Questions Asked on
January 15, 2020

  1. History

    Which option explains one reason why Europeans sought to convert indigenous people to Christianity? Christianity was similar to the native people’s religion, so it made sense to convert them. Indigenous people were very curious and actively sought to

    asked by Audrey Harper
  2. World History

    How did the Teutonic Knights who ruled parts of Germany in the 14th century set a pattern for future Jewish persecution? A. They massacred Jews because they believed them to be ethnically inferior, thus setting a precedent for genocide. B. They

    asked by Leia
  3. geometry

    Use the following information to answer the question. Triangle ABC has side lengths AB=16, BC=13, and AC=7. Triangle DEF has side lengths DE=4, EF=3.25, and DF=1.75. Janna needs to prove △ABC∼△DEF. Which methods can she use to help her prove the

    asked by bella
  4. geometry

    Under a dilation, triangle A(0,0), B(0,3), C(5,0) becomes triangle A′B′C′. The scale factor for this dilation is 3. What is the length of A′B′, in inches? 12? I have looked at khan academy videos and still don't understand it. Please help me!

    asked by bella
  5. math

    Which of the following options have the same value as 70\%70%70, percent of 808080? Choose 3 answers: Choose 3 answers: (Choice A) A \dfrac{70}{100}\cdot 80 100 70 ​ ⋅80start fraction, 70, divided by, 100, end fraction, dot, 80 (Choice B) B 0.7\cdot

    asked by Ava
  6. technology

    A receiver requires 10 nW as input power. If all the system losses add up to 50dB, then how much power is required from the source?

    asked by William C. Tolbert III
  7. Online behavior

    sorry my friend went to far but yeah we well never say bad language on this app again and we wont be rude and behave better and not come on this app again please forgive us never again but its okay

    asked by zack
  8. physics

    a light uniform meter rule PT pivoted at Q the 30cm mark has a block of mass 1.5kg suspended at the 80cm mark. The meter rule is maintained at equilibrium by a string attached at the point R the 50cm mark. What is the tension in the string?

    asked by Moyinoluwa
  9. Math

    BA and BC are opposite rays. BD bisects EBC. If measure of EBD=7x-8 and measure of DBC=5x+10, find measure of EBD

    asked by Joe
  10. science

    I don't understand this In this section, you will create a step-by-step procedure for testing and monitoring the number of trout and catfish in Cypress Pond. You must monitor them once per month for 12 months after the park is built and then there are ten

    asked by :)
  11. algebra

    The graph shows the number of hours per day spent on social media by a group of teenagers and the number of hours per day spent exercising. A line of best fit for the data is shown. A scatterplot is shown in the xy-plane. The horizontal axis is labeled as

    asked by who dat
  12. P E

    18. Use complete sentences to answer the following short answer questions. How are offensive and defensive strategies between team sports and alternative sports similar? How are offensive and defensive strategies between team sports and alternative sports

    asked by Anonymous
  13. English

    Canoes called Eskimos go frail in skin kayaks fishing

    asked by Anonymous
  14. science

    Which are examples of chemical weathering? Choose the two correct answers. an increase in temperature in daytime causing a rock to crack an insect digging a hole in rock for its home rock breaking apart during a rock slide oxidation of certain metals in

    asked by West Point
  15. history

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentences. During World War II in the Pacific, the Allied powers used the strategy of... (pick A, B, C, D below) to defeat the Japanese empire. A.blitzkrieg B.guerriella warfare C.island-hopping D.trench warfare

    asked by person
  16. Chemistry

    Is drain cleaner dissolving a hair clog in the bathtub a chemical or physical change?

    asked by Anonymus
  17. Algebra

    Multiple Choice What is the simplified form of 3 a superscript 4 baseline b superscript negative 2 baseline c superscript 3 baseline question mark A. Start Fraction 81 a superscript 4 baseline c superscript 3 baseline over b superscript 2 baseline End

    asked by Katelyn
  18. Math

    1. You go shopping with a friend and end up buying a shirt for $23.90, a pair of pants for $34.50 and some socks for $3.65. If sales tax is 7.5%, what is your total sales tax amount for all three items? Can you help me with that?

    asked by Foxfrost
  19. math

    how many miles can car travel on 15 gallons of gas if it travels 28 miles on 1 gallon of gas. A.43 B.270*** C.405 D.420

    asked by bee_bro
  20. social studies

    Which of the following did the Roman republic and Greek democracy have in common? A. All citizens were granted freedom to practice various religions. B. All citizens created the laws for their society. C. Citizens could participate in government by voting.

