Questions Asked on
February 11, 2020

  1. Math

    The sum of two consecutive numbers divided by their positive difference is equal to 9. Find the largest number.

    asked by Rahma
  2. Spanish

    What items do the Mapuche make that still have great value to the Spanish? There is more than one correct answer choice. Be sure to select all that apply. leather textiles ponchos pottery A and D?

    asked by John
  3. mathematics

    in ∆ ABC.a=29° b=36° b=15.8 cm find a

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    Malik has 4 times as many tennis balls as Peter. The total number of tennis balls Malik has is 20. If x represents the number of tennis balls Peter has, write an equation to represent the situation.

    asked by kiana
  5. calculus

    One more question... If you have f(x) = xsinx and the question is asking for the fourth degree Taylor polynomial about x=0, can you use the sinx Taylor polynomial series equation? I'm confused because there's the x in front so I don't know how to

    asked by maath
  6. Geometry

    4 .A boat in calm seas travels in a straight line and ends the trip 22 km west and 53 km north of its original position. To the nearest tenth of a degree, find the direction of the trip. 5. Find the magnitude and direction of the vector. Round the length

    asked by Ara
  7. algebra

    The amount of money, in dollars, in a savings account after x years is given by M(x) = 10,000(1.03)x. What does the value 1.03 represent? A) The original deposit was $103. B) There is a 3 percent increase in the savings account each year. C) The savings

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Astronomy

    What part of the Solar System are you most interested in learning about?

    asked by greg
  9. Math

    It is given that y is partly constant and partly varies directly as √x

    asked by Anna
  10. math

    Estimate 42 ÷ 0.49. 21 10 84 50

    asked by kyle
  11. social studies

    According to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, what must be overcome to end suffering?

    asked by yeeee
  12. chemistry

    How does the potential-energy diagram for a reaction indicate whether the reaction is endothermic or exothermic? An endothermic reaction has reactants that are lower in energy than products because energy is absorbed to form the products. An endothermic

    asked by lopez
  13. Science

    How does the gravitational potential energy of the riders compare between point A and point B? point a. 20m point b. 5m A.The gravitational potential energy at point A cannot be compared to the gravitational energy at point B. B. The gravitational

    asked by Pocket Mortyyyyy
  14. Science

    5. Two people use a ramp to move a heavy box onto a truck. The box weighs 748 N and you exert a force of 187 N to move the box. What is the mechanical advantage of using the ramp?

    asked by Uhhhhhhhhh... Please?
  15. physical ed

    which of the following terms describes one's ability to understand how another person is feeling? 1.empathy***( my answer) 2.appreciation 3.cooperation 4.commitment

    asked by +~VSCO~+
  16. calculus

    1. Find the volume V obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves about the given axis. y = sin(x), y = 0, π/2 ≤ x ≤ π; about the x−axis 2. Find the volume V obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves about the given axis. y = 3

    asked by Anonymous
  17. History

    1. What allowed for the expansion of the ranching industry? Im REALLY struggling in this test, so could someone PLEASE HELP

    asked by uwu
  18. Math

    Three friends share the cost of a renting game system. Each person also rents one game for $8.50. If each person pays $13.25, what is the cost of the renting system?

    asked by Juliana
  19. Home economics

    State five reasons fullness is important in garment construction

    asked by Richard confidence
  20. Math

    1yd 2ft 7in plus 2yd 1 ft 8in

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Social Studies

    What role did the Catholic Church play in European feudalism? A. The Church created schools for children of all backgrounds. B. The Church often fought for peasants to have more of a say in government. C. The Church made sure that peasants were receiving

    asked by Mizume
  22. Social Studies

    What was a result of World War I? A. the creation of the League of Nations B. the return of the monarchy in Russia C. the rapid spread of bubonic plague D. a treaty that restored France's original borders

    asked by Help Please!!
  23. Math

    In a certain state, the maximum speed permitted on freeways is 65 mi/h and the minimum speed is 40 mi/h. The fine for violating these limits is $15 for every mile per hour above the maximum speed or below the minimum speed. Express the amount of the fine F

    asked by Help plis
  24. Science

    How many joules of heat are necessary to melt 500g of ice at its freezing point

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    T/F explain why if its true or false. if g is an even function and h = f o g than h is also an even function

    asked by math dumb
  26. maths

    Megan works at a local hardware store. she is currently earning $10.15/hour.her boss has decided to give her a raise to $ much more will Megan now make per week if she work 22 hours per week?

