Questions Asked on
February 26, 2020

  1. Math

    Please I need help on the Lesson 5: Getting Real 27.0210002 Math 6 B Unit 2: Equations

    asked by Hawaa
  2. Mathematics

    hello, i have an assignment that I was wondering if someone could check my answers. Thank you! :) 1. Which of the scatter plots above shows a negative trend? I - No Trend II - Negative Trend III - Positive Trend My answer - A) Graph II 2. The scatter plot

    asked by Merlana
  3. math

    Identify the two-dimensional shape of the cross section if a cube is sliced horizontally. Then identify the two-dimensional shape of the cross section if a cube is sliced vertically. Explain why the shape are the same or different

    asked by gamzee makara apologist
  4. Pre-Algebra

    1. What are the next three terms in the sequence? (1 point) -3,6,15,24, … a. 35,46,57 b.34,44,54 c.33,44,56 d.33,42,51*** 2. Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff's garden

    asked by b e a n
  5. Chemistry

    For the elementary process below, the activation energy is 31 kJ mol−1 and the enthalpy of reaction is 12 kJ mol−1. What is Ea for the reverse process, in kJ mol−1 ? A + B ⇌ AB

    asked by dave
  6. English

    The poem Rose Pogonias is the poem. Which is the best paraphrase of lines 5-9? A. we stretched out in the heat of the flowers in this windless hot air place filled with strong odors. B. There was plenty of wind and the sickening stench of flowers while we

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Science

    A student tried to solve the following problem by selecting the conversion below. What, if anything, did the student do wrong? How many moles of AgNO3 are needed to produce 6.75 moles of copper (II) nitrate Cu(NO3)2 upon reacting with excess copper (Cu)?

    asked by Help
  8. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the potential difference across the 20 ohm resistor?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. social studies

    Over which main point did Sunnis and Shias disagree?

    asked by yeeee
  10. Math

    Use a net to find the surface area of the prism 14 inches 7 inches and 5 inches 203 406 476 540

    asked by Ally
  11. Math

    You observe that the line shown below passes through the point (0,4 )and has a slope of 1/2. You choose (x,y) as an arbitrary point on the line other than (0,4) and use the fact that the slope of a line is constant to write which equation?

    asked by ONKNKNIN
  12. math

    find the area of a parallelogram with base b and height h. b= 74cm h= 14.8 a: 88.8cm (2) b: 177.6cm (2) c: 1095.2cm (2) d: 2242.6cm (2) i think it’s c. please help quick lol

    asked by gamzee ouma
  13. Math

    The diagram shows the contents of a jar of marbles. You select two marbles at random. One marble is drawn and not replaced. Then a second marble is drawn. What is the probability of selecting a red marble and then another red marble? A. start fraction 3

    asked by Someoneahaha
  14. Math

    Leo’s Lawn Care charges $72 for the first hour of mowing, plus $45 for each additional hour. Which equation represents this situation? Select two answers. A.c=45+72(h-1) B.c=72+45(h−1) C.c=45−72(h+1) D.c=72+27h E.c=72+45h F.c=27+45h I believe it is b

    asked by Connexus
  15. English

    Hyperbole — my feet were killing me really means

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    If r = 6 units and h = 12 units, what is the volume of the cylinder shown above? Use 3.14 for .

    asked by tayla
  17. History

    Which identify similarities between Pilgrims and Puritans? Select all that apply. Both groups challenged Calvinists over the issue of predestination. Both groups migrated to the New World to be able to practice their religion freely. Both were Protestant

    asked by annie
  18. Math

    For questions 1-10, match each inequality with its corresponding solution by entering the capital letter only. For example, type "A" only. A. x-1>5 B.2x≤6 C.x-7>-4 D.-2x -3, open dot at -3 and shaded to the right 4.x 3, open dot at 3 and shaded to the

    asked by Yeehaw
  19. MATH

    For each set of numbers, draw your own number line on a piece of paper, taking care to plot each pair of irrational numbers. Then write a statement comparing the position of the two given numbers on a number line. Also write an inequality comparing the two

    asked by memphis
  20. English

    The poems are concrete cat haiku and limerick in the poems you read in collection 3 the poets choose different forms to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject. Imagine That there poetic forms changed. How would each poem be different if its

    asked by Micheal Preston
  21. math

    I need all of these answers with work shown and/or explained, please help.. 1. -(5)^-1 Answer:-1/5 3. -1/y^-4 Answer: -y^4 4. 5 ^ 4 x 5^7 Answer: 5^11 7. (5t ^ 3)^-4 Answer: 1/625t^12 12. What is the order of 4 x 10^-7, 7 x 10^-9, 1 x 10^4, 2 x 10^4

    asked by @ Anonymous
  22. Algebra

    Factor the expression m^2-3mn-28n^2 A. (m+4n)(m-7n) this is my answer. is it correct?

