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February 21, 2020

  1. Math

    Radio signals travel at a rate of 3x10^8 meters per many seconds would it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.6x10^7 meters? A. 8.3 seconds B. 1.2x10^-1 seconds

    asked by Wheels On The Bus
  2. Math

    Members at a recreation center can choose whether or not to play sports. Which fact establishes the observation that "a member is a girl" is independent from the observation "a member plays sports"? a.As many girls play sports as do not. b.The fraction of

    asked by HELPPLSS!!!
  3. English

    Among the elements of poetry are the sound devices alliteration, repetition, and onomatopoeia. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of each. Then, explain how poets use these sound devices to enhance mood and meaning in their poems.

    asked by Connexus
  4. Math

    When inflated, a beach ball has a radius of 4.5 inches. Approximately how many cubic inches of air does it hold? A.286 B.95 C.32 D.382 can someone help I dont quite understand it I think it might be 32 am I wrong?

    asked by HELPPLSS!!!
  5. calculus

    Find the rate of change of total​ revenue, cost, and profit with respect to time. Assume that​ R(x) and​ C(x) are in dollars. ​R(x)= 55x - 0.5x^2​ , ​C(x)=5x + 20​, when x=40 and dx/dt=30 units per day 1. The rate of change of total revenue

    asked by brittany
  6. chemistry

    Calculate the change in entropy that occurs in the system when 1.49 mol of acetone (C3H6O) condenses from a gas to a liquid at its normal boiling point (56.1 ∘C) The heat of vaporization is 29.1 kJ/mol.

    asked by lee
  7. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial equation by finding all real roots x^4+15x^2-16 Many thanks

    asked by Mark
  8. Math

    Marie forgot the formula for finding the area of a circle, so she divided the circle into sectors and created a parallelogram-shaped figure. What should she use as the height of the figure? A.the radius B.360 C.12 of the circumference D.the circumference

    asked by Sara
  9. Math

    What is the perimeter of Letter E.

    asked by Shobhana Wandre
  10. Math

    Change c of a telephone company is partly constant and partly varies as the number of units call y the cost of 50 unti is 2500 and the cost of120 units 3000find the formular of connecting c and y when =4000

    asked by Kaothar
  11. algebra

    Solve the polynomial equation by finding all real roots g(x) = x^4 + 15x^2 -16 SO: (X^2+16) (X-1)....I'M STUCK THANKS

    asked by Mark
  12. history

    What was the main reason that the United States became involved in the Vietnam conflict? A. The United States wanted to support France in its fight to retain its colonies in Southeast Asia. B. The United States had established an alliance with the

    asked by person
  13. math

    1. Flavia tossed two six-sided number cubes and added the numbers together. Which outcomes have a probability of 1/12? Select two answers. *A. 3 *B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 E. 10 2. You want to determine the probability that in a family of 5 children, there will be

    asked by Lillian
  14. social studies

    Which of the following statements about the Quran is true?

    asked by yeeee
  15. math

    What is the maximum possible product that can be attained by two numbers with a sum of −8?

    asked by Sara
  16. History

    Which most accurately describe the impact of the Crusades on the Jewish community? Select all that apply. During the Fourth Crusade, Saladin entered the Crusades and massacred Jews in Constantinople. During the Third Crusade, England entered the Crusades

    asked by annie
  17. math

    What is the measure of a central, interior, and exterior angle in a regular octagon? Please help ASAP!

    asked by Andrea
  18. Social studies

    "The hijab has many images for Westerners, while its meaning differs for those wearing it. Explain at least three different reasons why it might be worn by a Middle Eastern woman today, and finally how freedom is defined differently by those who are

    asked by Dave
  19. maths

    You’re running a race and pass the person in 2nd place. What place are you in now?

    asked by emma
  20. social studies

    Describe the causes and effects of sectional differences between the North and South by comparing northern and southern whites. Consider differences in the basis of wealth and city population

