Questions Asked on
March 3, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    10g of ice at 273K is added to 20 g of water at 900 C in an insulated flask. The heat of fusion of ice is 6 Kj/mol and the specific heat capacity of water is 4.2 J/K/g. ignoring the heat capacity of the flask; Determine ∆S of the system.

    asked by FRANK
  2. History

    How did the Protestant Reformation contribute to migration to the New World? Leaders of the Reformation believed that there was no hope for Europe because it was blinded and polluted by Catholicism. Protestant persecution of Catholics led to a mass

    asked by Kyla
  3. math

    suzy likes to mix and match her 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and 6 hats. the colors are listed in the table. on monday, she randomly picks a bracelet, a necklace, and a hat. what is the probability of suzy choosing a red bracelet and silver hat? 1/2 1/4 1/6

    asked by baby
  4. science

    1) What would happen to Earth's temperature if the energy absorbed from the sun (solar radiation) was less than the emitted (thermal) energy leaving the Earth? (2) 2) Why is the tropical climate warmer than the climate at the north and south poles? (2) 3)

    asked by bsfbc
  5. English

    3. choose the word or phrase that best matches the word in italics. the teenager broached the sensitive subject with his parents

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    What is the simplified form of the following​ expression? negative 9 x Superscript 4 Baseline times 8 x Superscript 7 −9x4•8x7

    asked by lilly
  7. Math

    logx(9x^2)[log3(x)]^2=4 i got the x=1/9 and x=3 is that correct?

    asked by LOGS
  8. Math

    find the third term of exponential sequence (G.p) (√(2)-1),(3-2√(2),...

    asked by Fiifi
  9. math

    a towns population went from 25800 to 42600 in 15 years. what was percent of change.

    asked by jimmy
  10. Science

    1.Which of the following could be true of two different species that have a competitive relationship in the same ecosystem? A.One species preys on the other***. B.The relationship is mutually beneficial. C.They share the same niche. D.One species benefits,

    asked by A student
  11. Algebra

    Fill in the missing parts: (5x + ___)^2 = ___ · x^2+70xy + ___

    asked by Helen
  12. Language Arts

    In the third stanza of the poem, which lines rhyme?

    asked by Shadow
  13. math

    A sample of 4 balls is to be selected at random from an urn containing 20 balls numbered 1 to 20. Six balls are green, 6 balls are white, and 8 balls are black. (a) How many different samples can be selected? (b) How many samples can be selected that

    asked by Lizzie
  14. math

    Rachel works at a bookstore. On Tuesday, she sold twice as many books as she did on Monday. On Wednesday, she sold 6 fewer books than she did on Tuesday. During the three days Rachel sold 19 books. Create an equation that can be used to find m, the number

    asked by Kyle
  15. math

    Write each quadratic function in the form f(x)=a(x−h)2+k, find the vertex 1. y=x^2-3x 2. y=x^2+x 3. y=2x^2−12x+22 4. y=−2x^2−4x−5

    asked by hi
  16. English

    Hi I need help ASAP Is this a full sentence? "The little boy didn't do his homework nor his chores." Please helpp

    asked by Jamhier
  17. Science

    Which provides evidence that humans are causing an increase in the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere? The net flux of carbon into the atmosphere without including the contribution from burning fossil fuels is negative. The net flux of carbon

    asked by Chappal

    A plant with dark-purple flowers and a plant with white flowers are crossed. All of the offspring have lavender flowers. The alleles for flower color in this plant are A. Both dominant B. Both recessive C. Codominant D. Incompletely dominant

    asked by Student
  19. Math

    Compute E(X) for the following random variable X : X=Number of tosses until getting 4 (including the last toss) by tossing a fair 10-sided die.

    asked by Nate
  20. Math

    Compare use pl need help 11 -7

    asked by Julio
  21. Algebra

    Write the trinomial as a square of a binomial or as an expression opposite to a square of a binomial: −25a^2−1+10a

    asked by Helen
  22. Physics

    The 200kg hammer of a pile driver is lifted 10 m. Find the potential energy of the system when the hammer is at this height

    asked by James
  23. Science

    How many moles of oxygen reacts with 2.4 moleof iron in the rusting reaction?