    asked by algerbra
  23. chemistry

    asked by kevin
  24. science

    A person applies a 13.5 N force to a hammer while it moves a distance of .12 m. The hammer completes 1.56 J of work on the nail. What is the efficiency of the hammer? Must show all work, have correct sig figs, and include correct units for full credit

    asked by angel
  25. Science

    Which conversion factor should be used to solve the following problem? How many moles of water (H2O) would be produced from the reaction of 3.25 moles of hydrochloric acid (HCl) reacting with excess calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2? Ca(OH)2 +2HCl --> CaCl2 + 2H2O

    asked by Help
  26. science

    Which of the following explains why your body may contain a carbon atom that was present in George Washington's body in 1776

    asked by yeeee
  27. Math

    9 people share 5 brownies. What fraction does each one get.

    asked by Lauren
  28. History

    Which even happened last? A. President Roosevelt proposed the Lend-Lease Act. B. Germany began invading other countries. C. The Japanese attacked the military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.*** D. Japan invaded China.

    asked by Emmalyn
  29. Math

    For an experiment, you place 15 g of ice with a temperature of -10 degrees C into a cup and label it A. You also add place 25 g of ice at the same temperature into another cup and label it B. Which of the following statements is true? The average kinetic

    asked by Anonymous
  30. chemistry

    I have two questions: 1. A reaction has a first order rate constant of 3.83×10−5 s−1 at 25 °C and 0.00174 s−1 at 75 °C. What is the value of the rate constant at 53 °C? 2. A catalyst decreases the activation energy of a given reaction by exactly

    asked by kevin
  31. math

    If you roll a 6-sided die 72 times, what is the best prediction possible for the number of times you will roll a five?

    asked by Emily
  32. Math

    Find the function rule. x | -2 | -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 y | 9 | 4 | -1 | -6 | -11 I need to show my work, but I'm not sure what the function rule is. Can someone explain it to me?

    asked by Venus
  33. Math

    Adeline sets her music player to randomly select songs from her collection. She has 9 country songs, 11 jazz songs, 3 rap songs, and 6 pop songs. What is the probability that the next song is a rap song or a pop song? A. 9/29**** B. 12/29 C. 14/29 D. 15/29

    asked by
  34. Math

    If you have 672 ounces of punch and you put them in to 4 different bowls and each serving is 8 ounces. How many servings of punch do you have?

    asked by Gabby
  35. chemistry

    what would be the rate of production for: (C6H5)CH2Cl given the following? (C6H5)CH2SH ->k1 k2 (C6H5)CH2C

    asked by layla
  36. science

    What is the kinetic energy of a roller coaster car that has a mass of 482kg that is descending from the highest peak of the coaster which is known to be 75m tall and has a velocity of 37.9 m/s? The gravitational acceleration is 9.81 m/s2.

    asked by angel
  37. Math

    4 friends have 5 chocolates and they want to share equally.

    asked by Gift
  38. Algebra

    Each pair of points lies on a line with the given slope. Find x (2,4) (x,8). Slope is -2

    asked by Blaine
  39. History

    What was a major cause for the Third Italian War of Independence? A desire to create a vast Italian empire in central Europe B the belief the Papal States should remain independent of Italy C the simultaneous attack of Austria by Prussia and Italy in 1866

    asked by Avery
  40. Science

    Which conversion factor should be used to solve the following problem? How many moles of water (H2O) would be produced from the reaction of 3.25 moles of hydrochloric acid (HCl) reacting with excess calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2? Ca(OH)2 +2HCl --> CaCl2 + 2H2O

    asked by Help
  41. chem

    what would be the rate of production for: (C6H5)CH2Cl ? (C6H5)CH2SH ->k1 k2 (C6H5)CH2C please help how do i solve this question? these are the options to choose from: Rate= k1 k2 [ (C6H5)CH2SH ] [ Cl− ]k−1[ Cl− ]+k2[ HS− ] Rate= k1 k2 [ (C6H5)CH2SH

    asked by layla
  42. English

    Look at the words in the bottom. They are all in some way connected to the word change. adjust alter amend bring about conserve develop effect exchange grow implement innovate keep make modify move away from move on preserve radical remain the same sea

    asked by Masre
  43. Freshman Success

    True or False: If you take a course and do not pass it, you still get the credit.

