Questions Asked on
January 29, 2020

  1. math

    The lateral surface of cone A is unwrapped into a sector of central angle 6 radians and radius π. What is the radius of cone A?

    asked by sara
  2. math

    Cylinder A has radius 4 times the radius of cylinder B, and height 4 times the height of cylinder B. What is the ratio of the volume of cylinder A to the volume of cylinder B?

    asked by sara
  3. social studies

    Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen? A.the Taliban B.Hamas C.the Islamic State, or ISIS D.Al-Qaeda

    asked by PLZ HELPPPP
  4. physics

    A tired squirrel (mass of 1kg) does push-ups by applying a force to elevate it's center of mass by 5cm. Determine the number of push-ups which a tired squirrel must do in order to do a mere 5.0joules of work.

    asked by sorie
  5. calculus

    A spring has a natural length of 24 cm. If a 20-N force is required to keep it stretched to a length of 40 cm, how much work W is required to stretch it from 24 cm to 32 cm? (Round your answer to two decimal places.

    asked by skating
  6. Algebra

    A sine function has the following key features: Period = 4 Amplitude = 4 Midline: y = 1 y-intercept: (0, 1) The function is not a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis. Use the Desmos graph tool to graph the function. The first point must be on

    asked by Annie
  7. calculus

    A tank is full of water. Find the work W required to pump the water out of the spout. (Use 9.8 m/s2 for g. Use 1000 kg/m3 as the weight density of water. Assume that a = 4 m, b = 4 m, c = 18 m, and d = 2 m.) W= ? j

    asked by skating
  8. Science

    Read the scenario. Scientists have created an exact scale replica of a rover currently found on Mars and a miniature 3D landscape identical to that where the rover is currently located. Before sending the rover over the treacherous Martian landscape, they

    asked by Brett
  9. Physics

    Calculate the electric field intensity of a point 15CM from a charge of 10NC.

    asked by Ayibabarakami
  10. Science

    Why is binary fission in Paramecium considered as asexual reproduction? A) Binary fission produces identical daughter cells. B) Binary fission produces non-identical daughter cells. C) Binary fission produces more than two daughter cells. D) Binary fission

    asked by m
  11. chemistry

    the electronic configuration of element x 2 8 8 1 and y 2 7 and write the formula of the compound formed when they combine

    asked by john
  12. Writing

    " radio code" is problematic for number of reasons. One reason is that professionals and laypersons who must read your report wont understand ir, another is that:

    asked by C.L
  13. Career

    Hello, I just need some help checking my answers:) 1. which of the following would NOT work a newspaper, either in print or online form? a. a graphic designer b. an investigative journalist c. a printer d. a superintendent *my answer * 2. A/V professionals

    asked by Marie
  14. chemistry

    Given the shell model of the atom, suggest a possible reason that Lewis proposed a maximum of two electrons for hydrogen and a maximum of eight electrons for carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    Determine whether each correspondence is a function: 1. Domain: A set of numbers , Correspondence: The area of a triangle , Range: A set of triangles 2. Domain: The set of US senators, Correspondence: The state that a senate represents , Range: The set of

    asked by Student
  16. calculus

    A tank is full of water. Find the work required to pump the water out of the spout. Use the fact that water weighs 62.5 lb/ft3. (Assume r = 4 ft, R = 8 ft, and h = 15 ft.)

    asked by skating
  17. reading

    This image would best enhance a presentation to a group of preschoolers learning about food groups. sixth graders interested in good nutrition. medical health professionals interested in nutrition. scientists comparing sources of protein.

    asked by nas
  18. Algebra

    Prove the divisibility of the following numbers: 810−89−88 by 55

    asked by Helen
  19. science

    Consider the scenario. Scientists have developed a computer program that can be used to predict when volcanoes will erupt. What type of scientific model is this? mathematical model conceptual model practical model physical model I think it is conceptual

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  20. Algebra

    The volume of a cylinder varies jointly as the height of the cylinder and the square of its radius. If the height is doubled and the radius is halved, determine the effect on the volume.

    asked by DJ
  21. Social Studies

    1.Suppose that people in your community voted to eliminate all local taxes. Which of these goods and services would most likely disappear? A-Interstate highway B-Neighborhood trash pick-up C-Regional military base D-Grocery store parking lots

    asked by someone
  22. math

    At a local fitness​ center, members pay aa ​$12 membership fee and ​$3 for each aerobics class. Nonmembers pay ​$4 for each aerobics class. For what number of aerobics classes will the cost for members and nonmembers be the​ same? I'm having

    asked by usui
  23. Science

    Which of the following happens during a lunar eclipse? A. The moon lies between Earth and the sun. B. Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon’s surface. C. The moon blocks out the sun. D. The moon goes into the new moon phase. I think it is C or A.

