Questions Asked on
February 19, 2020

  1. History

    Why did many Armenians leave Turkey in the early 20th century? A) They wanted to establish their own state. B) They were searching for jobs. C) They were being persecuted. D) They were experiencing a drought. I believe the answer is C

    asked by Flare
  2. Math

    There are 150 people at an international medical conference,40 are African, 70 are women and 110 are doctors. 12 of the women are African, 46 of the doctors are women and 31 of the Africans are doctors. If 5 of the African men are not doctors.(i) how many

    asked by Olalekan
  3. English

    Fog BY CARL SANDBURG The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. I wanted to know if anyone can find any figurative language in this poem I can't really find anything. Thank you as always for

    asked by idk
  4. Physics

    Is this right? How much energy is stored in the 50mF capacitor when Va-Vb= 22V? For the parrallel of top25uF and bottom25uF, I got Ceq=25+25=50uF For the

    asked by AAA
  5. Math

    How are common denominator and common multiple alike and different

    asked by Lala
  6. Educational Technology

    What do I do if someone wants to be my friend, and I don’t know who the person is? It's a short answer question

    asked by ☆Alexa☆
  7. Math

    Felix has a bag of 6 yellow marbles and 6 green marbles. He picks a marble and then puts it back 26 times. The results are shown in the table. Yellow 15 and green 11. What is the percent error of pulling a yellow marble in Felix’s experiment?

    asked by lucy
  8. Math

    Dimensions of a rectangular prism with a volume of 300 cubic units

    asked by Tonya
  9. Math

    what is the value of x in the figure below?

    asked by yay
  10. Physics

    A glass bottle full of mercury has 500g on being heated through 35 degree, 2.43g of mercury are expelled. calculate the mass of mercury remaining in the bottle (cubic expansivity of mercury,=1.8*10"-4) (linear expansivity of glass =8.0*10"-6)

    asked by christiana
  11. Math

    Which experiment has a non-uniform probability model? SELECT TWO ANSWERS. A.Tossing a fair coin one time B.Randomly guessing the answer to a question on a multiple choice test that has four answer choices for each question C.Spinning a spinner with

    asked by lucy
  12. physics

    A projectile is fired uphill as sketched in Figure P4.90. If v0 = 173 m/s and θ = 30°, find L.

    asked by none
  13. Biology

    with the aid of a map describe the local biotic communities in nigeria

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Biology

    In fruit flies, eye colour is a sex-linked trait. Red eyes are dominant over white eyes. If a white-eyed female fly is crossed with a red-eyed male fly, what proportion of the offspring would have white eyes? A) 0% B) 25% C) 50% D) 75%

    asked by please help
  15. Science

    A carrier is a person who has A. one recessive and one dominant allele for a trait B. two recessive alleles for a trait C.two dominant alleles for a trait D. more than two alleles for a trait (my answer)

    asked by o(╥﹏╥)o
  16. math

    how do i write an expression for 17 less than twice a number x

    asked by tay
  17. math

    Can hours of daylight data be modeled as a sinusoidal function for every location on earth? Explain.

    asked by A
  18. Set

    In a certain examination, 52 candidates offered Biology, 60 candidates offered History and 96 offered Mathemathics, if 21 candidates offered biology and History, 22 candidates offered Biology and mathematics, 16 candidates offered History and methematics,

    asked by Muhammad
  19. math

    A rational function of the form y = a/(x - h) + k has asymptotes at x = 4 and y = - 2. Write the equations of two different functions that meet this description. I am completely blank on this! Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    Find the surface area of the prism?

    asked by yeeee
  21. geography

    Look at the map and answer the question3.Which civilization was located in the darker-shaded area on this map? A.Olmec B.Mayan C.IncanD.AztecStudy the diagram and answer the question.

    asked by rkayla
  22. Math

    Explain how to write a function rule from the table below (3 X |2|4|6|8| Y |1|0|-1|

    asked by Goldfish
  23. Math

    Suppose you toss a fair, two-sided coin. List the sample space. List one possible event. Calculate the probability of that event.

    asked by lucy
  24. Math

    Determine whether each number could be the probability of an event. Explain your reasoning. 1.5 1

    asked by lucy
  25. Math

    Suppose you roll a fair, six-sided number cube. List the sample space. List one possible event. Calculate the probability of that event.

