Questions Asked on
February 7, 2020

  1. Criminology

    What is the best explanation of the use of the death penalty in the United States? A)More and more states are using capital punishment over time. B)Capital punishment is currently legal in all 50 states. C)The number of executions has increased

    asked by yerp
  2. Physics

    The figure below shows four small charged spheres arranged at the corners of a square with side d = 25.0 cm on each side.(Let q1 = +3.00 nC, q2 = +9.00 nC, q3 = +6.00 nC, and q4 = +5.00 nC. Assume q3 is located at the origin and +x axis is to the right and

    asked by AAA
  3. Physics

    A uniform electric field given by E = (2.35i − 5.60j) ✕ 105 N/C permeates a region of space in which a small negatively charged sphere of mass 1.65 g is suspended by a light cord (see figure below). The sphere is found to be in equilibrium when the

    asked by AAA
  4. math

    n a lilac paint mixture, 40% of the mixture is white paint, 20% is blue, and the rest is red. There are 4 cups of blue paint used in a batch of lilac paint. a. How many cups of white paint are used? cups b. How many cups of red paint are used? cups c. How

    asked by lina
  5. History

    Why did the state of Texas do little to help its citizens during the Great Depression? (4points) What Farming practices contributed to the dust bowl in west Texas? (4 points) Explain the boom-and-bust cycle (4 points) These are all written questions. You

    asked by c a b b a g e
  6. Algebra

    Find the measure of the exterior angles of the following regular polygons: a triangle, a quadrilateral, a pentagon, an octagon, a decagon, a 30-gon, a 50-gon, and a 100-gon.

    asked by Helen
  7. History

    Which statement BEST describes a principle that is shared in the preambles of the constitutions of the United States and Georgia? A. Government originates from the people B. Government offers peace and prosperity* C. Government helps all of its people D.

    asked by S
  8. math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. A. Find the complement of the angle shown. B. Find the supplement of the angle shown. Show all your work. the angle is

    asked by Yezzey
  9. Math

    Find the value of $k$ such that $\dbinom{-2}{k}$ is a direction vector of the line with equation $y=\dfrac{4x+1}{7}$.

    asked by Billy b
  10. Physics

    at 20 c a length of copper wire has a resistance of 5.0 . What is the resistance at 80c. Let .004=a for 20c.

    asked by Potato
  11. English

    Debate against the motion boys should help in the kitchen. Pls I want answers as it can be written

    asked by Nabis
  12. Chemistry

    Two liquids, A and B, have vapor pressures at a given temperature of 24 mmHg and 36 mmHg, respectively. We prepare solutions of A and B at a given temperature and measure the total pressures above the solutions. We obtain the following data: Solution

    asked by elizabeth
  13. Physics

    The figure gives the acceleration a versus time t for a particle moving along an x axis. The a-axis scale is set by as = 15.0 m/s2. At t = -2.0 s, the particle's velocity is 9.00 m/s. What is its velocity at t = 6.0 s?

    asked by Elizabeth
  14. social studies

    Write a paragraph describing how the U.S. government managed the economy during World War I and the economic effects of that management. Consider the roles played by the Food Administration, the War Industries Board (WIB), and the War Labor Board.

    asked by JustAnotherGayKid
  15. Geometry

    Describe the sequence of transformations from Quadrilateral WXYZ to W”X”Y”Z”. The picture is a coordinate plane with W= (-8,8) X= (-2,8) Y= (-2,4) Z= (-8,4) W”= (2,-10) X”= (8,-10) Y”= (8,-6) Z”= (2,-6) I don’t get coordinate planes

    asked by :/
  16. Math

    Which could be a first step in solving the equation 1/4x + 1/2 = 3/4x in an efficient way? Select two answers. multiply by 4 on both sides multiply by 2x on both sides subtract 1/4x from both sides add 1/2 to both sides

    asked by Brezyia
  17. Physics

    1mCoulomb equal 10^ what?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    Estimate 118 (square root) to the nearest whole number A.59 B.13 C.12 D.11 i need help!!!!