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  21. History

    What were the characteristics of trade between Rome and the East? Choose all answers that are correct. A. Goods traveled to Rome along a network of roads now known as the Silk Road and were shipped across the Mediterranean Sea. B. Wealthy Romans wanted

    asked by Random Person
  22. Calculus

    Suppose the point (pi/3, pi/4) is on the curve sinx/x + siny/y = C, where C is a constant. Use the tangent line approximation to find the y-coordinate of the point on the curve with x-coordinate pi/3 + pi/180.

    asked by Nick Gurr
  23. World History

    What was the Habsburg Empire? 1. A Hungarian Empire that conquered and ruled Austria and other German states. 2. An Austrian Empire that ruled all of the German states. 3. A Prussian Empire that formed an alliance with Russia. 4. An Austrian Empire that

    asked by Maybelline
  24. Maths

    The angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole from a height 1.5m above a horizontal ground is 40. The foot of the pole is on the same horizontal ground and the point of observation is 20m from pole. Find the height of pole to 3.sp

    asked by Patrick
  25. Calculus

    Please let me know the answers to these practice problems. Please don’t just refer me to different calculators or give me one or two steps, I’ve already tried all that and I just need the answers. You’re help is greatly appreciated! Images for

    asked by Kathy
  26. history

    which of the following is true about the weather in washington?

    asked by connexus
  27. Physics

    A length 550cm of tin thread wraps around a cylinder exactly 25times. Calculate the circumference and the radius of the cylinder.

    asked by Becca
  28. English

    To which sentence does the imagery in lines 8 and 9 appeal to

    asked by Xxx
  29. English

    Which form best describes this poem?

    asked by Xxx
  30. history

    Question 15 of 25 What effect did the sale of Liberty Bonds have on the American effort in World War I? A. The sale of the bonds caused high unemployment and a loss in investment in U.S. businesses. B. The sale of the bonds raised more than half of the

  31. Maths

    May someone help me with my HW problem (b)? Radiocarbon dating can be used to estimate the age of material, such as animal bones or plant remains, that comes from a formerly living organism. When the organism dies, the amount of carbon-14 in its remains

    asked by Joann
  32. history

    Which of the following describes the principle of checks and balances A. congress must make sure that the national budget is balanced. B. one branch of government can check the power of another branch of government. C. power is balanced equally between the

    asked by help!!!
  33. English

    Hello! I am writing a compare and contrast essay! I have the body and conclusion of the essay written, but can't come up with a hook! Can someone help me come up with some ideas? My essay is comparing and contrasting rabbits and cats. (Weird thing, I know,

    asked by CellLover727
  34. Algebra

    Which equation illustrates dividing out a common factor as the first step to solve the equation 2 x + 4 = 6 x + 2 ? A. 2 ( x + 2 ) = 2 ( 3 x + 1 ) B. 2x/2 + 2/2 = 6x/2 + 2/2 C. 2x/2 + 4 = 6x/2 + 2*** D. 2 x + 4/2 = 6 x + 2/2

    asked by Null
  35. history

    write a paragraph describing how the us government managed the economy during world war I and the economic effects of the management consider the roles played by the food administration the war industries board (wib) and the war labor board.

  36. history

    Write a paragraph describing how the U.S. government managed the economy during World War I and the economic effects of that management. Consider the roles played by the Food Administration, the War Industries Board (WIB), and the War Labor Board.

  37. Math

    Isaac made a mistake in his checkbook he wrote à check for $8.98 To rent à vidéo game but mistakenly recorded it in his checkbook as an $8.98 deposite

    asked by Jessica
  38. Math

    Which is a set of collinear points? A. G, H, I B. L, H, I C. G, H, J D, G, I, J

    asked by (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  39. science,

    1- If a satellite orbiting the Earth at a height of 150 km (93 miles) above the surface of the earth. Calculate the speed, acceleration and orbital period of the satellite. Using these given constants: M(earth) = 5.98 x 10^24 kg, R(earth) = 6.37 x 10^6 m).