    asked by Matt
  26. maths

    Multiple each of the following and write the answers in standard form. 1.(1-4i)(-6+3i) 2. (1-3i)(1+3i)

    asked by The orange baboon🦍.
  27. Business Statistics

    An English teacher needs to pick 10 books to put on his reading list for the next school year, and he needs to plan the order in which they should be read. He has narrowed down his choices to 4 novels, 4 plays, 6 poetry books, and 6 nonfiction books. Step

    asked by Dean Murphy
  28. Calculus

    "A 9-foot wall stands 30 ft from the building. find the length of the shortest straight beam that will reach to the side of the building from the ground outside the wall". So I believe I need to start with the Pythagorean Theorem formula, but where do I

    asked by Sky
  29. math

    how do i write an expression that respresents the quotient of x and 2 minus 8

    asked by tay
  30. Math

    What other phenomena can be modeled using sinusoidal functions?

    asked by A
  31. chemistry

    if the E.M.F of the cell( 2Hg +2H )is 0.65v.calculate the maximum electrical work of this cell when o.5g of 5v gas is consumed

    asked by magnificent
  32. math

    a plane leaves an airport P 10 degrees south,60 degrees east and flies due north at 800km/hr.find its position after 24hrs

    asked by ruth
  33. math

    A line L1 passes through point (1,2) and has a gradient of 5.Another line L2,is perpendicular to L1 and meets it at a point where X=4.Find the equation for L2 in the form y=mx+c

    asked by chelangat
  34. math

    a plane is flying at an altitude of 23,760 feet. which expression can be used to find the altitude in miles

    asked by HOSEBEE
  35. algebra

    Natalie has $5000 and decides to put her money in the bank in an account that has a 10% interest rate that is compounded continuously. What type of exponential model is Natalie’s situation? Write the model equation for Natalie’s situation How much

    asked by lexxy
  36. Economics

    How could a nation have a large gross domestic product and yet a very low standard of living? A Its imports are low. B Its workforce is productive. C Its population is large. D It does not produce many final products. I believe it is C? May I get some

    asked by Sam
  37. social studies

    How have the Ten Commandments influenced life today?

    asked by yeeee
  38. American History

    Can someone explain to me why the Americans supported the Mexican American War please.

    asked by me
  39. Civics

    Which role is a president filling by appointing an attorney general?

    asked by e
  40. English

    What does the speaker in "in Just-" mean when he says "the world is puddle-wonderful"?

    asked by yeeee
  41. Social Studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. Early urban areas in North America tended to develop a. Along rivers the valleys between mountains a Taiga D. In the great plains.

    asked by PLZ HELP
  42. Calculus

    An object is thrown straight down from the top of a building 200 feet tall with an initial velocity of 20 ft/sec. Use the position function s(t) = –16t 2 + v0t + s0.

    asked by Josh
  43. Social Studies

    Governor Brough was particularly interested in what reform efforts? Choose 3 anti-lynching prison reform suffrage prohibition healthcare

    asked by my name
  44. history

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. Early urban areas in North America tended to develop... 1. along rivers. 2. in the valleys between mountains. 3. in the taiga. 4. on the great plains. I think it is 4 but I'm not sure please help :)

    asked by person
  45. history

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. The....established the Jamestown colony. ^ | A. the Spanish B. the British C. the french D. the Dutch I think it is B PLEASE HELP :)

    asked by person
  46. Math

    Please help!! I don't know what to do! tysm if u answer!! Which would not be an appropriate way to generate 10 random integers to use in one trial of a probability simulation? A. Make a list of the first 10 integers that come to your mind. B. Use a random

