Questions Asked on
January 27, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    The density of table salt is 2.16 g/cm3. Detail the conversion into units of pounds per liter, and provide the density in lb/L. My solution must include a step-by-step solution with units included throughout!

    asked by JD
  2. English

    Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Question 32 options: a) Social issues involving computers and society are, privacy, unemployment and technological complexity. b) Social issues involving computers and society are privacy, unemployment,

    asked by marissa
  3. Math

    U Move It charges $16 per hour plus a fueling fee of $25 to rent a truck. Jamarcus needs to rent a truck and can spend no more than $125. Which inequality represents the situation? 25h + 16 < 125 25h + 16 > 125 16h + 16 < 125*** 16h + 16 > 125

    asked by Jaxx
  4. Finance

    Victor would like to buy his first car and the one he has his eye on is $25,000 plus an extra 13% HST for a total price of $28,250. The dealership has a deal for 0% down payment and charges 2.89% interest on the loan. Victor plans to make car loan payments

    asked by JJ
  5. Math

    △ABC has vertices A(−6,5), B(−2,5), and C(−6,0). What is the area of △ABC? 20 units2 9 units2 14 units2 10 units2 im not sure what it is can someone help????

    asked by nini
  6. math

    what are 3 challenging math equations that equal 100?

    asked by maya
  7. Social Studies

    What caused Yugoslavia to break up? A. communist aggression B. the end of World War II C. different regions declaring independence D. the collapse of the Soviet Union

    asked by Blueface
  8. Chemistry

    An electron transitions from n = 5 to n = 3 in a hydrogen atom. What is the energy required for this transition? Is energy emitted or absorbed in the transition?

    asked by JD
  9. English

    Which of the following is not true? Question 30 options: a) Always capitalize specific brand names. b) Capitalize names of specific places. c) Capitalize common nouns. d) Capitalize proper nouns. c.

    asked by marissa
  10. Career Exploration

    1. A hospital data entry professional is part of what career area? A) support services B)consumer services C)health informatics** D)therapeutic services 2. A marriage and family therapist is part of what career area? A)therapeutic services B)support

    asked by ....
  11. Math

    The common ratio of a geometric progression is 1/2 , the fifth term is 1/80 , and the sum of all of its terms is 127/320 . Find the number of terms in the progression.

    asked by Alisha
  12. chemistry

    What is true about kinetic energy and the mobility of solid, liquid, and gas particles? The average kinetic energy of the particles decreases as the particles go from a liquid state to a gas state because gas particles do not interact with each other. The

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    Mr Anwar started a bussiness on a small scal and earned Rs 100 in the first month .thereafter in every following preceeding months what was his totle income for the year.

    asked by Abnan Shoukat
  14. math

    11. Create a scale for your model thermometer. Divide the distance between the two marks into 5-mm intervals. Starting with the lowest point, label the intervals on the straw 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Describe your scale below. 12. Measure the temperature of

    asked by Connexus student
  15. Physics

    Two small metallic spheres, each with a mass ofm = 3.00 g, are suspended from a common point by two strings of negligible mass of length L = 62.0 cm. When the spheres have an equal amount of charge, the two strings make an angle of 60° with each other.

    asked by Ann
  16. Geography

    A footbal mach between senegal (18w) and japan (140e)was played in senegal on saturday septbmer 1995 at 6:00pm calcutute the time day to listen to the commentary of the mach by the japanese

    asked by FINAL
  17. Chemistry

    A column of liquid is found to expand linearly on heating. Assume the column rises 5.25 cm for a 10.0 oF rise in temperature. If the initial temperature of the liquid is 91.0 oF, what will the final temperature be in oC if the liquid has expanded by 19.0

    asked by Kajal
  18. Physics

    A sphere has a net charge of 8.03 nC, and a negatively charged rod has a charge of −6.05 nC. The sphere and the rod undergo a process such that 5.40 ✕ 109 electrons are transferred from the rod to the sphere. What are the charges of the sphere and the

    asked by Ann
  19. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution labelled 35.0% w/w HClO4 has a density of 1.251 g cm¯3. What is the molarity of the solution? My first answer was 7.96, the i did it two more times and got 4.23 as another answer and 4.38 as another answer too. I'm really confused on

    asked by Jack
  20. math

    Two consecutive numbers are such that five times the smaller one exceeds twice the greater by 16. Find the numbers

    asked by Tuurky
  21. Social Studies

    Which of the following were ideas associated with the Enlightenment? Select the two correct answers. A. divine intervention B. separation of government powers C. theory of relativity D. religious tolerance E. mysticism

    asked by name
  22. social studies

    Describe some effects of the rise of communism in the Soviet Union.

