Questions Asked on
March 6, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements is true regarding solubility. Click on the 3 answers that apply. Three asterisk (***) marks mean that is the answer I have chosen that answer ~The solubility of most solid substances increases as the temperature of the

    asked by Spring Allergies
  2. Finance

    When purchasing the rights to a royalty, depending on the seller’s desired cash flows, Royalty Pharma can provide different types of payment schedules, such as an accelerated royalty or a synthetic royalty. In an accelerated royalty investment, Royalty

    asked by Nate
  3. Math

    Look at the graph, The slope of the line is___ A. positive B. Negative C. Zero D. Undefined

    asked by *Savage Cuttie*
  4. math

    I need someone to check a few answers for me, please! 1. Which expression has an approximate value between 6 and 7? Select two answers. A. √36*** B. √38 C. √42*** D. √50 2. How many decimal places does an irrational number have? A. zero B. one C.

    asked by Yui
  5. Art

    1. For years, community art was created by a professional for the enjoyment or education for a public group. How did the definition change in the nineteenth century? A. Community art was now also exhibited in museums B. Community art was now also created

    asked by XxBFFxX
  6. math

    plz check my answers (and tell me what the answers are to the ones i get wrong or at least give me a clue t0 what the right answer is) According to the survey described here, what was the sample of the survey? “A recent telephone survey of 900 teenagers

    asked by yeet
  7. Science

    Eli was comparing the temperatures at a desert site and a coastal sit that have the same latitude. He noticed that the nighttime temperature dropped significantly at the desert site but only slightly at the coastal site. This difference is mostly caused

    asked by 56#7
  8. Math

    a rectangular piece of paper, measuring 50cm by 30cm, has a small square of side length X cut from each corner. The flaps are then folded up to form an open box in the shape of a cuboid. a.) show the volume V of the cuboid may be expressed as V= 1500x -

    asked by serenna
  9. Honors Physical Science

    A force of 12 N is applied to the handle of a screwdriver being used to pry off the lid of a paint can. As the force moves through a distance 0.3 m, the screwdriver does 3.2 J of work on the lid. What is the efficiency of the screwdriver? Show your work.

    asked by Allie
  10. Algebra

    Systems of Equation Fair Race. Hello, this question relates to Solving Systems of Equations. I was asked to complete a portfolio, here are the directions for said portfolio: 1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that

    asked by LittleRunaway
  11. Physical science

    What is the kinetic energy of a 18 kg dog that is running at a speed of 8.7 m/s (about 19 mi/h)?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Spanish

    1. Where would you buy aretes? la joyeria **** la libreria la zapateria la tienda de electrodomesticos Is it A???

    asked by Katlyn4U
  13. math

    The formula for V=lwh is used to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism. What is the equation solved for h.

    asked by yeeee
  14. English

    Which type of figurative language is found in lines 6 and 7 rose pogonia

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    Estimate the area of the circle. Use 22 7 for π .

    asked by 👩🏾‍🏫 Ms Quinn
  16. English

    As a child, my favorite nursery rhyme was Little Bo Peep. a) Italicize (underline) b) Quotation marks c) Neither I think it's B

    asked by ALASKA KID
  17. physics

    in the 74 s after lift-off, the shuttle challenger travels 36 km. assume constant acceleration, calculate a) the acceleration of the shuttle in m/s^2. b) the speed of the shuttle in km/h after 74s.

    asked by frell
  18. Maths

    Construct a quadrilateral pqrs such that /pql=8cm,qps =105,angle pqs=30°,/pr/=9cm,/rs/=9cm,/RS/=/rq/ Measure /rsl measure/ps/ Measure

    asked by Mohamed
  19. Physics

    The figure below shows a circuit with a 12.0-V battery connected to four resistors. How much power is delivered to each resistor? (Consider the following values: R1 = 1.35 Ω, R2 = 2.15 Ω, R3 = 3.95 Ω, R4 = 4.80 Ω.)

    asked by AAA
  20. Math

    To make a profit, the prices of the items sold in a furniture store are marked up pieces each item is put on a sale at a discount of 10% Design an algorithm to find the selling price of an item sold at the furniture store. What information do you need find

    asked by Catherine
  21. English

    True-False: The name of a character in a movie should be put in quotation marks. False?