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  47. history

    Use the drop-down box to complete the sentence. The majority of jobs in Canada are found in... A.manufacturing B. the service sector C. agriculture D. Fishing I think it might be B but not 100% sure please help :)

    asked by person
  48. history

    Scientists rely heavily upon which kind of evidence to learn about early American Indians like the Mississippians? A.written records B.stone monuments C.Religious epics D.artifacts I think it is either A or D please help :)

    asked by person
  49. Social studies

    Which of the following granted independence for Canada? A. the Act of Union B. the Quebec Act C. the British North America Act D. the Statute of Westminster i think it is b

    asked by PLZ HELP
  50. Math

    A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year if a circle graph were made

    asked by Goldfish
  51. Social studies

    Which of the following doubled the size of the United States in 1803? A. the Civil War B. the Louisiana Purchase C. the American Revolution D. the Mexican-American War

    asked by coolkid375
  52. Math

    Suppose you roll a fair, six-sided number cube. List the sample space. List one possible event. Calculate the probability of that event.

    asked by Matt
  53. Math

    Suppose you roll a fair, six-sided number cube. List the sample space.

    asked by Matt
  54. Science

    Imagine two billiard balls on a pool table. Ball A has a mass of 7 kilograms and ball B has a mass of 2 kilograms. The initial velocity of the ball A is 6 meters per second to the right, and the initial velocity of the ball B is 12 meters per second to the

    asked by John
  55. math

    A small bottle of Dr. Pepper holds 31.2 cm3 of the delicious drink. For a New Year's Eve party, you need enough juice to fill 6 cone-shaped glasses that have a 4 cm diameter and a 3 cm height. How many full bottles of Dr. Pepper do you need to buy to

    asked by kirby
  56. Math

    given the data: 21,13,13,37,13,23,25,15 a. what is the outlier b. what is the mean with the outlier c.what is the mean without the outlier

    asked by Goldfish
  57. Math

    A charity organization is collecting change to raise money. They have collected three times as many dimes as quarters, 11 more nickels than dimes, and 2 times as many pennies as nickels. Let x represent the number of quarters. Write an expression to

    asked by Null
  58. math

    A rational function of the form y = a/(x - h) + k has asymptotes at x = 4 and y = - 2. Write the equations of two different functions that meet this description. I am completely blank on this! Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Economics

    QA=96-2PA_3PB QB=30-25PA+0.32Y Given that PA=2,PB=4,Y=1000

    asked by Paula
  60. Math

    The graph shown represents the equation y=3x−9. graph link no spaces h t t p s : / / s 3 . a m a z o n a w s . c o m / t n 8 p r e v - p r d - c n - t n 8 g e n e r a l / i t e m s / 2 / 5 4 4 0 c 3 c 8 - 4 3 6 9 - 4 6 8 d - 8 e e d - f e c 3 4 8 8 4 7 2

    asked by fortnite kid
  61. Math

    Given the following vaules, which point would be consdred an outlier? X 1 |2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9 Y 0.9 |2.1 |3.2 |3.9 |7.4 |5.8 |7.2| 8 |9.1| A (2,2.1) B (9,9.1) C (8,8) D (5,7.4)

    asked by G
  62. English

    Where did they find Winn Dixie after he ran from the thunder?

    asked by ziiyah
  63. science

    Explain in terms of temperature and density how convection currents cause Earth's plates to be in slow, constant motion

    asked by HELP
  64. math

    Admission to a zoo costs $10 for adults and $6 for children. A group of 29 people attending the zoo paid a total of $222 in admission fees. a. Write a system of equations to represent the situation. Let a represent the number of adult admissions, and let c

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  65. science

    why is poop brown and blue and green :)

    asked by bob
  66. Math

    Can you show me Step By Step of Dividing Decimals? Thank you, Fxllinq_Moon

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  67. math

    To convert a distance between miles and feet, you can use the equation f=5280m, where f represents the number of feet and m represents the number of miles. In this equation, which describes the role of f ? A. the dependent variable B. the independent

    asked by Kid with a quiz
  68. science

    3. Which of the following is NOT evidence that tectonic plates move? Sea floor spreading Mountain ranges Earthquakes Radiation in Earth's core**

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    You bought books from an online book store that charges a flat fee for shipping each order. There was no sales tax on this purchase. The graph shows the cost of purchasing x books. About how much did the books cost if the total purchase was $31.50? A.

    asked by Kid with a quiz
  70. Civics

    describe an argument that states rights advocates might use to make their cases that the centralization is a bad thing (its writing)

    asked by Help with school connexus
  71. physics

    the efficiency of a machine is 80% determine the work done of a person using the machine to raise a load of 250kg through a vertical distance of 3.0m (take g =10ms-2).

    asked by avivabliss
  72. math

    When the numerator and denominator have only 1 as a common factor

    asked by Sxapple

    help w the Poetry Collection CONNEXUS

    asked by CUTIE
  74. biology

    what is the general name given to carbohydrates such as sucrose?

    asked by Ashley
  75. History

    Describe a situation in which a state governor might ask for federal troops to be sent to his or her state how would this situation be an example of responsibilities that the federal government owes to the state?

    asked by i need help, can someone help me?
  76. Grammar

    Is it décor or decor when speaking of decorations?