    asked by person
  24. Science

    "Identify the solid remaining when each of the following is heated (a) Lithium trioxonitrate (v). (b) Potassium trioxonitrate (v). (C) Calcium trioxonitrate (v)."

    asked by Solomon Boti
  25. Writing

    An inference is an incorrect conclusion made from the interpretation of evidence True False

    asked by dee
  26. algebra

    You put $5,000 in an account that is compounded quarterly. The annual interest rate, r, is 4%. How much will be in the account after 10 years? A.$5,523.11 B.$5,747.37 C.$7,444.32 D.$24,005.10 I've tried this so many times and I have no idea please help!

    asked by hipniblet
  27. Chemistry

    The partial pressures of the four gases contained in a 6 L cylinder at 100 °C were: CO2 = 63.1 atm; H2 = 21.1atm; CO = 84.2 atm; H2O = 31.6 atm. How many grams of CO2 were in the cylinder? Can someone please help me. These pressure/gas problems are so

    asked by Jack
  28. Math

    The 9th term of an arithmetic progression is three times the 5th term, find the relationship between the first term and common difference

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    Cylinder A has radius 4 times the radius of cylinder B, and height 4 times the height of cylinder B. What is the ratio of the lateral area of A to the lateral area of B?

    asked by sara
  30. math

    The area of a triangle is 66 m^2, and its base is 1 m more than the height. (See the illustration in the link.) Find the base and height of the triangle.

    asked by anonymous
  31. math

    The area of the wings of a small Cessna is 175 ft2. If the length is 30 ft longer than the width, what are the dimensions of the wings? (This wing is one piece and goes along the top of the aircraft.) my answer: 175 feet and the length is 30 ft longer and

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    Solve for b: A = 1/2(a + b)h

    asked by anonymous
  33. calculus

    If the work required to stretch a spring 1 ft beyond its natural length is 9 ft-lb, how much work is needed to stretch it 3 in. beyond its natural length?

    asked by skating
  34. EdTech

    Why might you need to convert a file to another file type? A. It is a music or image file. B. The file is old. C. The file uses a type of software that your computer cannot open. D. The file was sent to your e-mail.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Social Studies

    What Did alexander the Great spread A hellensm B feudism C greek culture D the root worrd pols

    asked by name
  36. Math

    A student spends 37.5% of her money on food, 28.75% on rent and 15% on books. What percentage of her money is left to spend on other things

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Programming

    In HTML, we can include any Unicode characters. All special characters in HTML are specified in the form: &spec; These special characters all start with the ampersand and end with a semicolon. How would you specify the symbols ¬ , ∨ , and ∧ in HTML?

    asked by Jonathan
  38. Math

    Prove that the statement is false: "There exists a real number y such that for every real number x, y < x." I tried to prove this statement to be false, but no matter what counterexample I try to come up with it doesn't work.

    asked by David
  39. Grammar

    two questions if you could help pls thank you! ______________________________________________________________ Neither Molly nor Sarah wanted to go to the rather tiring fair; they were too busy preparing for their tests. “Busy preparing for their

    asked by please help!
  40. history

    Which of the following was part of the War on Terror? A. the violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip B. the overthrow of Shah Reza Pahlavi C. the U.S. invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussein D. rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel

    asked by person
  41. History

    In which way was life in Athens different from life in Sparta? A. Life in Athens involved more farming, while life in Sparta involved more fishing and sailing. B. Life in Athens praised exercise and strength, while life in Sparta praised democratic

    asked by Shaka
  42. History

    Washington's location along the Pacific Coasts has affected the development of which of the following? A coordinates of latitude and longitude B. geologic formations C. The Lewis and Clark expedition D. Trade relationships Is it A?

