Questions Asked on
March 27, 2020

  1. math

    The range of a set of numbers is 13.25. The smallest number is -3.875. Work out the largest number.

    asked by qasim
  2. Math

    The real numbers $a$ and $b$ satisfy $|a| < 1$ and $|b| < 1.$ (a) In a grid that extends infinitely, the first row contains the numbers $1,$ $a,$ $a^2,$ $\dots.$ The second row contains the numbers $b,$ $ab,$ $a^2 b,$ $\dots.$ In general, each number is

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Marcus wants to predict the next student council president. He polls every fourth person from each grade level as they exit the cafeteria. In his poll, 65% chose Sophia. What type of sample was taken? Can his result be extended to the rest of the school?

    asked by anna
  4. Math

    The balance on Taylor's credit card is $2000. It has an interest rate of 12.5%. She wants to compare the difference between paying $75 and $100 of the monthly balance. How much does she save in interest and fees if she pays $100 instead of $75?

    asked by mhm
  5. Math

    400 passengers go on a coach trip. Each coach takes 50 passengers. Each passenger pays £23 Below shows the costs for the coach company. pay for driver/cost for each coach=£95 Fuel/ cost for each coach = 70p per mile Each coach travels 200 miles. work out

    asked by Jay
  6. History

    What impact did Father Kino have on the southwestern part of the United States? He established religious schools for indigenous peoples on the Yucatan Peninsula. He opened up travel along the California Trail, which was the main route to the gold rush. He

    asked by pls help
  7. Math

    Carol has 1 5/8 cups of yogurt to make smoothies each smoothie uses 1/3 cups of yogurt. What is the maximum Number of smoothies that Carol can make with the yogurt

    asked by Daija
  8. Math

    Yvonne bought a new computer and printer for college. The total cost was $2500, which she put on her new credit card that has an interest rate of 13.5%. She makes a $75.00 monthly payment. How many months will it take to pay off the credit card balance? I

    asked by First Name
  9. math

    The height of Dougal is 1.84 metres. The height of Seb is 1.7 metres. Write the height of Dougal as a fraction of the height of Seb. Give your answer in its simplest form.

    asked by Brandon
  10. Math

    The average monthly payment on a new car is $523. The interest on a car loan is $8469 a year. The average monthly cost of gasoline is $146. Monthly maintenance and repairs is $99. Registration, fees, and taxes are $145 a year. The average cost of auto

    asked by EL
  11. Math

    A new watch costs $38.85, and a new bracelet costs $22.38. If Maddy buys both, how much does she spend?

    asked by coolgamerzack231
  12. Physical Science

    5.Which factor affects the escape speed? Mass and/or radius?

    asked by JD
  13. science

    Which option describes nonmetals? They are good for making into wires. They conduct heat efficiently. They are used to make machinery. They conduct electricity poorly. D?

    asked by answers?
  14. math

    Monica has a 24-inch square frame. There are 4 equal sides. She paints 34 of one side of the frame blue. What fraction of the frame did Monica paint blue?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 3 cm and 7cm. what can you conclude about the maximum length of the third side of the triangle? A. The maximum length of the third side must equal 10 cm B. The maximum length of the third side must be greater than

    asked by Bonnie
  16. Math

    Jeremy had $32.50 in his savings account. He withdrew $4.50 each week for 3 weeks. How much money did he have left in the account after the 3 withdrawals?

    asked by coolgamerzack231
  17. Math

    What is the lateral surface area of a solid 8 meters high whose base is the figure at right? Dimensions are in meters. (A)5522 m2 (B)820 m2 (C)870 m2 (D) 922.8 m2 The image is a square in the middle that is 12x15 meters, and two half cylinders next to it,

    asked by HELP PLEASE!!!
  18. math

    round 1.00942kg 1.00982kg 2.070695kg 3.0605kg 0.0039kg to the nearest gram

    asked by michael
  19. Algebra

    In Math camp, 144 problems were solved in two days. The number of problems solved on the second day is 80% of the number of problems solved during the first day. How many problems were solved on the first day?