    asked by yeet
  21. science

    Hawaii has a warm, wet, tropical climate. Which of these is most likely to break down the newly formed rock in Hawaii? salt wedging root wedging abrasion*** frost wedging

    asked by West Point
  22. science

    Which of the following can be formed by the movements of a glacier? Select the two correct answers. mountain*** valley*** lake ocean my answer = ***

    asked by West Point
  23. History

    What was known as Hitler's Final Solution? I think it's the genocide of European Jews

    asked by Dan
  24. Math

    Find the distance traveled in 24 seconds by an object traveling at a constant velocity of 14 feet per second.

    asked by Thomas
  25. algebra

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. (0,0);y=1/2x+8

    asked by idk
  26. Math

    Hey! So I'm horrible when it comes to graphing inequalities, I'm good at solving them, just not graphing them. Could I have some help with this question? Which inequality matches the graph? 4 B. 3x + 1 ≥ 4 C. 3x + 1 < 4 D. 3x + 1 ≤ 4 Can someone just

    asked by CellLover727
  27. algebra

    Janet is training for a marathon. She decides to track her time per mile, in minutes, for 8 weeks. Which equation best fits the data? A graph is labeled as Marathon Training. The horizontal axis is labeled as Weeks and the vertical axis is labeled as Time

    asked by who dat
  28. ss

    What was known as Hitler's Final Solution? A. the genocide of European Jews B. the arrival of Allied soldiers on the shores of Normandy C. the invasion of Germany by the Allies D. the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany

    asked by kk
  29. Earth science

    Which statement about a cumulus cloud seen over Syracuse NY is an inference

    asked by Moe
  30. social studies

    Which set of ideas did Alexander the Great spread throughout Europe and to areas in the east? A.Hellenism B.humanism C.nationalism D.Marxism

    asked by kay💋❤❤❤❤❤
  31. Science

    I was assigned a galaxy discussion in I saw other people pick stars? But as a I remember the types of galaxies are separated by 4 sections; Spirled,bared spiral,elliptical or conclusion I just wanted to see if that's what I'm

    asked by Sierra//I'm majorly confused
  32. Music

    which of the following is the correct order of common saxophones from highest sound to lowest sound?

    asked by Gisselle
  33. Math

    A phone company offers two monthly plans. Plan A costs $18 plus an additional $0.10 for each minute of calls. Plan B costs $22 plus an additional $0.08 for each minute of calls. For what amount of calling do the two plans cost the same? What is the cost

    asked by Help is Always appreciated
  34. Math

    The width of a certain rectangle is 2 less than its length. If its perimeter is 96, what is its length? I know the length is 25, but I need to know the process of how to get it.

    asked by 🍤
  35. history

    What was known as Hitler's Final Solution? A.the genocide of European Jews B.the arrival of Allied soldiers on the shores of Normandy C.the invasion of Germany by the Allies D.the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany Please help!

    asked by person
  36. algebra

    a. Visually what does it mean for a pair of linear equations to have an infinite amount of solutions? b. Visually what does it mean for a pair of linear equations to have zero solutions? Please help! Much needed help and explanation would be appreciated :)

    asked by Anonymous
  37. calculus

    the volume of an open topped box with a square base is 245 cubic centimeters. find the height in centimeters, of the box that uses the least amount of material

    asked by kate
  38. Social Studies

    What happened in 2014 that made the ongoing civil war in Syria even more complicated? A. The Arab Spring led to Demonstrations in Syria B. The Assad Government used chemical weapons C. ISIS Launched an attack on Syria D. The United States attacked a Syrian

    asked by Trump2020
  39. math

    Change 1.54 〖cm〗^3/sec to L/Hr. Keep proper significant digits. The options are a) 5.60 L/Hr b) 5.56 L/Hr c) 5.55 L/Hr d) 5.54 L/Hr when I converted 1.54 〖cm〗^3/sec to L/Hr, I got 5.554 L/Hr. when I choose c), I got it wrong and then I choose b), I

    asked by anonymous
  40. physics

    where did you get 80 + T

    asked by ABDULLAHI
  41. Math

    Mr Lim gave $3600 to his wife and two children altogether. His wife received $500 more than his son. His son received twice as much as his daughter. How much did Mr Lim's wife received?

    asked by aleeyah
  42. Physics

    Forces of 5N in three places act at an angle of 30°.Find the resultant force and the angle of resultant that makes with the horizontal.

    asked by Chukwudi
  43. history

    What was the laissez-faire economic system and why did Jefferson want it for the U.S.?