    asked by Miguel
  24. English

    On the bus, at home, or in class, sit quietly and watch another person for about five minutes. 1. Jot down any nonverbal communication that a person uses. (For example, he drowns, he chews his pencil, he rests his chin in his hand, etc.) 2. What do these

    asked by Kyle
  25. math

    an icecream shop offers 5 different flavors of ice cream and 12 different toppings how many choices are possible for a single serving of icecream with one topping 18 22 46 60

    asked by Nora
  26. math

    Item 9 On a 15-question online quiz, you correctly answer five 1-point questions and nine 2-point questions. You earn 92% of the possible points on the quiz. a. How many possible points is the quiz worth? b. How many questions did you miss? How many points

    asked by Hector v
  27. Social Studies

    can someone tell me the answer to Southwest Asia Through Time Unit Test for connexus 7 b

    asked by yeet
  28. english

    “There is a game of puzzles,” he resumed, “which is played upon a map. One party playing requires another to find a given word—the name of town, river, state or empire—any word, in short, upon the motley and perplexed surface of the chart. A

    asked by non
  29. Geometry

    The shorter leg of a 30-60-90 triangle is 6. What is the length of the hypotenuse?

    asked by Kiersten
  30. Pre calculaus

    find sin theta and cos theta if cot theta = 3/7 and sec theta is < 0

    asked by Shi
  31. Chemistry

    The fizz produced when an Alka-Seltzer® tablet is dissolved in water is due to the reaction between sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and citric acid (H3C6H5O7): 3NaHCO3(aq)+H3C6H5O7(aq)→3CO2(g)+3H2O(l)+Na3C6H5O7(aq) In a certain experiment 1.20 g of sodium

    asked by Missy
  32. social studies

    how does rationalism differ from myths a. rationalism explains the natural world in terms of gods; myths explain the world by saying it’s all certain rules that can be discovered through reason b myth explains the natural world in terms of gods;

    asked by help please:)
  33. algebra

    Find the simplified form of each expression (3/5y^4)^-2 (all of this is in parenthese except the exponent at the very end) please help.

    asked by doge master
  34. Math

    how do I put (csc) (sec) (cot) in my calculator?

    asked by anonymous
  35. math

    a passenger in an airplane at an altitude of a = 20 kilometers sees two towns directly to the east of the plane. The angle of depression to the towns are 55˚ and 28˚. How far apart are the towns?

    asked by anonymous
  36. math

    Which fraction is equivalent to 0.75? (there is a line over 75) a. 75/100 b. 20/33 c. 25/33 d. 3/4 i thought it was d but that is when the decimal doesn't repeat so im confused :(

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  37. health

    The functional unit of the nervous system is

    asked by yeeee
  38. Science

    What process occurs after a forest fire wipes out an entire ecosystem? What is this process called?

    asked by A student
  39. English

    “Rose Pogonias” by Robert Frost 1 A saturated meadow, 2 Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3 A circle scarcely wider 4 Than the trees around were tall: 5 Where the winds were quite excluded, 6 And the air was stifling sweet 7 With the breath of many

    asked by person
  40. Math

    Two ships A and B leaves the some harbour at the same time in directions 152° and 142° respectively calculate the distance between the two ships when A has travelled 10km and B has travelled 12km. What is the bearing of A from B at this time

    asked by Idris
  41. math

    The volume of a rectangular prism is 1,000^3 mm. Use the formula V = lwh to determine which of the statements are true. Choose all that apply The prism could be a cube with a side length of 10 mm.*** It is possible for the length to be 1,000 mm.*** The

    asked by molly
  42. History

    Which best describes a similarity between how the Chinese Ming and Japanese Tokugawa governments viewed Jesuit missionaries? They both felt that Jesuit missionaries were undermining the native religion. They both saw Europeans as backwards and primitive,

    asked by Nathan
  43. algebra

    Determine if each root is a rational or irrational number. Explain your reasoning. √36 3√78

    asked by Please Help
  44. Criminal Justice

    I have a hard time trying to start a paper and just need a little help. I need to write about "What is meant by the concept the racialization of crime. Explain how African Americans and Latinos have been radicalized as criminal and how this racialization

    asked by Heather
  45. Chemistry

    An ideal solution made up of benzene (C6H6) and Toluene (C6H5CH3) has mole fraction of benzene as 0,0.25,0.5,0.75 and 1.0 at various concentrations

    asked by Praise
  46. History

    Why is the Korean War significant in world history?

    asked by Flare
  47. algebra

    So im struggling in math right now and i need help to do this can anyone please explain step by step on how to do this its solving systems of equations by substitution 5x-4y=-23 y=1/3x-5

    asked by Anthony
  48. algebra

    Are these correct now Mr reiny? What is the solution of x² + 64 = 0? A. –5 B. 8*** C. ±8 D. no solution What is the value of b in the triangle shown below? A right triangle is shown. The height equals 3 b. The base equal b. The area of the triangle

    asked by firstname
  49. Math

    Let A , B , and C be events associated with the same probabilistic model (i.e., subsets of a common sample space), and assume that P(C)>0 . For each one of the following statements, decide whether the statement is True (always true), or False (not always

    asked by Nate
  50. maths

    A man travels 7 km due north and then 9 km due east. At end of his journey find his bearing from starting point.

