Questions Asked on
January 30, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction: Zn (s) + S (s) + 2 O2 (g) → ZnSO4 (s) ΔH = ? kJ by using the following data: Zn (s) + S (s) → ZnS (s) ΔH = –206.0 kJ ZnS (s) + 2 O2 (g) → ZnSO4 (s) ΔH = –776.8 kJ My answer is -982.8 but I'm not

    asked by Jack
  2. Chemistry

    Calculate the oxidation number of sulphur in AL2(SO4)3

    asked by Abdul
  3. English

    What does the phrase not yet! in quiet lie suggest in the poem "Daybreak"

    asked by Md imran
  4. chemistry

    The activation energy of a certain uncatalyzed biochemical reaction is 50.0 kJ/mol. In the presence of a catalyst at 37°C, the rate constant for the reaction increases by a factor of 2.50 ✕ 103 as compared with the uncatalyzed reaction. Assuming the

    asked by joe
  5. Economics

    Which phrase best defines scarcity? A. a state in which productive resources are not enough to create a given good or service B. a state in which human wants are greater than the resources available to fill those wants C. a state in which too few choices

    asked by Arci
  6. English

    Read this passage from Act 1, Part 7, of The Crucible. ABIGAIL: I want to open myself! (They turn to her, startled. She is enraptured, as though in a pearly light.) I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the Devil; I saw him;

    asked by nini
  7. English

    Read the passage from Chapter 1, Part 2, of Little Women. Amy followed, but she poked her hands out stiffly before her, and jerked herself along as if she went by machinery, and her “Ow!” was more suggestive of pins being run into her than of fear and

    asked by nini
  8. Math

    From two points A and B, 43m apart and on the same horizontal line with the foot C of an electric pole, the angles of elevation of the top of the pole are 24 degree and 37 degree respectively. Find the heights of the pole

    asked by Aanuoluwa
  9. math

    The equation 4y = 9x represents a proportional relationship. What is the constant of proportionality?

    asked by kam
  10. calculus

    1. Find the average value have of the function h on the given interval. h(x) = 2 cos4(x) sin(x), [0, π] 2. Consider the given function and the given interval. f(x) = 6 sin(x) − 3 sin(2x), [0, π] (a) Find the average value fave of f on the given

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Find the surface area of a square pyramid with a length of 5 cm and slant height of 8 cm. A. 80 cm B. 105 cm C. 200 cm D. 145 cm I've tried different variations and formulas but they don't match my answer choices. Please help me solve this!

    asked by Tessa
  12. social studies

    What became a challenge for humans when adopting an agricultural lifestyle?

    asked by mia
  13. calculus

    1. Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. y = ln(5x), y = 1, y = 3, x = 0; about the y-axis 2. Use the method of cylindrical shells to find the volume V generated by rotating the

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    A bag contains a large number of coins. 60% are 50p coins. 20% are 20p coins. 20% are 10p coins. Find the mean and the variance of the values of this population of coins.

    asked by Hello
  15. Programming

    2. Boardman College maintains two files—one for Sociology majors and another for Anthropology majors. Each file contains students' ID numbers, last names, first names, and grade point averages. Each file is in student ID number order. The college is

    asked by Michael
  16. Chemistry

    If 3.15g of mercury oxide are thermally decomposed to mercury and oxygen, what mass of oxygen Will be produced?

