Questions Asked on
March 24, 2020

  1. History

    Which of the following is a transportation job? A- Forest and conservation worker B- Events planner C- Air traffic controller D- Industrial engineer

  2. Math

    Compute the sum\[ (a +(2n+1)d)^2- (a + (2n)d)^2 +(a + (2n-1)d)^2 - (a+(2n-2)d)^2 + \cdots + (a+d)^2 - a^2.\]

  3. Maths

    Nine cards are numbered 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6, 6.Three of the nine cards are chosen and placed in a line, making a 3-digit number. Find how many different numbers can be made in this way if the number is between 200 and 300. Tell me answer in terms of

  4. Math

    Michelle used a $20 bill to pay for a notebook that only cost p dollars. How much change did Michelle receive from the cashier? Write your answer as an expression.

  5. Math

    Which expression is equivalent to 4.25 - (-8)?

  6. drivers ed

    when braking and turning,you use a- all four wheels of traction b- only the outside edge of your tires c-changing traction forces d-additional traction

  7. World History

    What was an effect of the United States' entry into World War I? Britain shifted most of its troops to the eastern front because they were no longer needed in France. Tensions developed between American and French troops over who would occupy the best

  8. math

    Angel and his children went into a grocery store and where they sell peaches for $0.75 each and mangos for $1.25 each. Angel has $15 to spend and must buy no less than 12 peaches and mangos altogether. If Angel decided to buy 6 mangos, determine all

  9. algebra

    find three consecutive even integers such that the product of the first and second is 4 less than the square of the third.

  10. Math

    Is square root of 16/4 an irrational number

  11. American government

    US constitution and Georgia constitution State one specific difference between these two constitutions give one example that one has and the other does not. Add a brief explanation as to how this demonstrates the concept of federalism.

  12. science

    The toxicity level of a lake is found by dividing the amount of dissolved toxins the lake water currently has per liter by the maximum safe amount of dissolved toxins that the water can hold per liter and then converting it to a percentage. If the river

  13. chemistry

    What is the standard heat of reaction (H0) for the combustion of ethane, C2H6(g), to form carbon dioxide gas and water? 2C2H6(g) + 7O2(g) → 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) Standard heats of formation (∆Hf⁰): C2H6 = –84.68 kJ O2(g) = 0.00 kJ CO2(g) = –393.5

  14. Physics

    A playground merry-go-round of radius 𝑅 = 2.0 m has a moment of inertia 𝐼 = 250 kg ⋅ m2 is rotating at 15 rpm about a frictionless, vertical axle. Facing the axle, a 25-kg child hops onto the merry-goround and manages to sit down on the edge. a.

  15. PE

    _______ is an offer to repair or replace a product if there is a problem with the product.

  16. Science

    A uniform rod 1 metre long weighing 50N is supported horizontally on two knife edges placed 10cm each from its ends. What will be the reactions at these supports when 100N weight is suspended 10cm from the midpoint of the rod?

  17. physics

    A Spring streches by 6 cm when supporting a load of 15 N.How much would it stretch when supporting a load of 5 kg

  18. physics

    Which form of energy does a plant store when light is transformed during photosynthesis into sugars? A. electrical energy

  19. java

    What is the value in the variables x, y, and z after the following statements execute (assume each variable below has already been declared)? str = "the Bluenose in the sun"; x = str.substring(4, str.indexOf("in")); y = x.length(); z = x.charAt(4); find

  20. Math

    Lin and Noah are solving the equation 7(x+2)=91. Lin starts by using the distributive property. Noah starts by dividing each side by 7. Show what Lin's and Noah's full solution methods might look like. What is the same and what is different about their

  21. Math

    How to write each ratio as a fraction in simplest form

  22. Geography

    1. Read the excerpt from the textbook. In whatever it does, government must ct fairly and in accord with established rules. It may not act unfairly, arbitrarily, or unreasonably. To what does this quote refer? (1 point) A) Due process B) right to privacy

  23. Math

    I am an even number I am less than 100 The sum of my digits is 15 I am a multiple of 12 what number am i

  24. chemistry

    A hot metal cylinder is placed in water at room temperature in a closed system. Which statement is NOT true concerning heat flow? a) The metal exhibits an endothermic change. b) The final temperature of the metal and the water will be the same. c) Water

  25. Physics

    A pulley system has an efficiency of 87.5%. How much rope must be pulled if a force of 648N is needed to lift a 105 kg desk 2.46m?

