Questions Asked on
February 18, 2020

  1. Math

    A boy spent 3/8 of his pocket money and had GHC 15 left. How much did he have

    asked by Rayan
  2. math

    find the 15th term of a linear sequence, whose 5th term is 30 and 20th term is 75.

    asked by toyin
  3. math

    David expressed the ratio of the number of books that he owns to the number of DVDs that he owns as 27:11. Which statement could be true based upon this relationship?

    asked by rayevion
  4. history

    What was the significance of the Second Great Migration? a. It led to the passage of legislation to promote American Indian citizenship within the United States. b. It brought national attention to the indignities suffered by American Indians during the

    asked by vella
  5. History

    What is the outcome s of Hewett treaty that provide to be disastrous for Ethiopia were

    asked by Bleka
  6. Science

    Explain how each of the flower parts (petals,pistil, stamen, stigma, ovule, ovary, filament, anther,style) work in reproducing the flower. My answer: The petals are there to attract pollinators. A pollinator, like a bee, goes to a flower for nectar and

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  7. Math

    Eight times the sum of a number and 30 is less than or equal to 25. I need to turn this sentence into an inequality.

    asked by Stella
  8. history

    What was Otto von Bismarck’s role in German unification? A)He introduced democratic reforms that appealed to the people of the various German states. B)He plotted to overthrow all the rulers of Austria and other German states. C)He initiated the wars

    asked by Jane Doe
  9. math

    bill gets paid $20 just for accepting a yard job he then earns $3 for every hour spent pruning or weeding flowers. write a recursive function to model his total earnings at his job.

    asked by love
  10. Math

    As you ride a ferris wheel your distance from the ground varies sinusoidally with time. you notice that it takes you 80 seconds to make a full rotation around the wheel. if the diameter of the wheel is 48 feet, how far have you traveled in 40 seconds?

    asked by daniel
  11. Maths

    Determine the lowest common multiple LCM of the following three terms 3st,4s^2,5t^2

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Social Studies

    Which of the following best summarizes the effect of railroads on the growth of Midwestern cities? A. They provided more efficient movement of goods along the Mississippi River. B. The location only in the middle of the country and along Lake Michigan

    asked by Lanna Higgleman
  13. history

    Write a report analyzing the treaty agreement ending World War I Both supporters and opponents of the League of Nations hoped to preserve peace. Using the internet, libraries, or other research sources, identify what each group proposed as a means to

    asked by Kyle
  14. Science

    Can I know how does the Knight justify his actions

    asked by Nitya
  15. math

    how many girls are one the bus

    asked by kimani
  16. social studies

    Why did the Articles of Confederation have to be replaced by the Constitution? A. The Articles angered state leaders by giving the central government too much power. B. The Articles of Confederation were never ratified by the states. C. The Articles of

    asked by blanca
  17. Science

    Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into seven ranges of wavelengths and is the part visible to the human eye? A Television waves B Visible light C infrared light D telemetry waves I believe it's visible light?

    asked by Kay
  18. Math

    A 20 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. The base of the ladder is placed 6 feet from the bottom of the wall. The base of the ladder slips away from the wall at a constant rate of 2 feet/sec. Find the velocity of the top of the ladder as it slider down

    asked by Sam
  19. math

    John, a graduating senior at Bowie High School, is opening a savings account and initially puts in the $1800 that he received in graduation money. He never adds anymore of his own money, and the bank pays an interest of 15% per year. If he never adss

    asked by samuel
  20. science

    in a certain automobile when five passenger get in their total mass being 360kg the spring of the suspension are compressed a distance 4cm. the total mass including the passenger supported by the suspension is 900kg. assuming that the displacement of the

    asked by victor
  21. science

    When might a meteorologist use both a regional weather map and a global weather map when it comes to making their predictions?