    asked by Hitha
  27. science

    Identify three reasons why this type of Astronomer work is important.

    asked by kyle
  28. English

    Express your views on the given topic in paragraph form. It should comprise of 100-130 words. "Giving is better than receiving." Comment.

    asked by Sana
  29. Maths

    A uniform metre rule of mass 100g balance horizontally on a knife-edge at the 40cm mark when a mass x is placed at 20cm mark.

    asked by Ayanwola pelumi
  30. math

    Which group of numbers is correctly ordered from least to greatest? -4, -7, -10, 0, 1, 5 0, -3, -7, 1, 4, 7 -10, -7, -4, 0, 1, 9 0, -4, -1, 6, 11, 14

    asked by kyle
  31. math

    In a class of 20 students, 16 play soccer, 12 play hockey and 2 do not play any of the two games.How many students play only soccer?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. English

    are all these complete sentence structures. This sec ops uniform was used for silent missions and rescue missions. This was taken by a real soldier which means it was not photoshopped. I liked it because of how ready he was to deploy. The design of it

    asked by kyle
  33. health

    Short term effects of smocking include

    asked by yeeee
  34. health

    A respiratory infection in which the bronchi become inflamed and thick mucus produce is called

    asked by yeeee
  35. Social Studies

    What was the Roman empire's views on Christianity at various points in its history? What caused them to change over time?

    asked by Lila
  36. Maths

    Find the probabilities P(1.5

    asked by Raj
  37. Math

    Does anyone know the answers for Lesson …..

    asked by Cileliaaaaa
  38. Math

    Discussion Topic: What is an example of a composite figure in your home or community? How would you decompose it to find the area? Can you think of another reason that it would be helpful to decompose these figures in addition to making it easier to find

    asked by Hmm
  39. Social Studies

    What was the Imperial Crisis, and what effect did it have on the fall of the Roman empire?

    asked by Lila
  40. World Geography

    Which layer is MOST responsible for the movement of continents? 1) the outer core 2) the asthenosphere 3) the mantle 4) the continental crust I think 2

    asked by Jamie Sperling
  41. English

    What does the speaker in "In Just---" Mean when he says that "The world is puddle-wonderful"? A. The world is full of puddles****** B. Spring is rainy and wet C. winters drought has ended D. the balloon man fell into a puddle

    asked by KpopTrash
  42. History

    Which innovation made the first permanent human settlements possible? A.Farming B.Money C.Tools** D.Writing

    asked by Hello
  43. social studies

    Look at the picture. Which factor that helped Hinduism grow is represented by this picture?

    asked by yeeee
  44. social studies

    Why was India divided into two different countries when it won independence from Britain?

    asked by yeeee
  45. social studies

    Which of the following is evidence of religious tension in South Asia?

    asked by yeeee
  46. social studies

    Major cities in South Asia tended to develop in areas that have

    asked by yeeee
  47. social studies

    Which cultural feature do most people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh share?

    asked by yeeee
  48. Social studies

    Which innovation made the first permanent human settlements possible? A. farming B. money C. tools D. writing

    asked by JK
  49. Math

    Juanita covered the outside of a gift box shaped like a rectangular prism with paper. The box is 3.2 ft long, 2.1 ft wide and 2.7 feet high. Which of the following is CLOSEST to the total surface area of this box? A. 24 B. 42 C. 30 D. 18

    asked by 7th Grade!
  50. Math

    1. Find the area of the parallelogram. (1 point) 3,302 ft2 3,484 ft2 3,752 ft2 4,020 ft2 2. Find the area of the triangle. (1 point) 21.84 cm2 21.2 cm2

    asked by big but rag
  51. science

    How do you think the Church’s power contributed to the way people went about their daily lives?

    asked by JAY
  52. Social studies

    Why is the Agricultural Revolution an important part of early European history? Select the two correct answers. A. Humans learned more advanced methods of hunting and foraging for food. B. Women were given more rights and humans were treated more equally.