  26. algebra

    What is the rate of change of the average height in feet of the trees with respect to the number of years since the trees were planted? * average tree height numbers of years trees were planted 1,3,6,11,15 average height 10,24,45,80,108 3 ft/yr 7 ft/yr 10

  27. Spanish

    1. Juan ______ que hay que trabajar como voluntario. (1 point) digo dice decís dicen

  28. Physics

    A body weighs 20N in air and 15N in another liquid. If it's weighs18N in water, calculate the relative density of the liquid

  29. Maths

    0.85 round to weight to the nearest gram

  30. History

    What happened in Iraq most immediately after Saddam Hussein was removed from power?

  31. S.S.

    Select the words that complete the sentence correctly. Shia / Sunni Muslims live mainly in Iran, while Shia / Sunni Muslims make up most of Saudi Arabia. Previous Next

  32. S.S.

    Which of the following ethnic groups is struggling to establish an independent country for its people? A. Jews B. Kurds C. Persians D. Azeris

  33. trigonometry

    A lookout spots a fire from a 32 meter tower.The angle of depression from the tower to the fire is 13 degrees. To the nearest meter, how far is the fire from the base of the tower? answer

  34. Accounting 1

    Ethic Case The Controller for Anderson Electric, Ron Foss, is reviewing the year-end adjusting entries prepared by the accounting staff for approval before they are posted to the general ledger. Angela Bennett, the company president, has suggested the

  35. Algebra

    The temperature at sunrise is 65 degreesF. Each hour during the day, the temperature rises 5 degreesF. Write an equation that models the temperature y, in degrees Fahrenheit, after 4 hours during the day.

  36. Calculus

    A farmer wants to divide his 2700 km2 of land into two separate pastures for his new horses by building a fence that will enclose both pastures. He wants one pasture to be twice the size as the other. What should the dimensions of the larger pasture be if

  37. Spanish

    What is unique about conjugating the verbs "tener" and "hacer"?

  38. math

    if you buy a 20 dollar thing with a 25 dollar gift card, do you still have 5 dollars?

  39. MATH

    Andre wants to buy a backpack. The normal price of the backpack is $40. He notices that a store that sells the backpack is having a 30% off sale. What is the sale price of the backpack?

  40. math

    quadrilateral is a parallelogram. if consecutive angles are congruent, which statement(s) must be true

  41. Biology

    How does the size of a cell’s surface area change compared to its volume when the cell grows? a. The surface area remains constant as the volume changes. b. The surface area increases at the same rate the volume does. c. The surface area increases faster

  42. math

    Consider the following system of equations. {y = 3x − 5 {y = −x + 7 a. Are the graphs of the two lines intersecting lines, the same line, or parallel lines? Explain your reasoning. b. How many solutions does the system have? Explain how you can tell

  43. Math

    The polynomial of degree 5, P ( x ) has leading coefficient 1, has roots of multiplicity 2 at x = 4 and x = 0 , and a root of multiplicity 1 at x = − 1 Find a possible formula for P ( x ) .

  44. American government

    US constitution and Georgia constitution Does each document have a bill of rights? If so, how do the rights listed in each compare?

  45. Physics

    A weight lifter lifts a 200 kg barbell from the floor to a position directly over his head 2.5 meters. How much work did he do?

  46. Physics

    A 40N crate starting at rest slides down a rough 6.0m long ramp inclined at 30 degrees with the horizontal. The force of friction between the crate and ramp is 6.0N. Using the work-kinetic energy theorem, find the velocity of the crate at the bottom of the

  47. Math

    A club puts its members into 5 groups for an activity. After 7 students have to leave early, there are only 3 students left to finish the activity. How many students were in each group?

  48. Math

    Here are two stories: The initial freshman class at a college is 10% smaller than last year’s class. But then during the first week of classes, 20 more students enroll. There are then 830 students in the freshman class. A store reduces the price of a

  49. math

    Translate (–5, 9) right 7 units and down 5 units. Find the coordinates of the image point. (12, –4) (–12, 4) (2, –4) (2, 4)

  50. Maths

    A pond is 36m long. A duck swims four lengths of the pond each day. How far does the duck swim in four weeks

  51. English

    help me with the questions from Connexus plz thx

  52. Math

    A bag of pofmäs contains 2/3 white granules and 1/3 yellow granules. Only 1/2 of the white grain will pop, while 2/3 of the yellow grain will pop. A grain of wheat is randomly selected from that bag; this grain pops when placed in the puffing machine.

