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January 12, 2020

  1. Chemistry

    Vapour pressure of benzene and toluene are 0.9bar and 0.85bar. 7.8g of benzene is added to 180g of toluene. To find the vapour pressure of the resultant solution

  2. Physics

    A bullet of mass 50g is fired with a velocity of (500,0)m/s in to a sack of sand of mass 20kg which is swinging from rope. At the moment the bullet hits, the sack has a velocity of (0,3)m/s. Workout the velocity of bullet and sack just after the bullet

  3. Grammar

    While they watched the movie, the kids clapped cheered and ate popcorn. RULE(S):_______________________________________________ Jack and Jill watched a bunch of different soccer games but Riccardoโ€™s favorite was the Valencia Vixens.

  4. math

    3/4 of the girls in SSS1 play basket ball and 4/7 play volleyball. Every girl plays at least one of these games. If 27 girls play both games, how many girls are there in the class?

  5. English

    This question is based on the following four sentences. 1. Netta and Jim wrangled over their views of free trade. 2. Netta and Jim expressed different views on free trade. 3. Netta and Jim argued vociferously over the issue of free trade. 4. Netta and Jim

  6. math

    Express 2 min 30 sec as a fraction of ยพ hour. Give your answer in its lowest terms.

  7. Physics

    A piece of gold-aluminium alloy weighs 49N when suspended from a spring balance and submerged in water it weighs 39.2N what is the weight of Gold in the alloy if the specific gravity of gold is 19.3 and aluminium is 2.5?

  8. Physics

    3 forces each equal to P act on a body, one at (a,0,0) parallel to OY. The second at the point (0,b,0) parallel to OZ and the third at the point (0,0,c) parallel to OX, the axis being rectangular. 1)Find the resultant force and the resultant moment 2) Find

  9. Physics

    A ball of mass 1000g drops from a height of 5m and rebounded to a height of 2.5m. Calculate I. It's kinetic energy before impact ii. It's initial rebound ,velocity and kinetic energy

  10. Physics

    A 70.0 kg skydiver falls towards the earth. If the force due to air resistance is 500 N, what is the acceleration of the skydiver? The skydiver opens her chute. The force due to air resistance is now 1200N. What is the acceleration of the skydiver?

  11. physics

    in air an object weighs 15N when immersed in water it weighs 12N when immersed in another liquid weighs 13N. Determine the density of the object and that of the other liquid

  12. Earth Science

    1. Which of the following layers is farthest from Earth's center? a. outer core b. mesosphere c. asthenosphere d. lithosphere 2. How do seismic waves help scientists understand Earth's layers? Select the two correct answers. a. Scientists can observe how

  13. Home Economics

    Wayw of controlling fullness

  14. Physics

    To get to school a girl walks 1 km North in 15 minutes she th en walks 200metere Southwest in 160 second find her average velocity

  15. Chemistry

    You pipetted 15.0mL of Na2CO3(aq). You then added 20.0mL of Sr(NO3)2(aq). Your dry filter paper was 1.69g. You filter paper and precipitate is 3.76g. What is the concentration of the Na2CO3(aq)?

  16. math

    Victor left his house riding his bike at a speed of 18 km/hr. When Victor was 1/2 km from his house, his brother Alex left the house riding his bike towards Victor at a rate of 24 km/hr. How long will it take Alex to catch up with Victor?

  17. math

    Sam is 2 years old, and his mother is 28 years old. In how many years will Sam's mother be 3 times as old as he will be?

  18. calculus

    A truck starts dumping sand at the rate of 17 ft^3/ min, forming a pile in the shape of a cone. The height of the pile is always 2/3 the base diameter.

  19. Science

    1. Do basophils move from blood into tissues during allergic reactions or they remain in blood all the time? 2. Do all the leukocytes exhibit amoeboid locomotion? 3. How does basophils move?

  20. Maths

    Find the value of cos2x=3/4.Find the two values of x.