    asked by michelle
  22. Algebra

    Which of the following lists all of the roots of X^5 - 3x^4 + 3x^3 - x^2 =0 Why is the answer ( 0, 1)

    asked by Ariana
  23. Pre-Calculus

    Hello, I need help with solving these trig identities. All help is appreciated! 1. Establish the Identity: (cos(2x)/1+sin(2x)) = ((cotx-1)/(cot+1)) 2. Establish the Identity ((sec²x-tan²x+tanx)/(secx)) = (sinx+cosx)

    asked by Kam
  24. English

    Read the following sentence. Decide if the italicized verb is used as transitive or intransitive. The old man watched as the children snuck across his field. transitive intransitive Read the following sentence. Decide if the italicized verb is used as

    asked by Kyle
  25. Maths

    On average 1 in 10 of the chocolates produced in a factory are mis-shapes.In a random sample of 1000 chocolates,find the probability that i) fewer than 80 are mis-shapes. 👍

    asked by Raj
  26. science

    In 6.20 hours, a 100-gram sample of11247Ag decaysto 25.0 grams. What is the half-life of11247Ag?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Science

    An airplane flying horizontally 1000 m above the ground at 200km/h drops a cargo at a target on the ground.Determine where the cargo will strike the ground.

    asked by Lorraine
  28. Maths

    On average 1 in 10 of the chocolates produced in a factory are mis-shapes.In a random sample of 1000 chocolates,find the probability that i) fewer than 80 are mis-shapes. Reply!

    asked by Raj
  29. pre-algebra

    Admission to a zoo costs $10 for adults and $6 for children. A group of 29 people attending the zoo paid a total of $222 in admission fees. (Part a) Write a system of equations to represent the situation. Let a represent the number of adult admissions, and

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Note:Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Solve the proportion. 16/50=x/156.25

    asked by Woahhh
  31. Math

    6.Which pair of points forms a vertical line segment? A. (-3, 5) and (-7,5) B. (3, -8) and (3, -4) C. (2,1) and (2, 3) D. ( 2,4) and (-2,4) 7. What is the length of a line segment between A(-5, 8) and B(7,8)

    asked by HELP ME FAST
  32. math

    A KCL Elixir contains 10MEQ/15ML. The daily dose is 30 MEQ. How many ML's total should the pharmacy technician prepare for a 30 day supply?

    asked by Christy
  33. maths

    Find the surface area of the rectangular prizm

  34. Calculus

    OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM: "A rectangular field is to be enclosed on four sides with a fence. Fencing costs $7 per foot for two opposite sides, and $5 per foot for the other two sides. Find the dimensions of the field of area 620ft^2 that would be the cheapest

    asked by Sam
  35. Algebra

    Write the function represented by the table as an equation x. y. -2. 7 3. 27 5. 35

    asked by Edward
  36. Chemistry

    For the following reaction at 600. K, the equilibrium constant, Kp, is 11.5. PCl5(g) equilibrium reaction arrow PCl3(g) + Cl2(g) Suppose that 2.030 g of PCl5 is placed in an evacuated 535 mL bulb, which is then heated to 600. K. (a) What would be the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Algebra

    Prove that, 36^7−6^13 is divisible by 30.

    asked by Helen
  38. Algebra

    Take a factor out of the square root: square root of 10y^2 , where y

    asked by Helen
  39. precalculus

    How to determine if function is one-to-one and to determine its inverse formula. Given : f(x)=(x+4)/(x-5)

    asked by jill
  40. Physics

    The drawing shows a person looking at a building on top of which an antenna is mounted. The horizontal distance between the person's eyes and the building is 85.0 m. In part a the person is looking at the base of the antenna, and his line of sight makes an

    asked by Lole
  41. Physics

    During takeoff, an airplane climbs with a speed of 180 m/s at an angle of 34° above the horizontal. The speed and direction of the airplane constitute a vector quantity known as the velocity. The sun is shining directly overhead. How fast is the shadow of

    asked by Lole
  42. English

    Choose the positive, comparative, or superlative degree of the following verb to complete the sentence. She is the _____ driver of the two. Read the following sentence. Decide if the italicized adverb modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb. In the early

    asked by Kyle
  43. History

    Why didn’t America get involved immediately in World War 1 ?