  53. Algebra

    Without building the graph, find the coordinates of the points of intersection of the graph of the equation (x+2)(y+3)=0 with the x- and y-axes

  54. prob and stats

    The librarian wants to pick 5 books from 10 fiction and 7 nonfiction books. How many ways can this be done if there must be at least 2 fiction books?

  55. S.S.

    What is one way that tradition is evident in Southwest Asia? A. Oil remains central to many economies. B. The region was home to the world's oldest known civilization. C. Several countries have ongoing conflicts between ethnic and religious groups. D. Many

  56. S.S.

    Turkey is a(n).. oligarchy, flawed democracy, monarchy, theocracy with a(n) .. diverse, oil-based, subsistence, command economy.

  57. math

    A first box contains 2 black and 2 green pens and a second box contains 4 green and 6 red pens. A random pen is taken from the second box and placed in the first, and then a random pen is taken from the first box and placed in the second. What is the

  58. Algebra

    Can someone help me solve the equation? x^2-18x+81=0 Thank you!!!!

  59. Algebra

    If 2a+ 2/a =4, what is the value of 2a^2− 2/a^2 ?

  60. math

    Stef and marieke play a gambling game. Marieke throws a coin and wins if she throws 'head'. Stef throws a dice and wins if he rolls '6'. They take turns playing. Marieke starts, then Stef and so on until one of them wins. 1.Calculate the probability that

  61. Math

    John says that when you compare two fractions with the same numerator you look at the denominators because the fraction with the greater denominator is greater is the correct explain and give an example

  62. chemistry

    A student mixes two aqueous solutions, whose masses are 30.0 g and 35.0 g, together. Each solution is initially at a temperature of 25.0°C. Upon mixing the solutions, a chemical reaction occurs. The final solution has a temperature of 30.0°C. What is the

  63. science

    hello, I need help with my essay question. I need to find the four main differences between the avian and mammalian respiratory systems and I have to explain how each shows birds' design for their lifestyle. -a 7th grader

  64. History

    what change did the Koryo culture make to who could become an official in Korea's Government?

  65. math

    When u leave a party hall, you can do an alcohol test to check whether you are allowed to drive or not. However, the test is not 100% reliable: it only reacts positively on 94% of people who drink too much, and it also responds in 8% on people who do not

  66. Math

    Given the data 12, 39, 21, 18, 24, 17, 12, 25 a. What is the outlier in the data? b. What is the mean with the outlier? c. What is the mean without the outlier? A. 12; 21; 18.4 B. 12; 18.4; 21 C. 39; 21; 18.4 D. 39; 18.4; 21 I would like some help because

  67. Chemistry

    Water freezes completely at 0.00° C, giving off 12.0 kcal of heat. What is the mass of the water? (heat of fusion (∆Hf) = 80.0 cal/g) Please show work

  68. chem

    Tin and Chlorine synthesize Stannous Chloride according to a two step mechanism: Sn (s) + Cl2 (g) ⇌ SnCl2 (s) + 83.6 kcal SnCl2 (s) + Cl2 (g) ⇌ SnCl4 (l) + 46.7 kcal Determine the overall heat of reaction and write the final equation for the reaction.

  69. Chemistry

    31.7 g CO2 is cooled from a gas at 358 K to a liquid at 213 K. The boiling point of CO2 is 216 K. List the sequential steps and equations needed to determine the heat flow of this change. Is this an exothermic or endothermic change?

  70. chemistry

    I need help quickly please! Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity and used in the electrical wiring for high-end stereo equipment. Determine the mass of the silver if the wire absorbs 3.45 x 103 J of energy at 23.0° C and is heated to 69.0°

  71. algebra

    The graph of a proportional relationship passes through (6, 42) and (1, y). Find y.

  72. math

    16 = w/ -2

  73. chemistry

    what volume of 0.5m BaCl 2 is needed to have 0.1 moles of BaCl 2 ?

  74. Law

    What are some questions people would ask about racial hoaxes?

  75. Math

    Volume of a cone if the radius is five and the height is 13

  76. Science

    How do water molecules combine together to form a liquid?

  77. Math

    Solve using substitution. 7x − 6y = –12 y = 9

  78. math

    a sample data has mean x_bar = 30 and variance s=144 find an interval that contains at least 15/16 of the observation in this sample?

