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February 16, 2020

  1. Math


  2. Physics

    Explain how vacuum flasks construction minimize heat exchange with the surrounding?

  3. World History

    The _[blank]_ was a company chartered by Queen Elizabeth I for trade with Asia that maintained control over India from 1757 to 1858. Which most accurately completes the sentence? A: British East India Company B: Emden Company C: Dutch East India Company D:

  4. math

    ahamd and manu works in sweet shop during eid ahmad and manu charges . 200 and 250 a day respectively, to work in the kitchen. their combined earning during the eid period was rs 3900. if in total manu earned rs 1100 more than ahmad. how many day did each

  5. Physic

    A ball of mass 200g, travelling with a velocity of 100m/s, collides with another ball of mass 800g, moving at 50m/s in thesame direction. If they stick togdther, what will be their common velocity?

  6. Physics

    A length of thin thread wraps around a cylinder exactly 25 times.calculate the circumference and radius of the cylinder

  7. Maths

    The height , in meters, of 500 people are normally distributed with standard deviation 0.080.Given that the heights of 129 of these people are greater than the mean height, but less than 1.806m,estimate the mean height.

  8. science

    A box has sides of 10 cm, 8.2 cm, and 3.5 cm. What is its volume? 287 cm 2.87 cm 3 2.87 cm 287 cm 3 A rock is placed in a graduated cylinder to determine its volume. The following data are obtained. What is the volume of the rock? The initial volume of

  9. history

    For this project, select a news article with a geographic theme. As you read the article, think about the organization of the article:

  10. World History

    What impact did Imperial Spain have on the Americas? A: Discovery of the Americas provided the natives with new markets. B: Financing from Spain began the industrialization of the Americas. C: Local leaders were replaced by a Spanish parliamentary

  11. World History

    Which two nations battled for control over Silesia as part of the Third Silesian War, one of the conflicts of the Seven Years’ War? A: Russia and Britain B: Portugal and Austria C: France and Britain D: Austria and Prussia

  12. World History

    In what part of the world did France and Britain go to war as part of the French and Indian War? West Africa North America South Asia Western Europe

  13. Biology

    What concentration of competitive inhibitor is required to yield 75% inhibition at a substrate concentration of 1.5x10-3 M if Km=2.9x10-4 and Ki=2x10-5?

  14. Mathematics

    1. For the pair of similar solids, find the value of the variable. Cylinder 1: r = 15 cm, h = 6 cm Cylinder 2: r = 5 cm, h = x cm My answer: D) 2 cm 2. For the pair of similar solids, find the value of the variable. Pyramid 1: h = 24 mm, b = x mm Pyramid

  15. Programming

    Write a pascal program that will accept the names of all sales staff members and their total sales for the month. The algorithm must calculate the commission at 3% of their total sales amount. It should also display the name, total sales and commission of

  16. history

    PROJECT: SUMMARIZE IT! The ability to summarize information is a vital component to understanding the information you read in your coursework. To summarize information: create a brief statement that explains the meaning of something much longer; decide

  17. Chemistry

    A container holds 0.900g of oxygen at a pressure of 7.20 atmospheres . (I) How much heat is required to increase the temperature to 116°? (Il) HOw much will the temperature increase if this amount of heat energy is transferred to the gas at constant

  18. Bible

    After his experience on the Damascus road, Paul's: the hearing was taken from him the speech was taken from him the sight was taken from him confidence was taken from him The second group of Paul's letters contains: 1 and 2 Thessalonians 1 and 2

  19. french

    Le Sénégal: Fatima (f.) et Khady (f.), vous _____. sont sénégalais êtes sénégalaises sommes sénégalaise sont sénégalaises

  20. math

    ⦁ This sketch shows the flight path of a plane. These are the bearings: AB 022° BC 105° CA 262° Calculate the angles inside triangle ABC.( Hint: North lines are parallel lines.) Give reasons if you use angle rules.

  21. Physics

    Find the force of attraction b/w two equal but opposite charge of 2*10micro, if the distance between them is 25cm

  22. Science

    How would the kinetic energy of a 12,000-kg train compare with the kinetic energy of a 900-kg compact car of both were traveling at the same speed?