    asked by Amelia
  44. Physics

    What is the resistivity of a cylindrical material whose 1Cm length has a resistance of 2ohms the diameter of the wire is 0.5mm.

    asked by Mklaw
  45. stats

    how to calculate standard deviation

    asked by varaidzo
  46. English

    Hello! I am writing a compare and contrast essay! I have the body and conclusion of the essay written, but can't come up with a hook! Can someone help me come up with some ideas? My essay is comparing and contrasting rabbits and cats. (Weird thing, I know,

    asked by CellLover727
  47. chemistry

    For the elementary process below, the activation energy is 31 kJ mol−1 and the enthalpy of reaction is 12 kJ mol−1. What is Ea for the reverse process, in kJ mol−1 ? A + B ⇌ AB how can i solve this question if im not given the temperature, and even

    asked by layla
  48. Math

    Guys I need help on this question. Ben can type 153 words in three minutes. At this rate, how many words can he type in 10 minutes? Thanks!

    asked by Homework sucks
  49. Math

    The table defines a quadratic function What is the average rate of change between x=-1 and x=1 x|y -1|5 0|1 1|-1 3|1 Please explain :/ by the way it already says the answer is -3 i just don't know how.

    asked by Katy
  50. chem

    what would be the rate of production for: (C6H5)CH2Cl ? (C6H5)CH2SH ->k1 k2 (C6H5)CH2C

    asked by layla
  51. Career Planning

    I need help! What can your public library provide you with? books and other printed information about careers access to Internet sites and other electronic materials about careers staff members to help you find materials all of these

    asked by Lisa
  52. bible

    Select the Inter-Testamental writings. Syrian Scrolls Malachi Palestinia Septuagint Pseudepigrapha Sudapocrypha Babylonian Chronicles Romans Minor Prophets Apocrypha Maccabees Hypocripha asap

    asked by Kyle
  53. History

    How did the Tigris and Euphrates rivers affect life in the Fertile Crescent?

    asked by Lj
  54. Geography

    Describe the physical conditions of the Arabian Peninsula.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    Mr. Smith was deciding when to get up in the morning. He needed 45 minutes to get ready for school. His bus ride took 25 minutes. He wanted to get to school 20 minutes early. If school starts at 8:30, what time should he get up?

    asked by ...
  56. Math

    If point A is located at (-7,5) on a coordinate plane, and point B is located at (4,5), what is the distance between the 2 points?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Science

    In a three prong plug one flat prong carries current from the supply that enters the electrical outlet and the other returns to carry to the service panel of the building around crying helps protect people from electrical shock one has a purpose similar to

    asked by Anonymous
  58. science

    Earth is the only planet known to have _____. an atmosphere a lithosphere a biosphere a cryosphere

    asked by Kyle
  59. Science

    Which statements describe results of the greenhouse effect? habitable climate warmer temperatures increased radiation decreased water vapor reduced rainfall rising CO2 levels longer days

    asked by Kyle
  60. physics

    a spaceship far from any star or planet accelerates uniformly from 65.0 m/s in 10.0 far it does move?

    asked by marichu
  61. geography

    In the United States, in the past two centuries, where did more people live in- the city or the countryside?

    asked by Jackeline
  62. Writing

    I have a few questions, please answer at least one of them: 1.) What would be a reason for someone following the main character? Like for a robbery, murder, or something? I am looking for a more positive reasoning but I'll take anything.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  63. algebra

    after 1 second the rock is 243 feet in the air after 2 seconds, it is 452 feet in the air find the height in feet of the rock after 5 seconds in the air.

    asked by ju
  64. math

    Fill in the blank. To find the area of any triangle, use one of the following three formulas: Area = __________. a) 1/2 bc sin(A), 1/2ab sin(C), or 1/2ac sin(B) b) a/sin(A), b/sin(B), or c/sin(C) c)1/2bc cos(A), 1/2ab cos(C), or 1/2ac cos(B) d)a/cos(A),

    asked by anonymous
  65. Math

    40 is 250% of what number?