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  77. math

    A phone company charges $7.95 per month plus an additional $0.10 for each minute of long distance use x. Write an expression that represents the total a month cost to use the phone company.

    asked by tay
  78. math

    The length of a rectangle is 8 units longer that the width 2w. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

    asked by tay
  79. Math

    Evaluate the numeric expression 32 ÷ 4 − 2 ⋅ 4 A. 28 b. -8 c. 4 d. 0

    asked by fortnite kid
  80. Spanish

    Which of the following Latino astronauts was honored for his contributions to science and his community? A. Jose Hernandez*** B. Michael E. Lopez-Alegria C. George D. Zamika

    asked by lol
  81. Health

    In a few sentences give specific examples from the magazine article that describes where the typical teen lives (ex. a mansion or homeless), and the lifestyle typical teens seem to have. I can't find a magazine that has a specific example for this.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  82. Math

    Two and thirty-six hundredths

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math

    What is thevalue of (1/3) xsquared +2 when x=3

    asked by tay
  84. Chemistry

    This a tough one folks here's the entire prompt: Nicotine, the addictive ingredient in tobacco, contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. When a 1.567g sample of nicotine is burned completely in oxygen, it produces 4.251g CO2 and 1.216g H20.

    asked by josh
  85. Math

    How many 5-letter words may be formed from BCDEA (with no repetition of letters) so that the consonants are not all separated from each other by vowels. The answer is supposed to be 108 but I honestly have no idea how to even begin approaching this

    asked by Lila
  86. Statistics

    1) What percentage of the defense players weigh above 300 lb? What about the offense players? 2) What is the mode of the offense players? What is the mode of the defense players? Defense: 190, 221, 200, 198, 195, 210,195, 215, 305, 265, 260, 255, 305, 310,

    asked by Lia
  87. algebra

    The standard form of a linear equation is Ax+By=C, where A and B are not both 0, and A is nonnegative. Explain why each equation is not written in standard form. Write the equation in standard form and identify the constants A, B, and C. 3x=−8y+48

    asked by Jonas
  88. Math

    #1: Prove or provide a counterexample: For all sets A, B, C, if A is subset of B and B is a subset of C^c (complement of C), then AC= { }. How can you even find the complement of C?

    asked by David
  89. Math

    #2: Use a proof by contradiction to prove: For all sets A, B, C, D if A intersection C= { }, then (A x B) intersection (C x D) = { }. So do I assume the Hypothesis is false or do I assume the conclusion is false to do a proof by contradiction?

    asked by David
  90. Math

    Call a relation R “orbital” if xRy and yRz imply zRx. Prove that R is an equivalence relation if and only R is both reflexive and orbital. (Note that this is an “if and only if” statement, which is bi-conditional. So there are actually two

    asked by David
  91. History

    Which statement best summarizes one cause of the Intolerable Acts? plz explain

    asked by kk
  92. Biology

    I'm unsure of what a ℉ 31/45 is of a Temperature Range. I'm not sure whether it means hot or cold. But i think it means cold.

    asked by Katy
  93. History

    What child labor reforms ddI progressives seek?