    asked by AlphabetSoup
  22. Grammar

    An adverb: Describes a noun Is the subject of a sentence Names a person, place, or thing Describes a person, place, or thing Describes a verb Expresses a strong emotion Choose (1) Answer ____________________________ I think it's maybe "Describes a verb" or

    asked by AlphabetSoup
  23. Physics

    You have a 5 cm focal length mirror. The light is coming from the left side, and the image will be placed on the left side. a. Where should the image be placed to create a real image twice the size of the object B. Where should the image be placed to

    asked by No
  24. English

    I will be flying with United Airlines. a) Italicize (underline) b) Quotation marks c) Neither B?

    asked by ALASKA KID
  25. calculus

    In a pristine lake with carrying capacity K and fishing allowed, the logistic differential equation for the population N(t) of fish at time t(in days) is dN/dt= rN(1-(N/K) - H. H= the fish harvested from the lake each day. If H= 3/16rK find all of the

    asked by anon
  26. English

    Choose two poems from either one of the collections you read during this unit. In an essay. compare how the speakers of the poems might answer the question: What makes you happy? Use details from the poems to support your response. Use the reading

    asked by help
  27. History

    WORLD WAR II What special military training exercise was held in Utah? a. atomic bomb detonation training b. archery training c. chemical warfare training d. military training exercise or "mock wars"

    asked by connexus academic
  28. physics

    A simple 2.45 m long pendulum oscillates. How many complete oscillations does this pendulum make in 6.05 min? The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .

    asked by jasmine
  29. Science

    What is the difference and similarity among enthalpy,entropy and Gibbs free energy

    asked by Zegeye
  30. chemistry

    Why the bond energy is not defined for liquid and solids,please explain in detail

    asked by Zegeye
  31. math

    M= {y | y is an integer and -1

    asked by Anonymous
  32. statistics

    If the RR=2.3 and the 95% CI (2.1, 2.9), than one can conclude: A. The results are statistically significant because 1 is not in the interval B. The results are statistically significant because 2.3 is in the interval C. The results are statistically

    asked by Hannah
  33. math

    If xy+x+y=1, find dy/dx.

    asked by maath
  34. Science

    Violent contact between individuals at a crime scene frequently produces bleeding and results in the formation of

    asked by Josh
  35. Social Studies

    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, people in the Caucasus and Central Asia have experienced a new way of life. Which statement reflects one of these changes?

    asked by HELP ASAP
  36. Biology

    Which of the following is a function of a cell membrane?

    asked by Tyshawn
  37. Algebra

    Suppose a spherical asteroid has a radius of approximately 9.0 x 10^2m. Use the formula 4/3*pi r^3 to find the approximate volume of the asteroid. A. 3.05*10^9m^3 B. 1.95*10^11m^3 C. 3.05*10^9m^3 D. 1.13*10^4m^3 My Answer: C. 3.05*10^9m^3

    asked by hm
  38. science

    What happens to the levels of surface water and groundwater during a drought? A. Surface water and groundwater levels increase during drought. B. Surface water and groundwater levels decrease during drought.*** C. There is no change in the levels of

    asked by can you answer this?
  39. Science

    The density of hydrogen at STP is 0.09 g/l what is the mass of the sample of hydrogen.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    What what is the HCF of 1220 and 325 by using euclid's division method

    asked by T NITISH
  41. social studies

    What were the important places people and events in the Greco-Persian War?

    asked by Zakbets
  42. Science

    Which city has a humid tropical climate? A. Miami*** B. Minneapolis C. Little Rock D. Barrow Ms. Sue can you check my answer.

    asked by 56#7
  43. Algebra 1

    A metalworker has a metal alloy that is 30% copper another alloy that is 70% copper. How many kilograms of each alloy should the metalworker combine to create 90kg of a 62% copper alloy

    asked by Emilio
  44. Math

    Use the formula S=(2)1/2 bh+hw+sw+bw to find the surface area of a triangular prism with the following dimensions: base =3ft height=2ft width=5ft side=4ft A.S=48 FT B.S=51 FT C.S=61 FT D.S=102 FT what is the surface area?

    asked by I can treat you better than she can
  45. math

    Determine if each root is a rational or irrational number. Explain your reasoning. A:√ 36 B.√ 78

    asked by Ciera fox🦊
  46. English

    What is a negative connotation?