    asked by Mia
  66. math

    Consider the equation. 3(x - 2) = 3x - 2 Part A Determine whether the equation has one solution, no solutions, or an infinite number of solutions. Use words, numbers, and/or symbols to justify your answer. Show All Work I know this equations has no

    asked by timmy
  67. English

    Paired Passages: Fire from the Rock & The Little Rock Nine 10) How do these two passages differ in the tone of their narrator? A) The narrator of the first passage is frightened. The narrator of the second passage is angry. B) The narrator of the first

    asked by savanna
  68. math

    the question is which triangle is one that has no right angles? a) scalene b) isosceles c) oblique d) right I put scalene as my answer but my online assignment says it is wrong. please help me

    asked by anonymous
  69. Math

    The product of two whole numbers is 65. What is the sum of the two numbets

    asked by Maryam
  70. Calculus 1

    Explain whether the statement is true and give an explanation or a counterexample: If lim f(x) = ∞ and lim g(x) = ∞ , then lim (f(x)-g(x)) = 0. x->∞ x->∞ x->∞ I think the answer is false, but I'm not sure how to go about explaining why.

    asked by ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
  71. Math

    If the bearing of Q from P is 145 find the bearing of Q from P

    asked by Felix
  72. bible

    Select the 12 disciples of Jesus that were with Him during his earthly ministry: Peter John Judas Benjamin Matthew Paul Simon Timothy James Andrew Bartholomew Philip Mark Theophilus James Thomas Thaddaeus Michael

    asked by Kyle
  73. Civics

    How does the president’s power to grant reprieves, commutations, and pardons relate to the system of checks and balances? A the president can control judical power B the president can enforce the law of the land C the president can increase his or her

    asked by starfire
  74. Science

    Hello, I am supposed to read this journal for an assignment but I am only in grade 11 and I don't understand what is being stated here so I was wondering if someone could help dial down the language used here. The article is: Cannabis Use in Palliative

    asked by anonymous
  75. English

    Agenda stands for.1..price list 2 programme list of meeting 3 list of employees..which option is correct..

    asked by Shehzad
  76. Chemistry

    A sample of helium has a volume of 4.86 x 102 mL at STP. What will be its new volume if the temperature is increased to 341 K and it pressure is increased to 133 kPa? Please show work and solve problem

    asked by ihatethis
  77. Math

    15 is what percent of 40?

    asked by Kloe
  78. math

    Find the area of the irregular figure. A figure with 6 sides is shown. The lower left edge of the figure measures 4 units. The lower right edge of the figure measures 15 units. A dashed segment from the top vertex to the bottom edge measures 25 units and

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    Express each ratio in it lowest term 25cm:3m 100cm:5m 60cm:2m 3600s:2hours 10:90:5

    asked by Jacinta
  80. Math

    if a barrel has a capacity of a hundred gallons how many gallons will it contain when it is 2/5 full

    asked by Jay
  81. math

    Paul Curcio earns $9.25 per hour for regular time up to 30 hours, time-and-a-half for overtime, and double time for the midnight shift. Last week Paul worked 52 hours, including 5 hours on the midnight shift. What are his gross earnings? Round dollars to

    asked by Anonymous
  82. chemistry

    Consider the reaction A ⇌ B which is exothermic in the forward direction. Which of the following increase(s) when the temperature increases. the reverse rate a. the reverse rate b. the forward rate c. Ea (reverse) d. Ea (forward)

    asked by layla
  83. science

    The four main spheres of Earth are the _____. cryosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere atmosphere, hydrosphere, anthrosphere, and atmosphere astrosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere

    asked by Kyle
  84. math

    The √70 lies between what 2 numbers? 7 and 8 8 and 9 6 and 7 9 and 10

    asked by Kyle
  85. Math

    If a barrel has a capacity of 100 gallons, how many gallons will it contain when it is 2/5 full

    asked by Jay
  86. Social Studies

    What was the main cause of death among African captives being transported from the Americas on slave ships? A. Captives were brutally beaten by slave ship captains. B. Diseases spread quickly in the tightly packed holds of ships. C. Most captives died from

    asked by can you answer this?
  87. Math

    Which number has a repeating decimal form? A. \sqrt(15) B. (11)/(25) C. (3)/(20) D. (2)/(6)

    asked by memphis
  88. Math

    In a lilac paint mixture, 40% of the mixture of white paint, 20% is blue, and the rest is red. There are 4 cups of blue paint used in a batch of lilac paint. How many cups of paint will this batch yield

    asked by Alani
  89. history

    hey can you write a one paragraph analysis or your opinion on the information provided below: Grass-roots black community organization such as mutual benefit societies,church groups, and gospel quartets were crucial to black people's survival. Through

