Questions Asked on
January 21, 2020

  1. chemistry

    Complete combustion of a 0.40-mol sample of a hydrocarbon, CxHy, gives 2.40 mol of CO2 and 1.60 mol of H2O. The molecular formula of the original hydrocarbon is Group of answer choices C2H8. C6H8. C9H16. C5H5. C4H7.

    asked by Eric
  2. world history

    Which option suggests the wide-ranging influence of the refugee Nazi scientists on US technology? These scientists designed missiles, but they also worked toward future applications of rocket science. These scientists developed the first working prototype

    asked by anon
  3. Algebra

    i have one more question, and i hope someone can help with this, because im absolutely lost for this one.: write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and passes through the given point. y+2 = 1/3(x-5) ; (-4, 3) i am so confused

    asked by TACOS FOR LIFE
  4. Spanish

    Elvira está aprendiendo a montar en bicicleta pero no tiene su casco. No debe hacerlo sin su casco. Por favor, no _[blank]_. ¿Qué palabra o frase completa la oración con el mandato informal negativo correctamente? 1. le permitas 2. permíteselo 3.

    asked by bella
  5. Chemistry

    Iron (III) Nitrate reacts with sodium carbonate to form a precipitate. Be sure to indicate oxidation states and the precipitate. Skeletal Equation: Ionic Equation: NET Ionic Equation: Balanced Equation: Spectator Ions: I got the skeletal equation, but I

    asked by Veronica
  6. Spanish

    If you wanted to say that something happened but you didn’t want to state who did it, which sentence would you say? Juana y Alberto se escribían poemas antes de casarse. Rosa y Gustav bailan salsa. Me compré un boleto de ida y vuelta. Arturo, aquí

    asked by bella
  7. precal

    Find f(x) and g(x) such that h(x) =(f o g)(x) given h(x)=(2x+8)^7

    asked by jill
  8. history

    What is a similarity between indigenous peoples of Paraguay and those of the US? a) Both countries have nineteen recognized indigenous groups. b) An indigenous language is the official language of each country. c) The indigenous population of each country

    asked by bella
  9. Algebra

    An electronic store makes a profit of $72 for every television sold and $90 for every computer sold. The managers target is to make at least $360 a day on sales from televisions and computers. Let x = the number of televisions sold. Let y = the number of

    asked by Crazy Guy/Gal
  10. Career

    A/V professionals might work in a large event center, like a sports arena. True or False Is it true? A college career counselor working at a community college is part of what career area? Administration Professional support services Teaching and trading

    asked by JD
  11. English

    Which part of a plot contains the most tension and shows the characters facing a conflict? rising action resolution exposition climax I think its the climax but Im not sure can some pls help

    asked by Liya
  12. Math

    Three times a number increased by seven is less than eleven

    asked by Julie
  13. science

    What materials or substances that can be both beneficial and detrimental at the same time? ( to the skin or earth)

    asked by Yo mama
  14. Algebra 2

    Given the functions, f(x) = x2 + 2 and g(x) = 4x - 1, perform the indicated operation. When applicable, state the domain restriction. g(f(x)) 4 x2 + 1 16 x2 + 3 4 x2 + 7 16 x2 - 8 x + 3 Please help. I thinks that it is 16 x2 + 3. Thanks

    asked by Taylor
  15. Math

    Multiply the binomial and the trinomial: (x – 5)(x 2 + 5x + 25 step by step

    asked by sAd_tEA
  16. English

    What is indirect characterization? A.the influence that a character’s traits has on the other narrative elements B. the way that plot events influence a character’s traits C.describing a character’s traits using explicit details and adjectives D.

