Questions Asked on
March 15, 2020

  1. math

    The sum of one and the product of one and a number xxx.

  2. Math

    a pile of bricks has 97 bricks in the first row, 91 bricks in the second row, 85 bricks in the third row, and so on until there is only one brick in the top row how many bricks are in the 15th row

  3. Science

    7. The combination of all the forces on an object is called the_____________. * A. total force B net force*** C combined force D absolute force

  4. Social studies

    The overall effect Of the five amendments was extend to the vote to

  5. Physics

    The drawing shows two thermometers, A and B, whose temperatures are measured in °A and °B. The ice and boiling points of water are also indicated. (a) Using the data in the drawing, determine the number of B degrees on the B scale that correspond to 1

  6. Calculus 1

    If 5x^2+5x+xy=2 and y(2)= -14 find y'(2) by implicit differentiation

  7. Science

    6. Which of the following describes velocity? * A A car drives 30 miles in 2 hours B An airplane is moving towards the west at a speed of 482 km per hour.*** C Matt turns left at Main Street. D Suzie slows down at a stop sign.

  8. History

    In this discussion, you will discuss the ways in which early American cultures adapted to and modified their environments. Begin your discussion by addressing the following prompt: Give an example of how a group of early Americans adapted to their

  9. History

    In 1960, John F. Kennedy won the electoral votes from the states of Missouri and Illinois by very narrow margins. If the opposing candidate, Richard Nixon, had won these electoral votes, neither candidate would have received a majority. In this instance,

  10. Science

    Which of the following is true regarding how to calculate net force?* A. If forces are acting in the same direction, you can find the net force on an object by subtracting together the strengths of all the individual forces B. If forces are acting in

  11. Physics

    Two positive point charges Q and Q’ having charges of +4 μC and +1 μC respectively are fixed at a distance 2 m apart in vacuum.A third point charge q having a charge +0.2 μC is to be placed between Q and Q’, at a distance x from Q’. If q remains

  12. maths

    if a trader bought 10 cups of garri for #1 and Sold it at 8 cups for #1. what was his gain % ?

  13. Chemistry

    A)What volume of 0.145 M HClO4 solution is needed to neutralize 46.00 mL of 8.75×10−2 M NaOH? B)What volume of 0.138 M HCl is needed to neutralize 2.79 g of Mg(OH)2?

  14. Math

    Find the two square roots of 5-12i in the form a+bi, where a and b are real. Mark on an Argand diagram the points P and Q representing the square roots. Find the complex number of R and S such that PQR and PQS are equilateral triangles. How do you do the

  15. Physics

    Calculate the k.e .of A. a 1kg trolley travelling at 2m/s

  16. math

    Which of the following is equivalent to (y + 4)3? y 3 + 4 3 (y + 4)(y + 4)(y + 4) (y + 4) + (y + 4) + (y + 4) 3(y + 4)

  17. Math

    An+aeroplane+flies+from+a+town+A+to+a+town+B++50km+away+on+a+bearing+of+210+degree+.if+then+flew+from+town+B+to+another+town+C+on+a+bearing+of+150degree.if town C is 80km away from B,find the distance between A and C to the nearest km.find the bearing A

  18. Math.

    Four times a certain number is equal to the number subtracted from 40.find the number.

  19. Math

    What is the length of the line segment with endpoints (5,−7) and (5, 11) ?

  20. Math

    Angle of elevation and depression

  21. math

    The scale of two similar triangles is 1:4. The perimeter of the smaller triangle is 60 centimeters. What is the perimeter of the larger triangle?

  22. History

    1. The (blank) settlers were the first ones to develop agricultural practices that were adapted to the arid west. My answer: Mormon 2. The invention of the Blank Blank, made it possible for farmers to farm much bigger plots of land. My answer: Mechanical

  23. Maths

    How to draw graph of y=2cos(x+60).

  24. Maths

    How to draw graph of y=2cos(x+60) for 0

  25. Math

    Krisha is 9 years older than her youngest brother.the sum of their ages is 25.what are their ages?

  26. Science

    A graph is false zero graph.What does it mean?