    asked by Sofia
  17. Math

    Q: How could the function y=3t^2 +4 be plotted on a cartesian graph to produce a straight line? What would be the numerical values of the slope and the intercept of the line? For this it's explained in the lab book for physics as if the function is y=mx+b

    asked by Tris
  18. US History

    Question 3 Read this excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, which is a primary source: We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude

    asked by imskeezyjohhnyyyy🤡
  19. Chemistry

    In the decomposition of CaCO3 a gas is produced: CaCO3 (s) → CaO (s) + CO2 (g). Predict the change in entropy for this reaction. The predicted change in entropy would be: a. ΔS < 0 b. ΔS = 0 c. ΔS > 0 d. Enthalpy required My answer is c but could

    asked by Jack
  20. Chemistry

    asked by Jack
  21. Counseling

    What can i studie

    asked by Belinda Manxoyi
  22. Math

    Solve the formula A = 2πrh + 2πr2 for h i have no idea what it means.\, if anyone could help that would be amazing, thanks

    asked by hi need help @ 3 am
  23. spanish

    can someone check these? 7. ....el carro A. Lavo* B. Me Lavo 8. ....los dientes. A.Cepillo B. Me Cepillo * 9. niño. A. Acuesto * B. me acuesto 10. ...a un amigo. A. Llamo * B. me llamo 11. ....Roberto. A.Llama B. Se llama *

    asked by john
  24. Geography

    In what ways did the geography or Arkansas influence both settlements and cultural development of the Mississippi Alluvial Plains and the Ozark Mountains regions

    asked by 😂
  25. Social Studies

    Which of the following are constitutional officers? Select all that apply. secretary of state attorney general governor lieutenant governor Please help me!!

    asked by YOUR SAVIOR
  26. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular piece of plastic is 30 millimeters. The piece of plastic is 5 millimeters tall. How wide is it?

    asked by breanna
  27. Science-plz help

    which of the following show the correct order from smallest to largest a- community - organism - population-ecosystem b- organism -population- community -organism c- population-ecosystem- community-organism d- organism -community-ecosystem-population

    asked by Melanie
  28. pre algebra

    can someone please tell me the STEPS (Not just the answer, cause this doesn't make any sense to me) to simplifying this equation: (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4 thank you :)

    asked by howdy
  29. Algebra

    What is the volume of the triangular prism to the nearest whole unit? Height = 3 ft Width = 15 ft Length = 16 ft A. 360 ft B. 240 ft C. 1,440 ft D. 720 ft I need help ASAP

    asked by pineapple16
  30. Science

    Anyone have any good articles on the relationship between photosynthetic bacteria and oxygen levels in the sea? Thanks.

    asked by aDaline
  31. Journalism

    the first amendment only applies to those who write for newspapers True false ****

    asked by sam
  32. Algebra 2

    Simplify the expression where possible. (x 2y 3z 4) 2

    asked by Taylor
  33. Social Studies

    Hi! Help! Please check 1. Which of the following were the three main parts of Athenian democratic government? A) The Congress, the Council, and the Assembly B)The House of Representatives, the President, and the Assembly C)The Assembly, the Courts, and the

    asked by LittleMissMoonlight
  34. geometry

    Use the following lines to answer the question. line g: y=−45x+75 line h: y=54x+34 Is line g perpendicular to line h? Why or why not? Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h are opposite and the y-intercepts are different. Yes, because the slopes of

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  35. Math

    Yolanda has 4 1/4 cups of flour. She needs 1 2/3 cups of flour to make a batch of cookies. How many cookies can Yolanda make with the flour she has?

    asked by Emily
  36. science

    A ball is thrown with a speed of 100m/s attain the height of 150m, (take g=10m/s^2). calculate... (i)Time of flight (ii)Angle of projection (iii)Range???

    asked by Horpeyemmy
  37. History

    What is one way the Romans were able to conquer such a large territory? A. They would not often trade with other cultures. B. They won military battles including the Punic Wars. C. They used the phalanx as a military formation. D. They refused to borrow

    asked by IT KHALIYAH
  38. Math

    A random sample M1, M2,M3...M8 is taken from a population with unknown mean x. For each of the following, state wether or not it is a statistic, giving your reasons: a) (M3+M8)/2 b) (Summation of Mi)/n

    asked by Yo
  39. Maths

    87392 nearest 1000

    asked by Zimbini Sonjica
  40. Maths

    Find to the nearest degree, the size of each angle of a regular haptagon (seven sides)

    asked by Emman
  41. Math

    One window washer can wash 30 windows in 2 hours. At this rate, how many windows can be washed in 8 hours by 3 window washers?