    asked by square root
  19. Social Studies

    Which of the following contributed to the increased economic and military power of the Sumerians? A. the formation of alliances with other city-states B. a series of highly strategic army leaders C. the development of bronze to make weapons D. a standing

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  20. History

    1. Why did cotton production increase in the 1850s in Texas? (1 point) A. More land was cultivated. (I believe this is correct) B. New fertilizers were used. C. New strains of cotton were developed. D. New technologies were available. 2. Which period of

    asked by smol might
  21. History

    Which were goals of the Bourbon Democrats? Select all that apply. A. to attract investors from the North to build mills and factories in Georgia*** B. to diversify farming crops so the state didn't rely solely on cotton*** C. to encourage Georgia citizens

    asked by Kiri
  22. Criminology

    Sentencing guidelines have succeeded in making sentencing decisions more consistent across judges. True False False?

    asked by yerp
  23. math

    which of the following is a rational number A.24 B.49 C.62 D.39 there all square roots, i need the answers please!!!!

    asked by help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. math

    a square has an area of 144 in.2 what is the length of a side of the square (hint: a=s2) A.12 in. B.13 in. C.72 in. D.14 in. i need help!!!!

    asked by square root
  25. Pre algebra

    Find the slope of the following graphs?

    asked by Saad N
  26. Algebra

    SHOW ALL WORK 1 what is the solution of the equation sqrt(2x+13)-5=x 2 what is the solution of the equation 3(^5sqrt((x+2)^3))+3=27 3 what is the simplest form of the radical expression 3(^3sqrt(2a)-6(^3sqrt(2a) Thank you :)

    asked by Celia
  27. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image?

    asked by Sam
  28. Physics

    The following results were obtained from an experiment to determine the density of air given that mass of a bottle contained air is equal to 410g, mass of a bottle filled with water is equal to 1150g, mass of the empty bottle is equal to 409g, a) what mass

    asked by Innocent
  29. Maths

    At a certain time of the day a tree casts it's shadow 12.5m feet long . if the height of the tree is 5feet find the height of the another tree that casts it's shadow 20feet long at the same time

    asked by Sonu
  30. Math

    Write an expression that uses only the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 one time each, and is equal to 7?

    asked by StudentAsk
  31. social studies

    Which of the following are ideas that Jean-Jacques Rousseau supported? Select the two correct answers. A. The government should act based on what the majority of people want. B. Societies need an absolute monarchy because people require a strong leader. C.

    asked by mila
  32. social studies

    According to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, what must be overcome to end suffering?

    asked by yeeee
  33. Math

    X-value of -x+2y=6 6y=x+18

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    A recipe for banana pudding calls for 2/3 cups of sugar for the flour and 1/4 cups of sugar for the meringue topping, how many cups of sugar is required to make that good banana pudding? Five friends want to split 6 1/4 pounds of candy amongst themselves.

    asked by lina
  35. science

    Is a lily a composite flower?

    asked by A
  36. Science

    A 25lb brick falls 4ft what was the force of impact?

    asked by Jarred Adams
  37. math

    Solve each equation. a. 4x=32 x= 8 b. 4=32x x= c. 10x=26 x= d. 26=100x x=

    asked by lina
  38. Math

    in the diagram l || m. if the measure of angle 3 is 120 degrees then find the messaure of the following angles a. angle 4 b. angle 6 c. angle 8. Show your work.

    asked by ack
  39. Science

    Use the following words to fill in the blanks. Atomic number Ionic bond Atomic mass Law of conservation of mass Endothermic reaction Electron Covalent bond Product Isotope Proton Carbon cycle Energy level, orbital, or shell Atomic model Atomic theory 1.

    asked by Ⓙⓤⓟⓘⓣⓔⓡ
  40. PE

    Decisions you make as a teen can affect you as an adult. True*** (Am I right?) False

    asked by Anonymous
  41. chemistry

    What volume (in ml) of 0.170 M sodium thiosulphate, Na2S2O3, solution is needed to prepare 250.0 mL of 0.0120 M sodium thiosulphate solution?