    asked by Isabel
  44. science

    Which plate boundary and movement commonly create non-volcanic mountains? Explain how non-volcanic mountains are created by plate tectonics.

    asked by Kyle
  45. Math

    Use the matrix method to solve 5x+3y=35 3x-4y=-8

    asked by Robert
  46. algebra

    A football team gained 21 yards on one play, lost 33 yards on another, and gained 14 yards on the last play of the first half. They had already gained 335 yards during the half. What was the total yardage gain for the first half?

    asked by Tony
  47. Maths

    Find the normal approximation of P(X=12) when mean=9.5 and variance=5.89.

    asked by Raj
  48. Health

    HIV positive people receive treatments to keep A: their viral load as high as possible B: there viral load as low as possible C: their viral load equal to their T cell count D: there T cell count as low as possible

    asked by Georgie
  49. Chemistry

    The maximum solubility of MgSO4 at 25 degree C is 39.893g/100mL. I need to use MgSO4.7H2O. How to determine the amount and solvent that I need to produce the maximum solubility of 39.893g/100mL?

    asked by Nicole
  50. algebra

    Natalie has $5000 and decides to put her money in the bank in an account that has a 10% interest rate that is compounded continuously. What type of exponential model is Natalie’s situation? Write the model equation for Natalie’s situation How much

    asked by lexxy
  51. Math

    What is the axis of symmetry for F(X)= (x+2) (x-8)?

    asked by Amari
  52. Math

    Khanya is giving away all her toys.There are 60 toys in the box .There are teddy bears,dolls and other stuffed animals in the ratio 3:2:1 .How many bears is she giving away?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Science

    Why is the sporophyte referred as semi parasite

    asked by Mapaseka
  54. MATH

    helllooo!! i need help with my assesment. 1: find the surface area of the rectangluar prism. 3in 2in 4in a:60in b:84in c:26in d:52in 2: a cube has a side length of x feet. which expression represents the surface area of the cube? a: 4x square units b: 24x

    asked by gamzee makara
  55. science

    scientists use symbols to repesent the elements

    asked by kimani
  56. Civics

    Which of the following is an amendment to a bill in the Senate that has nothing to do with the subject of the bill? plz help

    asked by Connexus Student
  57. physics

    Find the electric field due to an infinite plane of positive charge with uniform surface charge density.

    asked by AAA
  58. Geography

    which of the following were problems with the share cropping system? Select all that apply. A. There was to much competition. B. Share croppers were dependent on law owners. C. Cotton would no longer grow. D. The sharing of profits was not fair

    asked by Idk
  59. Geography

    What political party organized martial law to combat KKK violence? A. Republican B. Whig C. Democratic D. The family

    asked by Idk
  60. Math

    A jackets original price is $65.00. It is on sale for 40% off. You have to pay 5% in sales tax. What is the final price for a jacket? I need help not answers

    asked by Woahhh
  61. Geography

    What political party had control of state politics following the brooks-Baxter War? A. Whig B. Republican C. Confederate D. Democratic

    asked by Idk
  62. Math

    1. Use the points in the diagram to name the figure shown. Then identify the type of figure. A line goes through points C and D. modifying above Upper C Upper D with two-way-arrow, line modifying above upper D upper C with right arrow, ray modifying above

    asked by please help
  63. Civics

    Although Congress is the most powerful branch of government, there are several limits placed on its power. Discuss at least three of the limits on the power of Congress and explain how each one limits the power of Congress. Tell which one you think is most

    asked by Connexus Student
  64. Science

    Which of the answers is true about seismic waves? A. Seismic waves travel through the Earth while carrying energy. B. The seismic waves speed and path are depended on the material of which the waves go through.******* C. Seismic waves are able to travel

    asked by Altarde
  65. Math

    Which number located at point A on the number line? Help

    asked by Julio
  66. Physics

    A typical mountaineers rope about 35m long will give a distance of about 1.6m under the weight of a climber hanging freely on the end. assuming the climber mass is 80kg, estimate the period of vertical oscillation of the climber when dangling freely on the

    asked by Egbo Victor Emeka
  67. Geography

    How have people in Latin America used and modified the environment?

