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January 13, 2020

  1. math

    1.Select all the pairs of ratios that form a proportion 1/6 4/20 7/9 28/36 ***** 14/18 21/27**** 30/80 6/18 2. which pair of ratios does not form a proportion 3/5 24/40 30/10 15/5**** 9/14 3/4 7/12 14/24 3.for which value of m is 4/16=M/24 a proportion

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  2. social studies

    drag and drop the reasons for widespread discontent around the world in the early 1900s. Which of the following were reasons for the Great Depression? Select the three correct answers. A. shortage of workers B. scarcity of goods C. high personal debt D.

    asked by kk
  3. Algebra

    The stadium has a form of a rectangle with two semicircles attached to the short sides. The long side of a rectangle is 2 times longer than the short one. Construct the expression for the area of the stadium in terms of x, where x denotes a shorter side of

    asked by Helen
  4. Algebra

    The amount of caffeine consumed from a glass of Diet Pepsi is proportional to the number of ounces that was drank. The table below shows the amount of caffeine consumed by three different people and the corresponding number of ounces of Diet Pepsi that

    asked by Helper
  5. Careers

    What job will i get while doing this subjects maths lit, tourism, history,geography

    asked by Thuto
  6. social studies

    how did the bronze impact early European society?select two that apply

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  7. Physics

    A toy rocket has a mass 0f 350g at launch. The force it produces is 15N and it is fired at an angle of 65° to the horizontal. What is the initial acceleration of rocket as a vector?

    asked by Joseph
  8. Math

    The length of a puppy on a scale drawing is 6 cm. If the scale is 1:9 cm, what is the actual length of the puppy? I don’t understand the lesson can someone please explain it to me?

    asked by :)
  9. Algebra

    The distance between two cities on a map is 4 1/2 inches. The actual distance between the two cities is 24 miles. What is the scale used on the map? If the scale on a different map of the same area is 1/4 inch = 1 mile, how many inches separate the same

    asked by Helper
  10. Algebra

    1. Find the slope for the following line: y=(3/4)x-7 A. -7 B. 7 C. 3/4 D. -4/3 2. What is the y-intercept of the graph of the line given by the equation 3y+4x=15? A. 5 B. 4 C. 3 D. -4/3 Can someone please help answer the questions, but also explain them so

    asked by That One Person
  11. World History

    What effect did industrialization have on imperialism? An increase in production led to the need for new land to build factories in foreign territories. It's not C. Increased production led to a surplus in manufactured goods and a need for more customers.

    asked by Me.
  12. math

    1. A box of cleaning supplies weighs 15 N. If the box is lifted a distance of 0.60 m, how much work is done? (1 point) 0.040 J 9 J 14 J 25 J 2. To chop wood, you apply 50.0 N of force to an ax. The ax applies 600.0 N of force to the wood. What is the

    asked by 21 pilots (not really)
  13. Physics

    A 29 kg child sits in a swing supported by two chains, each 4.2 m long. If the tension in each chain at the lowest point is 213 N, find the child’s speed at the lowest point. (Neglect the mass of the seat.) Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Joe
  14. English

    The bald eagle is a national symbol in the United States for patriotism and freedom. Because the bald eagle was once hunted for sport, it is on the verge of extinction. People are trying to save them but, unfortunately, the bald eagle still may become

    asked by h
  15. Math

    I am an odd number. You say me when you count by fives. I am greater than 352 but less than 364. What number am I?

    asked by Jaya
  16. World History

    What was a motivation for imperial nations to expand their territory? A)Imperial nations needed to build up their populations to increase national security. B)Imperial nations needed more resources to supply their factories with raw materials. C)Imperial

    asked by Me.
  17. Stats

    The binomial expression 8C2 (1/3)^2(2/3)^6 gives the probability A.At least 2 successes in 8 trials of the probability of success is 1/3 B.At least 2 successes in 8 trials of the probability of success in one trial 2/3 C.Exactly 2 successes in 8 trials of

    asked by Anonymous
  18. World History

    Why are Napoleon and the events of his life significant to history as well as to modern society?

    asked by Me.
  19. Math

    Mr. and Mrs. Harper are planning to install a deck and a garden. Help them determine which of the two choices below is most efficient. Plan A: Deck measures 18 feet by 25 feet Garden measures 9 feet by 12 feet. Plan B: Deck Measures 16 feet by 20 feet.