    asked by kk
  44. Physics

    An apple weighs 200g, boy having 25 apples and distributed 5 apples at every floor till 5th floor, Calculate how much work is done by the boy if the height from ground to 5th floor is 20m. (gravity=10m/s2 )

    asked by Zadian
  45. Careers

    What career can I do with these subjects Math lit , history and business

    asked by Gugulethu
  46. Math

    Shelby leaves her house at 9 a.m. on her bike at a speed of 320 meters per minute. At 10:30 a.m. her brother, Colby, leaves the house on his bike and tries to catch up with Shelby. Colby rides at a speed of 500 meters per minute. At what time will Colby

    asked by oooooooof
  47. Math

    Sarah has 24 blue beads, 36 gold beads, 60 silver beads, and 72 purple beads. She is planning to decorate jewelry boxes for her friends and wants to distribute the beads evenly among the jewelry boxes. What is the greatest number of jewelry boxes that Eva

    asked by Ryan
  48. Physics

    F=m ⃗g with ⃗g=−9.81 N/kg ̂ k is an approximation of Newton's law of universal gravitation. (a) Up to which height h above the ground is the deviation between the field strength g(h) and the value g(h=0) less than 0.10%? [2] (b) When you move on the

    asked by James
  49. algebra

    The data on the graph show the foot lengths and forearm lengths for a group of people. The line of best fit for the data is shown. Use the equation of the line of best fit to predict the length of a person’s forearm if the length of their foot is 8

    asked by who dat
  50. math

    subtract (5x^4-9x^2-11)-(2x^3+3x^2-12)

    asked by Coco
  51. Math

    Write the equation of the parabola with vertex at (2,1), axis the line y-1=0 and passes through (5,0).

    asked by Nebiyat
  52. science

    when fossil fuels are burned, they produce________, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming trends

    asked by Cheyenne
  53. physics

    a bullet of mass 30g is fired in 180mls into a block of wood of mass 2g hanging freely a, find the speed of block just after impact

    asked by Elias
  54. Chemistry

    Using the Isolation method, we are to determine the rate law of the equation, RCOOR' + OH− → RCOO− + R'OH (where R and R' represent organic groups). Initial concentration of experiment 1:[OH−]0 = 0.900 M [RCOOR']0 = 0.0010 M Initial concentration

    asked by Sleep deprived
  55. Social studies

    What is an example of Astec art

    asked by Sara wilson
  56. Math

    -9p - 17 = 10 How do I solve this

    asked by Filthyfrank and idubbbz here
  57. science

    What is salt composed of?" Maria wondered. She took a microscope from the cabinet in her science classroom, put some salt on a microscope slide, and focused on the salt. She saw tiny squares on the slide. "I guess salt is made only of crystals:" Maria

    asked by kassidyblaylock
  58. Math

    5h - 9 = - 16 + 6h

    asked by Hdidbenrj
  59. Algebra

    Let c = 10 Which comparison would make the expression true? c + 25 < ??? A.) c²/10 B.) 3c ÷ 5 C.) 4c – 10 D.) c²–63 I think it's C but I'm not sure. Help.

    asked by Help is Always appreciated
  60. Algebra

    I can't figure this out at all and I don't know what I'm doing wrong so if anyone could give steps that would be greatly appreciated! ^^ -2v-7=-23 15 8 -8 -15

    asked by Willow
  61. Social studies

    1) Which of the following causes subsistence farmers to increase labor-intensive practices like weeding, applying manure, and crop rotation? A. the need to compete with commercial farmers B. the human drive to improve any process C. decreasing costs of

    asked by reddit user
  62. English

    Conclusions made on the basis of unstated or stated evidence are called_____? A) Action B) Inferences C) Mythologies D) Values Please help me, im so confused

    asked by Kiana Hernandez
  63. history

    Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen. B. The Maya had to learn farming techniques to clear the dense rain forest. C. The Maya had

    asked by uh
  64. English

    Peace, discipline, freedom, and equality are all examples of______? A) Myths B) resolution C) Settings D) Values

    asked by Kiana Hernandez
  65. social studies

    Which of the following did the Roman republic and Greek democracy have in common? A. All citizens were granted freedom to practice various religions. B. All citizens created the laws for their society. C. Citizens could participate in government by voting.

    asked by crazy_curls
  66. Math

    A child’s sandpit is rectangular with dimensions 2m x 1.5m. The sandpit is surrounded by a grassed area of uniform width covering an area of 24.5m^2 Calculate the uniform width of the grassed area

    asked by Zoe
  67. History

    According to the passage, what can be inferred about how Elizabeth Candy Stanton's personal qualities affected the women's suffrage movement?