    asked by Jenny
  20. Statistics

    A test consists of 10 true/false questions. To pass the test a student must answer at least 6 questions correctly

    asked by Trent
  21. English

    Can you help me with the sentence check 2 Chapter 25 in the improving vocabulary skill workbook?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    What is the distance between the points (-7,3) and (4,-5) on a coordinate plane?

    asked by Jimmy
  23. chemistry

    What is the volume of 98.27 g of ammonia at STP

    asked by Bronco
  24. Math

    Karen is using a number line to represent the doors in the school hallway. She labels 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 on the number line as a scale reference. Where should Karen place a mark to represent a door that is 0.7 from the start of the hallway? Explain.

    asked by coolgamerzack231
  25. Math

    If a machine screw measures 1/8-inch in diameter, what size hole must a washer have to be 0.006-inch larger than the screw?

    asked by Serrano
  26. Social Studies

    Read the table. ? gold diamonds chrome platinum Which of the following would be an accurate title for the table? Major Exports from South Africa Major Exports from Nigeria Major Exports from Kenya Major Exports from Ivory Coast

    asked by fat newb
  27. social studies

    The Spanish were able to maintain control of their colonies in the Americas

    asked by khalib
  28. English

    Which word has a prefix that means "opposite," "bad," or "wrong"? misfortune>>> entangle subscribe biannual Am I Right

    asked by sally
  29. Math

    determine if the given side lengths could be used to form a unique triangle, many different triangles, or no triangles. ​​ ​12 ft, 7 ft, 14 ft a. unique triangle b. many different triangles *****🤷🏽‍♀️ c. no triangles

    asked by Bonnie
  30. English

    Which word is the pronoun that names the person spoken to in the sentence? You should enter the art contest that my teacher organized. my you>>> teacher

    asked by sally
  31. English

    Which word is a pronoun that renames the subject of this sentence? Mei realized she had taken my ballet slippers. she>> ballet my slippers

    asked by sally
  32. science

    which characteristic describes organisms classified as animals? a.unicellular b.prokaryotic c.eukaryotic*** d.autotrophic can somebody check my answer?

    asked by anonymous
  33. Mathematics

    An aircraft flew from phony a to b at a bearing of 120 degrees what bearing will it take from point b to a

    asked by Maya
  34. Calculus

    Centerville is the headquarters of Greedy Cablevision Inc. The cable company is about to expand service to two nearby towns, Springfield and Shelbyville. There needs to be cable connecting Centerville to both towns. Centerville is located at (9,0) in the

    asked by Anthony
  35. Civics

    Check my work please!!! which of the following needs to be true for congress to be bicameral? A) It needs to have two recesses every session B) Members of congress can serve two consecutive terms**** C) Representatives must serve for two years D) There are

    asked by oofers
  36. Chemistry

    .Balance the chemical equation given: zinc oxide+ sulphuric (vi) acid

    asked by Precious
  37. science

    What is the electric force between a glass ball that has +1.2 × 10^−6 C of charge and a rubber ball that has −3 × 10^−6 C of charge when they are separated by a distance of 4.7 cm? The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 10^9 N · m^2 /C^2

    asked by help me please!
  38. science

    Two electrons in an atom are separated by 1.6 × 10^−10 m, the typical size of an atom. What is the force between them? The Coulomb constant is 9 × 10^9 N · m^2 /C^2 . Answer in units of N.

    asked by help me please!
  39. science

    In a thundercloud there may be an electric charge of 47 C near the top and −47 C near the bottom. These charges are separated by approximately 1.8 km. What is the magnitude of the electric force between them? The Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 10^9 N ·

    asked by help me please!
  40. science

    Two electrostatic point charges of +51.0 µC and +56.0 µC exert a repulsive force on each other of 165 N. What is the distance between the two charges? The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 10^9 N · m^2 /C^2 . Answer in units of m.