    asked by Kylie
  42. English

    In a paragraph, compare and contrast any two of the following forms of poetry:Concrete,Haiku, or Limerick Your essay should include a specific description of each of the two forms you choose. Explain how the two forms are alike and how they are different.

    asked by Brooklyn, I´m A Boy
  43. math

    using the points (3,1) and (1,-3) write an equation in slope-intercept form i keep coming up with y=2x+6 but the back of my math book says its i wrong or is the book wrong? if im wrong plz show me the steps so i can compare them to my work

    asked by anime_is_cool
  44. Economics

    The third term gp is 9 and the fith term is 16. What is the fourth term

    asked by Dakup godwin
  45. math

    Five kids and two adults are going to the circus. Kid's tickets are on sale for only half of the adult tickets. The total cost is $50. How much is one kids ticket? How much is one adult ticket?

    asked by Bobbie
  46. math

    Faye wants to know how tall her school building is. On a sunny day, she measures the shadow of the building to be 6 feet. At the same time, she measures the shadow cast by a 5 foot statue to be 2 feet. How tall is her school building? I don't understand

    asked by Help please
  47. algebra

    Matrices are used in many ways that you may not even realize. They are used in most scientific fields and computer graphics. Matrices can also be used to deliver coded messages. In this portfolio you are going to work on decoding a secret message that

    asked by Kitty
  48. Math

    17. Find the value of X,Y, And Z A. x = 54; y = 126; z = 28 B .x = 82; y = 75 ; z = 28 C. x = 82; y = 98 ; z = 0 D. x = 82; y = 98 ; z = 28 Needs Help

    asked by Connexus from PHX
  49. Math

    A random sample M1, M2,M3...M8 is taken from a population with unknown mean x. For each of the following, state wether or not it is a statistic, giving your reasons: a) (M3+M8)/2 b) (Summation of Mi)/n

    asked by Euler
  50. English

    Plz help!!! Which of the following elements should be included in your argument essay? Select the two correct answer. A. a narrative with plot line B. a main claim about your topic C. graphics such as charts and tables D. detailed description of people and

    asked by Beyoncé is my queen
  51. social studies

    PLZ HELP!! I REALLY NEED IT!!!! What is the caste system? How does it result in social inequality?

    asked by someone that needs and gives help
  52. Social Studies

    What effect did the Fugitive Slave Act have? Select all that apply

    asked by Unknown Void
  53. Math

    A scientist reports a set of experimental results with 97% confidence. The results state that 82-86% of epithelial cells were killed by the bacterial treatment he administered. What is the margin of error for the scientist's results? Enter your answer as a

    asked by Emily
  54. Journalism

    why is it hard for journalist to write a piece if she conflict of interest A she will not be as objective B she will want to include the names of her friends C she will know too much about the story******** D she will get paid for the story

    asked by Ava
  55. science

    What effort should be applied to raised a load of 800n

    asked by Christopher dav
  56. Physics

    On an inclined plane is Gravitation Force of x component (Fgx) always equal to static friction (fs)?

    asked by Anonymus
  57. math

    what is 5{3m+n}.

    asked by matthew
  58. Science

    Hi everyone. Can you please help me? Here it is: When a plant is planted with everything it needs to grow (nutrients, water, light), it will continue to grow throughout its lifetime by producing new plant material (plant cells). My answer: I think this

    asked by LittleMissMoonlight
  59. journalism

    why is acting lawfully and ethically important for journalists A it helps journalists remain credible B it keeps people focused on the fact in the news C it helps people stay safe D all of the above*****

    asked by sam
  60. Writing

    letter to my uncle telling him to asist me for my school fees

    asked by vivian
  61. Science/biology

    My question: Photosynthesis is required for plants to grow new cells. My answer: I think this statement is true because Photosynthesis is how a plant makes food. When you eat food (when you're a child) you grow. Like a plant. The plant creates food, and

