Questions Asked on
February 5, 2020

  1. Maths

    A cylindrical tin full of engine oil has a diameter of 12cm and a height of 14cm. The oil is poured into a rectangular tin 16cm long and 11cm wide. What is the depth of the oil in the tin?

    asked by Christabel
  2. physics

    Read the scenario. A boulder with a mass of 50 kg is sitting in a backyard. If the boulder were half the mass, what could be said about the gravitational force on the boulder? It would be reduced to one quarter. It would not change. It would be doubled. It

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  3. algebra

    Tom has a collection of 30 CDs, and Nita has a collection of 18 CDs. Tom is adding 1 CD per month to his collection, while Nita is adding 5 CDs per month to her collection. After how many months will Tom and Nita have the same number of CDs? 1 month 3

    asked by teehee
  4. Science

    An electron of charge -e circulates around a helium nucleus of charge +2.which particle exerts a larger force on other?

    asked by Dania
  5. Physics

    For an ideal fluid flowing through a horizontal pipe, Bernoulli's principle and the continuity equation state that the pressure within the pipe does which of the following? Pressure descreased pipe diameter increase?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Civics

    Which of these are obligations of the national government to the states? Select all that apply. A. distribute educational opportunities B. enforce anti-drug laws C. ensure a decent standard of living D. guarantee a republican form of government E. protect

    asked by Uhto
  7. Math

    A bag is filled with green and blue marbles. There are 77 marbles in the bag. If there are 25 more green marbles than blue marbles, find the number of green marbles and the number of blue marbles in the bag.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. physics

    You are given a vector in the xy plane that has a magnitude of 90.0 units and a y component of -61.0 units. a)What are the two possibilities for its x component? b) Assuming the x component is known to be positive, specify the magnitude of the vector

    asked by vic
  9. chemistry

    if 50.0 g of KCl reacts with 50.0 g of O2 to produce KClO3 according to the equation, how many grams of KClO3 will be formed?

    asked by Viridiana
  10. Math

    A sector of radius 14 cm subtend an angle of 240 degree at the center of the circle is bent to form a cone calculate the base radius of the cone

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Algebra re-post for Unknown

    Please use a better, shorter screenname. —————————————————- Mauro has 140 ft of rope. He will cut it into two pieces so that the length of the longer piece is 3 times the length of the shorter piece. What will the length

    asked by Writeacher
  12. Math

    1.(1 point) Find the area of the trapezoid. 14mm,15mm,36mm A.270mm2 B. 375mm2 C. 750mm2 D. 3780mm2 2.(1 point) Find the area of the trapezoid. 7m,21m,21m A. 1543.5m2 B. 220.5m2 C. 294m2 D. 588m2 3.(1 point) A trapezoid has an area of 24 square meters. The

    asked by Connexus Queen
  13. medical

    Why were payment status indicator (PSIs) created? a. To initiate correct billing for APCs b. To generate chargemaster codes for reimbursement c. To create coding scenarios for special payers d. To make providers and payers aware of the services and

    asked by cathy
  14. Grammar

    As the dancers step to the music, they were also stepping in time to a sound that embodies their unique history and suggests the influence of outside cultures on their music. A. NO CHANGE B. are also stepping*** C. have also stepped D. will also step

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  15. math

    What is the solution to the equation? x + 17 = 55

    asked by uh oh stinky
  16. math

    at 9 am there were 10 bacteria in a petri dish if the number of bacteria doubles every minute what is the number of bacteria in a dish at 10 am

    asked by Ashe
  17. English

    How many metrical feet are in each of these lines from "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening"? Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow. Two, three,

    asked by 🍦ice cream🍦
  18. MATH

    Francesca bought a dress to wear to a wedding. The sales tax for the dress is 6%. She also paid $35, which was not taxed, to have the dress altered. If Francesca paid the store a total of $126.16, which equation can be solved to determine the price of the

    asked by JAY
  19. English

    Could I get a little help please? I think it's D How do the words “exciting” and “theater” in the following sentence help the reader understand the word “dramatic?” “Dramatic moments make a story exciting, but walking the plank is just

    asked by chuck
  20. Science

    On a branching chart showing evolution of species overtime what does each branch represent

    asked by Birdie
  21. programming

    For the next step you should write the instructions that will repeatedly read an input until a negative number is read. To do this, there are several details to address: Pick a name for a memory location where the data will be read. Which instruction is

    asked by nano
  22. math

    two vertices of a parallelogram are a(2, 3) and b(8, 11), and the intersection of the diagonals is x(7, 6) a. find the coordinates of the two other vertices. make sure to show all your work in finding the answer b. explain what you had to do to find the

    asked by jisung
  23. History

    Which statement BEST describes a principle that is shared in the preambles of the constitutions of the United States and Georgia? A. Government originates from the people B. Government offers peace and prosperity C. Government helps all of its people D.

