Questions Asked on
February 17, 2020

  1. physics

    a fly wheel turns at 480rpm ,compute the angular speed at any point on the wheel and the tangential speed 30.0cm from the centre .

    asked by chiamaka
  2. Microeconomics

    A third consumer, Larry has preferences U C ( X 1 , X 2 )= ( X 1 +2) 2 ⋅( X 2 +3) and the same income as Jamal and Korra. Find his optimal consumption bundle.

    asked by Leonice
  3. math

    T(d) is a function that relates the number of tickets sold for a movie to the number of days since the movie was released. The average rate of change in T(d) for the interval d = 4 and d = 10 is 0. Which statement must be true?

    asked by oliva
  4. math

    Alli's ice cream shop offers 5 flavors and 10 toppings. Jali's ice cream shop offers 7 flavors and 7 toppings. Fernando's ice cream shop offers 9 flavors and 6 toppings. Laura's ice cream shop offers 13 flavors. If you want one flavor of ice cream and one

    asked by chanyeol
  5. precalculus

    what is the domain and range of log(tanx)? thanks! :)

    asked by claire
  6. accounting

    Record the following transactions as general journal entries. Use the gross-price method. Aug. 6 Purchased $830 of merchandise on account from Johnston Co. Credit terms 2/10, n/30. 8 Bought an $18,000 truck from Pillner Co., paying $3,000 down; balance on

    asked by malcolm
  7. algebra

    which function has an amplitude of 2 and a period of p? a. f(x)=1/2cos2x b. f(x)=2cospx c. f(x)=1/2cospx d. f(x)=2cos2x

    asked by kio
  8. math

    A total of $7000 is invested: part at 6% and the remainder at 10% How much is invested at each rate if the annual interest is $680?

    asked by dani
  9. math

    If 10 waves pass in 2 seconds what is the frequency

    asked by kyle
  10. Maths

    The diameters of bolts produced by a particular machine follow a normal distribution with mean 1.34cm and standard deviation 0.04cm.A bolt is rejected if its diameter is less than 1.24 or more than 1.40cm.i.Find the percentage of bolts which are accepted.

    asked by Raj
  11. History

    What connection does the author draw between Wilma's childhood illnesses and her later drive in sports?

    asked by Jasmine
  12. math

    Find the length of the segment ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ M N with endpoint M at ( 2 , − 3 ) and endpoint N at (8, 5). Round your answer to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

    asked by help
  13. probability

    The probability that is Friday and that a student is absent is 0.3. Since there are 5 school days in a week, the probability that is friday is 0.2. What is the probability that a student is absent given that today is friday?

    asked by kaye
  14. Maths

    A farmer cuts hazel twigs to make into beam poles to sell at the market.He says that the sticks are each 240cm long but in fact the lengths of the stick are normally distrinuted such that 55% of the sticks are longer than 240cm and 10% are longer than

    asked by Raj
  15. math

    find x if x-3, 3x+5 and 18x-5 are three consecutive term of a geometric progression

    asked by A.Y
  16. Math

    A train leaves the station at time xequals 0. Traveling at a constant​ speed, the train travels 328 km in 3.4 h. Round to the nearest 10 km and the nearest whole hour. Then represent the​ distance, y, the train travels in x hours using a​ table,

    asked by help pls
  17. science

    Why does the first method for determining volume work only for a regularly shaped object? Will the second method for determining volume work for any object or just an irregularly shaped one? Why? Is one method of measurement more accurate than the other?

    asked by kyle
  18. Math

    I don't understand what this question is implying. . The number of cells increased 160 percent. If the original number was 800, what was the final number?

    asked by Hi
  19. algebra

    A truck costs $60,000. It depreciates in value $6,000 per year. Write a linear model in the form v(t)=mt+b, where v(t) represents the current value of the truck after t years of ownership

    asked by nate
  20. math

    The probability that James will win two races in the next two days is 1/8 for tomorrow and 1/10 for the day after tomorrow. What is P(win tomorrow, then win the day after tomorrow)?

    asked by baekyun
  21. math

    Suppose 20% of babies are born early, 50% are born on time, and 30% are born late. A nurse uses a random-number table to find the experimental probability that of 5 births , at least 1 baby will be born early. The digits 0 and 1 represents babies born

    asked by do kyungsoo
  22. Precalculus

    How do you use the half angle formulas to determine the exact values of sine, cosine, and tangent of the angle 157 ∘ 30 ' ?