    asked by LittleMissMoonlight
  62. Social Studies

    The Industrial Revolution is best defined as a Time of great excitement about mechanical approaches to controlling Nature. Period of turmoil and upheaval within the United States government. Series of explosive encounters between workers and wealthy

    asked by Blank
  63. Social Studies

    What effect did Nat Turner's Rebellion of 1831 have on southern society? More whites began hiding fugitive slaves Many slaveholders freed their slaves. Open slave revolts increased dramatically**** People stopped discussing rebelling against slavery

    asked by Blank
  64. Social Studies

    How did the Second Great Awakening impact society in America? It led to increased alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse. People believed their lives were predestined and that there was nothing they could do to attain salvation. It led to an increase in

    asked by Rull
  65. math

    Which pairs of expressions are equal? Select two answers. A. 3 ( x + 2 ) + 4 x and 7 x + 6 B. 2 ( x + 3 ) + 2 x and 4 x + 3 C. 5 ( x – 1 ) + 6 and 5 x + 5 D. 8 + 4 ( x + 1 ) and 4 x + 12 E. 4 + 5 ( x − 2 ) and 3 x + 4

    asked by fin fox
  66. history

    Why is Alexandria a site encounter.

    asked by Cart
  67. science

    Due to its ability to camouflage itself from predators, the White Peppered Moth of England was once much more abundant than the Black Peppered Moth. As the Industrial Revolution hit, factories began to release black soot which coated everything, including

    asked by eli
  68. Science

    The natural shifting of a river’s course has caused the river to separate into two branches. One branch continues in the river’s previous course. The other branch takes a new route across the land. Eventually, it empties into the ocean. Which landform

    asked by LetsBeLonelyTogether
  69. Math

    An aeroplane leaves a point on latitude 54'S at 10a.m it flies due south at a steady speed of800kmh.a.what is it's latitude at mid day?b.At what time does it pass over the South Pole

    asked by Victoria
  70. social studies

    Which of the following are the main factors that led to World War I? Select the two correct answers. A. the rise of fascism in some European countries B. the invention of nuclear weapons and disagreement over their use** C. the assassination of Archduke

    asked by name
  71. Math

    It his last track make Carl ran the 100 meter dash in 13.4 seconds. What was his approximate rate of speed for the race

    asked by Elizabeth
  72. Math

    Ryan's Bike tire made 3,549 revolutions in 42 minutes this morning at what rate did the bike tire turn?

    asked by Elizabeth
  73. Science

    Hawaii has a warm, wet, tropical climate. Which of these is most likely to break down newly formed rock in Hawaii? -root wedging -salt wedging -frost wedging -abrasion I honestly have no clue but my guess is root wedging??

    asked by LetsBeLonelyTogether
  74. geometry

    Line CD passes through point E. Line CD: y−5=−3(x+2) Point E: (6,−1) What is the equation of the line that is perpendicular to line CD? y=1/3x−4 y=−1/3x−19/3 y=−1/3x+5 y=−1/3x+19/3 y=1/3x+4

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  75. science

    Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth’s surface can change any rock into A. chemical rock. B. gemstone. C. metamorphic rock. D. sedimentary rock. pls help

    asked by Jordyn
  76. Math

    Given that the indicated lines in the figure below are parallel, determine the sum of a+b+c without measuring the angles. Explain your reasoning in the style of a two-column proof.

    asked by Zed
  77. English

    To finish her environmental science research project, Giselle is compiling her data on the increase in popularity and use of solar energy. Which organization and style would be MOST appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience? A) a persuasive essay to

    asked by Me
  78. Physics

    A ball of mass 8kg at what hight above the ground must a body of mass 10kg be pesuated in other to have potential energy equal in value to the kinetic energy pocess by another body of mass 10 kg moving a velocity of 10m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  79. algebra