    asked by Child of God
  24. History

    What is the main difference between the Talmud and the Torah? A. The Talmud includes the Ten Commandments; the Torah does not. B. The Torah is comprised of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible; the Talmud is comprised of teachings about the Torah. C.

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  25. Math

    Solve equation 2log10^x - 3log10^2 + 3log10^32 = 2

    asked by Kd
  26. Civics

    When states gave up some of their power to the federal government, which of the following did they receive in return? A. a guarantee to fully integrate the public schools B. power to negotiate with foreign countries as individual states C. protection from

    asked by Uhtoioi
  27. math

    A survey team is trying to estimate the height of a mountain above a level plain. From one point on the plain, they observe that the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain is 26 ∘ . From a point 2000 feet closer to the mountain along the plain,

    asked by chloe
  28. chemistry

    How many moles of O atoms are in 8.65 mol of CaCO3, the chief constituent of seashells??

    asked by stephanie
  29. Business

    Young, innovative, or high-tech firms often adopt the strategy of ignoring history or attempting to do something radically new. In what ways might this strategy help them? In what ways might this strategy hinder them?

    asked by Mola
  30. Math

    If the sum of the first n terms of the series,4+7+10+... is 209, find n

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Social studies

    Rulers of Axum gained power and wealth by: A Constructing churches. B adopting Christianity. C building monuments such as stelae. D controlling trade routs

    asked by Shkamaru
  32. math

    What notation can you use to represent the inverse sine function? (Select all that apply.) a) sin−1(x) b) sin(x−1) c) csc(x) d) 1/(csc(x)) e) arcsin(x)

    asked by anonymous
  33. Math

    95 2 65 = 77 77 one hund 6. 5. Soy un número entre 30 y 40. Cuando me pones en 8 grupos iguales, hay un número par en cada grupo y queda 1. ¿Qué número soy 1? Haz un dibujo de lo que hiciste.

    asked by Natalie
  34. Geography

    Which geographic feature did the early explores use the most during their expeditions? A. Lakes B. Mountains C. Rivers D. Hot springs

    asked by Tiny Tim
  35. Geography

    Of the following choices, which statement describes exploration and early settlement of Arkansas? Select all that apply. A. Joliet and Marquette formed an alliance with the Chickasaw who protected them B. LaSalle’s primary mission was to expand French

    asked by Tiny Tim
  36. math

    Find the domain of f(x) =1/1-2cos x

    asked by mythily
  37. Physics

    Two mirrors of a laser separated by 8.0 cm form an optical cavity in which standing waves of laser light can be set up. Each standing wave has an integral number n of half wavelengths in the 8.0 cm length, where n is large and the waves differ slightly in

    asked by Vix
  38. History

    In which of the following forms of government does the mayor have the least executive power? A. strong mayor-council B. weak mayor-council C. council-manager*** D. consolidated Which of the following are true statements about the mayor in a strong

    asked by Sasha
  39. History

    After capturing Washington the British attacked what city which they failed to capture?

    asked by Lewis
  40. History

    What land did the United States Hain from the war of 1812

    asked by Lewis
  41. Algebra

    Simplify the expression: .1 square root a^6 where a

    asked by Helen
  42. Algebra

    Prove the divisibility of the following numbers: 8^10−8^9−8^8 by 55

    asked by Helen
  43. Math

    Determine whether the number could be the probability of an event. Explain your reasoning -0.25

    asked by that one dude
  44. Math

    Describe how you would estimate the square root of a number that is not a perfect square with out using a calculator. IF anyone could help me to have an understanding of what this question wants or means I'd appreciate it. Thanks

    asked by Zapper
  45. chemistry

    Given the reaction: 3 Cu + 8 HNO3  3 Cu(NO3)2 + 2 NO + 4 H2O If 12.0 moles of copper react, how many grams of HNO3 are needed? Please show work.

