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March 25, 2020

  1. Math

    Question: Calculate the area of the composite figure, which is not drawn to scale. Image: It is a rectangle with a triangle on the side. The rectangle has 17 cm on top, 22 cm on the left, 17 on the bottom, and 10 on the to right. The triangle has 19 cm on

    asked by :p
  2. Physics

    A concave mirror has a focal length f = 200 [cm]. The mirror is lying flat on the floor. You take a ball and align it with the center (vertex point) of the mirror. Then at time (t=0) you release the ball from a height h = 5 [m]. (a) The ball falls and hits

    asked by Drake
  3. Math

    Find the circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for pi. Round to the nearest unit. (It shows a circle with a line in the middle, the number is 13) A) 16 B) 41 C) 20 D) 62 My answer: ???

    asked by .+*Nightcloud*+.
  4. History

    What happened in Iraq most immediately after Saddam Hussein was removed from power? A. The new government used chemical weapons against civilians. B. ISIS declared the formation of the Islamic State. C. Iraqi refugees fled to neighboring countries. D.

    asked by Lol I exist
  5. Math

    The slope of a line passing through H (-2, 5) is -3/4. Which ordered pair represents a point on this line? A. (6, -1) B. (2, 8) C. (-5, 1) D. (1, 1)

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  6. English

    Combine the sentences by changing the italicized word group to an infinitive or infinitive phrase. Then write the complete sentence in the paragraph box. The weather bureau uses balloons. They determine the temperature aloft. (They determine the

    asked by Katherine
  7. science

    what do you call the erosion of sediment by the wind? a. deflation b. drifting c. deposition**** d. plucking correct or wrong?

    asked by yeet
  8. Physics

    The wheel of Fortune. a contestant gives the wheel an initial angular velocity of -5.95 rad/s and the wheel stops after 5.8s of constant acceleration. Determine the panel (e.g. $600 or bankrupt) that the yellow pointer will be on when the wheel stops.

    asked by Ama
  9. Physics

    Two kids sit on a seesaw of length 4.2m, balanced at its center. Sarah sits at the for end and has a mass of The Anna is 75kg. They seesaw for a while (having a grand time) then decide to balance themselves. Then Sarah is given a bag of oranges

    asked by Lisa
  10. Math

    Jason, Simon and Linda have 238 stickers altogether. Jason has 25 fewer stickers than Simon. Simon has 46 more stickers than Linda. How many stickers does Simon have ? *

    asked by Jeremy
  11. History

    Which identifies the political party that believed in strong German nationalism and whose aim was the remilitarization of Germany? National Republican Front National German Front** National Socialist Party National Patriotic Party B?

    asked by Lily
  12. Science re-post

    Inertia is a property of what?

    asked by Writeacher
  13. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 200 m, and its area is 1875 m^2. Find its dimensions. i did: 2x+2y=200 2x/2=200/2-2y/2 x=100 -y (100-y)*y = 1875 y^2-100+1875=0 y^2 - 25y-75y +1875=0 y(y-25)-75(y-25)=0 (y-25)(y-75)=0 length= 75 width = 25

    asked by anonymous
  14. geometry

    Circle A has a radius of 4 and arc BD has length of 6.5. Circle C is a different circle with radius 6 and arc EF. Angle ECF is congruent to angle BAD. What is the length of arc EF? Enter your answer as a number, like this: 42.25 I tried to use the arc

    asked by Lyssa
  15. World History

    Using the graph on world trade and production, which describes the impact increased production in 1932 had on world trade? While production increased steadily after 1932, world trade would not be significantly affected until 1935. Increased production in

    asked by Ivy
  16. Statistics

    If a seed is planted, it has a 80% chance of growing into a healthy plant. If 11 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 1 doesn't grow?

    asked by Laura
  17. American government

    State one specific difference between these two constitutions. Give one example that one has and the other does not. Add a brief explanation to how this demonstrates the concept of federalism.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. English