    For 9x + 25 = 88, Deena wrote the situation “I bought some shirts at the store for $9 each and received a $25 discount. My total bill was $88. How many shirts did I buy?”

    asked by Erick
  80. English

    Excerpt from The Care and Keeping of Big Cats Part B Kate McConnaughey Like all other animals in captivity, zoo animals require occasional trips to the vet. The veterinarians that handle zoo animals are specially trained in exotic medicine, the diseases

    asked by Me
  81. geometry

    PLEASE HELP I AM ON A GEO EXAM. Line f has a slope of −6/3, and line g has a slope of −8/4. What can be determined about distinct lines f and g? A. The lines have proportional slopes. B. The lines will intersect. C. The lines are parallel. D. Nothing

    asked by Brett
  82. Technology

    Lesson 1: technology for publishing In what stage of writing does publishing occur?

    asked by 😎
  83. Programming

    public class FutureInvestmentValue { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner input= new Scanner (; System.out.print("Enter investment amount: "); double investmentAmount = input.nextDouble(); System.out.print("Enter annual interest rate:

    asked by anonymous
  84. geometry

    Use the following lines to answer the question. line g: y=−4/5x+7/5 line h: y=5/4x+3/4 Is line g perpendicular to line h? Why or why not? A. Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h are opposite and the y-intercepts are different. B. Yes, because the

    asked by Brett
  85. history

    who was Julius Caesar's grandnephew

    asked by malin
  86. geometry

    Line CD passes through point E. Line CD: y−5=−3(x+2) Point E: (6,−1) What is the equation of the line that is perpendicular to line CD? y=1/3x−4 y=−1/3x−19/3 y=−1/3x+5 y=−1/3x+19/3 y=1/3x+4 Answer i think is either the first one or last one

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  87. English

    Part 2: Identify and correct the sentence structure errors in the following sentences (5 marks). 1) The comedian was very funny I couldn’t stop laughing. Error: Revised: 2) I love superhero movies. Like Iron Man and The Avengers. Error: Revised: 3) I was

    asked by please help
  88. English

    Part 1: Identify both the independent clause and subordinate clause in the following sentences (4 marks). 1) After a long day of skiing, we returned to the cabin for a cup of hot chocolate. Independent clause: we returned to the cabin for a cup of hot

    asked by please help
  89. math

    An aquarium holding African cichlids is 2 inches higher than it is wide. Its length is 25 ​inches, and its volume is 9000 cubic inches. What is the height and width?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    Find two consecutive odd integers such that their product is 39 more than 9 times their sum.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math

    The dimensions of a rectangle are such that its length is 3 in. more than its width. If the length were doubled and if the width were decreased by 1 ​in., the area would be increased by 176 in.squared. What are the length and width of the​ rectangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    Which expression is equivalent to 5(y + 3) + 9? A) 5y + 15 + 9 B) 5y + 8 + 9 C) 5y + 3 + 9 D) 5y + 15 + 45

    asked by ally
  93. math

    Find two consecutive odd integers such that their product is 39 more than 9 times their sum?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. US history

    Which of the following sources would be best to consult for a summary of historical events in either printed or digital format? A. a research paper B. an encyclopedia C. an archive D. an autobiography

    asked by imskeezyjohhnyyyy🤡
  95. math

    Find two consecutive odd integers such that their product is 31 more than 2 times their sum?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. chemistry

    The activation energy for the reaction given below is 125 kJ/mol, and ΔE for the reaction is -216 kJ/mol. NO2(g) + CO(g) NO(g) + CO2(g) What is the activation energy for the reverse reaction [NO(g) + CO2(g) NO2(g) + CO(g)]?

    asked by joe
  97. Math

    You cut a loaf of bread into 20 equal slices. You and your friends eat 3/10 of the slices. You want to put each leftover slice into its own bag. How manh bags do you need?

    asked by Adam
  98. math

    why is factions so hard

    asked by skyah