    asked by Brianna
  47. Grammar

    In that book bag, William was carrying the materials that he needed to make himself the best student in the school. How many adverbs are in the sentence? 2?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    Graphing in the Coordinate Plane Unit Test.. I need help asap

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    4. Why did President Lincoln support the abolition of slavery? A. He thought that it would help the North win the war. B. He thought slavery gave too much power to the South. C. He thought that the South would surrender if slavery were abolished. D. He

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  50. Music

    What does a natural sign (A natural sign has two vertical lines connected by two horizontal lines?A natural sign has two vertical lines connected by two horizontal lines. The top horizontal begins two-fifths of the way down the left vertical line and

    asked by lovely
  51. Math

    In the formula rt = d, r is the rate, t is time, and d is distance. What is the rate for a runner who completes 7.5 miles in 1.5 hours?

    asked by Hi
  52. English

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER “Rose Pogonias” by Robert Frost 1 A saturated meadow, 2 Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3 A circle scarcely wider 4 Than the trees around were tall: 5 Where the winds were quite excluded, 6 And the air was stifling sweet 7 With the

    asked by molly
  53. solcial studies Ms. Sue can you help me

    How did the existence of the Roman Empire affect the beginning of Christianity?

    asked by Zakbets
  54. Math

    I am doing this ice design project at my school and I've completed almost all of it. However, I am having a bit of trouble with the last question: Create a visual model to show your ice cube design, including the dimensions you would choose and the volume

    asked by Benny on the dispatch
  55. Math

    In the formula rt = d, r is the rate, t is time, and d is distance. What is the rate for a runner who completes 7.5 miles in 1.5 hours? A) 11.25 mph B) 9.0 mph C) 6.0 mph D) 5.0 mph

    asked by Anyone
  56. Honors Physical Science

    A 410-g cylinder of brass is heated to 95.0°C and placed in a calorimeter containing 335 g of water at 25.0°C. The water is stirred, and its highest temperature is recorded as 32.0°C. From the thermal energy gained by the water, determine the specific

    asked by Allie
  57. Honors Physical Science

    A small dog is trained to jump straight up a distance of 1.1 m. How much kinetic energy does the 7.7-kg dog need to jump this high? (The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2.) Show your work.

    asked by Allie
  58. Math

    The concentration of mRNA in a crop overtime is modelled by the function f(t)=12e−t(sin(t)−cos(t))+ 1/2 . Determine the rate of change of mRNA concentration as a function of time?

    asked by Lola
  59. Algebra

    Which is the best name for this group of numbers? −∣9∣,−1.2×10,−√49,−36 A. whole numbers B. negative integers** C. square roots D. positive integers Am I correct? (There's also supposed to be a 2 in the top right corner of the 10 but I

    asked by Light
  60. Math

    i really need help please Mr. Moore is installing new work benches in the wood shop. He wants the height of the benches to be best for students standing and working on projects. He decides to use the mean height of the students in the school as a guide.

    asked by sTicKs -w-
  61. physics

    When a mass of 23 g is attached to a certain spring, it makes 16 complete vibrations in 4.6 s. What is the spring constant of the spring? Answer in units of N/m.

    asked by jasmine
  62. Math

    For which operation is the set of integers not closed? A. addition B. subtraction C. multiplication D. division** I'm not sure on this one. Check my answer?

    asked by Riku
  63. Math

    There are 13 flavors at the soda machine, and anyone can choose 6. A sign says we are only allowed to use one of each flavor. You decide to grab a cup and fill it up with your favorite flavors at random (it’s all going to the same place, right?). How

    asked by |-/
  64. Math

    can someone show me step by step?? The manager of the soda shop decides that because you are a good customer, you may use a flavor as many times as you’d like. How many different possible mixtures can you make now (remember, you have 13 flavors available

    asked by |-/
  65. Calculus

    The department of water resources is measuring the width of a flood plain, as shown by f(x). The water measurements (x) are taken in 15 foot increments as shown in the table below: x: 0 | 15 | 30 | 45 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 105 | 120 | f(x): 0 | 18 | 24 | 30 |

    asked by Slaya
  66. Social studies

    Jamara is filling in a Venn diagram with characteristics of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. She is working on the middle section by writing about the things they had in common. Which statements could she put in this section? Select the two correct answers.