    asked by Thomas
  68. English

    Why does Lewis go to Miss Mowdiths house after school for a special music lesson?

    asked by Ferret
  69. math

    Rachel has been offered full-time sales positions at two different furniture stores. The first store will pay her a weekly salary of $250 plus a commission of 12% of her sales. The second store will pay her a weekly salary of $475 plus an 8% commission. If

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  70. English

    how to write a composition about my country

    asked by praise
  71. Careers?

    what you can become with this subjects religion studies,pure maths,visual arts

    asked by gunther
  72. math

    Which of the following are solutions to the system {5x−2y=10−2.5x+y=−5? Select two answers. A. (2,0) B. (−2,−10) C. (2,−5) D. (−2,5) E. (0, 2) my first answer is c but im having trouble with finding the second answer :/

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  73. science

    Explain in terms of temperature and density how convection currents cause Earth's plates to be in slow, constant motion.

    asked by bamboo
  74. Psychology

    A student in your class gets picked on by other students. He says it's okay because that means the other students like him. This is an example of [Select all that apply] A: A coping Strategy B: A defense Mechanism C: A learned Emotion D: A primary Emotion

    asked by Chez
  75. social studies

    Which development helped increase literacy in Song China? A. the expansion of the civil service system B. the introduction of Buddhism C. the development of Neo-Confucianism D. the invention of movable type

    asked by me
  76. math

    How much codeine is needed for the pharmacy technician to prepare 120ML of a cough syrup with a codeine concentration of 15MG/ ML?

    asked by Christy
  77. Math

    Find the area of the parallelogram A 3'333 B 4’890 C 6’112 D 3’302

    asked by Michael
  78. maths

    The quantity Y is partly constant and partly varies as the square of X (a) write down the relationship between X and Y. (b) when X is 1,Y is11 and when X is 2 and Y is 5 find the value of Y when X is 4.

    asked by Oby chigboh
  79. Math


    asked by DESMOND
  80. Math

    Rewrite 3√29x−85−6 to make it easy to graph using a translation. Describe the graph. I have no idea on how to start. How do I rewrite it?

    asked by confusedaf
  81. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial equation by factoring 2x^3 - 5x^2 - 3x = 0 Baby steps please...I believe answer is X= 0, 3, -1/2 But I don't know why Thank you!

    asked by Ariana
  82. Algebra

    Given f(x) = 2x+5 Find 1/3 f(8)

    asked by Charlotte
  83. Algebra

    Tyrell plans to run each week for 4 weeks - write a function equation from table x/y 1/5 2/9 3/13 4/17

    asked by Charlotte
  84. math

    which is a set of collinear points 1. G, H, I 2. L, H, I 3. G, H, J 4. G, I, J

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    HOW can you solve this draw a number line to show that 2/3 and 4/6 are equivalent

    asked by Kendra
  86. Math

    How do you rewrite 10x + 25 using distributive property?????!!!!!

    asked by H/MELP!
  87. Algebra

    Solve the polynomial equation by factoring 18x^3 -15x^2 - 9x =0 I got as far as 3x(6x^2 - 5x - 3) = 0 Thanks

    asked by Ariana
  88. social studies

    who do you think was responsible for the rebellions

    asked by irish
  89. Health

    if you find you are not handiling stress in your life very well the best course of action is to? a. ignore the stressors in your life and move on b. wait for someone to notice and intervene c. find someone to talk to about things causing you stress d.

    asked by ala
  90. Calculus

    What is the best way to study for a calculus chapter test? I always study so much everyday (I read the text book, do a lot of practice problems, and watch a bunch of videos) but end up with a mediocre test grade. I am passing the class, but I'm not liking

    asked by Sam
  91. Global Studies

    Help would be much appreciated 1. Which of the following statements best describes the Silk Road? A. The Silk Road connected China to the Mediterranean Sea. *** B.The Silk Road connected Europe to the new world. C.The Silk Road connected India to China.

    asked by QwQ
  92. Chemistry

    Suppose that 2.910 g of PCl5 is placed in an evacuated 550 mL bulb, which is then heated to 600. K.