    asked by Joshua
  90. Social studies

    What contributed to the increase in power of the French monarchy during the 1100’s

    asked by Lexi
  91. science

    Plants absorb water from the soil to live and grow. This is an example of the biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. A. sphere interaction B. sphere cycle C . sphere circulation D. sphere isolation

    asked by Kyle
  92. Science

    Explain the value or importance of International system of units when describing motion

    asked by No one
  93. English

    That is he, the famous hockey player who scored several goals in the Stanley Cup Final. In this sentence, “he” is a(n) 1. Nominative pronoun 2. Objective pronoun 3. Predicate nominative 4. Possessive pronoun 5. Adjective It's not 1, but I'm not sure if

    asked by A random kid
  94. Science

    What has a purpose similar to that of the round barn in a three prong plug

    asked by Awww
  95. English

    Hi! I'm writing an analysis for a short story and I just don't really understand how to explain the structure of a short story, how should I go about doing this?

    asked by Jacob
  96. history

    Which items are described by the geographic theme of movement? Daniel's ancestors came from Russia. Songs and movies made in the United Kingdom are very popular in India. Germany lies south of the Baltic and North Seas. The Rio Grande forms Mexico's

    asked by Kyle
  97. bible

    Inter-Testamental empires or periods between the empires include: Persian Palestinian Syrian Pseudepigrapha Grecian Septuagint Roman Italian Babylonian Maccabean Egyptian Apocrypha

    asked by Kyle
  98. Math

    If a can of paint covers 75 square ft would 2 cans cover enough the wall 15 ft by 12 ft?

    asked by Beng
  99. Math

    28 is what percent of 70?

    asked by Max
  100. Math

    Two cube-shaped boxes are stacked one above the other. The volume of one box is 512 cubic meters, and the volume of the other box is 216 cubic meters. The total height of the stacked boxes is BLANK meters. PLS FILL IN THE BLANK

    asked by memphis
  101. Social Studies

    How did Akbar encourage social harmony in the Mughal Empire?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. math

    4x = 6x - 14

    asked by maddisyn
  103. Math

    Sandra has a 5 -foot length canvas.she cuts the canvas into pieces that are 1/4 feet long . How many pieces will she have?

    asked by Alexa
  104. math

    Construct a quadrilateral PQRS given that /PQ/=9cm

    asked by precious,osh baby,spicy,ellowietracie
  105. math

    i need help with my homework my homework is volume of but dimensions and rectangular prism and volume thank you love you and i miss you so much..

    asked by nakiya
  106. social studies

    What is meant by the "partition" of India in 1947?

    asked by yeeee
  107. Biology

    The cockroach is the oldest winged insect in the world. This insect is almost identical to the way it was some 350 million years ago. Therefore, the cockroach is an example of a? A. Intermediate fossil B. Living fossil C. Cast fossil D. Mold fossil

    asked by Jess Karnes
  108. Geography

    1. Which of the following is a characteristic of an isolationist society? a. political policies prevent interaction with other countries, including refusal to enter war or sign treaties. b.Economic policies allowed trade with other places c. Policies

    asked by Help pleaseee
  109. social studies

    What was the role of John Ross in the Antebellum South?

    asked by jaydalyn
  110. Careers

    Are there any possibilities to get any job with these subjects? And what job careers can you get with these subjects? Maths lit, life science, geography and CAT

    asked by Praise
  111. English

    Which of the following pronouns is plural? a) Each b) Someone c) Some d) Nobody e) None of the above Is it some (c)?

    asked by Help
  112. English

    Sorry, one more. ________ should I appoint as manager? a) Who b) Whom A?

    asked by Help
  113. Civics

    If there is an increase in presidential power, then we may get a dictator due to the wrong person as President. If we get a Decrease in presidential power that means, there will be more congressional power, And maybe more votes on passing laws for people.

    asked by Panda
  114. English

    Neither person ____________ money to the poor. a) Gives b) Give A?

    asked by Help
  115. English

    a) Each b) Someone c) Some d) Nobody e) None of the above Is it some (c)?

    asked by Help
  116. Geography

    Sphere of influence of an hospital

    asked by Mudau
  117. Physics

    A ball rolls horizontally of the top of a stairway with a speed of 3 m/s. The steps are 20 cm high and 23 cm wide. Wich step does the ball hit first?

    asked by Han
  118. Geography

    Positive and negative effect of mental hospital on environment

    asked by Tshitimbi ndivho