    asked by Tracy
  20. Social studies

    Please help me with this, i prefer the answers to it though. What is the significance of Siddhartha Gautama to Buddhism? C. An important Hindu, he taught that self-denial is the best spiritual path. B. An important Indian king, he supported the spread of

    asked by anonymous Horse
  21. Algebra

    What is the inequality that represents the graph? The graph shows a 2d plane that ranges from -2 to 2 on both the x and y axis. There's a dotted line going through (0, -1) and (2, 0) with the area below it highlighted. I semi-understand the graph, but I'm

    asked by Carmen33
  22. Math

    Check these please: e=6 r=-9 y=5 er:3 +2y 6(-9) :3 +2(5) -54 :3 +10 -18 + 10 = -8 (y + r )^2 5 +-9 x2 14x14=196

    asked by Joe
  23. math

    Solve the equation |4x+5|=|−29+4x|. Graph the solutions, if possible. the graph line i was given cant go past/below -10 and 10...and because of this i cant figure this out T-T....

    asked by saiki k
  24. Math

    the scale model car is 1 inch to 3 1/2ft if a model car is 2 inches long , what is the length in feet of the actual car?

    asked by Plz I need help
  25. Mathematics

    1. A boy moves from a point X and walks 285m to Y on a bearing of 078° . He then moves due south to a point Z, which is 307m from X. Calculate: a) the bearing of X from Z b) the distance between YZ

    asked by Anonymous
  26. English

    Record 3 opinions Jordan expresses, and list the clues from the text that helped you identify each opinion. Barbara Jordan: All Together Now Can you plzz help me find this out? It’s fairly easy i just need a little extra help.

    asked by Becxa
  27. math

    Please help: List three different ways to write 5^11 as the product of two powers. Explain why all three of your expressions are equal to 5^11 I good at math but I'm just kinda' feeling rusty today If you could that would be awesome! Thanks

    asked by FFOFortClown
  28. Math

    Determine the sum of the first seven terms of a geometric series in which the first term is 11 and the seventh term is 704.

    asked by hello123
  29. Math

    The figure below represents a triangular flower garden ABC in which AB = 4m, BC = 5and ∠BCA =30 degrees . Point D lies on AC such that BD = 4 m and ∠BDC is obtuse. Find, correct to 2 decimal places: Stuck on both. how to get law of sin. (a) the length

    asked by King
  30. Maths

    Substituting y=vx to transform following Differential Equations into a Recognisable form 1)(2xy)(dy/dx) +x^2+y^2=0 2)(x^2-y^2)dy/dx=xy

    asked by Jackie
  31. US History

    Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) [08.06 MC] How did the election of Ulysses S. Grant affect the voting rights of African Americans? Grant received fewer votes in the North, so the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was enacted to protect African American

    asked by Gage
  32. music

    1. Which of the following is the longest? (1 point) motive cadence climax phrase 2. What is the focal point in a melody? (1 point) the general shape the highest note a place of rest the beginning 3. What is a phrase? (1 point) A place of rest in the music

    asked by bee_bro
  33. American history

    What was the first duty of the Freedmen's Bureau? Select one: a. help freed slaves find employment b. to provide relief to those were displaced c. to establish schools d. to solve disputes between employers

    asked by x
  34. Math

    the difference between the eighth and fourth of an AP is 40, if the eighth term is 1½ times the forth time find the common difference and the first of the AP

    asked by Kamara
  35. Math 6-8

    Which sequence of transformation shows that triangle WXY is similar to triangle WXY

    asked by Julissa
  36. Careers

    Can i do nursing after completing matric with maths literacy, life science, bussiness economics,CAT

    asked by M
  37. Math


    asked by Cassie
  38. Math

    if (3-a) 6(2-5a) are conservative terms of a GP with common ratio r>0. find the value of a

    asked by Kamara
  39. Math

    Help me solve these question IF LOGA IS 7 AND B=LOG2 EXPRESS LOG35 IN TEARM OF A AND B.