    Combine the sentences by changing the (italicized) word group to an infinitive or infinitive phrase. Then write the complete sentence in the paragraph box. I need help with these too: #1. Bob used raspberry flavor in the cod liver oil. (It masks the taste

    asked by Katherine
  19. Calculus

    Evaluate the function below from x = 1 up to x = 4. ∫(7−lnx(x)(3+lnx))dx

    asked by Kevin
  20. Math

    Formula : F(fine) = $0.25+0.05 d (days) A book is fine is $1.30 . How may days book was due. My work 1.30=0.25+0.05d -0.25=0.05d 1.05= 0.05d 1.05/0.05=d 21=d I get 21 days is this right?

    asked by Jay
  21. Algebra

    The point (2.2) is reflected in the line y = -0.5x + 2. Determine the coordinates of the mirror image. what does mirror image mean? the opposite on the other side? how would that work in this case thankyou

    asked by Anonymous
  22. maths

    Solve the quadratic equation 8x^2+6x-9

    asked by lucy
  23. History

    Which identifies the increase in the price of goods and decrease in the value of money? recession inflation*** unemployment stagnation

    asked by ILY
  24. Algebra

    Solve the equation system exactly. 21x + 6y = 7 7x + 3y = 3 What does it mean equation system? It gives two formulas so I'm not sure. (Sorry this is typically in swedish and it's called 'ekvationssystemet' so I'm unsure for this one) Is it about the

    asked by Mike
  25. Math

    If a >b and a^2

    asked by Gilly
  26. Solar energy

    The worldwide installed wind power in 2012 was 280GW . Assume that the total electricity generation worldwide is 20200TWh per year, and a capacity factor for wind power of 30% . What percentage of the total electricity generation worldwide was covered by

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Maths

    A tall stool weighs 3.6kg. A table is twice as heavy as a chair. Together, 5 chairs and 2 tall stools weigh 15.3kg more than the table. Find the weight of the table.

    asked by Amy
  28. Math

    If we double the sides of a hexagon, the sum of all interior angles will a. Double b. Increase 6 times, c. Triple d. Nome of these

    asked by Gilly
  29. math

    Adam has carried out the following calculations. Look carefully at his calculations and describe the errors he has made with the order of operations.1.20-4 × 2 + 16 = 482.6 × (24 ÷ 3) -4 = 10

    asked by Anonymouis
  30. Math

    A random sampleof size 40 is taken from a normally distributed population which has a mean mu and variance 3.5^2 . The sample mean is 16.5 . Test at the 1% level of significance the proposition that the population mean mu is qual to 15, with the

    asked by Yo
  31. Algebra

    Determine an equation for the straight line passing through the point (-3,4) and perpendicular to the line 2x + 3y - 6 = 0. I converted it to y=2 - (2/3)x which works fine. This means that 0.5 is probably the right angle, to get the point at -3,4 however

    asked by Mike
  32. math

    A rectangular piece of sheet metal is 4 ft longer than it is wide. (See the illustration in the link below.) The area of the piece of sheet metal is 12 ft^2. Find its length and width.

    asked by anonymous
  33. Math

    What is the slope of a line?

    asked by Help!
  34. Language Arts

    From the following list, choose two poems for this constructed response: "concrete cat", "Haiku", and "Limerick." in the poems you read in collection 3, the poets use different forms to express their thoughts and feelings about this subject. imagine that

    asked by ...
  35. Math

    Jim and Mary are competing in a math contest. They have to calculate how much it takes to completely fill a canister with a radius of 4 in. and a height of 5 in. with flour. How much flour will it take to fill the canister?

    asked by Sue
  36. Texas History

    16. Compare and contrast the fight for civil rights for Mexican Americans and African Americans. 17. Describe the factors that led to the urbanization of Texas during and after WWII. I'm not sure what to write for these questions. Can someone help give me