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    What is the inverse of the given relation? y=3x+12 answer: x = x/3 - 4 is it right?

    asked by doitbelikethatdoe
  94. Science

    Why is the atomic model and theory subject to change?

    asked by Parakeenta
  95. Science

    The African plate is moving toward the Eurasian plate at a rate of a few centimeters per year. How will this area change in 100 million years? In your answer consider how continents will change and how the Mediterranean sea will change

    asked by Kenny Mccormick
  96. Math

    (a) Consider the improper function f(x)= (x^4+x^3+2x^2+x-1)/(x^3-x^2+x-1). Use long division to convert f(x) into a polynomial plus a proper rational function. -->I ended up with : (x+2) + (3x^2-2x-3)/(x^3-x^2+x-1) (b) Factor the polynomial Q(x) = x^3 -

    asked by please
  97. Algebra

    John, Sally, and Natalie would all like to save some money. John decides that it would be best to save money in a jar in his closet every single month. He decides to start with $300, and then save $100 each month. Sally has $6000 and decides to put her

    asked by Lovely_
  98. Physics

    A charge e is located at (0.0m, 0.0m), and a charge 2e is located at (1.0m, 0.0m). What is the electric potential due to these charges at the point (0.0m, 1.0m)?

    asked by RR
  99. Science

    what does wind impact with climate?

    asked by Penny
  100. Science

    Example of where the wind is impacted by climate and why?

    asked by Penny
  101. Social studies

    What tactic did the Grange, the farmer' alliance and the Knights of Labor share? A.Strikes B.railroad shutdowns for political candidates D.violent protest I think c Thank you!

    asked by need help!
  102. English

    In 'A Wrinkle In Time', what is do people think about Meg's brother, Charles Wallace? A. They think he is very smart for his age. B. They think he is not smart at all. *** C. They think he is a nuisance. D. They think he is unlucky to have Meg as a sister.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  103. Science

    What is rain shadow and what does it impact with the climate?

    asked by Penny
  104. Math

    Write a real world problem for 1 / 6 ÷ 4

    asked by Alijah
  105. Science

    A drawing of how altitude is impacting the climate

    asked by Penny
  106. English

    In the book 'A Wrinkle In Time', why does Meg act bad in school? A. She is bullied by other students. B. She feels broken that her father is gone.*** C. She doesn't like school. D. She is abused at home. I'm almost certain i'm correct, but it never hurts

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  107. Calculus

    What is generally the best way to approach optimization problems in Calculus 1? I'm having trouble even getting started on the basic ones like the fence ones or the rectangle ones. All I know is that they deal with minimizing and maximizing values. I would

    asked by Sky
  108. science

    I have a homework assignment, it to make a photosynthesis acrostic but I was not there for the notes so I have no idea what I am doing. Can anyone help me with ideas

    asked by Dassi
  109. Precalculus

    Establish each identity. I would like to check my answers to make sure it's right :) Thank you! 1) 1-cosΘ⁄sinΘ+sinΘ/1-cosΘ=2cscΘ 2) cos(α-β)⁄sinαsinβ=cotαcotβ+1

    asked by Elli
  110. math

    what is the slope of the line? a. 0 b. 1 c. undefined d. infinity

    asked by slightly stupid
  111. Math

    Hi I did my work and I just want to see if my answers are correct for tools of geometry. 1. Which is a set of collinear points? A. G,H,J B. H,L,G C. G,I,K*** D. K,J,G 2. Use the diagram to identify a segment parallel to A. HG*** B. HE C. DC D. GF 3. The

    asked by :)
  112. math

    you use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value -0.015. can you be confident that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value. why or why not?

    asked by slightly stupid