    asked by Jackie
  23. math

    Find the first four terms of the sequence whose general term is given by:(a)5n+(1÷2)n_2,(b)2n+1÷3n+2

    asked by Naomi
  24. English

    what is the subject complement in the following sentence? Rachel is a graduate

    asked by Kristy
  25. Math

    The fifth term of an exponential sequence is greater than the fourth term by 13.5 and the fourth term is greater than the third term by 9. Find the 1. Common ratio 2. First term

    asked by Toby
  26. education

    Most time spent participating in activities in an early childhood classroom that uses DAP are of which type? a. direct instruction b. discussion c. explorations d. relatively equal amounts of time are devoted to each type of activity

    asked by nicole
  27. Statistics

    A pizza store owner noticed that a random count (Y) of pizzas ordered by students who reside on campus has distribution shown below Y 1 Probability 0.15 Y 2 Prob 0.40 Y 3 Prob 0.25 Y 4 Prob 0.20 1. Find expected number of pizza order E[Y] 2. Determine

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    By dividing the number of houses in Antonios subdivision by four and adding 15 you can find the number of houses in hectors subdivision if Hector has 47 houses in his subdivision how many houses are in Antonios subdivision

    asked by Anonymous
  29. science

    How does N in NF3 obey octet rule

    asked by favvy
  30. Maths

    Let s(N) denote the sum of the digits of N. Find the sum of all two-digit numbers N for which s(N^2)=s(N)^2.

    asked by Supermanndude
  31. statistics

    A production process produces an item, On average, 13% of all items produced are defective. Each item is inspected before being shipped, and the inspector misclassifies an item 12% of the time. What proportion of the items will be "classified as good"? I

    asked by elizabeth
  32. Math

    4xsquare-9ysquare=19, 2x+3y=1

    asked by Precious
  33. Bible

    The revelation was written around A.D.: 83 90 75 64

    asked by kyle
  34. social study

    Name and identify six physical features in your county

    asked by Mary syokau
  35. math

    40 is the LCM of which two numbers? 20 and 60 40 and 80 10 and 40 5 and 20 8 is the GCF of what two numbers? 24 and 48 14 and 32 16 and 28 16 and 56

    asked by kyle
  36. Physics

    A 0.02 kg bullet has a speed of 500 m/sec. What is its kinetic energy

    asked by Edwin
  37. Maths

    There were 336 people at a concert. If 2thirds were children, how many chairs are needed for the adults?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Maths

    In a normal distribution, 4% of the distribution is less than 53 and 97% of the distribution is less than 65.i.Find the mean and standard deviation of the distribution. ii.Find the interquartile range of the distribution.

    asked by Raj
  39. algebra

    1. Name a pair of vertical angles. ∠2 and ∠5 ∠2 and ∠6 ∠3 and ∠4 ∠5 and ∠6 A? 2. If m ∠=37, what is m∠4? 53 43 37 27 C?

    asked by 902
  40. math

    x-2/x+3 + 10x/x^2-9 I got x+2/x-3 But I need to know if there are any restrictions on the variables. I think the answer is if the denominator is equal to zero.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Science

    Do you think tomato and turnip seeds would need the same amount of light as the bean seeds? Explain Can you help me with this question? Any links. Thank you!

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  42. history

    In Mexico and most of Central America, most wealth is A. concentrated within the upper class. B. spread out evenly among all the people. C. divided between the middle class and the upper class. D. given to help the poorer class.

    asked by Keith
  43. History

    Please help, thanks! From the sentence, "The South demanded that the people of the states involved settle the question," What was the position of the majority of the slave owners? A. They demanded that slavery be made legal of the united states, or they

    asked by Hello There
  44. Math

    (7* {10 to the power of -14}) (2*{10 to the power of 4}) Please help! I think it's 14*{10 to the power of -56), but I'm not that sure.

    asked by Hi
  45. Physics

    A glass bottle full of mercury has mass 500 g On being heated through 35 C, 2.43 g of mercury are expelled. Calculaté the mass of mercury remaining in the bottle (cubic expansivity of mergury is 1.8 x 104 per K. linear expansivity of glass is 8.0 x 10-6

    asked by Abdul Abdul
  46. geography

    what is the difference in longitude b/w town a and town b whose local time are 8:00am and 3:00pm

    asked by mas,ud musa
  47. Technology

    Uses of ICT in timing and control

    asked by Anonymous
  48. English

    what is the total number of verb types?