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  43. English

    what would be a good thesis statement on why do people dream?

    asked by katelyn
  44. science

    How to persuade someone to take you to space with them

    asked by Anonymous
  45. English

    While your name dies out,the daughter continues the lifeline of another man in another family. What grammatical name is given to this expression ' the lifeline of another man' and what is it function?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    1: 5x-26=18x 2: x=8x+28 3: -30x=2x+36 Plz help ❤

    asked by Johnell hames
  47. Social Studies

    Q.Suppose that people in your community voted to eliminate all local taxes. Which of these goods and services would most likely disappear? A.Interstate highway B.Neighborhood trash pick-up C.Regional military base D.Grocery store parking lots Isn't it C?

    asked by iiFxllinq_M00nxX
  48. mathematics

    p varies directly as q and inversely as r if p = 4, p = 1 and r = 2 find p in terms of q and r

    asked by Luka
  49. Math

    Solve the inequality -8x > -64 I have no idea, need help ASAP!

    asked by Asia
  50. Math

    A​ student's course grade is based on one midterm that counts as 5​% of his final​ grade, one class project that counts as 20​% of his final​ grade, a set of homework assignments that counts as 30​% of his final​ grade, and a final exam that

    asked by Carla
  51. Math

    In a certain triangle LB is double LA and LC is 45 degrees more than LB. How big is LC

    asked by Dylan
  52. math

    Find the area of the triangle 6.9m 5.5m 4.2m A.16.5m^2 B.11.55m^2 C.23.1m^2 D.4.85m^2 my answer is C

    asked by KK
  53. science

    what is unusual about a axis

    asked by period pooh
  54. English?

    Her carpets were planned for so not all there until she knew the size of the room in her new home in which it was to be you read the passage look at the underline section mode number for there may be a mistake in the way this sentence is written if you

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Career

    Just need someone to check my answers please.

    asked by Angela
  56. English?

    Many of the colors and then we’re home Dyes although commercial dyes Read the passage look at on the last section right number but there may be a mistake in the weed isn’t it his room if you find him stay Tuesday say that correct him stay is there’s

    asked by Anonymous
  57. History

    Explain the significance of the stock market crash, including Black Tuesday

    asked by The American vision
  58. reading

    what are the main characters for the book "The Fork, The Witch, And The Worm"

    asked by Anonymous kid
  59. Math

    On a Shelf at a gaming store that are five PlayStations and for Nintendo switches if One gaming system is selected at random find the probability that the system is a switch

    asked by Cam
  60. Math

    Solve the literal equation for the given variable. Show your work. A = 1/2h (b1+b2) for h Can someone explain this to me?

    asked by Jaxx
  61. History

    Today, the________ still heads the Roman Catholic Church, which is centered on Rome. There is no longer a Byzantine emperor, but each country has its own ______ to lead the Eastern Orthodox Church there. First ___ says Second ____ says >pope >Governor

    asked by Jenn UwU
  62. math

    A video streaming service offers unlimited movies for $ 15 per month. Write an equation to represent the cost per month. Is this proportional? C=$15 Is this right

    asked by Mary
  63. Programming

    Let L = {a, b}. For the language below, give an example of a string in the language, and a string not in the language. {w is in L*: uvw = wvu, for some {u, v} in L*} - To simplify, I would say that any string is in the language if u = w and v can be

    asked by Kid
  64. Chemistry

    If 200 cm3 of H2 gas contained in a cylinder under a pressure of 1200 mmHg are forced into a cylinder whose volume is 400 cm3 and which already contains CH4 gas under a pressure of 800 mmHg, what will be the total pressure (in mmHg) in the cylinder at the

    asked by Jack
  65. Algebra

    Let p(t) represent the population of a town, in thousands, t years after 2000. Write an equation in function notation that shows the population of the town in 2007 was 4 thousand people.

    asked by A.B.
  66. Science

    Consider the situation. Scientists discovered a sedimentary layer of earth with high amounts of the element iridium. This layer was laid down about the time at which the dinosaurs went extinct. Iridium is rare in Earth’s rocks, but it is commonly found

    asked by Brett
  67. Math

    Three eighths of the cast in a musical have to sing. What fraction of the cast does not have to sing?

    asked by Elijah
  68. Physics

    Find the electrical energy expended by an electrical and labelled 100 watt in 8 seconds

    asked by Divine
  69. chemisty

    five characteristics of life

    asked by katelyn
  70. History

    So I'm doing a project and I can't really find this on google so I'm going to ask here. What disputes with Britain and America happened in the 13 colonies area? I know that the Battle of Yorktown and The Boston Tea Party happened there, but what else?

