Questions Asked on
February 24, 2020

  1. Calculus

    Suppose that we use Euler's method to approximate the solution to the differential equation 𝑑𝑦/𝑑𝑥=𝑥^4/𝑦 𝑦(0.1)=1 Let 𝑓(𝑥,𝑦)=𝑥^4/𝑦. We let 𝑥0=0.1 and 𝑦0=1 and pick a step size ℎ=0.2. Euler's method is the the

  2. English

    What is the analogy in Robert Frost's the road not taken? Please i need help i have read and re-read this poem and can't find the analogy.

  3. Counseling

    Which course can I choice if I did consumer studies,life sciences, maths lit and geography Geography maths lit life sciences consumer studies

  4. biology

    The number of different X in Y individuals plays a role in increasing genetic biodiversity. X: genes Y: heterozygous X: alleles Y: homozygous X: alleles Y: heterozygous X: generations Y: homozygous is it d

  5. math

    The graph below shows the average daily temperature over the period of a year. Explain how each labeled section of the graph relates to the four seasons. the gragh is like - -------------- -- -- --------- ------------------------- so like connect the dots

  6. math

    Can hours of daylight data be modeled as a sinusoidal function for every location on earth? Explain

  7. science

    1. What type of organism is the grass? * 1 point A Producer B Primary Consumer C Secondary Consumer D Tertiary Consumer 2. Which animal is the herbivore or primary consumer? * 1 point A Rabbit B Fox C Both D Neither 3. Which animal is the carnivore or

  8. Statistics

    14 wrestlers compete in a competition .if each wrestler wrestles one match each with each other wrestler ,what are the total numbers of matches.

  9. English

    Mrs. sue IM NOT UNDERSTANDING poem weather by eve Merriam

  10. English

    1. What are some constructive ways that people can communicate their determination to take an action or reach a goal? 2. Do people sometimes communicate their determination in ways that anger, frighten, annoy, or confuse others? How? 3. What are nonverbal

  11. Chemistry

    Solutions of perchloric acid and potassium hydroxide are mixed what’s the classification

  12. Math

    find the surface area of the rectangular prism. inches are:3 ,2 and 4 those are inches for height length and width A. 60 in. (squared) B. 84 in. (squared) C. 26 in. (squared) D. 52 in. (squared) ***** Please check this for me! thank you

  13. History

    1. Select the boxes in the table to indicate what an archaeologist studying early humans would most likely examine. | Yes | No Weapons | * | Journals | * | Maps | | * Bones | | * 2. Scientists believe the earliest humans originated from Europe * Asia

  14. biology

    Why would a population have a trait controlled by only one allele? Select all that apply. Having a single allele makes it more likely that the population can survive environmental changes. That exact trait is necessary in order for the organism to function

  15. math

    what is the unit price for a piece of cheese if 1.24 pounds costs 11.25

  16. math

    Margo borrows $1400, agreeing to pay it back with 7% annual interest after 14 months. How much interest will she pay?

  17. History

    1) Which event started world war 1? A. the sinking of the Lusitana B. Germany's invasion of Russia. C.the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. D.the landing of the U.S troops in force.

  18. Economics

    The people on Coral Island buy only juice and cloth. The CPI basket contains the quantities bought in 2013​ (the reference base​ year). The average household spent ​$60 on juice and ​$30 on cloth in 2013 when the price of juice was ​$2 a bottle

  19. Maths

    when 3 is added to thrice a certain number, the sum of the number is doubled and the results 13 more than the original number. What is the number?

  20. history

    Can someone check my answers! Which of these is a true statement about the limits placed on the congress select all that apply A. The bill of rights gives congress power to tax citizens B. federalism places limits on congress by reserving certain powers to

  21. social studies

    0. Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address Jefferson Davis, First Inaugural Address “no state … can lawfully get out of the Union.” “In YOUR hands, my dissatisfied fellow-countrymen, and not in MINE, is the momentous issue of civil war. … We are

  22. social studies

    Which of the following contributed to the increased economic and military power of the Sumerians? a series of highly strategic army leaders added to a standing army of many trained soldiersthe formation of alliances with other city-statesthe development of

  23. Chemistry

    A- 50.0 g of H2SO4 react with 75.0 g of NaOH. Identify the limiting and excess reactants. How many grams of Na2SO4 will be formed? B- A chemist burns 160.0 g of aluminum in 200.0 g of oxygen. She produces 275.0 g of aluminum oxide. Which is the limiting

  24. biology

    What is a case of an environmental effect changing a phenotype? Caterpillars in cocoons under different colors of light develop different-colored wings. Caterpillars that receive two recessive traits from parents develop no wings as a defect. Caterpillars

  25. Math

    Which line plot matches the set of data 61, 58, 57, 64, 59, 57, 64, 58, 56, 57

  26. Probability

    You want to determine the probability that in a family of 5 children, there will be more girls than boys. Which describes one trial of a simulation you could use to model this problem? A. Toss a coin 5 times and count the number of heads. B. Toss a 6-sided