    asked by leanne
  23. math

    Which quadrilateral has exactly one pair of parallel sides?

    asked by bighearted preson
  24. Maths

    Akwasi spent 1/6 of his pocket money on food,3/5 of the remaining on transportation and 1/12 of what still remains on sweet.If he still had Gh22 left.a.Find his pocket money. much did he spend on food. much did he spend on transportation.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Health

    What is the key difference between the chronic and infectious diseases?

    asked by khdy
  26. civics

    The supreme court decision in gibbons v. Ogden decided that the commerce clause in article 1 of the constitution gives congress the power to regulate interstate trade how was that decision used to increase national power over the states? select all that

    asked by i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Math

    Jen bicycles 180.2 miles every week. Which algebraic expression could you use to calculate the total number of miles Jen bicycles in w weeks? A. 180 . 2 + w B. 180 . 2 w C. 180 . 2 w D. 180 w + 2

    asked by Hawaa
  28. History

    Thinking about how the judicial and executive branches work, why is it significant that President Jackson would not enforce a Supreme Court decision? Looking at the 2 primary source documents you read for this lesson, explain in 1-2 sentences what Andrew

    asked by :)
  29. History

    Why do you think the Founders looked to sources like Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and writers like John Locke to help them create a constitution?

    asked by Sk8er Boi
  30. Social Studies

    Why did nationalism rise in many of the regions that were part of Napoleon’s empire? A. People had been oppressed under previous rulers and attributed their new freedom to France. B. People in these conquered regions did not have strong cultures before

    asked by name
  31. Chemistry

    Balance: Mno4 + Fe2+ - Fe3+ +Mn2+

    asked by Excel
  32. Math re-post

    Please choose an acceptable screenname for future questions. ———————————— What is 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1? 10! or 3628800 100 1000 10^10 ——— One day, a person went to a horse racing area. Instead of counting the... Y=log x If

    asked by Writeacher
  33. Chemistry

    Two chemicals at room temperature (about 23°C) were combined in a flask. At first, there were bubbles. Then, white flakes appeared at the bottom of the flask. After five minutes, the temperature of the solution was 33°C. A portion of the solution was

    asked by Sicks
  34. math

    Gavin, Harry and Isabel each earn the same monthly salary. Each month, Gavin saves 28% of his salary and spends the rest of his salary. Harry spends 3/4 of his salary and saves the rest of his salary. The amount of salary Isabel saves: the amount of salary

    asked by Dylan
  35. English

    I need an easy of you are speake in school debate on the topic boys should not help in the kenkey write spech for ageans

    asked by Amoah Emmanuel
  36. science

    Genetically modified grass varieties that carry genes for disease and drought resistance are now available. They were produced by recombinant DNA technology. However, the government has still not approved the sale of most of them, due to cautionary

    asked by yeeee
  37. science

    Selective breeding is the process of breeding plants or animals so that they inherit particular traits from their parents. Which of these is not possible with selectively breeding a crop species?

    asked by yeeee
  38. Geometry

    Hello! So Geometry isn't my strong suit! 😅 Can someone check my answer? Question: To describe a sequence of transformations that maps triangle ABC onto triangle A''B''C'', a student starts with a reflection over the x-axis. How should the student

    asked by CellLover727
  39. science

    Which of these processes shows sexual reproduction?

    asked by yeeee
  40. Science

    Hiiii! I was wondering about getting some help real quick. 1. A student mixed two clear liquids together in a beaker and a solid precipitate formed. His data is shown in the table below. Liquid reactant A - 10g Liquid reactant B - 17g Beaker + solid

    asked by Maggie Rhee :/
  41. Math

    you deposit "3400" in an account with an annual interest of 4.6% for 20 years. how much money be in your account at the end of 20 years

    asked by Michael
  42. Science

    Science 6B Watr bubbles rise through hot spring in yellowstone national park what type of heat transfer is this I say conduction

    asked by John Doe
  43. math

    In a school 156 students passed Geography or History. There were 75 students who passed in both subjects if more passed Geography than History find how many were taking each subject.

    asked by Bright
  44. Math

    Use the points in the figure to name the diagram. C--------------D----> the answers are: (line CD) (Ray CD) (Ray DC) (line segment DC) My answer: (ray CD) Correct me if i am wrong!