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics

    When an object falls down why is acceleration of gravity not positive if both acceleration and velocity are both pointing in the same direction toward the earth and speeding up?

    asked by Anonymus
  41. Science

    describe an experiment to determine the s.v.p of water in the temperature range 25°c-70°c.sketch the curve u would expect to obtion

    asked by Adekuoroye Yemisi
  42. math

    Marilyn, Sharon, and Rhonda collect earrings. Marilyn has half as many earrings as Sharon. Rhonda has 15 more earrings than Marilyn. Let x represent the number of earrings that Sharon has. Which algebraic expression represents the number of earrings Rhonda

    asked by kiara
  43. math

    A page should have perimeter of 42 inches. The printing area within the page would be determined by top and bottom margins of 1 inch from each side, and the left and right margins of 1.5 inches from each side. What should be the overall dimensions of the

    asked by Sara
  44. philosophy

    Vellman claims that anyone who is capable of requesting euthanasia still has their dignity intact, which is what makes killing them morally wrong. A. True B. False I believe it is false Vellman uses paternalistic reasons to oppose a legal requirement to

    asked by West
  45. science

    what is the likely identity of a metal if a sample has a mass of 63.5kg when submerged in air and an apparent mass of 55.4kg when submerged in water?

    asked by lisahmarrie
  46. Calculus

    What is the difference between Cos(1/2)= and arcCos(1/2)=, why are they both equal to pi/3

    asked by Anonymus
  47. World History

    What is nationalism? 1. A desire to conquer other nations and absorb them into your own. 2. The process of creating a single country from many states. 3. The belief that all people of the world are part of a single nation. 4. A feeling of patriotism and

    asked by Maybelline
  48. Geography

    A footbal mach between senegal (18w) and japan (140e)was played in senegal on saturday septbmer 1995 at 6:00pm calcutute the time day to listen to the commentary of the mach by the japanese

    asked by Nusaiba lawal
  49. Math

    What will be the luck numbers 5 out 90 at a given period of time?

    asked by Luke
  50. Math

    Find the scalars m and n such that mp plus nq equals 14i plus 13j.p is 3i equals 3j and q is 4i plus 7j

    asked by Praise
  51. world history

    can someone please check my answers. 1.)since independence, in most latin american countries. a.elected governments have been overthrown by a millitary coup d'etat. b.elected governments have continued to function peacefully. c.socialist governments have

    asked by Luis
  52. Algebra

    Solve polynomial equation by finding all real roots X^3+ 6x^2+9x+2=0 I get that the answer is x=-2 when you do synthetic division and that the equation is (x+2)(x^2+4x+1), BUT Where does the other answer . -2+/-√3 come from? Than you!

    asked by Ariana
  53. Algebra

    Help I have no idea - What is the domain of the function below? point) { (0,2) (3,1),(5,2),(8,4)} {1,2,4} {0,3,5,8\} {0,1,2,3,4,5,8} { (0,2),(3,1),(5,2),(8,4)}

    asked by Connections
  54. Algebra

    1 What ordered in the FORM (x,y) is Solution of this 3x-4y=21 Equation Choice are (-3,-2) (-2,-3) (0,4) (4,0) 2 What ordered in the FORM (x,y) is Solution of this Equation (x+6)y=9 What ordered in the FORM (x,y) is Solution of this Equation x+3y=19 What

    asked by HelpPls
  55. Math

    Lisa, Beth, and Tim painted their grandparent's house. • The amount of time Lisa painted can be represented by x. • The amount of time Beth painted is 1 3/5 times the amount Lisa painted • The amount of time Tim painted is 1 2/3 times the amount Lisa

    asked by Trig
  56. Math

    Tell whether each ordered pair is a solution of y=x +12. (−12,24) (12, 24) (0,−12) (−12,0) (7, 19) (24, 12) (6, 15) (9, 21) I don't know how to do these, please just explain how to do these? thx