  27. chemistry

    FeCl3 +MgO-Fe2O3+MgCl

  28. Physics

    Water flows at the rate of 40ml/sec through an opening at the bottom of a large tank in which the water is 5.0 meter deep. the initial pressure on the surface of the water is atmosphere pressure. calculate the flow rate out of the tank at the opening if an

  29. Math

    Solve 207=2.685sin(360/365 * 207)+12.175

  30. Chemistry

    When solving problems involving stoichiometric coefficients, the first step is to make sure you have a balanced chemical equation. Then, you determine the limiting reagent by using the coefficients from the balanced equation. You can keep track of the

  31. chemistry

    2A + 3B + C ⟶ D + E The rate constant for this reaction is 0.25, and the reaction is second order in A and is first order in B and C. Which option correctly gives the rate of the reaction if [A] is 0.4 M, [B] is 0.1 M and [C] is 0.2 M? 5.0 × 10–4 8.0

  32. Math

    Make a table to show the sample space and find the number of outcomes. Then find the probability. A theater uses a letter to show which row a seat is in, and a number to show the column. If there are eight rows and ten columns, what is the probability that

  33. chemistry

    Given: 50ml of 20% NaOH 5.3g of methyl salicylate How many moles of NaOH solution were used? (if needed, can use the weight volume equation) w/v % = ((weight of solute g)/ (volume of solution ml)) x 100

  34. Maths

    find the volume of cube

  35. math

    What is the expression for "the difference between five times a number and twice that number"? 2N - 5N 5(2 - N) 5N - 2N

  36. Math

    Which of the following is always true about similar polygons

  37. Chemistry

    What mass of aluminum is deposited electrolytically in 30 minutes by a current of 40A?

  38. Algebra

    I need help on zero and negative exponents

  39. science

    Which term describe the main purpose in the water cycle?

  40. Geometry

    Find the circumference of a 15 cm circle

  41. social studies

    What did Muhammad do to the Kaaba, the central shrine in Mecca?

  42. social studies

    How was Judaism different from other religions of its time?

  43. Math

    Which is the Equation of a line perpendicular to the line A 4x+3y=3 B 4x-3y=5 C 3x-4y=3 D 3x+4y=5

  44. History

    How did y’all he coming of the railroad affect travel between the east and west ? Geographically, the transcontinental railroad made it possible for families to keep in touch, people to take vacations, and business to? The transcontinental railroad made

  45. Educational Tech

    Why do authors personification?

  46. English

    So for the essay on question 10 I wrote "I can infer that Rose Pogonias loves flowers, because the poem talks about flowers in a very positive tone. I can also tell that Rose thinks the meadow is very special, since she uses words like "Sun-shaped and

  47. History

    What is one way the Romans were able to conquer such a large territory? A. They would not often trade with other cultures B. They won military battles including the Punic wars C. They used the phalanx as a military formation D. They refused to borrow ideas

  48. Social Studies

    What does the Hijra symbolize in Islam and what did it start?

  49. Social Studies

    1.Which era is defined by reformers working to make changes to the social ills that industrialization and urbanization had brought about? A.Reconstruction era B.Industrialization C.Glided Age D.Progressive Era

  50. History

    1. what happened to airplane manufacturing companies after world war 1 A. Airplane manufacturing began producing goods for the oil industry B. Airplane manufacturing rebounded and produced airplanes, parts, and equipment*** C. Airplane manufacturing

  51. Social studies

    Explain how the changes of population growth in Texas cities can be addressed. (This is a essay question worth 4 points) I don't get what it means by addressed? Like how can someone explain the population growth, is that what its asking? im thankful for

  52. biology

    Which observation led Mendel to the idea that traits were controlled by more than a single factor? A: Crossing two white-flowered pea plants always resulted in a white-flowered pea plant. B: A trait that was not seen in the first generation was completely

  53. Math

    You want to determine the probability that in a family of 5 children, there will be more girls than boys. Which describes one trial of a simulation you could use to model this problem? A. Toss a coin 5 times and count the number of heads.****** B.Toss a

  54. History

    The question is: In the early 19th century, which country took the lead in the world movement against slavery? I searched it up and it said England, but these are my only choices. b. Great Britain c. France d. The Netherlands PLEASE HELP ME! WHAT DO I DO??

  55. MATH

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Yvonne put $4,000 in a savings account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $960 in simple interest. How much does she have in her account at

  56. Math

    Flavia tossed two six-sided number cubes and added the numbers together. Which outcomes have a probability of 1/12? Select two answers. A. 3**** B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 E. 10***

  57. Geography

    How does Washington's physical location impacts its economy? Anything helps, Thanks!

  58. English

    If one was running away from home, to escape and seek adventure, what might they pack in a bag to take with them? I need some ideas. (Don't worry, I'm not running away myself. -It's for my story.)