    asked by tin
  42. chem

    What volume of 2.30 M potassiom iodide, KI, solution is needed to prepare 250.0 mL of .220 M potassium iodide solution? Find volume in mL.

    asked by leo
  43. Vocabulary

    A change in the accuracy of shapes and distances is

    asked by eryn
  44. chemistry

    What mass, in grams, g, of solid ammonium persulphate, (NH4)2S2O8 needed to prepare 250.0 mL of a 0.220 M solution? Molar mass of (NH4)2S2O8 = 228.18 g/mol

    asked by tina
  45. Math

    Amy has a total of 560 marbles, She has five times as many small marbles as medium marbles. The number of large marbles is two more than three times the number of medium marbles. How many of each size does she have?

    asked by Null
  46. math

    write the greatest odd number that uses the digits 3 4 and 5 once each

    asked by pearl
  47. MATH

    The cost of hiring a van is partly constant and partly varies with the time spent it cost 180 for 2 hours hire and 450 for a 7 hours a write an equation connecting the cost x with the time t.b,find the cost for 10 hours

    asked by PRINCEES
  48. History

    In the early 19th century, which country took the lead in the world movement against slavery? _____ a. The United States b. Great Britain c. France d. The Netherlands (I'm thinking The United States but I'm not sure please help!)

    asked by Pleaseeee Help!
  49. Technology

    Unit testing is more appropriate for which testing technique among Project based testing and Product based testing?

    asked by Learner
  50. Math

    sharon received $72 for her birthday. She spent 1/5 of her birthday money on new shoes. She spent 1/4 of her remaining birthday money on clothes. How much of her birthday money did sharon spend on clothes.

    asked by Quesha
  51. micro economic

    what is a cornot nash solution

    asked by destaw feleke
  52. Physics

    answer key: -6.40*10^13i N/C Can somebody show me the steps to the answer key? The figure below shows a dipole. If the positive particle has a charge of 37.1 mC and the particles are 2.66 mm apart, what is the electric field at point A located 2.00 mm

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Algebra

    Solve each system using substitution. Tell whether the system has one solution, infinitely solutions, or no solution. 1.) 2x + y = -12;-4x - 2y = 30 2.) 1/3y = 7/3x + 5/3;x - 3y = 5 3.) Y = X - 7;3x - 3y = 21

    asked by Kaitlyn
  54. social studies

    What happened as a result of World War II? A. The Industrial Revolution took off in Western Europe. B. All countries agreed to join the League of Nations except for the U.S. C. The U.S. and Russia became the new world superpowers. D. Germany and Austria

    asked by Presley
  55. Chemistry

    A gas has a volume of 590 mL at a temperature of -55.0°C. What volume will the gas occupy at 30.0°C? Show your work. Someone please help!! I don’t know how to do this.

    asked by Blooky
  56. English

    The reader of “The Courage That My Mother Had” can conclude that the speaker's mother has died. Which detail points to that conclusion? A. She had great courage. B. She wore a golden brooch. C. She is now in a granite hill. D. She is compared to

    asked by im a faliure anyways
  57. Algebra

    The directrix of a parabola is y=−4 . The focus of the parabola is (−2,−2) . What is the equation of the parabola? y=1/4(x+2)^2−3 y=1/8(x−2)^2−3 y=−1/8(x+2)^2+3 y=−1/4(x−2)^2−3

    asked by Hi
  58. math

    which of the following is an irrational number A.11 B.16 C.100 D.81

    asked by help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Algebra

    The directrix of a parabola is y=9 . The focus of the parabola is (2,5) . What is the equation of the parabola? y=−1/8(x−2)^2+7 y=1/8(x−2)^2−7 y=1/8(x−2)^2+7 y=−1/8(x−2)^2−7

    asked by Hi
  60. Algebra

    The focus of a parabola is (0,−4) . The directrix of the parabola is the line y=−5 . What is the equation of the parabola? y=−1/4x^2+4 y=1/2x^2−9/2 y=−1/2x^2−9/2 y=1/4x^2−4

    asked by Hi
  61. social studies

    How was Germany affected during the Cold War? A. Germany was divided into eastern and western halves with a wall separating the two sides. B. There was a rise in nationalism within the country and Germany began to take over more land. C. Germany became a

    asked by Presley
  62. math

    Find, correct to nearest naira,the compound interest on N85750 for 3 years at 5%?

