a zoo by day, nightclub by night, in downtown. Tim has no experience in this industry, and has never run or owned a business

    asked by speeeddddddyyy please