    asked by MCA
  53. Careers

    Which careers can I follow Mathematics literacy, agriculture, geography, life

    asked by Kbo Senatle
  54. English

    The sun was to hot.......? The sum was to difficult, any how,....? I could not goto University because of....?? I was too shy attentivel....? I was so shy...? Unless you read attentivel,...? The audience screamed enjoy as soon as....?? .......before it

    asked by Arfa
  55. Careers

    1. college career counselor working at a community college is part of what career A. administration B. professional support services C. teaching and training D. guidance counseling 2. Which CTS0 is appropriate for future teachers? A. FEA B. FFA C. FTA D.

    asked by 안녕
  56. Social studies

    Which conclusion is best supported by the map? A.) the use of canals died out in England B.) railroads offered advantages over canals for transportation of goods C.) by 1920, every city in England had access to railroads D.) England had the most extensive

    asked by Deserae
  57. English

    These questions ask for True or False. Its to show what you know. 1. Poets write only about nature. 2. Poetry is the best way to express one’s deepest feelings. 3. Poets see the world differently from other people. 1. False 2. True 3. False

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  58. Science

    atoms tend to gain,lose,and share valence electrons until each atom had the same number of valence electrons as the

    asked by Kayla
  59. Chemistry

    What is the difference a solute and solvent?

    asked by Alondra
  60. Math

    1.) find the volume of the given pyramid. H= 7yd B= 7yd and L= 9yd A. 147yd.^3 B. 157 yd.^3 C. 221 yd.^3 D. 441 yd.^3 ******* 2. Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9 cm and a height of 4cm. A. 324cm. ^3 B. 108cm. ^3 C. 36 cm.

    asked by XOXO
  61. math

    find the value of x 60* 80* 128* x*

    asked by TMNTdonnie
  62. Math

    Mrs. Walters drove 360 miles on 25 gallons of gas. Mr. Walters drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas. a. Find the mileage per gallon for Mrs. Walters's car. b. Find the mileage per gallon for Mr. Walters's car. c. Which car is getting the better mileage per

    asked by Nya
  63. marketing

    definition of marketing by different authors from year 2000

    asked by nana
  64. Social Studies

    This is a long-ish test but these are the ones I needed some reassurance on. I looked around for a way to check my answers on various websites but everyone's answers varied. 11. Which of the following best describes how settlers traveled west? A. Some

    asked by Ⓙⓤⓟⓘⓣⓔⓡ
  65. History

    Which of the following explains the goal of Roosevelt’s lend lease policy

    asked by Dave
  66. Math

    Pleaase help me fast!! explain your answer in steps plz Stephen read a 90-page book in 6 days. If he continues reading at that rate, how long will it take him to read a 300-page book? thankss

    asked by Kim taehyungs wifeu
  67. Maths

    In A Geometric Sequence The 3rd Term Is 24 And The 5th Term Is 3. Write Down The First Four Terms In The Sequence.

    asked by Albert
  68. English

    I have to write an expository essay on a topic and Im just burned out. Any ideas of how to rebound here? Every time I try to focus on it I get lost again. Between work and everything else Im bummed.....Help!!

    asked by JD
  69. Chemistry

    How do you find the charge of the metal neodymium (Nd) in the following compound: NdCO3F

    asked by Anonymus
  70. Science

    A 100kg rock lies at the bottom of a lake. It's volume is 6.0*10^2. How much force is needed to lift it?

    asked by Gee
  71. Physics

    a force of 2N stretches an elastic material by 30mm. What additional force will stretch the material by 35mmassuming the elastic limit is not exceeded

    asked by Ahmad
  72. Math

    Faye bought 3 pizzas. Each pizza has 10 slices in it. If 90% of the lunch was eaten, how many slices are left?

    asked by Gabe Leak
  73. physics

    the deer is standing still while it is struck by the car. The deer has a mass of 195 kg and the car has a mass of 1280 kg. What is the impulse experienced by the car during the collision.

    asked by Lola
  74. Science

    True or False. Is air considered a natural resource. 1. True

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  75. Algebra

    Francesca bought a dress to wear to a wedding. The sales tax for the dress is 6%. She also paid $35, which was not taxed, to have the dress altered. If Francesca paid the store a total of $126.16, which equation can be solved to determine the price of the

    asked by Gage
  76. math

    Brianna made a quilt for her cousin's doll. The quilt had a 7 × 7 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 3 1 2 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt

    asked by kathy
  77. Math

    Calculate the distance tarry drives if she drives 7/8 mile each way to and from work.

    asked by Jasmine
  78. English

    Which words contain a prefix means "again" or "back" and one that means " not"? Retribution, rehabilitate, unperceived are these right can some one check these.