    asked by Victor
  94. English

    I have an assignment, and the assignment is responding to an email request from the supervisor. the question is if the name of the supervisor has unknown name (name is not given) in the assignment question sheet and at the top of my page I wrote "Hi, ",

    asked by anonymous
  95. history

    Which of the following statements best describes the Exodus? A.The Exodus refers to Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Sinai Desert. B.The Exodus refers to the succession of King David after the death of his father-in-law King Saul.**

    asked by bob the builder
  96. English

    in the book walk two moons what is one example that sal is kind,brave,and sentimental

    asked by jaqueline
  97. physics

    Alice holds a small battery operated device used for tuning instruments that emits the frequency of middle C (262 Hz) while walking with a constant speed of 3.13 m/s toward a building which presents a hard smooth surface and hence reflects sound well. (Use

    asked by Nic
  98. algebra

    The school store opened on the first day of school with 35 notebooks and 15 pencils. Within two days it sold all of these items. On the first​ day, twice as many notebooks were sold as pencils. On the second​ day, for every 5 notebooks​ sold, 2

    asked by Please Help
  99. history

    What is the main difference between the Talmud and the Torah? A. The Talmud includes the Ten Commandments; the Torah does not. B. The Torah is comprised of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible; the Talmud is comprised of teachings about the Torah. C.

    asked by sue
  100. Business maths

    Log(x/y)=x+y find dy/dx... As this is of differentiation chapter

    asked by Mohammed Abubakar Siddique
  101. Algebra


    asked by ARIANA
  102. math

    simplfy ;2x is greater than 16

    asked by mercy rose
  103. math

    If an angle is 41.4 degrees, what is its compliment (in other words, what is its complimentary angle)? What is its supplement The complementary angle is 48.6° and the supplementary angle is 138.6° The complementary angle is 79.8° and the supplementary

    asked by Rachel
  104. Physics

    Explain how Capacitors increase when the distance of the two parallel plate decrease?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    a plane leaves an airport P 10 degrees south,60 degrees east and flies due north at 800km/hr .(a)find its position after 24hrs. (b)the plane turns and flies at the same speed due west to reach Q longitude 12 degrees west.find the distance it has travelled

    asked by ruth
  106. Science

    A stone is thrown horizontal with a velocity of 40.0 m/s from a top of a building find its velocity and displacement after 3.00 seconds Guys need your help

    asked by Unknown
  107. Physics

    A man carry a load of brick of mass 80kg up to a vertical ladder of length 6m calculate the work done of man.

    asked by Ashiru
  108. Calculus

    Solve in Calculus Based (Projectile) A man stands on the roof of a 15.0 meters tall building and throws a rock with a velocity of magnitude 30 m/s at an angle of 33° above the horizontal. You can ignore air resistance. Calculate (a.) the maximum height

    asked by Hannah
  109. Calculus

    Calculus Based (Projectile) The position of the front bumper of a test car under microprocessor control is given by x(t)=2.17m+(4.80m/s^2)t^2•-(0.100m/s^6)t^6. Find the position and the acceleration at the instants when the car has zero velocity. Please

    asked by Hannah
  110. Physics

    A garden hose diameter 2cm used to fill 1000L container in a time of 10 minutes.calculate the flow rate in cubic centimetres per second.

    asked by Dozzen
  111. math

    mariam uses 5g of baking powder and 240g of flour to bake a cake. find the ratio of the amount of baking powder used to the amount of flour used?

    asked by Paaveena
  112. Maths

    At a particular hospital,records show that each day, on average,80% of people keep their appointment at the outpatient's clinic. i)Find the probability that in a random sample of 10 patients, more than 7 keep their appointment.

    asked by Raj
  113. Science

    What is inertia? A. When an object has an unbalanced force( my answer) B.An objbjects tendency to continue to do what its doing C. The transfer of energy in a system Thank you!! 💖

    asked by Flower 💐
  114. Math

    If Jenna has 25 hens, and each hen gives 35 eggs a day, how many eggs will Jenna have in a week

    asked by WolfBatEgg
  115. Maths

    The random variable X is distributed as B(200,0.7).Use the normal approximation to the binomial distribution to find P(136

    asked by Raj
  116. Math

    Juan lives 2.5 miles from the park. It took him 12 minutes to ride his bicycle to the park. Please explain why

    asked by Zaara
  117. Math

    determine which ordered pair is a solution of y=x^2-2 A. -2,6 B. 5,21 C. -1,-1 D. -5,24

    asked by OwO
  118. Science

    In which way does the circulatory system rely on the skeletal system? A. Glucose is secreted by compact bone as an energy source for blood. B. Spongy bone stores minerals needed by blood cells. C. Bones provide a source of oxygen to blood. D. Blood cells

    asked by OwO