  59. Biology

    Please check my answers ! Which effect of temperature rise causes a feedback resulting in a rise in global temperatures? more water vapor in the atmosphere**** less severe storms less water vapor in the atmosphere more severe storms How does climate change

  60. Physics

    Two workers are sliding 360 kg crate across the floor. One worker pushes forward on the crate with a force of 380 N while the other pulls in the same direction with a force of 280 N using a rope connected to the crate. Both forces are horizontal, and the

  61. Careers

    What do cosmetologists and barbers do A. treat skin conditions B. Cut and style hair C. Provide facials D. Do massages

  62. English

    Which plot element is typically the turning point and most intense moment of the story? Climax Conflict Resolution Rising action (I think it’s rising action)

  63. Social studies

    what is the economic center of the northern provinces?

  64. Tech Ed

    The first computer was the ___________. A. Apple 1 B. ENIAC C. Altair 8800 D. KENBACK -1 my answer is D but i'm second guessing myself, please help!

  65. English

    Can the word 'fur' refer to 'wool'? And can the word 'wool' refer to 'fur'?

  66. maths

    In a primary school 70% of the boys and 55% of girls can ride a bicycle if a boy and a girl are chosen at random what is the probability that both of them can ride a bicycle. That neither of them can ride a bicycle?

  67. Chemistry

    Two cells are connected in series . One contains AlCl3, and the other contains AgNO3 as the electrolytes. What mass of Ag is deposited when 18g of Al is deposited at cathode?

  68. math

    HELPPPPPP which number can be inserted into the parentheses to make a true statement? -10°C

  69. Trig

    The point (1/3,1/4) lies on the terminal side of an angle. Find the exact value of the six trig functions, and explain which functions are reciprocal functions to each other.

  70. Trig

    what is the period of y= sin 6(x) and y= cos (-1/3)x

  71. Trig

    What is the amplitude and the equation of the midline of the curve y=5sin(x)+3 ?

  72. Trig

    The average monthly temperatures of Atlanta, GA are shown below. Jan 32 degrees Feb 35 degrees Mar 44 degrees Apr 53 degrees May 63 degrees June 73 degrees July 77 degrees Aug 76 degrees Sept 69 degrees Oct 57 degrees Nov 47 degrees Dec 37 degrees

  73. Trig

    It is now time to complete the Periodic Events Discussion. Later on in this Unit, you will learn how to model events by writing trigonometric functions. For now, do some research on events that are cyclical or periodic. Write a discussion post about one of

  74. Trig

    Draw a picture and show all work. Given sinA=4/5 and cosA

  75. Trig

    Draw a picture and show all work. Given cosA=3/10 and tanA

  76. Earth Science

    5. Two _________________ plates are descending (going under) the _________________ plate.

  77. science

    which kind of inclined plane pushes up more steeper or flatter? what do you think causes this?

  78. Math

    6. Students are building a model of volcano. The volcano is about 7,992 feet tall. The students want the model to be 18 inches tall. What scale should they use? 7. Two cities on a map were 2 1/4 inches apart. The cities are actually 56.25 miles apart. What

  79. Math

    You were assigned 20 problems you completed 5 of them. Which fraction of the problems you have left? 🧐🤨

  80. US History

    The influx of new territory brought on by the end of the Mexican War was the primary cause for the need for ____________________. Group of answer choices The Compromise of 1850 The Nullification Crisis The Kansas-Nebraska Act The Missouri Compromise

  81. English

    Re-read lines 232-257. Helena mentions love several times in this passage. How does she describe love? Based on her description, what do you think she believes about love? This question is from the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Henry Thomas and

  82. Math

    A flea is very difficult for the human eye to see. Jose looks at a drawing of a flea in a book. The drawing uses the scale 5:1. The actual length of a flea is 2 mm. How long is the drawing?

  83. Math

    What did gyro go into a bakery?

  84. History

    Why did labor unions grow after the war? A. there were more jobs in manufacturing*** B. there were more farms C. there were many soldiers returning from war D. more people moved to cities I chose A, I hope I'm right! (If you guys have any other sources,

  85. physics

    A sight seen on many bunny hills across Ontario is young skiers pushing on ski poles and gliding down a slope until they come to rest. Observing from a distance, you note a young person (approximately 25 kg) pushing off with the ski poles to give herself

  86. health

    What is the difference between male and female hormones? 4 points

  87. Civics

    Please help i don’t know the answer Explain the purpose and function of the Electoral College. How are it’s members chosen? How does the Electoral College reflect the will of the people?

  88. math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. It is possible for two rectangles to have the same area, but only if they also have the same perimeter. B. It is possible for two rectangles to have the same area without having the same perimeter. C. It is

  89. Writing

    (This is for my story) I know this is very strange, but how could a piece of broken glass play a role in a story? Like a tool or charm or something.

  90. Math

  91. Calculus

    if 3x^2+5x+xy=1 y(1)=-7 and y'(1)= ? I can solve for dy/dx but I don't know what to do with y(1) and y'(1)

  92. chemistry

    2Ca(s)+O2(g) → 2CaO(s) ΔH∘rxn= -1269.8 kJ ΔS∘rxn= -364.6 J/K Calculate the free energy change for the reaction at 22 ∘C

  93. Science

    Describe a situation that could be used as an analogy to explain the formation of ions in ionic compounds. I can't think of anything, can anyone help?

  94. Economics

    What is meant by biased n unbiased shifts of the ppf?