    asked by Hafsat
  63. Social studies

    Describe the split in the Muslim community caused by Muhammad’s death.

    asked by hi
  64. math

    this is proportions Plz help 1. k/3=3/9 2. 1/k=4/20 3. 20/5=m/25 4. 4/7=12/g 5. 4/5=72/g 6. 10/25=r/20 7. 12/8=15/k 8. 9/12=15/n 9. 6/n=21/28 10. b/16=17.5/20

    asked by Plasma fox ;)
  65. social studies

    Due to urbanization that occurred during the Industrial Revolution, A.people tended to stay in one place instead of migrating B.factory workers could live outside the city and work in the city C.cities were overcrowded and diseased spread more rapidly

    asked by emma
  66. chem

    15.00 mL of 0.200 M KI is combined with several other solutions (none of which contain K+) to produce a final solution with a volume of 60.00 mL. Calculate the concentration (in moles per litre) of K+ in the final solution.

    asked by lino
  67. chemistry

    10.00 mL of 0.100 M (NH4)2SO4 is combined with several other solutions (none of which contain SO4-2) to produce a final solution with a volume of 60.00 mL. Calculate the concentration (in moles per litre) of SO4-2 in the final solution.

    asked by tina
  68. Social Studies

    How was Judaism different from other religions of its time? A. It had a moral code. B. It allowed religious leaders to teach God’s laws. C. It had the most holidays. D. It professed that there is only one god. ***?

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  69. math

    Estimate 27 (square root) to the nearest whole number A.14 B.6 C.5 D.4 i need help!!!!!

    asked by square root
  70. math

    When they say "Find the solution to this system" they mean where the lines intercept correct?

    asked by Anime_is_cool
  71. social studies

    In what way was Siddhartha Gautama an example of a bodhisattva? A. He was a prince who ruled wisely and well. B. He was responsible for building many stone pillars that express Buddhist beliefs. C. He gained enlightenment and tried to help others out of

    asked by connections kid
  72. Physics

    An ohmmeter scale reaches half scale deflection when at 1500 ohm calculate the variable resistance needed to make the pointer reach the maximum reading

    asked by Haneen
  73. Computer Science (php)

    Write PHP code to process data passed from HTML form; Write PHP statements to use PHP variables, perform mathematical operations, and use control structures to solve application problems; Use the echo construct and printf function to display output. Tasks:

    asked by Hooper
  74. Math

    1. Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 8 cm. (1 point) (0 pts) 267.9 cm2 (1 pt) 803.8 cm2 (0 pts) 2143.6 cm2 (0 pts) 201.0 cm2

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Chemistry

    Butane (C4H10) has a heat of vaporization of 22.44 kJ/mole and a normal boiling point of -0.4 C. A 250 mL sealed flask contains 0.65 g of butane at -22 C. How much butane is present as a liquid at -22C? If the butane is warmed to 25 C, how much liquid

    asked by elizabeth
  76. Algebra

    a pair of jeans is on sale for 25% off the original price which expression represents the sale price? If the original price of the jeans is $40 evaluate the expression is to find the sale price

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    Consider the following indefinite integral. I= ∫ tan(x)sec^2(x) dx Part 1 of the question was to evaluate I using substitution, u=sec(x) my answer: (sec^2(x))/2 +C Part 2: evaluate I using substitution, u=tan(x) my answer: tan^2(x)/2 + C Part 3 is to

    asked by Anonymous
  78. counseling

    Which course can study with thise subject Accounting business studies economic math literacy

    asked by Malibongwe
  79. Physics

    A mass M of solid metal at temperature T is put into 3.0kg of water which is initially at 90◦C. The metal and water are placed in an insulated container. The specific heat for water is 4186 J kg K . The metal has a melting point of 60◦C. The latent

    asked by Cassidy
  80. Mathematics

    I used 1/4 of my money and left $24. How much had i at first?

    asked by Tuary