    asked by Mary
  79. Science

    1) In no more than three sentences, explain the rock cycle. 2) If you were looking for fossil types in the rocks around your home, and the rock type was closets to your home was metamorphic, would you find many fossils? Why or why not?

    asked by Juliana
  80. Microbiology

    Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes have ribosomes, but some antibiotics specifically target prokaryotic ribosomes. How is it possible to use these antibiotics to treat human diseases and how do they affect eukaryotic cells?

    asked by Kayla
  81. Microbiology

    Mitochondria are unable to survive outside of eukaryotic cells. If they originated from ancestral prokaryotes, as proposed by the endosymbiotic theory, then why can’t they survive independently?

    asked by Kayla
  82. English

    What type of poem is "The City is So Big"?

    asked by lol
  83. Microbiology

    The choices describe possible scenarios and outcomes from Gram staining with standard stains (e.g., crystal violet and safranin). Match the scenario with the most likely outcome and explain why this occurs.

    asked by Kayla
  84. Science

    Which heat-producing machine is the greatest necessity for Canadians? Select one: a. Toaster b. Furnace** c. Electric kettle d. Hair dryer Not sure. I chose B because a furnace can be used to stay warm, and has different uses.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  85. physics

    the deer is standing still while it is struck by the car. The deer has a mass of 195 kg and the car has a mass of 1280 kg. What is the impulse experienced by the car during the collision. Velocity before = 33.97 m/s Velocity during collision= 12.51 m/s

    asked by anonymous
  86. Math

    Marissa bought 6 fewer pints of soda than of orange juice. How many cups of soda did she buy

    asked by Aubrey
  87. Math

    If an ant walks 42 feet in three minutes how long will it take the ant to walk 28 yards

    asked by Anonymous
  88. math

    the ratio of green candies to all colors is 8:19. if there are 38 candies total how many are not green

    asked by Anonymous
  89. math

    Use proportions by parts to solve. Salad dressing is 3 oz. oil to 2 oz. vinegar. I'm making a 25 oz. batch. How much oil and vinegar will I need?

    asked by Mary Slawinski
  90. algebra


    asked by ed
  91. math

    Lonna made a quilt for her cousin's doll. The quilt had a 7 × 7 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 1 3 4 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt?

    asked by sjcnac
  92. Social studies

    What are the obstacles to overcoming poverty in many South Asia nations? What must countries do to overcome poverty?

    asked by that one dude
  93. Math

    Xavier can swim at a constant speed of 5/3 meters/second. What is tge ratio of meters to the number of seconds?

    asked by Tammy
  94. math

    Steffan is four and three tenths feet tall and Gretchen is three and six tenths feet tall. How tall are they in total?

    asked by zoey
  95. Geography

    One major weakness of the Confederation was that it could not deal with

    asked by Calvin
  96. Mathematics

    Bob bought three chapsticks and two eyeliners for 7 dollars. Brandi bought 4 chapsticks and five eyeliners for $14. Find out how much each item costs.

    asked by David
  97. Home Ec

    What is the meaning of fullness?

    asked by Mounoko
  98. Math

    I’m doing dividing fraction I’m just trying to double check my work to make sure my answers are corrected 11/6 ÷2/3 I got 22/3 which is 7 1/3 is that right 10/16 ÷ 5/16 I got 2 for my answer 1/7 is 7 7 ÷ 3/5 I got 21/5 =4 1/5 6/1 ÷2/5 I got 30/2 =

    asked by RL
  99. Physics

    An airplane flies at airspeed (relative to the air) of 250 km/h. The pilot wishes to fly due North (relative to the ground) but there is a 55 km/h wind blowing Southwest (direction 225◦). In what direction should the pilot head the plane (measured

    asked by Jenny
  100. Social studies

    Explain how the caste system is structured and why it results in social inequality

    asked by that one dude
  101. math

    Dianne bought 4 tacos and a chalupa for $11.50. Anthony bought 3 tacos and 2 chalupas for $13. Find out how much each item costs.

    asked by David
  102. social studies

    Which innovation made the first permanent human settlements possible?

    asked by yeeee
  103. math

    Leonard weighed four phones and two chargers and found out that they weighed 46 ounces. Hratch weighed 3 phones and three chargers and found out thatchy weighed 36 ounces. Find the weight of one of each object.

    asked by David