    asked by Anti ForkKnife
  45. Careers

    What career can l possible do with those subject

    asked by Panashe
  46. civic education

    Mention five limitation of human rights

    asked by maria
  47. math

    In the fourth year of a school. There were 156 students who took both mathematics and science. They all passed at least one subject and 75 passed both subjects. If twice as many passed science as passed Mathematics, find how many passed in mathematics

    asked by Bright
  48. Texas History

    summarize the key events of the Houston riot especially what sparked it

    asked by I AM SINGLE
  49. Physics

    A negative charge of -2.0 E -6 C and a positive charge of 3.0 E -6 C are separated by 2m. What is the force between the two charges

    asked by Mike
  50. Maths - Integers

    I need to estimate the coordinates of the point of intersection of the two lines. The answer I need to give is to the nearest integer. Does this mean to the nearest whole number i.e. zero decimal places?

    asked by Joann
  51. World History

    Which factor contributed to Napoleon’s rise to power in France? A. People were unhappy with the living conditions caused by the Industrial Revolution. B. Monarchs in Europe were forced to recognize the natural rights of their citizens. C. The Reign of

    asked by Lilliana
  52. Math

    10x divided by 12x times 5

    asked by Paden
  53. chemistry

    Which substance has the highest particle mobility? water at 25 °C because liquid particles are the most mobile and mobility increases with decreasing temperature steam at 105 °C because gas particles are the most mobile and mobility increases with

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Maths

    Solve 3x+y=25, xy=8 using substitution method

    asked by Hafaat
  55. math

    Nicholas used a $10 sign, 10 bill to pay for a granola bar that only costs p dollars. How much change did Nicholas receive from the cashier? Write your answer as an expression.

    asked by kk
  56. Math

    What is the equation of a circle with its center at (10,−4) and a radius of 2? (x−10)2+(y+4)2=4 (x+10)2+(y−4)2=2 (x−10)2+(y+4)2=2 (x+10)2+(y−4)2=4 can someone please help i do not understand

    asked by sarah
  57. World History

    What item made by early Native American cultures help archeologists date the cultures?

    asked by Student
  58. Precalc

    Prove (a-x)is a factor of (x-a)^3+(x-b)^3+(x-c)^3=0 Im not too sure what to do, would appreciate help

    asked by david
  59. Science

    Describe and compare the case study with the survey. Provide strengths and weaknesses for each

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Jason bought two identical boxes of nails. One box weighs 168 ounces. What is the total weight in ounces of the nails Jason bought?

    asked by milkwaytears
  61. Algebra 2

    How do you solve and check the solutions of: x^2 + x - 12 / x - 3 = 15 and 2x^2 + 8x - 10 / 2x^2 + 14x + 20 = 4

    asked by Tay~
  62. Social studies

    Emilie: The Tale of the French Revolution Emilie had to concoct several stories in order to escape execution. During periods of terror or revolution, many ordinary citizens must resort to fabricating stories in order to save their families and loved ones.

    asked by bbg needs help
  63. Math

    6/25 - 4/5=

    asked by Sara wilson
  64. Math

    y" + arctan(y) = 7 is this differential equation linear or non linear?

    asked by tom
  65. Math

    Show how to write out 6/25- 4/5

    asked by Sara wilson
  66. Geometry

    In dewy beach, bulildinh codes restrict the height of building to 50 feet, study the Diagram; then determine by how much the building shown is above or below the code restriction

    asked by Kaylynn
  67. math

    The cash register in the school canteen contains x quarters and (30-x) dimes. If the total value of the coins is $5.86, how many of each kind of coin are there?

    asked by amira
  68. science

    what is a ecoysysetem

    asked by yeeee
  69. History

    Articles of Confederation

    asked by Sk8er Boi
  70. Social studies

    George Washington warned against interfering in European affairs, how does this warning from Washington connect to the Monroe Doctrine? Explain your answer (3-5 sentences)

    asked by :)
  71. Social studies

    How did the Louisiana Purchase Territory impact slavery? Why did Congress want to keep the number of slave states and free states balanced in the U.S?

    asked by :)
  72. math

    Linear sequence

    asked by Amara
  73. Science

    A sample of gas occupies 42L at 250 degrees celsius.Determine its volume at 400K

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    Donald’s donuts makes both chocolate and plain glazed donuts. Each saturday, they make 13 plain glazed donuts for every 7 chocolate glazed donuts. What is the ratio of chocolate glazed to plain glazed

    asked by Bella
  75. Math

    sqrt(2+sqrt(3))^7(sqrt(3)-1)^6 simplificate please

    asked by Aaron
  76. Physics

    A 10UC charge with a velocity of 1.00000m/s at right angle to a uniform magnetic field of flux density 0.5T. Calculate the force on the charge due to field