    asked by roni
  46. Math

    How do you prove this identity? cos2x*tan(π\4-x)= 1-sin2x

    asked by Branco
  47. Math

    Sample Standard Deviation: 3 If each number in the data set was decreased by 3 units, what would be the new values of these statistics? I got mean, median, and mode.

    asked by Ihatemath
  48. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. a. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy

    asked by Connexus Help
  49. Social Studies

    In which of the following forms of government does the mayor have the least executive power? strong mayor-council weak mayor-council council-manager consolidated

    asked by kazo
  50. chemistry

    To ensure that the air in the shuttle remains free of excess CO2, engineers test the air purification system. They combine 1.000 × 103 g LiOH with 8.80 × 102 g CO2. The reaction produces 3.25 × 102 g H2O. If the reaction potentially could produce 360. g

    asked by chiefmartinez619188
  51. civics

    Which of the following is an intangible way state government helps its citizens?

    asked by justin
  52. Physics

    Why would you not be able to use a CD diffraction grating to measure the wavelength of laser light?

    asked by Physics Student
  53. Social Studies

    Please answer quickly!!!!! which of the following are true statements about the mayor in a strong mayor-council form of government? select all that apply

    asked by Smartie
  54. algebra

    You are an entrepreneur and selling handmade kites. Your company Kites-R-Fun has been contacted by a customer in Alaska who wants to purchase several of your best-selling kites and wants you to ship them to her. You have already established the cost at $4

    asked by ...
  55. Algebra

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Rewrite 3√27x−81−5 to make it easy to graph using a translation. Describe the graph.

    asked by Caitlyn
  56. MS career exploration

    which of the following has a likely attended vocational school? A cafeteria director at grade school a curator a graphic designer a school principle

    asked by i need help!!!!!!!!!!
  57. digital arts

    1.figures are only the objects that are standing still in animation. A. true B. false*** 2.the animation in zoetrope could A. tell a story B. be projected on a wall C. not be in more than three colors D. give a simple figure the illusion of movement 3.stop

    asked by i miss my brother
  58. Math

    1. Which of the following are independent events? (3 points) ((** is my answer)) A. Flipping a coin and rolling a number cube** B. Choosing two marbles without replacement C. Spinning a spinner twice** D. Choosing a card, replacing it and then choosing

    asked by Virgil sanders
  59. Managerial Economics

    Assuming a profit function as p=90-2q and the cost function as c=10+0.5q2.find the profile maximization output and price

    asked by Kudirat
  60. math

    How much will an initial investment of $2500 at the Credit Union be worth after 5 years

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Science

    Hello:) i just need help to see is my answers are right The current atomic model would be revised if a. better microscope for being used to study at structure b. better microscopes are invested in the future c. new information about an anthem‘s

    asked by Angela
  62. physics

    Use graphical method to find the resultant of vector. A 120N 45 degrees and vector B is 75N 130 degree.

    asked by biggie boy 👦
  63. algebra

    Evaluate. 1.log2 raise to the power of 4 2.log5 raise to the power of 25 3.log4 raise to the power of 1/8 4.log100 raise the power of 0.001 5.log8 raise the the power of 0.0625 Please teacher help me with my assignment.

    asked by Donald monki Jeff.
  64. algebra

    Simply the following as far as possible. 1.log8 - log4*log6/log4 2.log8+log4

    asked by Sheik sudani Al Qatar La muktal.
  65. Civics

    Under which circumstances might a U.S. president send federal soldiers to enforce order in a state? A. if a state needed help collecting income tax B. if a state's elected governor committed a crime C. if a state collected tolls on an interstate highway D.

    asked by Uhhis
  66. math

    A gauge is used to check the diameter of a crankshaft journal. It is constructed to make measurements on the basis of a right triangle with a 60.0° angle (see figure in the link below). Distance AB in the illustration is 10.6 cm. Find radius BC of the

    asked by anonymous
  67. math

    From a point x = 85 feet in front of a public library, the angles of elevation to the base of the flagpole and the top of the flagpole are θ = 33.5° and 39° 45', respectively. The flagpole is mounted on the front of the library's roof. Find the height

    asked by anonymous
  68. Algebra

    Hi! I need help, please. So for one of my questions, I had to find the intersection on a graph. the answer was x=6 and y=32. The scenario was "You are an entrepreneur and selling handmade kites. Your company Kites-R-Fun has been contacted by a customer in

    asked by Elisha:)
  69. Math

    using a scale of 1:10000, find the actual distance between two towns which are 4.5 apart on the map