    asked by Kristy
  49. Maths

    If the sum of the first n terms of the series 4+7+10+... is 209, find n

    asked by Toby
  50. Statistics

    Tom and Jerry play one game per day. It is known that Tom's winning chance is P[W]=0.6 and if he does not win then he loses. Game results are assumed to be independent. AFter 4 days, variable T indicates a total number of games won by Tom. So J=4-T is the

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Finance

    You invested $2,000 in the stock market one year ago. Today, the investment is valued at $1,620. What return would you need to get next year to break even overall?

    asked by Meagan
  52. math

    A pyramid has a height of 5 in. and a surface area of 90 in Find the surface area of a similar pyramid with a height of 10 in. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

    asked by someone
  53. physics

    On a summer day, when the temperature outside is 30.0 °C, I hear a 7.50×10^2 Hz bell from the clock tower at URI, which I know is 2300. m away from my house. a) Calculate the speed of sound in air on this day. b) Calculate the wavelength of the sound. c)

    asked by Cindy
  54. physics

    In lab you learned to calculate the depth of water based on the time it takes for a sound wave to travel to the ocean floor and back, assuming that sound travels at a speed of 1500 m/s in the ocean. If I conducted the same test above the Mariana Trench,

    asked by Cindy
  55. physics

    Consider what happens if I drive toward the clock tower on a day when the speed of sound is 345 m/s . Assume I approach the stationary clock tower at a speed of 15.0 m/s when it rings the 7.50 × 10^2 Hz bell. Calculate what frequency I will hear. 5) Now

    asked by Cindy
  56. Algebra

    How many pounds of $1.60 tea must be added to tea costing $1.80 per pound to make a new mixture of 100 pounds costing $1.75 per pound?

    asked by Caitlin
  57. English

    grammatical name of spontaneous

    asked by victoria
  58. Math

    How many triplets of positive integers (a,b,c) satisfy a^6+b^6+c^6=140000004.

    asked by Halp!
  59. Math

    Find the smallest n>0 for which moving its terminal digit to the front results in 3n.

    asked by Bot
  60. Math

    Determine r when he is 15cm, s= 215cm ^ and π=3(1/7) in algebraic process

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    -4x-2y=-12 4x+8y=-24 Solve by elimination And i need a solution

    asked by Precious
  62. Civics

    Which of the following are powers that the U.S. government holds because these powers have generally been held by national governments A) enumerated powers B) implied powers C) inherent powers** D) prohibited powers

    asked by Help with school connexus
  63. chemistry

    how to balance equations

    asked by selena
  64. math

    A relation contains the points (-5, -10), (-2,-4), (-1,-2), (4,8) and (5, 10). Is this a function?

    asked by jota 😡🍆
  65. calculus

    integrate (x^2-x+12)/(x^3+2x)dx

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    Which value correctly completes the statement? 6,501.5 km= _____m

    asked by nano
  67. Careers

    Which career that can I choose Maths Literacy, acconting, business, economic

    asked by Sedzani
  68. math


    asked by j
  69. Math

    I'm trying to the mode for this set of data: 34, 20, 27, 23, 24, 27, 32, 34. Both 34 and 27 repeat twice, so which one would be the mode? Would I have to take more steps to find it in this case, or would they both be the mode?

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  70. Maths

    A machine is used to fill cans of soup with nominal volume of 0.5 litres.The quantity of soup actually delivered is normally distributed with mean m litres and standard deviation s litres.It is required that no more than 1% of cans should contain less than

    asked by Raj
  71. science

    why is the earth's temperature not just right anymore?

    asked by Huong
  72. science

    what does the light represent?

    asked by Huong
  73. civics

    Describe a situation in which a state governor might ask for federal troops to be sent his or her state. How would this situation be an example of responsibilities that the federal government owes to the state its an essay i have to write and i need help

    asked by i LOVE civics!
  74. Poetry

    I don't know what title to use for this poem. I was thinking something to do with silence or being misunderstood. Also, is there anything I should change? (This is my rough draft of my free-verse poem.) I know, a lot of poems lately, sorry! Will they hear

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  75. Math

    I really need help!!! I was out of school for a week because I was visiting my grandmother and I missed school I took vacation days and now I don’t know what to do!! I don’t know any of the material we were learning and I have a test!! Please help this

    asked by Jack
  76. physics

    Need help with this problem because I am clueless when it comes to physics. I'd appreciate it if I could get the steps to solving this. A 10kg block is attached to a spring. The spring has a spring constant of 50N/m and is stretched to a displacement of

    asked by deniseee