    asked by shivika
  51. social studies

    what geographic fetures of of arkansas made it difficult for settlers to travel? select all that apply. a-mountains b-the mississippi river c-forests d-rivers in the southeast

    asked by olivia
  52. Math

    How do you find the derivative of this function: G(x) = (x^4 - x +1)^2 * (x^2 - 2)^3

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    What is 1/8 as a percent?

    asked by Teiona
  54. Still algebra

    This time i has multiple questions. -(5)^-1 (the test reset and i forgot the answer) Suppose a spherical asteroid has a radius of approximately 3.2 x 10^3 m. use the formula 4/3 pi r^3 to find the approximate volume of the asteroid. This one is straight up

    asked by doge master
  55. Math

    How many hundreds are in 581

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Algebra

    Prove that for any natural value of n the value of the expression: (5n+1)2–(2n–1)2 is divisible by 7

    asked by Helen
  57. math

    In a survey conducted by Helena, a financial consultant, it was revealed of her 426 clients 287 own stocks. 188 own bonds. 184 own mutual funds. 118 own both stocks and bonds. 99 own both stocks and mutual funds. 94 own both bonds and mutual funds. How

    asked by Donna-J
  58. Math

    How do I find the hypotenuse of a right triangle knowing only one value and no angles?

    asked by Caleb
  59. math

    The Department of Foreign Languages of a liberal arts college conducted a survey of its recent graduates to determine the foreign language courses they had taken while undergraduates at the college. Of the 550 graduates 210 had at least one year of

    asked by Brodie
  60. physics

    air parcel A has an air temperature of 5℃ and an absolute humidity of 5g/m^-3. What is its relative humidity and dew point temperature? Assume the air temperature is 1000hPa.

    asked by physics
  61. math

    Let A and B be subsets of a universal set U and suppose n(U) = 350, n(A) = 130, n(B) = 90, and n(A B) = 50. Find the number of elements in the set. n(Ac n B)

    asked by Blake
  62. Chemistry

    Epsom salts, a strong laxative used in veterinary medicine, is a hydrate, which means that a certain number of water molecules are included in the solid structure. The formula for Epsom salts can be written as MgSO4⋅xH2O, where x indicates the number of

    asked by Carthage
  63. math

    Five 14 oz. bottles for $13.50 and Seven 10 oz. bottles for $3.85. Which one has the lower unit price?

    asked by jul
  64. Calculus

    can sombody explain how (0to q)∫[(q-CE)/rc]dt become (0to q)∫[1/(q-CE)]dt= (0to t)∫[1/rc]dt and not (0to q)∫(q-CE)dt= (0to t)∫[1/rc]dt. I don't understand where the1 for the first ∫ come from and the equal sign=

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    Bob had 20 apples, which was 70% of Tommy's apples. How many apples does Tommy have? (Can someone explain to me? Lol, this was my homework.)

    asked by Some Kiddo
  66. math

    From a shipment of 75 transistors, 4 of which are defective, a sample of 6 transistors is selected at random. (b) How many samples contain exactly 3 defective transistors? (c) How many samples do not contain any defective transistors?

    asked by Nikkie
  67. Chemistry

    Paclitaxel, C47H51NO14, is an anticancer compound that is difficult to make in the lab. One reported synthesis requires 11 steps, and the final yield of paclitaxel is only 6 %. Assuming all steps have equivalent yields, what is the average percent yield

    asked by ChemHelp
  68. Geometry

    If the nanagon ( 9 sides ) has a length of m inches, then determine the length of the apothem, a

    asked by Non
  69. physics

    A man yell's in a long canyon and waits for the echo to come back to him. It takes 3.0 seconds for him to hear the echo of his yell. The sound has to travel down the canyon and back to reach his ears, and sound travels at 343 m/s. How long is the canyon?

    asked by sammy
  70. Science

    In _____ water trapped in rocks fire.exes and expands

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Pharmacology

    patient is receiving an antibiotic IVPB in 50ml every 8 hours to run over 1 hour plus a maintenance IV of 100ml/hr. what is the 24h intake parenterally?