    asked by Tessa
  71. Math

    Mr. Smith's class took a short one question quiz. Dwight's calculation is shown below. x^2=10 x= square root of 10 When the class switched papers to peer grade, Jonathan noticed that he had a different answer compared to Dwight. Part A: Revise Dwight's

    asked by Stream Black Swan
  72. Math

    Abigail divides 3/4 of a watemelon evenly amomg 12 people. What fraction of the watermelon did each person recieve

    asked by Unknown
  73. math

    A model rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 200 ft per second. The height h, in feet, of the rocket t seconds after the launch is given by h = −16t2 + 200t. How many seconds after the launch will the rocket be 550 ft above the ground? Round to

    asked by anonymous
  74. math

    The path of water from a hose on a fire tugboat can be approximated by the equation y = −0.006x2 + 1.2x + 10, where y is the height, in feet, of the water above the ocean when the water is x feet from the tugboat. When the water from the hose is 6 feet

    asked by anonymous
  75. Geography

    The location of west and central Africa encouraged what

    asked by Katherine Lugo
  76. Art

    Which of these is the best definition of freedom of expression? A) Expression that doesn't cost to have or share B) Uncensored speech, art, or other means of communication C) Wild, uncontrolled expression of ideas D) Information and ideas that are

    asked by PLZ HELPPPP
  77. math

    Solve the equation using the quadratic formula (if necessary, round your result to three significant digits and decide which number is smaller or larger x value). 2x^2 + x − 7 = 0 I used the quadratic formula and I got -2.13 as a smaller x-value and 1.6

    asked by anonymous
  78. calculus

    A tank is full of water. Find the work required to pump the water out of the spout. Use the fact that water weighs 62.5 lb/ft3. (Assume a = 7 ft, b = 12 ft, and c = 14 ft.)

    asked by skating
  79. Math

    A water level in a spherical bowl has a diameter of 30cm. If the horizontal diameter of the bowl is 10cm below the water level, calculate the radius of the bowl and the depth of the water in the bowl

    asked by Isco
  80. Chemistry

    To compress a sample of gas from 2.5 litres at 1.8 atm pressure to a volume of 1.5 litres, what should the value of the pressure be increased to? The temperature remains constant. My answer is 3 atm but I'm not too sure. Can someone check this. Thanks in

    asked by Jack
  81. Math

    A mouse lives at the base of a 24 metre high tree . A hawk sitting on top of the tree,notices the mouse when the mouse is heading home and is 72 metre from the base of the tree. The hawk plans to dive in a straight line and catch the mouse . If they both

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Chemistry

    In a gaseous mixture of CH4 and C2H6, there are twice as many molecules of CH4 as C2H6. The partial pressure of CH4 is 40 mmHg. What is the partial pressure (in mmHg) of C2H6?

    asked by Jack
  83. Math

    can someone explain how to do this problem. This is for complex numbers & exponential. write given problem in form a+bi e^((5e)^(i*pi/3))

    asked by Vix
  84. English

    What is the tone used in the short story “The Lottery Ticket”? Can’t seem to come to a conclusion

    asked by RBF3615
  85. World History

    17 did the Greek culture influence the development of the Roman republic? How did the Etruscan culture influence the development of the Roman republic?

    asked by ITS TIME TO STOP
  86. Math

    If f(x) is differentiable for the closed interval [-3, 2] such that f(-3) = 4 and f(2) = 4, then there exists a value c, -3 < c < 2 such that

    asked by Aaliyah
  87. Calculus

    If f(x) is differentiable for the closed interval [-3, 2] such that f(-3) = 4 and f(2) = 4, then there exists a value c, -3 < c < 2 such that (4 points) 1) f(c) = 0 2) f '(c) = 0 3) f (c) = 5 4) f '(c) = 5

    asked by Bob
  88. Social Studies

    Why was Florence the artistic center of the Renaissance? A. There was a large supply of gold there. B. (There was a university focused on the arts there.) C. There were many wealthy banking families who supported the arts. D. The pope kept his money there.

    asked by ♥ǶҽӀք Ɱҽհ♥
  89. math

    There are 15 girls in a class of 27 students. What is the ratio of boys to girls in this class?

    asked by lionhearted
  90. Music

    A chamber orchestra is_______ than a symphony orchestra A Smaller B Larger C More Advanced D Louder Can anyone help please?