    asked by nini
  17. math

    Simplify the expression. 2y−5(y−3)=

    asked by kyanne
  18. Chemistry

    Two reactions that occur in the production of iron (Fe) are 2 C + O2 → 2 CO followed by Fe2O3 + 3 CO → 2 Fe + 3 CO2 . Note that the carbon monoxide (CO) formed in the first reaction is then used in the second reaction. According to these equations, how

    asked by Esmeralda
  19. history

    help please 1. Which of the following factors helped trade to thrive during the Roman empire? Select the three correct answers. A. peace throughout the empire B. a shared religion throughout the empire C. a language similar to that of trading partner

    asked by moogade eh eh dogide
  20. English

    My teacher said to "Submit the image of your chosen object with caption. Enclose basic information about the object and three bibliographical sources from the website.", but I don't understand what it means by bibliographical sources . Does it mean the

    asked by Lee
  21. Biology

    Draw the map of Nigeria showing the location of the local biotic communities i.e forest Savannah and the desert

    asked by Favour
  22. chemistry

    In the reaction: Mg3N2(s) → __Mg(s) + N2(g) a) the coefficient in front of the product magnesium is 2. b) the coefficient in front of the product magnesium is 3. c) the subscript with nitrogen gas is 3. d) the equation is balanced as written.

    asked by I need help quickly!!
  23. Maths

    The total expenditure of a household is partly constant and partly varies directly as a size of household find the equation connecting d and s if when Q=300 and when d=400 and s=6

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    how does the setting of To Kill A Mockingbird influence the characters' traits, emotions, and motivations

    asked by Kaitlyn
  25. Algebra

    I can't understand this. Simplify using only positive exponents: (a2b[]7c4)/(a5b3c[]2) Please help ;_;

    asked by Madi
  26. Math

    Frank's measuring cup holds 4 1/2 gallons of liquid. If there are 5 quarts in the measuring cup now, how many more quarts does Frank need to add to fill the measuring cup to capacity? A. 4 quarts* B. 9 quarts C. 13 quarts D. 18 quarts

    asked by ummm
  27. science

    Assume that the batteries in the flashlight are rechargeable. What energy conversion would have to take place in order to recharge the batteries? is it electrical to chemical energy?

    asked by Elizabeth
  28. Spelling

    Student: V/CV or VC/V ?

    asked by Kyana
  29. math

    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invests some money at 8​%, and ​$1800 less than that amount at 5 %. The investments produced a total of ​$261 interest in 1 yr. How much did he invest at each​ rate?

    asked by rob
  30. Math

    "Decide whether the following relations on Z is an equivalence relation or not. If it is, describe the partition (i.e. the equivalence classes) of Z created by the relation." - What does it mean by "describe the partition..."? For example, let a, b be

    asked by Kid
  31. Programming

    WAP to check if number is in array using VBA. Dim a(4), n, no As Integer Console.WriteLine("Enter a no.") For n = 0 To 4 a(n) = Console.ReadLine Next Console.WriteLine("Enter a no. to search") no = Console.ReadLine For n = 0 To 4 If a(n) = no Then

    asked by Raj
  32. Maths

    Four interior angles of a pentagon are(90-a),(90+a),(110-2a),(100+2a)find the fifth size

    asked by Mary
  33. Math

    A shopkeeper marked a prices of an article a certain percent above the cost prices and he allows 16 percent discount to make 5 percent profit if a customer paid 9492 with 13 percent vat to buy the article,by what percent is the marked prices above the cost

    asked by Smarika
  34. Programming

    WAP to reverse an array of integers in VBA. Dim a(5), n As Integer Dim b = 0, e = n - 1, temp As Integer Console.WriteLine("Enter a no.") For n = 0 To 5 a(n) = Console.ReadLine() Next For b = 0 To n / 2 temp = a(b) a(b) = a(e) a(e) = temp e = e - 1 Next

    asked by Raj
  35. Math

    What fraction is equivalent to 4%? 1/50 2/25 1/25

    asked by potato
  36. Algebra

    i suck at writing equations in point slope, can somebody help me out with these 2 questions? 1: write an equation in point slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-4,6); M= 3/4 i will post the next question if and when this

    asked by I like soda
  37. Science

    Raising livestock and burning trash are two examples of human activities that have an impact on water resources. Select one and construct an argument about whether its effect on water resources is positive or negative. Support your answer with evidence and

  38. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps you used in the space provided. The distance between Milltown and Summerville is 3.5 inches on a map. If the map scale is 1 inch = 20 miles, what is the actual distance between the towns?