    asked by Alicia
  72. Chemistry

    Re: Paclitaxel, C47H51NO14, is an anticancer compound that is difficult to make in the lab. One reported synthesis requires 11 steps, and the final yield of paclitaxel is only 6 %. Assuming all steps have equivalent yields, what is the average percent

    asked by ChemHelp
  73. English

    The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright – And this was odd, because it was The middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily, Because she thought the sun Had got no

    asked by Gamerwolfgurl
  74. Math

    Josie and her brother, Sean both have a job after school. For every $5.50 that Josie earns, her brother earns $6.50. On Tuesday, they earned a totoal of $30.00. How much money did Josie earn? How much did her brother earn?

    asked by Nancy
  75. math

    − 10 x + y = 4

    asked by jjbkuy
  76. Physics

    A body weigh of 0.26N in air. When total emmers in water weight 0.16h and 0.18n in another liquid. Calculate the relative density of of liquid

    asked by Ahmad
  77. biology

    Do you think evolution is still taking place in the Galapagos finches? Why or why not

    asked by tg
  78. chem

    If 240 mL of 0.583 M aqueous H2SO4 and 89.1 g of solid CaCO3 are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many grams of solid CaCO3 remain? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. H2SO4(aq) + CaCO3(s) → CO2(g) + CaSO4(s) +

    asked by bruh
  79. Physics

    In a sound wave in air, the adjacent rear faction and cooperation are separated by a distance of 17m. If the velocity of the sound is 340ms, determine the frequency

    asked by Tasha
  80. Physics

    Cooling of an electronic power transistor is assisted by attaching it to an aluminium heat sink. The electrical power to be dissipated is 0.3 watts, the exposed surface area of the heat sink is 0.001m2, the convection heat transfer coefficient is 6.0

    asked by Vix
  81. Chemistry

    LA Mixture Of 0.2 Mole OF alcohol A Bond aSHMole Of Alcohol Has a total Vapour Pressure Of 40 morty at 298K.1tne Mixture Raoult's law, Find the Pure Vapour Pressure F Bat 298k given that the Vapour Pressure OF A ls 20 month at 298 k.

    asked by Bajo
  82. chemistry

    why must not the condensed water drip into the flask?

    asked by seamus nikavaka
  83. Chemistry

    A gas has a volume of 4.25m³at a temperature of95.0 ° Cand a pressure of 1.05 atm. What temperature will the gas have at a pressure of 1.58 atm and a volume of 2.46m³?

    asked by Sheperd
  84. Physics

    State two difference between the density and relative density of an object

    asked by Ummukhulsum
  85. Careers

    What career paths can i take with these subject Maths Pure,Hist;Bio,Consumer,Eng home

    asked by Blessing
  86. Science

    In an island ecosystem, Fox and Skunks both hunt mice and toads. Which of the following correctly describes some of these relationships? A:Skunks and mice have a competitive relationship. B:Skunks and toads have a predator-prey relationship. C:Fox and

    asked by A student
  87. Economics

    Part III: Calculate the Following Questions by Using the Necessary Steps (4 pts each) 1) A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two markets that are separated geographically. Demands for the two markets are P1 = 15 –Q1 and P2 = 25 –

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Auto

    What tool should be used to grip and remove a clip-on wheel from the wheel rim

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Arte

    Elija la declaración que mejor represente el uso de este recipiente de síntoma del séptimo centro en el contexto apropiado. A. Esta copa de vino se usó durante fiestas elaboradas. B. Los residentes de Syrain pulieron tales objetos para usarlos como

    asked by Yo hablar Española
  90. Social Studies

    Drag the country to the correct box -Vietnam-Singapore-Malaysia- 1) the world's leading producers of semiconductors 2) has become a leading financial center 3) consists of primarily low-wage and low-skilled jobs (please help someone I'm so confused)

    asked by ok boomer
  91. Science

    Increased oxygen levels allow more fish to survive in this wetland ecosystem. If more fish survive and their numbers increase, what will happen to the wading bird population?

    asked by Help!
  92. English

    Text: 1 The memory of cannon fire fades like evening mist. 2 Footsteps echo softly above me 3 My bride kneels at a stone. What conclusions can you draw from about the reader? A, The speaker is a soldier in his first battle, fearful of what is to come. B,

    asked by John Doe
  93. Science

    To describe motion you need to use units of measurement. _____________ is the length of the path between ______ points. The SI unit for length and distance is _________.

    asked by Goldfish
  94. Science

    Gradual slope means ______

    asked by Goldfish
  95. math

    A DVD has a diameter of 24 centimeters. What is the area of the DVD? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Use 3.14 for π.

    asked by Alyssa
  96. Maths

    two apples and a mango cost £4 two apples and 3 mangoes cost £9 find the cost of a mango

    asked by Liam
  97. math

    Find │7│.