    asked by help me please!
  41. science

    Two electrons exert a force of repulsion of 1.2 N on each other. How far apart are they? The elementary charge is 1.602 × 10^−19 C and Coulomb’s constant is 8.987 × 10^9 N · m^2 /C^2 . Answer in units of m.

    asked by help me please!
  42. Careers

    What jobs can I find with these subjects? Maths lit,Economics, consumer studies,Business st

    asked by Tshiamo
  43. math

    if molly tosses and rolls a number cube . what is the probability of the coin landing heads up and the number cube stopping with a six on top

    asked by cardi
  44. Math

    I have 7 units I have more tens then I have units and more hundreds then tens I am what number

    asked by Marguerite
  45. math

    You're about 20 meters away from a tall building, and you know your angle of elevation to the top of the building is 40 degrees. How tall is that building for real?

    asked by chloe
  46. English

    Which word is the pronoun that names the speaker in the sentence? We need one more player on the hockey team. team one player>>>>> we am i right

    asked by sally
  47. math

    for the geometric progression 20,5,1and half. find (1)the common ratio (2)the n the term (3)the sum of the first 8 term

    asked by Naomi Chabu
  48. Math

    2p^3-162p Can someone help me solve this? At least get me started.

    asked by I Love Taylor Swift
  49. history

    Define the term Bantu

    asked by Naomi Chabu
  50. English

    Which word has a prefix that means "not" or "do the opposite"? disagree>>>>>> enable submarine biweekly am i right

    asked by sally
  51. Mathematics

    I'm not sure? 8. Simplify: a – 5b+ 5 – 2a +3a –7 +4 – 3b (A) 2+2a-8b (B)2a-3b-3 (C)-4a-8b+2 (D)2-a

    asked by Random Kid
  52. Math

    What is the lateral surface area of a solid 8 meters high whose base is the figure at right? Dimensions are in meters. (A)5522 m2 (B)820 m2 (C)870 m2 (D) 922.8 m2 The image is a square in the middle that is 12x15 meters, and two half cylinders next to it,

    asked by Me
  53. history

    Question 7 of 13 Which of the following were the different social classes in ancient Greece? A. slaves, metics, men, and women B. men, women, children, and slaves C. oligarchs, aristocrats, kings, queens, and ephors D. aristocrats, small farmers, tenant

    asked by Bennie
  54. English

    Which word has a prefix that means "to make" or "cause to be"? incorrect dislike>>>> entrap biplane

    asked by sally
  55. math

    The graph shows a relationship between two quantities. Which scenario best describes the graph? A. A bank account balance increases over time. B. A rock is dropped from a bridge into a pond and goes under water. C. A student begins working on a project

    asked by jeremy sims
  56. PE

    1. When throwing a baseball, you want your feet to be ____ to your target. diagonal * square circular equal 2. In frisbee, which is not a throwing technique? Curve backhand sidearm* overhead 3. Passing can be done with 1 or 2 hands. True False 4. Which

    asked by Some Random Person Who Needs Help With Homework
  57. Math

    Which ordered pair is a solution of y = x - 4? A. (-1, -5) B. (0, -3) C. (2, 6)** D. (3, 1)

    asked by Nobody
  58. chemistry

    What are the general names for the fixed points? Why are they called fixed points? I got the answer for the first question: the boiling point, the freezing point, and the triple point of a substance. I just can't figure out the second question.

    asked by Veronica
  59. Social studies

    A change to the Constitution?

    asked by Bigfoot
  60. English

    Which prefix could be added to the word "complete" to change its meaning to "not complete"? bi in>>> sub mis am i right

    asked by sally
  61. science

    How many grams of HCl would be needed to make 17.2 g of hydrogen?

    asked by Damien
  62. History

    Person who patented the cotton gin?

    asked by Bigfoot
  63. math

    If three-fourths of a man's age is 36 years, how old is he?

