Questions Asked on
January 20, 2020

  1. Math

    Three numbers X, Y, and Z are in the ratio 2:7:8. If 12 is subtracted from Y, then three numbers form a geometric sequence (in the order X, Y–12, Z). Find X, Y, and Z. There are two sets of answers I already found one set i am unsure how to find the

    asked by Alisha
  2. English

    In “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” in what setting does the narrator have his encounter with Simon Wheeler? The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County a cozy tavern in the Rocky Mountains a pioneer village on the Great Plains a

    asked by Liya
  3. Chemistry

    In Part C, you determined that the proper ratio of packages of buns, packages of patties, and jars of pickles is 3:2:4. If you want to feed at least 540 people, but also maintain the proper ratio, what minimum number of packages of buns, packages of

    asked by Joe
  4. English

    (Who, To Whom) is she talking?

    asked by Lisa
  5. Math

    Use similar triangles to solve. A person who is 6 feet tall is standing 108 feet from the base of a​ tree, and the tree casts a 120 foot shadow. The​ person's shadow is 12 feet in length. What is the height of the​ tree?

    asked by Isel
  6. Math

    A boat sails for 30km on a bearing of 145 degree then 10 km on a bearing of 250 degree, calculate (a) the distance covered from the starting point (b) the bearing of the harbour from the ship

    asked by Miracle
  7. math

    Use similar triangles to solve. A person who is 5 feet tall is standing 117 feet from the base of a​ tree, and the tree casts a 130 foot shadow. The​ person's shadow is 13 feet in length. What is the height of the​ tree?

    asked by Hope
  8. Maths

    If 40% of pupils in a school are boys, what percentage of the pupils are girls?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. science

    what term describes physical weathering due to collisions between sand and sediment carried in moving water and the rock surface over which the water flows. -erosion -abrasion -dissolving -wedging

    asked by --
  10. Math

    Find the first three terms of an arithmetic series in which the fifteenth term is –7 and the sum of the first fifteen terms is 210

    asked by Alisha
  11. Chemistry

    Calculate the relative molecular mass of silver trioxonitrate(v)

    asked by Simdy
  12. science

    Which process is an important part of chemical weathering through oxidation? -oxygen giving up electrons to other elements. -oxygen capturing electrons from other elements. -oxygen capturing protons from other elements. -oxygen giving up protons to other

    asked by --
  13. Teacher aide

    Which one of the following statements does not apply when regular students go into the special education setting? A. The special needs children in the class are in the minority. B. Regular students become more sensitive to their special needs peers. C.

    asked by Zalo
  14. Programming

    WAP to find maximum and minimum element in an array.InVBA Dim a(5), n As Integer Console.WriteLine("Enter 5 numbers") For n = 1 To 5 a(n) = Console.ReadLine() Next For n = 1 To 5 If a(1) < a(n) Then a(1) = a(n) Next Console.WriteLine("Greatest=" & a(1))

    asked by Raj
  15. math

    Town P is on bearing 315 degree from town Q. While town R is south of town P and west of town Q. If town R is 60km away from Q, how fara is R from P?

    asked by glory
  16. Maths

    In a certain examination, 52 candidates offered biology, 60 history, 96 offered mathhematics , 21 offered biology and history, 22 offered both biology and mathematics, 16 mathematics and history. If 7 candidates offer all the three subjects find:(a) how

    asked by Mariam
  17. Math

    There are 1500 poultry on a farm. 40% are chickens 2 third of the remainder are ducks and the rest are geese what percentage of the poultry are geese

    asked by Dkdj
  18. Law

    Identification of evidence, examination of questionable documents, forensic chemistry, and DNA analysis are all functions of (1 poin crime files. criminal law. crime journals. crime laboratories.

    asked by Rosemary
  19. chemistry

    how we can calculate the lattice energy of NaCl and MgF by using born haber cycle

    asked by mekuanint
  20. Math

    1. Square Roots and Irrational Numbers A. 0.12 B.0.1257486 C.0.12121212 D.0.111111 2.Square Roots and Irrational Numbers A.square root of 121 B.square root of 150 C.square root of 400 D.square root of 1,000,000 3. Which number is a perfect square A. 32 B.

    asked by Hotpinkleapord1229
  21. English

    The conflict in the play, The Importance of Being Earnest, is strongly tied to the characters’ pursuit of pleasure, which is, according to Henry Popkin in the introduction to the text, Wilde’s favorite pattern. In TWO well-developed paragraphs that

    asked by SI
  22. Biology


    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    If a snail takes 1hour to travel 3metre. How long will take him to travel 1km.

    asked by Sangeeta
  24. Computer

    What are the uses of IT in timing and control?

    asked by John
  25. Math

    A triangle has an area of 20 sq. inches what are its width and height?

    asked by Brady
  26. Geography

    Which of the following is a traditional desert in Paraguay?

    asked by HHEA Meetings
  27. Science

    Please help!!!!!!!! There is a cylinder and a ramp with a towel(lots of friction). The cylinder is giver a push up the ramp with the towel and it is allowed to roll up, stop, and roll back down. The acceleration when the cylinder is rolling up is -0.7318

    asked by Trump
  28. Spanish

    How do you say "the good-looking man" in Spanish? A el hombre guapo B la joven alta C el hombre alto D la mujer guapa How do you say gray hair in Spanish?