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  37. math

    if 400 miles is 8 hours then how many miles is 12 hours

    asked by Unknown_Ugh-_-
  38. Social Studies

    in North Africa, overgrazing has contributed to what environmental challenge

    asked by Alexis
  39. Math

    Please explain to me im confused .thank you i want to understand it. 2 friends are making puppets with blue front and black backs. Each front takes 7/8 yards of cloth., and each back takes 1 and 1/4 yards. They have 4 and 2/3 yards of blue cloth and 5 and

    asked by Jay
  40. History

    1. Arrange the events in correct chronological order. Place the earliest event at the top and the latest event at the bottom. Israel withdraws from Gaza. Israel and the PLO sign the Oslo Accords. Israel takes control of West Bank and Gaza. Hamas takes

    asked by .
  41. Algebra

    Is my 1st question a direct or inverse variation, and is My 2nd question a direct or inverse variation? Question: 1st Deku is saving up money so he can buy a limited time “All Might” poster. He saves $17 a week for 4 weeks. 2nd Shoto went out with his

    asked by AnimeIsLife
  42. Math

    From time to time a manufacturer of pre-packed furniture needs to check the mean distance between pairs of holes drilled by a machine in pieces of chipboard to ensure that no change has occurred. It is known from experience that the standard deviation of

    asked by Help me plz
  43. physics

    calculate the geostrophic wind velocity: - coriolis parameter is: 1x10^-4 s^-1 = 0.0001s^-1 - height gradient on the 500hPa surface is 0.8m/km

    asked by physics
  44. Maths

    A rhombus has diagonal of length 12 cm and 7 cm respectively.find the larger angle of the rhombus. How do you find the larger angle of the rhombus?

    asked by Alfred sapa
  45. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Pic of shape:

    asked by Nya 🐾
  46. Pre-algebra

    Add or subtract. (4x2 – 2x – 1) – (–3x3 + 2) A. –3x3 + 4x2 – 2x + 1 B. –3x3 + 4x2 – 2x – 3 C. 3x3 + 4x2 – 2x + 1 D. 3x3 + 4x2 – 2x – 3

    asked by Cheese
  47. Math

    Which order pair is a soulutuon y=x+9 (17,8)*** (8,17) (9,17) (18,8) ***my answer idk just pleeeaasee help me out

    asked by pls help meeee ASAP PLEASE
  48. Math

    If Maria earned $60 in interest over a 4-year period at a 4% simple annual interest rate, how much did she originally deposit in savings?

    asked by ALYSSA
  49. Math

    1) what is likely to have a mass of 1 gram 1 a laptop 2 a dog 3 a stick of gum 4 a car

    asked by Hopeless hearts
  50. geometry

    A sailboat travels 13 miles at 27 degrees east of north. Then travels 18 miles at 35 degrees south of east. What is the result of the entire trip? (Distance and direction) It would be also be great if you told me how you worked it out. Thanks!

    asked by Ben
  51. math

    you want to be able to withdraw 25,000 from your account each year after your retire. you expect to retire in 15 years. If your account earns 4% interest, how much will you need to deposit each year until retirement to achieve your retirement goal?

    asked by sue
  52. math

    investment of 2000 doubles every 8 years. how much is the investment worth after 24 years. after 32 years.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. social studies

    I cant figure out the answer to this question What is one way that tradition is evident in Southwest Asia? A. Oil remains central to many economies B. The region was home to the worlds oldest known civilization C. Several countries have ongoing conflicts

    asked by Rotten Potato
  54. English

    In the play Heard It Through the Grapevine Which information supports that the idea that everyone is connected

    asked by Katherine
  55. Math

    I am stuck on these i need help. If i have 7.5 cups of dough . It takes 0.25 cups of dough to make small cookies and 0.5 cups to make large cookies. How many small cookies can i make? I keep getting 30 small and 15 large am doing it right?

    asked by Jay
  56. Math

    I have 3 pounds of dough . To make small balls of dough it takes 3/8 pounds of dough. To make large balls of dough it takes 7/8 pounds of dough. We double the receipe . Now how many large balls i can make ? Im confused

    asked by Jay
  57. Science

    1. Which of the following characteristics of the Arctic rabbit is specifically an adaptation to living in the tundra? A. small size B. keen eyesight C. strong legs D. white fur*** 2. According to the continental drift theory, which of the following land

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  58. Science

    Describe how blood flows in the human body. Make sure to include the four chambers of the heart. Explain how the blood changes as it moves through the body. (5pt questions need 4-5 detailed sentences) Name three systems in your body that help move your

    asked by Peridot 5XG
  59. physics

    the error that may be present when varying values of time are obtained 30times for a rolling metal cylinder down an inclined plane between two fixed poin on the using a stop watch is

    asked by ibrahim
  60. Maths

    How to draw graph of y=1-x/pi.