    asked by souls
  98. Biology

    What are the function of mammalian skeleton

    asked by Anonymous
  99. History

    Who were the three people that were promised the throne by King Edward?

    asked by SFS
  100. English

    In Act 2, scene 3 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, what is Scrooge's first reaction on seeing cratchit's family?

    asked by Elijah
  101. math

    The sum of angles of an octagon is 750.Three angles are equal.Calculate the sides of the equal angles

    asked by Bolu
  102. music

    unit 2 lesson 6 answers 1.b 2.b 3.b 100%

    asked by koolaid man
  103. Civic

    How does “the work of art” relate to the movements it supports?

    asked by Andy
  104. math

    a shopper paid $51.93 including tax for an item marked $48.99. what should she pay for another item marked at $75.00

    asked by jimmy
  105. maths

    How many reader read the newspaper us

    asked by Esther
  106. Algebra

    The diameters of four different atoms are shown below. Atom A: 6.35 x 10^-7 Atom B: 1.80 x 10^-6 Atom C: 2.00 x 10^-7 Atom D: 2.50 x 10^-8 IT says to list them from LARGEST to SMALLEST. I know what i have to do, but not sure where to start, like what i

    asked by doge master
  107. Statistics

    Suppose there are two full bowls of cookies. Bowl #1 has 10 chocolate chip and 40 oatmeal, while bowl #2 has 30 chocolate chip cookies and 20 oatmeal cookies. Our friend Bob picks a bowl at random, and then picks a cookie at random. We may assume there is

    asked by James King
  108. science

    the water in beaker a boiled at 100 C. at what temperature will the water in beaker b began to boil? a.50 C b.100 C c.125 C d.150 C ( i pick this)

    asked by hello
  109. math

    find the height of a parallelogram with base 9.44 meters and area 70.8 square meters.

    asked by CaptainEgg93
  110. Maths


    asked by Anonymous
  111. Still algebra

    Simplify the expression (3)^10 (3)^-9 A; 3 B; 1/3 C;9^-90 (my answer) D 9 Am i correct?

    asked by doge master
  112. Algebra A1

    The cable company increase the cost of the basic cable package by 15%. Write the function of g(x),which gives the new cost per month, as a transformation

    asked by Melissa
  113. chemistry

    how to calculate work in a bomb calorimeter

    asked by martha
  114. Physics

    A relative density bottle weight 20g when empty, 80g when field with water and 100g when with a liquid. Fine the relative density of liquid.

    asked by Ahmad
  115. History

    Which one of these women were not part of the women's suffrage movement? A.)Rosa Parks B.)Elizabeth Cady Stanton C.)Lacretia Mott D.)Susan B. Anthony

    asked by Marie
  116. Math

    Can someone simplify this? Please show your work! (2/3h^3)

    asked by I Love Taylor Swift
  117. algebra

    Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution. x^2+7=0 Can someone explain why the answer is no solution?

    asked by Anime_is_cool
  118. english

    PROCTOR: Herrick! Herrick, don’t chain her! (He rushes out the door. From outside.) Damn you, man, you will not chain her! Off with them! I’ll not have it! I will not have her chained! (There are other men’s voices against his. Hale, in a fever of

    asked by non
  119. english

    CHEEVER: You see it, sir, it is a needle! HALE: Why? What meanin’ has it? CHEEVER (wide-eyed, trembling): The girl, the Williams girl, Abigail Williams, sir. She sat to dinner in Reverend Parris’s house tonight, and without word nor warnin’ she falls

    asked by non
  120. reading

    how are limericks and haikus alike

    asked by delani
  121. algebra

    A dinosaur fossil is 95,550,000 years old. How can you express this age in scientific notation with the highest level of precision/ A: 9.355 x 10^7 ********* B: 9 x 10^7 C: 9.36 x 10^7 D: 9.3 x 10^7 Is my answer (A) Correct? I found this question a bit

    asked by doge master
  122. Algebra

    Solve each equation by finding square roots. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution. 4g^2=25 In the equation when i divide 25 by 4 why do i keep it as 25/4 threw out solving the rest of the problem? why not change it to 4??? I'm

    asked by Anime_is_cool
  123. Math

    How do I simplify this? I am struggling in math.😥 (-2mx^-3)^-4/8m^-5x^0 Please help me!

    asked by I Love Taylor Swift
  124. algebra

    What is the solution of n² – 49 = 0? A. –7 B. 7 C. ±7*** D. no solution What is the solution of x² + 64 = 0? A. –5 B. 8 C. ±8*** D. no solution What is the side length of a square with an area of 144x²? A. 12 B. 12x C. ±12x*** D. no solution

    asked by firstname