    asked by Lyla
  39. Java Programming

    1. Which of the following is not the name of a Java wrapper class from the Java API? A. Byte B. Int C. Long D. Boolean* 2. Which of the following statements will cause a compiler error? A. Integer i = new integer ( ) ;* B. Integer j = new integer ("5") ;

    asked by Nick Torres
  40. math

    Which is the first step in bisecting

    asked by Connexus
  41. Social Studies

    How is a person's caste determined? A.religious faith B.intellectual ability status and occupation D.income and education please help this was the only question that caught me off guard :p

    asked by Tay
  42. Math

    Given the quadratic : 2;5; 10; 17 . Calculate the n^th term of the quadratic sequence

    asked by Leeto
  43. Math

    Write the geometric series 9+3+1..... to 130 term in sigma notation

    asked by Leeto
  44. Physics

    Imagine two billiard balls on a pool table. Ball A has a mass of 7 kilograms and ball B has a mass of 2 kilograms. The initial velocity of the ball A is 6 meters per second to the right, and the initial velocity of the ball B is 12 meters per second to the

    asked by Rain
  45. Math

    Given the quadratic : 2; 5; 10; 17 .. . Calculate the n^th term of the quadratic sequence

    asked by Leeto
  46. math

    I need help asap, the item you are getting is 95$, the item went on sale for 20% off what would your new price be?

    asked by Elijah
  47. Geography

    1) Sheep originated in the Central Asian agricultural hearth over 9,000 years ago, but today are found in other places such as North America. This phenomenon is best explained by A. diffusion. B. breeding. C. migration. D. climate change. E. transhumance.

    asked by reddit user
  48. English

    You will be assessed on your independent reading selection on quizzes and tests true or false i think true but i am not sure

    asked by nonya
  49. Math

    Find the product. 3. 8 2/5 * 5 1/2 A. 46 1/5 B. 40 1/5 C. 40 D. 40 2/5 4. Evaluate the expression for x=3 3/4 8x + 8 a. 30 b. 128 c. 14 d. 38 5. A bag of fertilizer weighs 6 1/2 lb. How much does 1 1/3 bags of fertilizer weigh. A. 5 1/6 lb. B. 6 1/6 lb. C.

    asked by 11182007
  50. chemistry

    K2+1CO32–(aq) + Sr2+(NO3–)2(aq) → SrCO3(s) + 2K+NO3–(aq). What is the net ionic equation for the reaction? a) 2K+(aq) + 2NO3–(aq) b) 2K+1(aq) + CO32–(aq) + Sr2+(aq) + 2(NO3–)(aq) → SrCO3(s) + 2K+(aq) + 2NO3–(aq) c) This is a combustion

    asked by I need help quickly please
  51. chemistry

    When chlorine gas is added to an aqueous solution of sodium fluoride (aq) a) fluorine gas is produced. b) a synthesis reaction takes place. c) no reaction occurs. d) sodium chloride is produced.

    asked by thisfoolneedshelp
  52. Math

    what is y= -3/4 x-6 in standard form with integers?

    asked by I like soda
  53. Setswana

    Tsala ya Gago e falotse moPhato was marematlou ka Naledi. Mo kwalele lekwalo o Mo akgole

    asked by Thuli molefe
  54. Social Studies

    Why did Nero persecute Christians? I have a test coming up, and this is one of the things I forgot. Don't worry! Im just checking if I haven't actually forgot! Also, how was your day?

    asked by Serendipitii
  55. Algebra

    are these 2 equations for lines perpendicular, parrel, or neither?? i dont understand how to solve line equations very well.: y= -2/3 x +1 2x - 3y= -3

    asked by TACOS FOR LIFE
  56. Math

    You want to construct a segment XY congruent to segment AB. The first step is A. Put the point of your compass on point A. B. Measure the length of AB. C.Construct a ray with endpoint X. D.None of these.

    asked by Live
  57. science

    A machine whose mechanical advantage is 3,lifts a load of 30 N.What effort is applied to the machine

    asked by john
  58. Math

    Anna has N300 and Ojo has N1860 if Anna saves N50 a day and Ojo spend N70 a day after how many days will they have equal amounts

    asked by Ify
  59. Math

    How can you model division by a mixed number?