    asked by Raj
  61. Math

    There are 25 students in Ms Nyugen’s second grade class. In the election, 4 students voted for Benjamin, 12 voted for Sahil, and 9 voted for Maria. What percentage of the class voted for Maria?

    asked by Leonardo
  62. math

    A bag contains 2 gold marbles, 6 silver marbles, and 23 black marbles. Someone offers to play this game: You randomly select one marble from the bag. If it is gold, you win $4. If it is silver, you win $2. If it is black, you lose $1. What is your expected

    asked by Ralph J. Bianchi
  63. Algebra

    Sweden's population increased almost linearly from 3.5 million in 1850 to 7.0 million in 1950. Calculate when Sweden's population was 4.0 million according to this model. y=kx+m 7 = 100k + 3.5 3.5 = 100k 3.5/100 = k 0.035 = k So the formula is y =

    asked by Mike
  64. Algebra

    If r is an integer greater than 1, what is the value of (−1)^r +1 if: 1. r is an odd integer 2.r is an even integer

    asked by Helen
  65. history

    How are the governments of jordan and kuwait different from the governments of the united Arab Emirates and oman? A. Citizens of jordan and kuwait can vote. B. Jordan and kuwait have monarchs**** C. The king of jordan and emir of kuwait have more power. D.

    asked by roberth
  66. Science

    What do the black bars mean in this image?

    asked by Prasanna
  67. Math

    Elizabeth has two identical number cubes. both cubes have faces number one through six. if Elizabeth rolls each cube months what is the probability that the sum of the numbers on the top faces will be 10?

    asked by Heaven
  68. History

    Why did Joanne dystrophy push the 34th amendment

    asked by savanna
  69. math

    Please help Emma is placing 6 roses in each of 8 vases. How many flowers (x) will Emma need to fill all the vases?

    asked by idk
  70. Math

    I don't understand how to awnser this question... Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. The vertical left edge of a trapezoid is 8 inches and meets the bottom edge of the trapezoid at a

    asked by Nya 🐾
  71. History

    Which of the following describes how the Spanish colonization affected American Indians in Middle America? A. Spanish colonizers introduced diseases to American Indians, resulting in a decrease in American Indian populations. B. Spanish colonizers adopted

    asked by Donald Trump
  72. physics

    an electron starts from rest , travel a distance of 15cm with constant acceleration and hits a television screen at a speed of 3×10^6

    asked by narjes
  73. Algebra

    What is the coefficient of x in the division (18^3+12x^2-3x)/6x^2 How do I solve this?

    asked by Fiddle sticks!
  74. Algebra

    Is the answer 3 Mr oobleck? What is the coefficient of x in the division (18^3+12x^2-3x)/6x^2

    asked by Fiddle sticks!
  75. social studies

    Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen?

    asked by yeeee
  76. Geography

    Which statement about the rainforest is false? a. rainforests contain more than half of the 30 million plant and animal species in the world. b. rainforests help regulate world temperatures and weather patterns, and contain a large portion of limited fresh

    asked by The hood
  77. English

    I need help. I'm trying to write a sentence and I've hit a dead end in my vocabulary. What I have so far of my sentence is "I hope people who spend time and visit my public space feel welcomed". I'm trying to add another word to this sentence but I can't

    asked by Tessa
  78. Government

    U.S Constitution and Georgia constitution State one specific difference between these two constitution. Give one example that one has and the other does not.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    A committee consists of six men and four women .A subcommittee is made by randomly choosing three of the committee members. What is the probability that (a) they are all women (b) two of them are men?

    asked by Mary Adenike
  80. math

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    asked by yva_7
  81. history

    Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen? A. the Taliban B. Hamas C. the Islamic State, or ISIS D. Al-Qaeda What happened in Iraq most immediately after Saddam Hussein was removed from power? A. The new

    asked by i8waddles
  82. Algebra

    Given these zeros, write a polynomial function of least degree with integral coefficients. 2i, 2 + 2.236

    asked by Lissa
  83. Texas history

    Describe the factors that led to the urbanization of Texas during and after World War II

    asked by Nobody
  84. Geometry

    If an isosceles trapezoid has a base angle that measures 45 degrees, what are the other three angle measures?