    asked by Tecca
  67. math

    the quotient of a number increased by 13 and -7 is -4

    asked by john
  68. Calculus

    An object's movement has a velocity given by v(t) = t^2-5t+5 A) What is the position function for the particle at any time t≥0? For this section I calculated the anti derivative, which is \frac{1}{3}t^3-\frac{5}{2}t^2+5t+C (At least I think it is) And

    asked by Slaya
  69. Math

    how can I get 10,296 and 1,716 in exponential form? I haven't done this in a while.

    asked by |-/
  70. math

    You go shopping with a friend and end up buying a shirt for $23.90, a pair of pants for $34.50 and some socks for $3.65. If sales tax is 7.5%, what is your total sales tax amount for all three items? *

    asked by Kate DiMarco
  71. Math

    Angela invests $2,550 at 3% interest compounded annually. What will be the balance in the account after 1.5 years? A. $2,626.50 B. $3,636.69 C. $2,665.61 D. $4,792.50

    asked by Bismuth Casual
  72. Math

    what is the quotient of -24 and 8? 1. 3 2. -3 3. 4 4. -4

    asked by who am i?
  73. Math

    The sum of a number times 7 and 28 is at least 24.

    asked by Ariana Hernandez
  74. physics

    a meteor falls from the sky into the earth. the meteor already had an initial velocity downward when it was spotted. if it hit the earth at 335m/s after been seen for 30 seconds, then what was the initial velocity of the meteor

    asked by Jeremy Bearimy
  75. Math

    Hello! Im sorry to bother all of you, but could anyone help me out here? I have a few questions, and I'm far too mentally exhausted to answer them right. Please, if anyone has the answers to Lesson 11, Unit 3, Rectangular Prisms and Volume's 10-question

    asked by serendipitii
  76. Math

    Mr. Moore is installing new work benches in the wood shop. He wants the height of the benches to be best for students standing and working on projects. He decides to use the mean height of the students in the school as a guide. The school has 6th, 7th, and

    asked by Itz_ChocoCandy
  77. math

    in football a field goal is worth 3 points. Which function relates the number of field goals, f, and the number of points, p 1. b 2. c 3. b 4. A

    asked by phoebe
  78. marine science

    1) parasites can kill their hosts A. True B. False 2) the addition or removal of a species causes a trophic Cascade A. True B. False 3) why are Marine scientists particularly concerned about parasites in the blue crab population A. It is the only species

    asked by tiff
  79. sets

    What does max(m,n) = 2 mean where m and n are elements of 2 different set. What does min(m,n) = 2 mean What does min(m,1) mean I appreciate any hint

    asked by John
  80. Math

    Greg is the lead scorer on his school's hockey team. He scores a goal 3 out of every 4 attempts. Design a simulation to determine the probability Greg will score a goal on his next attempt.

    asked by Soul
  81. physics

    The mass of the Moon is 7.35 x 10^22 kg. At some point between Earth and the Moon, the force of Earth's gravitational attraction on an object is cancelled by the Moon's force of gravitational attraction. If the distance between Earth and the Moon (centre

    asked by anonymous
  82. Maths

    A mirror 2cm long and 1cm wide is mounted on a wall of 6cm long and 3cm high. How many mirror is needed to cover the wall?

    asked by Pedro
  83. Math

    How could I figure out which circle graph (out of a selection of answers) represents the data set I have been given? My data set: Dog: 10 Cat: 5 Fish: 5 I just want to check HOW to solve it. I think I have to: 1.) Turn the data into fractions 2.) Turn the

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  84. math

    Determine whether the sequence converges, and if so find its limit. {ln n/ n} +∞ n=1 I know it converges to 1, but how?

    asked by Amy
  85. Maths

    Given that tan25 degrees =a,express tan205 in terms of a.

    asked by Raj
  86. Math

    The department of water resources is measuring the width of a flood plain, as shown by f(x). The water measurements (x) are taken in 15 foot increments as shown in the table below: x: 0 | 15 | 30 | 45 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 105 | 120 | f(x): 0 | 18 | 24 | 30 |

    asked by Slaya
  87. Chemistry

    What mass of aluminum can be produced when 10.0g of aluminum chloride decomposes?

    asked by Anonymous