    asked by Gisselle
  68. science

    Which chemical weathering processes rely primarily on water? Select the two correct answers. dissolution oxidation*** precipitation hydrolysis***

    asked by West Point
  69. Math

    John is jogging along a track. He has already jogged 5 2/3 km. How many more kilometres does he have to jog to complete the track of 9 1/4

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Spanish

    Tengo una prima. _______ prima se llama Carla. I think the answer is mi. A mi B mis C tu D vuestra

  71. Music

    which of the following is the correct order of common saxophones from the highest sound to lowest sound?

    asked by Gisselle
  72. Math

    Can someone tell me what -12x = -48 is that’s all I need

    asked by g7thiccc
  73. English

    which is the best example of the use of rhyme? A. the beat of a drum B. fresh green grass C. a wild little child D. the kindness of strangers

    asked by danyourman1
  74. Math

    I have a question, Its asking me to use 4, 5, 3, and 2 only once in an equation to get 1, 3, 6, and 8. please help!

    asked by Molly-Please Help
  75. Calculus

    Find the distance traveled in 45 seconds by an object traveling at a velocity of v(t) = 20 + 3cos(t) feet per second.

    asked by Ruth
  76. Calculus

    A bicyclist is riding on a path modeled by the function f(x) = 0.04(8x − x2), where x and f(x) are measured in miles. Find the rate of change of elevation at x = 1.

    asked by Tilla
  77. Social Studies

    What is Sanskrit? A. a Buddhist term for achieving enlightenment B.***? an ancient Indian language developed by the Indo-Aryans C. an epic poem that teaches the importance of Brahman D. a major city from the Indus Valley civilization Is it right? Tysm if

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  78. Social Studies

    Which Hindu belief focuses on the effect of a person's actions in this and in previous lives? A. reincarnation B. moksha C. dharma D. ****? karma Is this right? Thanks yet again if you answer!

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  79. algebra

    which symbol makes this number sentence true 194,457-149,475

    asked by grace
  80. math

    3 different names for 0.550

    asked by jack
  81. Social studies

    Which of the following did the Roman republic and Greek democracy have in common? A. All citizens were granted freedom to practice various religions. B. All citizens created the laws for their society.***** C. Citizens could participate in government by

    asked by crosshair
  82. social studies

    coastal area where ships can dock

    asked by christian
  83. Social Studies

    What is a location 80 degrees south and 80 east? Asia Antarctica Atlantic Ocean or Africa

    asked by Royalty
  84. Calculus

    Write a difference quotient that can be used to estimate the instantaneous rate of change of y=x^2 at x=-3. Please explain in detail please and thank you.

    asked by Christian
  85. Science

    What is e unbalanced force that slows down a ball rolling across the floor is...

    asked by Olivia
  86. physics

    An object with mass 2.3 kg is executing simple harmonic motion, attached to a spring with spring constant 280 N/m . When the object is 0.019 m from its equilibrium position, it is moving with a speed of 0.65 m/s. Calculate the amplitude of the

    asked by Schoolgirl
  87. physics

    A pressure difference of 1.5x10^3 Pa draws water from a well. The water emerges from the pump with a speed of 17.0 m/s. What is the depth of the well?

    asked by bill nye
  88. algebra

    what is (z^3) (h^3) is that z^3h^3 or is it zh^9 thank you

    asked by marta
  89. physics

    a 0.150 kg mass stretches a spring 20.0 cm when hung vertically. what is the spring constant? what is the period of the spring? make a graph with displacement, velocity, and acceleration as a function of time for one complete cycle.

    asked by lily
  90. Physics

    A force of 10 N causes aspring to extend by 20mm find the spring constant of the spring in N/m

    asked by Anonymous
  91. literature

    in the quote from dantes inferno "More and more, and yet still more, / I fain beyond the stream had scanned, / For fair as was this hither shore, / Far lovelier was the further land." What is this "further land" that the dreamer mentions here?

    asked by firstly
  92. math

    This is a multiple choice question. A total of 835 pieces are made from a strip of stock that has a volume of 50.80 cubic centimeters. Each piece has a volume of 52.0 cubic millimeters. How many cubic centimeters of strip stock are wasted after all the

    asked by anonymous
  93. math

    If you know that tan(θ)= -0.707 , which quadrant(s) could θ be found in? I don't know why it goes in which quadrant

    asked by alex
  94. Civic education

    What are the positive and negative effect of limitation of human right

    asked by Rita
  95. English

    "Yes, I'm looking _____ a blouse and some matching trousers." A. to buy* B. at C. to D. for* Which one would it be?

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  96. math

    [for real number y, y*y=-1] is this statement or open statement?

    asked by Joseph
  97. math

    Point B has rectangular coordinates (-5, 12) Find the angle θ that describes this point.

    asked by alex