    asked by lydia
  40. Math

    Mike is building a deck the deck will be rectangle with a longer size length of 20 M and a shorter side length of 6 M what will be the area of Mike's deck

    asked by Azana
  41. Math

    x is partly constant and partly varies as y when y=5, x=1 and when y=7, x=8. find the equation connecting them. find x when y=11

    asked by George
  42. English

    Lindquists generally call this Kind of word history " folk Etymology ".

    asked by Jerious N.sohn
  43. Careers

    Can I be able to do businesse managent Business .math literacy . tourism.history

    asked by Divine
  44. Math

    Dear Jiskha Tutors, Please help me Understand this. Thank you, Two triangles are shown. The first triangle has sides x, 6 cm, and 12 cm, and the second triangle has corresponding sides 20 cm, 8 cm, and 16 cm. The two triangles above are similar. A. Find X

    asked by Foxfrost
  45. social studies

    How did the events in Mexico in 1910 and 1911 reveal the weakness of dollar diplomacy?

    asked by ariana
  46. French

    Does this sound natural and can anyone please help edit it?? “ la semaine dernière, ma famille et moi sommes allés nager. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié. je n'ai pas nagé depuis six ans. nous avons eu des problèmes dans la partie sept pieds alors

    asked by Reth
  47. Social studies

    Which source would MOST LIKELY include a personal account of how Apartheid affected black citizens of South Africa?

    asked by katelynn
  48. Math

    A 6-foot-tall man is standing in front of a school and notices his shadow measures 10 feet. At the same time, he notices a nearby flagpole casts a shadow that measures 85 feet. How tall is the flagpole? 100 feet 127 feet 14.17 feet 51 feet

    asked by NiNi
  49. Math

    Prove: Cot x cot 2x - cot 2x cot 3x - cot 3x cot x = 1

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    A Ferris wheel is 136 feet tall. It casts a 34-foot shadow. What is the height, in feet, of a nearby man that casts a shadow of 1.5 feet? Enter the correct value.

    asked by Liya
  51. Biology

    List the usefulness of science

    asked by Anonymous
  52. English

    PLEASE HELP World War II and Nazism influenced many European writers in this unit you read sections by Milosz and Ionesco. Compare the different tones and perspective these writers bring to bear on this subject !!PLEASE HELP IM DESPITE!!

    asked by KIWI
  53. math

    Tim is a first grader and reads 28 words per minute. Assuming he maintains the same rate, use the double number line to find how many words he can read in 5 minutes. Words 0 28 Minutes 0 1 Tim can read words in 5 minutes.

    asked by jamie
  54. Statistics

    Grades were reported and summarized. The summaries are shown in the table below. Grades A B C D F W Total Count 12 20 32 8 6 2 80 Percent 1. Determine proportions for each grade and fill them in the row titled Percent in the table. Would I just divide for

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    How can you use an array to find partial products for 4 times 36

    asked by Alejandra
  56. Math

    Tina says that 6:8 is equivalent to 36:64 . what she do wrong??

    asked by Kim jojo
  57. English

    What is Harry thinking of at the end of this chapter?

    asked by john
  58. math

    a solid cone of height12cm and radius 9cm.calculate the surface area of sphere?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    the first term of a linear sequence is 3 and 8th term is 31 .find the common difference and hence find the 20th term

    asked by George
  60. math

    Cyclinder and cone base and height has same,volume cone is 30cm³,volume of cyclinder is??

    asked by Tanveer
  61. math

    The figure below represents a triangular flower garden ABC in which AB = 4m, BC = 5and ∠BCA =30 degrees . Point D lies on AC such that BD = 4 m and ∠BDC is obtuse. Find, correct to 2 decimal places: (a) the length of AD; (b) the length of DC;

    asked by King
  62. Algebra II

    Michael's parents think he is the smartest baby ever born. They decide to place $18,000 into a college fund account for him when he is born. They are receiving a 4% interest compounded quarterly. At the end of 18 years, how much money will Michael have in

    asked by Abhiram
  63. government

    explain federal characters

    asked by Anonymous
  64. English

    What is a good mnemonic device for remembering the capital of the Honduras?

    asked by bruh moment
  65. maths

    A Baker uses 2/3 of a bag of flour to make 6 muffins how many bags of flour will he need to make 48 muffins

    asked by Nicole
  66. Careers

    What can I become with there subjects? Mathlit,lifescience,geography, business studies

    asked by Karabo