  23. Mathematics

    Hello again everyone. I have another mathematics assignment I would like someone to help me check. Thank you to anyone that helps. :) 1.) Find the volume of the given pyramid. H= 7 yd B= 7 yd and L= 9 yd A. 147 yd.^3 B. 175 yd.^3 C. 221 yd.^3 D. 441 yd.^3

  24. Math

    There are 76 students in the Breezewood Middle School chorus. The number of girls in the chorus is 13 more than twice the number of boys. Write an expression that represents the number of girls in the chorus if b represents the number of boys. Using your

  25. Poetry

    A beautiful world blossoms in my heart, It rises and sprouts, a luminous start. This world is completely of my opinion, It becomes a truly defiant dominion. The people are very loving here. I hold this world near and dear. No wars or disputes ever take

  26. Maths

    In a rectangular garden plot 30m long and 15m wide, an area of 240m² is used for growing vegetables. What area of the plot is left?

  27. Maths

    A circluar wheel has a radius of 10cm how far will it roll in 7 revolution

  28. Science

    I'm doing a science project that requires me to put sand in a jar to represent the inner layers of the Earth On the directions it says to Multiply the depth of the jar, 16.5 cm, by the percent you calculated for the inner core to determine the depth, in

  29. English

    I need help with this question please Which details in "Mother Son" point to the conclusion that the mother has had a hard life? A. She declares that she has been “a-climbin' on.” B.She says that life has had “tacks in it, / And splinters.” C. She

  30. math

    1. Carey has a bag of marbles. There are 4 red marbles, 5 blue marbles, and 1 green marble. She conducted an experiment in which she pulled out one marble and recorded the color and then returned it to the bag 50 times. Her results are shown in the table.

  31. Poetry

    "The Rippling Sea" Such a vast, blue puddle. A breezy wind, splashing the water in a muddle. The scent of salty fresh air lingers in the pool. The feeling of the water, wet and cool. A briny taste of the salted deep. The fishy flavor starts to seep. This

  32. English

    The reader of "The Courage That My Mother Had" can conclude that the speaker's mother has died. Which detail points to what conclusion? A. she had great courage B. she wore a golden brooch C. she is now in granite hill D. she is compared to granite it is

  33. Astronomy

    Understanding Newton's Version of Kepler's law. Find the orbital period in each case. Part A: A planet with twice Earth's mass orbiting at a distance of 1 AU from a star with the same mass as the sun.

  34. math

    The dirk family tips their newspaper carrier for delivering the newspaper. They tip 10% of what they pay for the subscription. they paid 20% in tips for the entire year. How much does their newspaper subscription cost a year? please help in confused, do I

  35. Calculus

    If the domain of a function y=g(x) is D=[-2,6] and the range is R=[-8,10], find the domain and range of the function y=I g(2x) I +1.

  36. Math

    How do you prove that when |z|=1, the conjugate of z is equal to 1/z.

  37. physics

    State whether the following waves are transverse, longitudinal, or both. Also, for each, identify the medium that moves as the wave’s energy passes through it. a) Ocean b) Earthquake c) Sound

  38. math

    Blackberry bushes cost £10.95 each. There is a special offer that if you buy three, they cost £25. How much money do you save through this offer?

  39. math

    You have a new mobile phone. The phone costs $140 and then you pay for a one year contract at $15 per month. How much do you pay in total at the end of the year? is this correct 15 x 12 =+140 = $167

  40. Physics

    Two point charges qA=-6nC and qB are placed in vacuum. The charge qA is at a distance of 12cm from a point D. The charge qB is at distance 6cm from D. The resultant electric field vector Et created by the two charges at D is along x axis and makes 30

  41. Math

    Baldwine company makes cabinet. One model, the delux ,has the following requirement .materials 40 feet of wood at birr 1.20per foot ,direct labour 4hours at birr 7 per hour ,variable overhead birr 5 per direct labour hour .during june 199×4, the company

  42. french

    Transform the following sentences into the negative. Py attention to elision. Remember, elision is when you delete the -e from ne when it comes before a vowel. Les Mrtin sont méricins ? Non, ils sont méricins. Isbelle est frnçise ? Non, elle est

  43. Maths

    The masses of boxes of apples are normally distributed such that 20% of the boxes are heavier than 5.08 kg and 15% of the boxes are heavier than 5.62kg. Estimate the mean and standard deviation of the masses.

  44. Maths

    The random variable X follows normal distribution.P(X

  45. Maths

    The random variable X follows normal distribution.P(X

  46. Chemistry

    How to prepare 5wt% MgSO4 aqueous solution using water and solid MgSO4.7H2O?

  47. math

    ⦁ A hiker travels 3 km due east then 2 km on a bearing of 110°. Solve to find: a) Calculate how far south the hiker is from the starting point Hint: construct a right angle triangle