    asked by Bakogou
  64. Math

    Mary constructed JKL from two angels and their included side. The angles were

    asked by Bonnie
  65. History

    which factor has helped the manufacturing industry remain strong in texas? 1. the mid climate and geographic location****** 2. urbanization 3.expansive highway and rail lines 4. the growth of labor unions

    asked by help please
  66. Geometry

    In a triangle, GHI, if sin G = 8/17 then what is the value of cos H? A). 8/17 B). 15/8 C). 15/17*** D). 17/8

    asked by Spring Allergies
  67. English

    why does Azaz give milo a box of letters in the alphabet

    asked by Jeff
  68. math


    asked by Bakogou
  69. Math

    Marcella read 100 books over the school year. 60 of the books were mysteries. She said the mysteries equal 0.06 of the total books. Is she correct? Explain your thinking and describe a model that could be used to help support your explanation.

    asked by coolgamerzack231
  70. English

    Which word is the pronoun that names the speaker in the sentence? The clown smiled at them and waved to us. us>>>> them clown waved

    asked by sally
  71. math

    Last​ winter, the ratio of days with snow to days with no snow was 1.42. Write this ratio as a fraction in simplest form.

    asked by Harmony
  72. math

    The record for the fastest speed on a bicycle is 133 kilometers per hour. How long would it take a person traveling at this speed to travel 365.75 kilometers?

    asked by how
  73. Math

    What is a equation parallel to 9x+y=2

    asked by Kate
  74. English

    How does the narrator’s description of the proclamation’s posting help build suspense? Cite evidence from the story in your response. Here is the full contex Flora did not come into the world easily. Five weeks premature, she almost did not survive. It

    asked by Jasmine
  75. Math

    28/100 = ?/10 + 8/100 Find the value for ? to make the equation true.

    asked by KiriShark (mha)
  76. Mathematics

    28/100 = ?/100 + 8/100 Find the value for ? to make the equation true.

    asked by KiriShark (mha)
  77. English

    Which word is the pronoun that names the person spoken to in the sentence? Would you like to play basketball with my cousin and me? cousin my you me>>>>>

    asked by sally
  78. Science

    How much must you pull the rope if a force if 648 newtons is needed to lift a 1472 Newton desk 2.46 meters

    asked by Gerald
  79. Math

    Kara has 2 apples. She has 7 friends. She needs to divide the apples equally so everybody can have some. What fraction of the apple could everybody have? A. 1/4* B. 1/7 C. 1/8 D. 2/8

    asked by Lorie
  80. History

    In which country was Aztec civilization originated? A) Greece B) Egypt** C) Mexico D) United States of America

    asked by Ashton
  81. English

    Which word is a pronoun that renames the subject of this sentence? Your mother said she would leave the office at six o'clock tonight. she tonight mother>>> your

    asked by sally
  82. computer

    . Develop an algorithm pseudo-code or flowchart that will accept the names of each sales staff members and their total sales for the month. The algorithm must calculate the commission at 5 % of their total sales amount. It should

    asked by hekmat
  83. English

    Which word in the sentence is a subject pronoun? He will find a spot for his sleeping bag. his spot bag he>>>>

    asked by sally
  84. English

    Which word names the person spoken to in the sentence? Did you give the gift to Emily already? you gift Emily>>>

    asked by sally
  85. geometry

    Johnny is building a ramp to his front door, which is 4.3 feet off the ground. He wants the angle of elevation of the ramp to be 2 degrees. How long will his ramp be?

    asked by nina
  86. math

    Write an inequality to represent the situation. The temperature stayed above -15 degrees. x > -15 is my answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. math

    The vertices of a triangle are A(1,2), B(4,2), and C (4,6). What is the length of the hypotenuse? Very confused HELP!!!

    asked by new girl
  88. Physical science

    Which of the following is the best explanation of the scientific method? A. The scientific method is a set of rules that every student should follow in science.** B. The scientific method is quite different than the way people solve everyday problems. C.