    asked by Zapper
  91. English

    1. What is the best paraphrase of these lines from "January"? Fat snowy footsteps Track the floor, A. Thick, snowy footprints show where animals walked B. Thick, snowy outlines of feet mark the floor** C. Large snow boots lie on the floor of the house D. A

    asked by Maggie Rhee :/
  92. math

    5x =2 + 5x

    asked by bby
  93. Math

    How many hexadecimal digits are used to specify a color in a web page?

    asked by Jonathan
  94. Math

    What colors are specified by these hexadecimal values? How many bits are assigned to each color? What is the range of values for each of the primary colors used on web pages?

    asked by Jonathan
  95. English

    Can someone please help me? which two poetic devices are used in the title of E.E Cumming's poem "Spring is like a perhaps hand"? A. simile and metaphor B. metaphor and imagery C. personification and simile D. imagery and alliteration

    asked by Cheese :3
  96. Math

    Identify and give all the appropriate names for three different quadrilaterals or other geometric figures in this Navajo eye-dazzler design.

    asked by anybody
  97. Math

    You've had some fun playing with the applications of hexadecimal. Now, let's take a deeper look at the fundamentals of hex. Make a table with 16 rows and 4 columns. The columns should be Base 10, Base 2, Base 4, and Base 16. The rows should be the

    asked by nano
  98. Math

    Sarah took the advertising department from her company on a round trip to meet with a potential client. Including Sarah a total of 12 people took the trip. She was able to purchase coach tickets for ​$130 and first class tickets for ​$910. She used her

    asked by Mikaga
  99. science

    If 500 g of KClO3 decomposes and produces 303 g of KCl, how many grams of O2 are produced?

    asked by jack
  100. Grammar

    Philip hiked through the woods because he had finally reached the end of the drivable road. How many adverbs are in the sentence?

    asked by please help!
  101. Physics

    A boy pushes a toy car with a force of 10N with 60degree the mass of the body is 5kg calculated the work done

    asked by ABDUL BASIT
  102. History

    Which statement is true about the voyage referenced in the text

    asked by Ricky
  103. math

    a survey of reading habits of 100 students showed that 30 read both comics and novels. 10 read neither comics nor novels and twice as many students read comics as read novels. 1. illustrate the information on a Venn diagram. 2. how many students read only

    asked by moses
  104. mathematics

    write down the first four terms of the binomial expansion of (1-y)^8 in ascending power of y.By putting y=1/2x(1-x) in your expansion, find the value of p and q if [1-1/2x(1-x)]^8=1-4x+px^2+qx^3

    asked by charles
  105. Civics

    The supreme court decision in gibbons v. Ogden decided that the commerce clause in article 1 of the constitution gives congress the power to regulate interstate trade how was that decision used to increase national power over the states? select all that

    asked by 🍦ice cream🍦
  106. Programming

    Convert this binary number to hexadecimal. Then, convert it to base-4. 011010011101101011011011111011101111010000100000

    asked by nano
  107. civics

    which of the following are examples of increased centralization of power select all that apply A. The Commerce Clause B. The Comity Clause C. The Due Process Clause D. The Incorporation Doctrine E. The Nullification Doctrine I found the others. help with

    asked by 🍦ice cream🍦
  108. math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. a. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy

    asked by TMNTdonnie
  109. Science

    Which type of eclipse would be occurring if the moon is in Earth’s umbra or its shadow? A. a full moon B. a solar eclipse C. a total lunar eclipse D. a first-quarter moon I think it is A or D. Please Help :)

    asked by person
  110. Grammar

    I got the second one, but I only need help with this now pleaase! _____________________________________________________________ Neither Molly nor Sarah wanted to go to the rather tiring fair; they were too busy preparing for their tests. “Busy preparing

    asked by please help!
  111. Science

    Why is it summer in the Southern Hemisphere when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere? A. because the Northern Hemisphere has more direct sunlight B. because the Southern Hemisphere has more direct sunlight C. because the Southern Hemisphere is closer

    asked by person
  112. Maths

    A glass is 4/7 full then 70 cm3 of orange juice is poured in the glass is now 3/4 full what is the total volume of the glass?

    asked by Al
  113. History

    1. What aspect of Washington's location does the Peace Arch monument stand for? A. The peace arch commemorates the victor over Japan in word war II. B. The peace arch pays tribute to early settlers in the region. C. The peace arch represents the peaceful

    asked by me
  114. history

    Why was it important that Israel was recognized by the United States and other nations? A. It meant that other nations would supply Israel with economic aid. B. It meant that other nations agreed to trade with Israel. C. It meant that other nations would

    asked by person