  27. English

    In which of the following types of publications are you least likely to find a personal essay? A journal focusing on a particular social or cultural issue A newspaper opinion-editorial section A magazine focusing on political analysis A collection of

  28. Chemistry

    How to make 78% concentrated h2s04 by adding 98% concentrated h2s04 to 56%concentrated h2so4

  29. Science

    Does the earth rotate from west to east (clockwise) on its axis or from east to west (counterclockwise)?

  30. Science

    Does the earth rotate from west to east (clockwise) or east to west (anticlockwise )

  31. Math

    The speed of a point A due to the rotation of the Earth is twice that of a point B.If A is on latitude 22 degree North, calculate the latitude of B.

  32. Chemistry

    Describe briefly how pure dry crystals of calcium chloride can be obtained from its solution

  33. math

    Translate this sentence into an equation. The sum of 15 and Diego's height is 40. Use the variable d to represent Diego's height.

  34. precalculus

    The one-sample t-statistic for a test of H_0 : \mu = 42 versus H_1 :\mu < 42 based on n = 15 observations has the value t = -2.138, where H_0 and H_1 are the null and alternative hypotheses, respectively. The sample size is denoted by n. Use t-table to

  35. math

    a,b,c shared pencils in the ratio 3:5:7 respectively. If c got 12 pencils more than a, how many pencils did they share altogether?

  36. chemistry

    if you're given a chart of half cell potentials (reduction potentials), how can you figure out which metals produce the highest voltage? For ex. Cadmium (Cd) with copper (Cu) Silver (Ag) with zinc (Zn) Lead (Pb) with zinc (Zn) would you say that pb and zn

  37. physics

    a car of mass 500kg is moving 24 m/s. a lion of mass 100kg drops on to the roof of the car from an overhanging branch. show that the car will slow down to 24m/s.

  38. science

    Arrange the following in order of size from smallest to biggest: creek, rill, gully, river.

  39. History

    Following the Industrial Revolution, farming and ranching were impacted minimally. True or False?

  40. math

    write a rule for the sequence 5 -4 -13 -22 A. start with -9 and add 5 repeatedly B. start with 5 and add 9 repeatedly C. start with 5 and subtract -9 repeatedly D. start with 5 and add -9 repeatedly please answer

  41. Science

    Both of Mars moons have impact__________resulting from collisions with meteoroids

  42. science

    if a car was going 5 mph and I ran as fast as the car does that mean i'm able to run 5 mph?

  43. English

    Please help I have an assignment to do tomorrow. An essay on the topic : Orthodox medicine is better than Herbal.

  44. Pre Calculus

    Find sin 2x if sinx=3/5 and x is in Quadrant II.

  45. Physics

    What is the difference in pressure of an object floating VS being pushed down in water VS being held by a string in water?

  46. Social Studies

    Why were Cartier's voyages to North America important to France? My answer: Cartier's voyages were important to France because although he didn't settle for long in North America, it was because of him that the French came to know more about that area.

  47. Careers

    What career should I take Mathematical literary, life science, agricultural,

  48. physics

    taylor decides to search for hard evidence to support his "they never landed on the moon theory" so he gets into his cactus powered mobile and drives. he begins by driving 50.0km [N]. he then turns and drives 30.0k [N30E]. he comes his futile search by

  49. Reading

    In 'The Wind in the Willows', what is the significance of the two young hedgehogs that visit at Mr. Badger's house

  50. math

    Assume that thermometer readings are normally distributed with a mean of 0degreesC and a standard deviation of 1.00degreesC. A thermometer is randomly selected and tested. For the case​ below, draw a​ sketch, and find the probability of the reading.​

  51. Math

    Soooo I need help with a math Practice.... The question is "A pedestal is built using a trapezoid base. Find the area of the trapazoid.

  52. Accounting

    Porto Waste Facilities Inc. (PWF) is a large, diversified Canadian-controlled private company with several Canadian and US subsidiaries, operating mainly in the waste management and disposal industry. PWF was incorporated in 1955 and has grown to become

  53. English

    what are some similarities between emails and phone calls list 3-5 examples, please.