    asked by Sophia
  89. Percentages

    In an examination, 40% students pass in Math, 45% pass in Science and 55% pass in English. 10% pass in Math and Science, 20% in Science and English and 15 % in English and Math. Find the percentage of students who passed in all the 3 subjects

    asked by unowen
  90. English

    Which word is a pronoun that renames the subject of this sentence? Marco and Pat ate lunch after they hiked the mountain. Marco they>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> after Pat

    asked by sally
  91. History

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. The spread of modern technologies from the West to countries of Southwest Asia is an example of A. Cultural diffusion B. Fundamitilisam C. Ethnic Groups D. Sharia laws

    asked by Anyone
  92. Social studies

    What are some differences between the United States government and the Canadian government? I have tried checking lessons going into websites but none of it seems to fit...

    asked by Lily
  93. English

    In which sentence is the underlined pronoun singular? We have always loved spaghetti. ---- I have often seen this dog>>>. - they have never flown in an airplane. -----

    asked by sally
  94. English

    Which word in the sentence is a subject pronoun? I went with him to see the movie about dinosaurs. him>>> I movie

    asked by sally
  95. History

    Conflicts among Christian, Druze, Sunni, and Shia groups led to years of war in which country? A. Israel B. Lebanon C. Syria D. Turkey

    asked by Anyone
  96. science

    Ramon is playing soccer. The ball comes straight at him, and he kicks it to a player on his right. His kick is an example of

    asked by helen
  97. science

    How are valleys and Canyons similar and different?

    asked by Z
  98. Science

    The modern atomic model includes electrons orbiting the nuclear us which of the following parts of daltons atomic model was disapproved by the discovery of the electron? Adams are tiny particles atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts atoms have

    asked by Z
  99. Accounting

    What is the accounting issue in this event? What's accounted for incorrectly? Just need some insight. Would really appreciate some help! In May 2018, Jones Inc. opened a large plumbing department. Because management had little expertise in plumbing but

    asked by S.S
  100. science

    if a pearsons kidneys fail why is he or she hooked up to dialysis machine

    asked by jyrn
  101. Math

    Jim owns a small business there was a loss of 26 on Thursday and a loss of 11 on Friday on Saturday there was a loss of nine and on Sunday there was a profit of 13 find the total profit or loss for the four days

    asked by Me ow my
  102. math

    ∠1 is decomposed into two nonoverlapping angles, ∠2 and ∠3. Let m∠2 = 135° and m∠3 = 45°. What type of angle is ∠1? acute right obtuse>>> straight

    asked by sally
  103. history

    What supporting background information identifies the problem and provides supporting evidence that the problem exists?

    asked by a
  104. math

    simplify (r^-2/n^-5)^3

    asked by herbert
  105. Math

    How does the exponent 4 relate to the number of zeroes in the quotient?

    asked by Eddision
  106. Spanish

    We should comb our hair

    asked by Anonymous
  107. history

    Review the statement. Santa Anna was defeated during the __________. Which option accurately completes the statement? Battle of Gonzales Battle of the Alamo Battle of Goliad Battle of San Jacinto i think its d

    asked by questionable creature
  108. history

    Which most effectively explains John Jacob Astor’s motivation in establishing Fort Astoria in present-day Astoria, Oregon? It was logistical; it enabled the shipment of furs to the east on the transcontinental railroad. It was geographical; a fort on the

    asked by humanity
  109. Health

    What is a healthy way to deal with stress?

    asked by Mya J..
  110. Social Studies

    Drag the country to the description it matches. Yemen Turkey Saudi Arabia Northwestern Iran Arid Turkey Saudi Arabia Moist Turkey Northwestern Iran

    asked by ❤🎶🐱‍👤Darkwolf 🐱‍👤🎶❤
  111. math

    Explain all the steps to factor a number using a factor tree.

    asked by bri
  112. Law

    Is it illegal for guys to hit women? whyy????

    asked by Hadeel