    asked by TravisK
  85. Math

    Question: Calculate the area of the trapezoid, which is not drawn to scale. Image: Parallel sides are 8 in and 11 in. Top is 5 inch. Bottom is 4 in, with two little boxes on each side.

    asked by :p
  86. history

    What position does Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton hold? A.Very radical by pushing to end slavery and seeing the freedmen's right to vote in the future B.Once a slave, always a slave C.The Civil War was only fought over the separation of states from the

    asked by Christian
  87. Algebra

    Two cities, X and Y, are 800 km from each other. A flight from X to Y in the headwind takes 2.5 hours. The return trip only takes 2 hours. Calculate the aircraft's speed through the surrounding air and the wind speed. I assume that 2.5 * (x-y) = 800 and 2

    asked by Mike
  88. Chemistry

    Using equations, show the formation of hydroxonium ions in an aqeous solution of tetraoxosulphate(VI) acid

    asked by Ichigo
  89. math

    choose two points for a straight line so that the slope becomes -0.25. this is all i'm given but i don't understand what it means. Do I pick two points and make a formula? wouldnt the slope be 0.25x + 1 lets say and you can get points by plugging in x?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    Aaron often helps his grandfather weed the garden. The rectangular garden has a perimeter of 88 meters. The length is 22 meters longer than the breadth. What is the area of the garden?

    asked by Katie
  91. math

    The front door of a house is 78 inches tall. What is the volume of the​ door?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. java

    What is wrong with the following method call? int displayValue (x);

    asked by anonymous
  93. math


    asked by ddss
  94. math

    The sales of a certain product after an initial release can be found by the equation S = 16+56 where s represents the total sales and t represents the time in weeks after release. How many weeks will pass before the product sells about 225 units? Round

    asked by dora
  95. Science

    Ladybugs are common in gardens. Gardeners appreciate them because they eat plant-destroying insects such as aphids. If you wanted to encourage these beetles in your garden, you would want to provide for their basic needs. What is not a basic need of the

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  96. math

    If nitrogen is warmer than -320^\circ−320 ∘ minus, 320, degrees Fahrenheit, it will be a gas. Write an inequality that is true only for temperatures (t)(t)left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis at which nitrogen is a gas.

    asked by yas
  97. java

    In the update expression of a for loop, you must use the ++ operator in the increment expression. a) true b) false i think it's true.

    asked by anonymous
  98. physic

    16. A 4.8-kg block attached to a spring executes simple harmonic motion on a frictionless horizontal surface. At time t = 0 s, the block has a displacement of -0.50 m, a velocity of -0.80 m/s, and an acceleration of +8.3 m/s2. The force constant of the

    asked by anis
  99. Chemistry

    What represents the greatest number of phosphorous atoms?

    asked by ...
  100. Science

    A street that m long covered in snow. City workers are using a snowplow to clear the street. A tire on the snowplow has to turn 28 times on traveling the length of the street. What is the diameter of the tire?

    asked by London
  101. Biology

    The offspring of a cross between a plant with purple flowers and a plant with white flowers are 23 plants with purple flowers and 26 plants with white flowers. What are the genotypes of the parent plants

    asked by Brian
  102. math

    how do you make 75 cents

    asked by keyana
  103. math

    What is the greatest prime you must consider to test whether 868 is​ prime

    asked by annslee
  104. Math

    Find the value of the variables in the table X n 4 6 10 12 Y 1 9 m 21 25 A. m=13, n=0* B. m=11, n=0* C. m=15, n=3 D. m=13, n=3 I think it's either A or B

    asked by Nobody
  105. Science

    Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen? A. the Taliban B. Hamas C. the Islamic State, or ISIS D. Al-Qaeda

    asked by Zay
  106. Science

    You’re talking on your cell phone in your bedroom when suddenly the reception goes bad for a minute- hypothesis

    asked by Vasti Mendoza
  107. english

    Can you analyze why Wendy's family decided to leave El Salvador?

    asked by alex