    asked by MC
  60. spanish

    Which of the following is NOT true for the 'se' impersonal grammar structure? The subject is a person It expresses general actions that regularly happen The verb is conjugated for the object It expresses general actions that regularly don't happen is it C?

    asked by bella
  61. math

    The carrying compartment on Peggy's moving van measures 6 feet high by 6 feet wide by 10 feet long. How many boxes, each 1 cubic foot in volume, can be packed into this cargo space?

    asked by Osarhemen Igbinosun
  62. spanish

    Which of the following is NOT a step in forming a formal command in Spanish? Ignore any yo form changes Take the yo form change is there is one Add the opposite ending add an 'n' if you are commanding multiple people A?

    asked by bella
  63. Algebra

    hi friends, i have another question that i could use some help on for my semester exam. how many solutions does this system of equations have? 3x + 15y =35 and y= -1/5x + 7/3 i hate these kinds of probloms and could really use some help

    asked by Happy DOGE :)
  64. Math


    asked by Dinah
  65. Research

    about how many Cherokees died of smallpox in1745

    asked by lindsey
  66. Algebra

    HI PEOPLE. IM ON MY LAST QUESTION AND DONT get it. can someone help? this is the last question... what is the solution of the system? y= 13x - 1 y= 9x +4

    asked by Happy DOGE :)
  67. Algebra 2

    If ƒ(x) = 2x, then ƒ -1(x) = ½ x x - 2 -2 x I think that the answer is 1/2x...please check...thanks

    asked by Taylor
  68. Math

    600.00 at an interest rate of 6% for five years

    asked by SHAWNDE
  69. math

    write each time period as a mixed number and as an improper fraction 1. 2 h 45 min 2. 3h 30 min 3.7h 10 min

    asked by keoni benner
  70. Psychology

    The teacher wants to know if spanking relates to behavior problems in children. She wants to find a group of parents who spank their children and another group who does not. What is the Independent variable? Spanking What is the dependent? Children’s

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    During two years, the population of birds of an island became 7 times more than before. If the first year increase in the population was 40% , what was the percent increase of the second year? Who asks questions about birds on an island? Anyways, I need

    asked by pls help meh
  72. English

    What is a metaphor for the word confused?

    asked by Me
  73. Physics

    A driver in a truck applies the brakes to come to a stop at a red light. Just before braking, the truck's initial speed was 15 m/s, and it was moving in the north direction. What was the truck's average velocity during braking? Assume the acceleration

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  74. Physics

    Block A has a mass of m. It is lifted from point 1, placed on an icy platform with height h (point 2), and is pushed for 0.25 by a student until point 3 (the student has stopped exerting force after point 3, whereafter the block continues down a decline

    asked by Sara
  75. Physics

    Why does it take energy to separate positive and negative charges in a cell?

    asked by Jimbo
  76. math

    what is a y-intercept

    asked by carlee
  77. chemistry

    TSA only allows 3 fl oz of a substance. What is the maximum amount in grams of a perfume with a density of 0.789g/mL that will be allowed on the plane.

    asked by Stephanie
  78. chemistry

    Iron levels typically decrease when a woman is pregnant. During a routine checkup the Doctor finds that a woman in her 3rd trimester has 1.40 x 10-8 g of Iron in a 1 mL sample. If the safe range of iron for women during her 3rd trimester is 0.095-0.150 ug

    asked by Stephanie
  79. math

    URGENT a coin bank contains dimes and quarters. the number of quarters is five less than four times the number of times. the total amount in the bank is $6.45. find the number of dimes in the bank.

    asked by ximena
  80. math

    In the recent century, the Belgium population grows following the logistic equation. Predict its population in 2020 given the following data: Year 1900 1950 2000 Population (mil) 6.69 8.64 10.24

    asked by maath
  81. Science

    More than 100 locations were not listed in Figure 1 because the amino acid was the same in all eight species. One possible explanation is that no mutations occurred in the codons for those locations. Suggest another possible explanation. It can't be a

    asked by HELP
  82. math

    how to to add 876 to 678

    asked by saroot
  83. Accounting

    debited J.stols with commission for services rendered on this behalf for R200

    asked by nono