    asked by Thou Art
  29. Chemistry

    What concentration of Ag+ is in equilibrium with 3.0×10−6 M Co(CN)3−6 and Ag3Co(CN)6(s)?

    asked by Jack
  30. Math

    i)A mortgage of $80,000 is taken out on a property and to be repaid over 25 years. Using this equation find monthly repayments $x. 80000(1.07)^25 - 12x(1+1.07+.107^2 + ... +1.07^24). ii)Calculate as percentages how much of the original mortgage is paid off

    asked by Hey
  31. setswana

    Fa nka nna moporesident wa aforika borwa

    asked by Boipelo
  32. English

    The boy whose mother died is around.What is the grammatical name and function.

    asked by Ray
  33. Writing

    I am currently needing to write a 4-page analysis paper on an ethical dilemma in healthcare. I have a topic and everything needed just now sure how the layout should look for such a long paper. Any help or advice is appreciated!

    asked by Robbi
  34. mathematics

    Evaluate log2 raise to power 4 + log 4 raise to power 2-log 25 raise to power 5

    asked by rose
  35. math

    Find the princable of 9/11 A: 9 B: 11 C: 2/11 D: 11/9

    asked by Buzzy
  36. Civic

    Major world and local civic problem

    asked by Akinyemi victor
  37. Civic education

    Disadvantages of principles of check and balances

    asked by Obiefuna
  38. Algebra

    So i have a semester exam and i am super stressed out. i have a question that says to simplify the expression squareroot of 1/196 the square root of plain ol 196 is 14, so would the answer to this question be 1/14 or just 14? im confuzzled. please help.

    asked by DOGE
  39. Anatomy

    Select the paired muscle actions from the choices below. There may be more than one answer. Abduct - Adduct Dorsal - Ventral Ipsilateral - Contralateral Flexion - Extension Medial - Lateral Anterior - Posterior Is it all of them?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math

    17/210= 1/a+1/b+1/c+1/d a,b,c,d are whole numbers Work out the least possible value of d^b.

    asked by Savvas
  41. physics

    Two spherical beads (charged equally, with each one weighing 3.10 g) are put 6.70 cm away from each other. If they are let go and begin to accelerate at 118 m/s2, what would be the magnitude of the charge on each bead?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    Given the following equation: ____ K + ____Cl2 --> ____ KCl How many grams of KCl is produced from 2.50 g of K and excess Cl2?

    asked by Beza
  43. Physics

    A skydiver jumps out of a plane and reaches her terminal speed of 120 mph after falling for 15 s. How fast will the skydiver be going 5 s later at the moment she pulls the ripcord? (The parachute hasn't deployed yet)

    asked by Lee
  44. science

    how many moles are there in 30 grams of calcium chloride where can swim chloride 2 is equal to 111 :

    asked by Anonymous
  45. physics

    Consider two charges, where one (+2.10 nC) is at the origin and the other (-4.41 nC) is at the position x = 2.45 cm. Find the x-coordinate where a proton would experience zero net force.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Algebra

    Sephora draws a square with an area of 289 square centimeters. What is the length of one side of the square?

    asked by algaeeeee
  47. Algebra

    A point is located at (4,-2) It undergoes a translation under the rule (x,y)-->(x-6, y+4). Where is the image point located? * 1 point (-2, 2)****************** (-6, 4) (2, -2) (6, -4)

    asked by algaeeeee
  48. Geometry

    Scale factor from A to B = 3:4 , A has one side = 2+x , B has one side = 16

    asked by Payton
  49. science

    what information do you need to measure motion

    asked by jorge
  50. Algebra

    I NEED HALP What is the slope of the line that passes thro these pair of points (-4.1,7.4), (4.3,3.2) A -2 B 2 C -0.5 D 0.5

    asked by DOGE
  51. algebra

    also another question i have is find the slope of the line. the answers are, 1/5, -1/3 -3, 5 idk how to show pictures so i will do my best to describe the line. it starts at positive 4 on the y axis, and steeply decreases to inbetween pos 1 and 2 on the

    asked by DOGE
  52. algebra

    What is the slope of a line. its a straight line just below the x-axis (horizontol) and passes through -1 on the y-axis, is the slope -1, or undefined?

    asked by stressed DOGE :(
  53. Math

    Without the use of the calculator .23 degrees + sin 37 degrees

    asked by Thembalethu
  54. chemistry

    Determine the percent yield for the reaction between 118 g of Sb2S3 and excess oxygen if 74 g of Sb4O6 is recovered along with an unknown amount of sulfur dioxide gas (include 2 decimal places in your answer). ___ Sb2S3 + ___ O2 ⟶ ___ Sb4O6 + ___ SO2

    asked by jackson
  55. English

    What is the literal, dictionary meaning of a word ???o?????n

    asked by Cody
  56. Math

    What number divided by 4 leaves 2 less than 7?

    asked by Joe