  79. Math

    A random sampleof size 40 is taken from a normally distributed population which has a mean mu and variance 3.5^2 . The sample mean is 16.5 . Test at the 1% level of significance the proposition that the population mean mu is qual to 15, with the

  80. Science

    Mitosis vs. Meiosis Fill in the blank with either mitosis, meiosis, or both: 1. Final cells contain half the chromosomes as the parent cell: 2. Steps are only PMAT : 3.Involves chromosomes : 4.Final cells are identical to the parent cell: 5.Produces only 2

  81. math

    Jude's kayak is 10 feet and 2 inches long. Alexa's kayak is 29 inches longer. How long is Alexa's kayak?

  82. MATH

    In the final week of the quiz the Smartest Great Monkey in the World, 6 monkeys are still in the running: the males Choco and Chico and the females Dipsy, Dixie, Dinky and Diggy. Every day 3 monkeys compete against each other. On the first 3 days, one

  83. Chemistry

    How are the types of intermolecular forces similar? How are they different?

  84. History

    The _______ Church has been an important part of Mexico and Central America ever since the Spanish missionaries settled there in the 16th and 17th centuries.

  85. math

    Write the product of: 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 in exponential form. Use the ^ symbol (shift-6) to represent your power. Example - 3^4 would mean '3 to the 4th power' halp

  86. History

    3. Most people in Mexico and Central America choose to emigrate in order to move somewhere warmer. trade their goods. find better jobs. escape religious persecution****

  87. physics

    An engine has an efficiency of 60%. If the heat source inputs 26,000 J of heat energy every second, show why the engine does 15,600 J of work every second. I really have no clue how to do this question.

  88. History

    What is the connection among sectionalism, slavery, and states’ rights as causes of the Civil War?

  89. Texas History

    How did texas industry advance technology and education. Explain

  90. algebra

    write 4R+9U in polar form

  91. math

    After Noah’s birthday party, there was ¾ of a pizza left over. The next day, he ate ⅝ of what was left. What fraction of a pizza did Noah eat?

  92. math

    In the final week of the quiz the Smartest Great Monkey in the World, 6 monkeys are still in the running: the males Choco and Chico and the females Dipsy, Dixie, Dinky and Diggy.Every day 3 monkeys compete against each other. On the first 3 days, one

  93. Math

    A fish was at 1,965 feet below sea level. It then swam down to 2,327 feet below sea level. How far did the fish swim?

  94. math

    The sum of ten and the quotient of a number xxx and 666.

  95. Algebra

    Christion and Jessica want to build a pool in their backyard. However they also have dogs so they do not want the pool to take up all of the backyard. Christion is wondering how much room the dogs will have to run while jessica is concerned about the size

  96. math

    Which of the following statements describe the system? {y = 3x + 2 {y = −2x − 1 Select two answers. A. consistent** B. inconsistent C. infinite solutions** D. one solution Am I right??????

  97. algebra

    The level of sound V in decibels with an intensity I can be models by V=10log(I/10^-16) where I is intensity watts per centimeter. Loud music can have an intensity of 10^-5 watts per centimeter. Find the level of sound of loud music.

  98. American government

    Can someone please help me US constitution and Georgia constitution Does each document have a bill of rights? If so, how do the rights listed in each compare?

  99. Algebra

    In Math camp, 144 problems were solved in two days. The number of problems solved on the second day is 80% of the number of problems solved during the first day. How many problems were solved on the first day?

  100. algebra

    One boat travels 10 km/h faster than a another. While on boat travels 120 km, the other travels 155 km. Fine their speed.

  101. Math

    9th term for A(n) = -14 + (n - 1)(2)

  102. Biology

    A physician takes a biopsy, or tissue sample, from the skin of a patient. Which observation of the cells in the tissue would support the conclusion that the patient has skin cancer?* a. Many cells in the tissue sample appear identical to one another. b.

  103. Math

    Lily is very happy with the fuel efficiency of her new car. She estimates that she can drive 14 km per litre of gas. What is the word equation?

  104. Math

    Evan buys a new car that costs $23,740. Anna buys the same new car, only she buys the hybrid model. Anna’s hybrid car costs $31,140. Anna pre-pays for gasoline so that the cost for her gasoline will always be $2.40 per gallon forever. Using the graph,

  105. Science

    I've got a few science questions i would like to check. 1.) An ecosystem that endures over time Select one: a. has reached the end of its succession process. b. is a sustainable ecosystem. *** c. has not experienced cycles of destruction. d. is one that

  106. Physics

    How much work is done in pushing a 45.5 kg trunk 9.75 meters across the floor if the coefficient of friction is 0.25?

  107. Physics

    How much work is done on a sled if it is pulled 20 meters by a force of 105N applied to a rope that makes an angle of 50 degrees with the horizontal?