    asked by Rahim
  77. Careers

    Which job can I get with those subjects

    asked by Junior
  78. Science

    In the early 1600's when Galileo used a telescope to study the moon, which features did he observe? A: Nothing but vast, smooth areas B: Wide, dark areas and strange spots and ridges C: A very large crater D: Evidence of other life forms

    asked by ♥ǶҽӀք Ɱҽհ♥
  79. Math

    One lap around the school’s track iscanvasmile. It takes Alexcanvashour to run one lap. What is Alex’s unit rate, in miles per hour, around the track? A 1/3 per hour B 3 miles per hour C 4 miles per hour D 12 miles per hour

    asked by IKTA!
  80. Physics

    A car starting from rest is accelerated uniformly to a velocity at 100.8km/h. it brake is applied in 4 seconds, find its acceleration and its retardation converting from km/h to ms.

    asked by Godswill
  81. Chemistry

    Cubic crystal have ___ centre of symmetry

    asked by Asim mubesher
  82. Careers

    What kind of job will I possible get that's pays well

    asked by Senamile silawane
  83. science

    In which biome would you find the main types of plant life to be grasses and nonwoody plants?

    asked by flavius
  84. Civics

    which of the following is the best example of the principle of checks and balance? A. Congress passes a new law on immigration B. courts uphold the conviction of a person who failed to pay income tax C. court releases a person charged with violating a law

    asked by heyyy
  85. science

    Which of the following explains why sunlight is important to aquatic ecosystems?

    asked by flavius
  86. health

    Long term risk of smocking include

    asked by yeeee
  87. health

    Exposure to second hand smokes carries the same long term health risks as smocking

    asked by yeeee
  88. Chemistry

    Differentiate between geometrical and optical isomers?

    asked by Raj
  89. math

    Choose all the situations in which events A and B are independent. P(A) = 0.5, P(B) = 0.4, P(A&B) = 0.9 P(A) = 0.3, P(B) = 0.6, P(A&B) = 0.18 P(A) = 0.1, P(B) = 0.1, P(A&B) = 0.01 P(A) = 0.3, P(B) = 0.3, P(A&B) = 0.2

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Psychology

    In the text of intellectual disability great majority of people so challengeed are classified as

    asked by Tina
  91. social studies re-post

    Please choose a much shorter screenname if you post more questions. —————————————— Which of the following were ideas associated with the Enlightenment? Select the two correct answers A. divine intervention B. separation of

    asked by Writeacher
  92. careers

    1. Career clusters are broad fields containing minimally related careers true false • 2. How many career clusters are there? a. 10 b. 17 • c. 11 3. CTSOs are not for students who plan to go to college true false • 4. Which career cluster does nursing

    asked by apnda
  93. History

    Why did nationalism rise in many of the regions that were part of Napoleon’s empire? A. People had been oppressed under previous rulers and attributed their new freedom to France. B. People in these conquered regions did not have strong cultures before

    asked by Anonymous
  94. History

    Suppose the governor of New Mexico just announced that her main goal is for New Mexico to be 95 percent urbanized within five years. Which of these environmental conditions will be the greatest limit to the urbanization of New Mexico? A. air pollution B.

    asked by i miss my brother
  95. Chemistry

    The fluorocarbon compound C2Cl3F3 has a normal boiling point of 47.6 °C. The specific heat of this compound in the liquid state is 0.91 J/g-K and in the gas state is 0.67 J/g-K. The heat of vaporization is 27.5 kJ/mol. What is the amount of heat required

    asked by JD
  96. music

    6th grade connections academy, did a portfolio in music called "do it yourself I need to do a relearn on it, can anyone give me examples of what I need to do?

    asked by need some answers
  97. math

    A supermarket is carrying out a promotion in January. Andrew is collecting vouchers from the supermarket. Each red voucher is worth 7.5 points. Each blue voucher is worth 10 points. Each yellow is worth 13 points. Andrew collects 150 vouchers in January.

    asked by Savvas
  98. Writing

    I'm writing a report essay for my 8th-grade class about "A Christmas Carol". For the report, I have to find two vices and one virtue of Scrooge. My two vices are Greed and Over Ambitious. For my virtue, I was wondering if change of heart is a virtue? Does

    asked by Bryanna
  99. Mathematics

    If 3, p, q, 24 are consecutive terms of an exponential sequence find the values of p and q hence find the sum of the first seven terms

    asked by Ayomide
  100. Physics

    Given the arrangement of charged particles in the figure below, find the net electrostatic force on the q1 = 5.15-µC charged particle. (Assume q2 = 12.33 µC and q3 = −25.12 µC. Express your answer in vector form.) Located on the coordinate: q1 at

    asked by Ann