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    An electric hoist is used to lift a piece of equipment y = 3 feet. (see figure in the link below). The diameter of the drum on the hoist is x = 12 inches. Find the number of degrees through which the drum must rotate. (Round to the nearest integer.)

    asked by anonymous
  71. algebra

    x - 2y = 1, for y

    asked by algebra
  72. social studies

    Why is the Agricultural Revolution an important part of early European history? Select the two correct answers. A. Humans learned more advanced methods of hunting and foraging for food. B. Women were given more rights and humans were treated more equally.

    asked by help please
  73. math

    How long would it take to travel 425 m at the rate of 50 m/s ? A. 8.5 s B. 375 s C. 475 s D. 21,250 s

    asked by Abcde
  74. Math

    The length of the ramp leading to the overpass is 300m and the overpass is 10m above the ground below. Determine the angle of elevation of the ramp (Pls also include the formula)

    asked by Nelly
  75. Arithmetic


    asked by Jay
  76. Science

    Describe the Cori cycle in relation to metabolic relationship between muscle, red blood cells and liver

    asked by Ihianle Precious Chukwuyem
  77. Math

    Lauren bought 1 2/3 yards of ribbon to make bows. Each bow takes 1/3 yard of ribbon. How many bows can she make?

    asked by Tyler
  78. math

    when using significant figures, why is 2.8023 - 4.762 = -1.960 instead of -1.961

    asked by joe
  79. geometry

    has vertices at A(3,4), B(−1,1), and C(−2,5). Triangle A B C in the plane with the coordinates as described in the text. What is the approximate perimeter of △ABC? 15 units 68 units 14.2 units 8.2 units i thinks it is either 8.2 or 14.2

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  80. math

    How much would you need to deposit in an account now in order to have $5000 in the account in 13 years? Assume the account earns 9% interest compounded semi-annually. Round your answer to the nearest cent.

    asked by will
  81. Physics

    A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded 36kg cart with a horizontal force of 12N. (Ignore Friction) (a) How far will the cart move in 3.5s, starting from rest? m (b) How far will the cart move in 3.5s if the shopper places an 75N child in the cart

    asked by Jay
  82. math

    using significant figures, how does the question below equal to 3.26 x 10^47 2.34 x 10^47 + 9.2 x 10^46

    asked by joe
  83. algebra

    If an area of a square garden is 141 square feet how much fencing is needed to enclose the garden?

    asked by Christian
  84. history

    1.Under which circumstances might a u.s President send federal soldiers to enforce order in a state A. If a state needed help in collecting income tax. B. If a state's elected governor committed a crime C. If a states collected tolls on an interstate

    asked by memes
  85. Math

    Simplify. Express each answer with positive exponents. 5a(-2ab^2)(-3b^3)

    asked by Jack
  86. Meteorology

    Together, nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) by volume account for _____% of the gases composing the dry air in the lower atmosphere (below an altitude of 80 km

    asked by JEFF
  87. statistics

    M&m plain candies come in various colors. according to the mm/mars department of consumer affairs the distriction of colors for plain mm candies is as follows. purple 17% yellow 17% red 20% orange 10% green 6% blue 6% brown 24%. find p(green or blue)are

    asked by sara
  88. AP Statistics

    The Problem: Slow response times by paramedics, firefighters, and policemen can have serious consequences for accident victims. IN the case of life-threatening injuries, victims generally need medical attention within 8 minutes of the accident. Several

    asked by Jen
  89. civics

    Describe a situation in which a state governor might ask for federal troops to be sent to his or her state. How would this situation be an example of responsibilities that the federal government owes to the state? it's an essay i need help!!!!!

    asked by Federalism
  90. Science

    If an astronaut could have 40 cm how high on Jupiter how high could he or she jump on Earth? On the Moon?

    asked by Rebacca
  91. math

    Define the inverse cotangent function by restricting the domain of the cotangent function to the interval (0, π). Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. (Enter your answer in radians.) arccot (-√3)

    asked by anonymous