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math /Algebra

    Which Is equation in slope intercept form for the line passes through (2,8) and is perpendicular to 4x+2y=6 y=-1/2x+7 y=1/2x+7 y=-2x+12 y=2x+4 Love you and thanks for the help

    asked by NunYa
  58. physics

    A child throws a snowball with a horizontal velocity of 18 m/s directly toward a tree, from a distance of 9.0 m and a height above the ground of 1.5 m. a) After what interval does the snowball hit the tree? b) At what height above the ground will the

    asked by anonymous
  59. social studies

    How did the Missouri Compromise preserve a balance of power in the Senate? a.The compromise allowed voters to add territory to their state. b.The compromise provided for an equal total population in the states and territories c.The compromise allowed

    asked by 45739
  60. Social Studies

    A potlatch can best be described as a I say c

    asked by John Doe
  61. math

    A(-2,1)B(-2,3)C(0,5)it's image on a graph using 1/2

    asked by Janet
  62. English

    Which sentence contains an infinitive phrase? A. Anne passed the time by sharing her dreams. B. Anne wanted to live in Paris. C. Her favorite activity was riding a bike. D. Living in hiding, she did with little privac

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Re-post for Elizabeth

    I had to write an analysis on the effectiveness of a particular person's opinionated article. My teacher said my essay lacked style, form, and the correct word usage. What do I need to fix? Elizabeth Richwine Dr. Christine Nuener English 1020.2IH February

    asked by Writeacher
  64. Math

    an electrician earns 136,100 a year and they are taxed at 27% how much do they pay in taxes what is their personal income after they pay their taxes Taxes,tips and interest

    asked by Jishka
  65. Civics

    Which of the following is the president's purpose in the state of the union address? A: To announce presidential appointments B: To explain why Legislation has vetoes C: to give Americans a message of hope D: to recommend legislation

    asked by Chez
  66. algebra

    Solve the polynomial by finding all real roots G(x)= x^3 + 3x^2 +9x+ 27 I got x^2 (x+3) +3(x+9) so far Thank you

    asked by Ariana
  67. math

    pencils come in packages of 10. erasers come in packages of 12. Philip wants to purchase the small est number of pencils and erasers so that he will have exactly 1 eraser per pencil. how many packages of pencils and erasers should Philip buy ?

    asked by indigo
  68. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial by finding all roots 3x^3-8x^2+3x+2=0 I got so far 3x(x^2+1)-2(4x^2+1) Thank you!

    asked by Ariana
  69. Math

    Tasha has foam blocks stored in a box that measures 3 1/4 ft long by 3 ft wide by 1 ft tall. Each foam block is a cube with 1/4 -ft edge length. How many blocks can fit into the box? 156 312 624 2496

    asked by Akemi
  70. geography

    what were writers, scientists, and thinkers who discussed Enlightenment ideas known as?

    asked by john
  71. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial by finding all roots x^3+3x^2+9x+27 =0 Thank you I got this so far X^2(x+3)+3(x+9)...????

    asked by Ariana
  72. math

    find the surface area of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a square unit width: 4cm height: 12.4cm a: 206cm(2) b: 623cm (2) c: 100.5cm (2) d: 412cm (2) i think it’s b, can someone give me the right answer quick pls.

    asked by gamzee ouma
  73. social studies

    Where was the ancient region of Mesopotamia located?

    asked by yeeee
  74. Math

    The sum of 9 and a certain number one and times the first number.find the number.

    asked by Muhammad
  75. Calculus

    Hello, I am working on my calc 1 homework where we use L'Hôpital's rule to evaluate limits. When I try to evaluate this problem to find the indeterminate form, it becomes undefined so I know I need to rewrite it in a different way, I just don't know how.

    asked by Sky
  76. Math

    If the movie starts at 7:15 PM and is one hour and 46 minutes long. What time does the movie end?

    asked by Sarah
  77. Physics

    On a horizontal smooth surface, 2 kg block is placed castward and 4 kg block is placed westward. Two blocks are now connected with a horizon tal string. If 12 N horizontal force is applied on 4 kg block along west direction, find (i) common acceleration of

    asked by Allu Arjun Rampal
  78. mathematic

    in a certain examination 52 candidates offered biology 60 candidates offered history and 96 offered mathematics

    asked by mohammad
  79. social studies

    Select the fundamental difference between Christianity and Judaism.

    asked by yeeee
  80. social studies

    Select the correct boxes. Christianity Shinto Islam Buddhism This belief is espescially strong in South Korea. This belief forms a majority in many northwestern Chinese communities. The majority of Japanese follow this belief. Most East Asians adhere to

    asked by Help meeeeee