  108. Economics

    The Big Mac Index is a numerical tool for assessing disparities in consumer purchasing power between countries. Suppose that the Big Mac costs 7.50 Canadian dollars in Canada and 5.50 US dollars in the US. Suppose that the nominal exchange rate is 1.2

  109. Physics

    A elevator is rated at 25.0 kW. At what speed could the motor lift an 850 kg elevator with three passengers whose masses are 24.3 kg, 45.0 kg and 64.0 kg?

  110. Physics

    How much power does a 63.0 kg athlete develop as he climbs a 5.2 meter rope in 3.5 sec

  111. MATH

    A musical instrument company reduced the time it takes for a worker to build a guitar. Before the reduction it took 5 hours. Now in 7 hours they can build 3 guitars. By how much did they reduce the time it takes to build each guitar?

  112. Algebra

    Simplify the following expression. 9^-53 ⋅ 9^37

  113. English

    Choose ONE of the following selections from this unit: “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson Identify and describe the protagonist and antagonist in the story.

  114. Algebra

    1. Simplify 26 ⋅ 26^8 2. Simplify (-5)^5 / (-5)^-6 3. Simplify 8^15 ÷ 8^-3

  115. Math

    A company’s profit is equal to revenue minus cost. For one company, the yearly revenue is $32 million. What function rule describes the yearly profit for any yearly cost? let c Represent the yearly cost and p represent the yearly profit, both in millions

  116. Electricity

    can someone help me, the question is in these two links. there's no space between h and ttps. h

  117. American Government

    Morocco has power over the waterway in and out of the Mediterranean Sea because it is bordered by and partially controls the

  118. Macroeconomics

    The Big Mac Index is a numerical tool for assessing disparities in consumer purchasing power between countries. Suppose that the Big Mac costs 7.50 Canadian dollars in Canada and 5.50 US dollars in the US. Suppose that the nominal exchange rate is 1.2

  119. Math

    If a pancake was circular and had a diameter of 1934mm, calculate the radius and circumference of this pancake. If Shara had 4 guests over and had to make 4 pancakes, calculate how many millimeters of pancake she would make.

  120. Maths

    Which linear function has initial value 7? y = 7x - 3 y = 3x + 7 y = - 3x - 7 y = 7x - 3

  121. science

    How does structure and bonding affect acid-base properties?

  122. Math

    When a number is squared it is equal to that number times 5. What is a possible solution

  123. Science

    Friction can best be describes as ____. A. a force that helps objects move B. a force found between a car and its tires C. a force that is not affected by gravity D. a force that works against motion

  124. Math

    When a number is squared it is equal to that number times 5. What is a possible solution. Pls explain i dont understand

  125. Science

    1. Radioactive parent elements will become stable daughter elements through the process of (1 point) absolute dating. radioactive decay. radiometric dating. stabilization

  126. Math

    A student was recording the common elements of Set A and Set B. Set A: {squared numbers from 0 to 101} Set B: {even nunbers from 0 to 101} How many numbers are in both groups?

  127. geography

    Why was Tom Watson important to Georgia's development in the 1920's??

  128. Science

    What is the solid remaining when lithium trioxonitrate5,potassium trioxonitrate5 and calcium trio xonitrate5 are heated Equation of reaction when calcium oxide and coke are heated in an electric furnace

  129. Chemistry

    Water is added to 200 cm3 of a 2.0 M solution of CaCl2 to increase the volume of the solution to 400 cm3. What is the new concentration?

  130. Chemistry

    To what volume must 1.0 dm3 of a 6.0 M solution of HCl be diluted in order to prepare a 0.2 M solution? To what volume must 1.0 dm3 of a 6.0 M solution of HCl be diluted in order to prepare a 0.2 M solution? To what volume must 1.0 dm3 of a 6.0 M solution

  131. math

    A federal agency responsible for enforcing laws concerning weights and measures routinely inspects packages

  132. math

    There are 4 people and 4 marbles (3 white and 1 black) . Each take one marbles. What is the chance that the ball first person takes is black, the second person takes is black... .

  133. science

    which of the following is a consequence of using fossil fuels as an energy resource? A.decreased carbon dioxide levels B.increased biodiversity C.increased acid rain D.decreased ecosystem disruption

  134. History

    What key ideas LEAD to the Geneva conventions and what key ideas were DURING the Geneva conventions and what are the results of the Geneva Conventions. Thanks!

  135. math

    Suppose that $2000 is loaned at a rate of 9%, compounded semiannually. Assuming that no payments are made, find the amount owed after 6 years.