  21. Math

    Hi can someone help me on this question,my teacher gave me two methods but both are confusing when I look back ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต 4.find the value of a and the value b in each of the following. a)x^2 +3x -10 is a factor of x^3 +ax +bx +40 b) 2x^2-11x+5 is a

  22. Maths

    Find the value of cos2x=3/4.Find the two values of x. 0pi(180)

  23. Math

    In the past few years, outsourcing overseas has become more frequently used than ever before by U.S. companies. However, outsourcing is not without problems. A recent survey by Purchasing magazine indicates that 20% of the companies that outsource overseas

  24. Cost accounting managment

    Ace Rubber company manufacture three types of tires: Model P, the premium, Model S, the second line, and Model E, the economy. Model P sells for Birr 95 per tire and costs Birr 85 per tire to make, Model S sells for Birr 78 per tire and costs Birr 72 per

  25. Cost accounting management

    2. Compute the following question Canadian Adventure recently required Deep Alaska Air. Deep Alaska has been in business for many years and provide charter flight for remote finishing and camping ethusiaasts. When the campany originally started in to

  26. Programming

    Can somebody give me clue where I can get programming help?

  27. To @bobpursely

    Could you please check my response at Posted again, just in case you may not see that! Thanks!

  28. Civics

    May I get a little help on this question? Please and thank you!^^ Which consideration is made when community leaders make decisions based on money, people, and materials available? A. resources B. infrastructure C. social programs D. long-term goals I

  29. Programming

    Can somebody give me clue where I can get programming help? ๐Ÿ‘ 0 ๐Ÿ‘Ž 0 ๐Ÿ‘ 18 asked by Raj today at 8:52am google search?? ๐Ÿ‘ 0 ๐Ÿ‘Ž 0 posted by Ms Pi 3.14159265358979323 today at 9:50am What language are you programming in? ๐Ÿ‘ 0 ๐Ÿ‘Ž 1 posted by

  30. Programming

    Write a VB.NET program code to find second largest element in an array.

  31. English

    I'm writing an essay paper and I can't use the word "I". How do I make this sentence sound grammatically correct without the word I? In just a few days, I will be off to college and many miles away.

  32. Civics

    Which example does not show community planning that affects infrastructure? A.hiring a construction firm to build a new freeway on-ramp B.obtaining land for the construction of a water treatment plant C.determining fees for permits to hunt on public land

  33. Biology


  34. History

    Which federal program provides money to a public school system based on the performance of its students on competency tests? No Child Left Behind Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Race to the Top Charter School Council I believe it is "Race to the

  35. English

    choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics: the boys aloof manner resulted in him having few friends. A.unfriendly B.sincere c.gracious D.humble

  36. Math

    How to convert fractions to a decimals

  37. math

    Given that log 4 = 0.6021 and log 6 = 0. 7782, evaluate log 0.096

  38. Civics

    Which method did community members from Ward Valley, California, use to try to change their community when they went to the state capital? A taking part in a special election B protesting a proposal C gathering signatures on a petition D meeting with the

  39. biology

    Humans have yet another antigen system on their red blood cells. The MN blood group refers to a different antigen controlled by codominant alleles (MM, MN, and NN). A woman with blood types (O, MN, Rh+) had a baby with a man with the blood types (AB, N,

  40. Science

    Could I get some help please and thank you?! How could a city reduce its air pollution? A improve its public transportation system B eliminate the dumping of all solid waste C eliminate runoff from chemicals used at the airport D require all cars use

  41. Careers

    Maths lit,geo,life science, history, agric,LO Which career should I follow

  42. Math

    Of the people at a park, 60% are men and 75% of the women wear jeans. The number of men is 140 more than the number of women who do not wear jeans. After more women come to the park, 65% of the people at the park are women. How many more women come to the

  43. English

    Is this is the correct English

  44. Math: Statistics

    If a pizza could have some (or none) toppings out of cheese, pepperoni, ham, sausage, and mushrooms. How many different kinds of such pizzas can be made? Assume order of toppings does not matter and assume for each toping either it has it or it does not.

  45. math

    Tina has a pet sitting business. She charges a flat service fee of $30, plus $15 per day for each animal. If one of her customers spent less than $150 on one animal, which of the following inequalities could be used to solve for x, the number of days the

  46. history

    The Articles of Confederation created a A.Parliamentary System of government. legislature called congress. C.two-house legislature called congress. D.three branch central government.

  47. math

    One year ago Liz was three times as old as her brother Jack. In two years sheโ€™ll be only twice as old as Jack. How old are Liz and Jack now?

  48. math

    The length of the entire border of the Unites States is approximately 32,000 miles, 5 8 of which is coastline. How long is the coastline of the U.S., and how long are the land boundaries? Answer: The coastline is miles. The land boundaries are miles.

  49. history

    1) who was the world's first murder victim? 2) who was the world's first murderer?

  50. Algebra 2

    Solve the equation by completing the square 3m^2 = -7m +40 2y^2 +51 = -17v

  51. Social Studies

    What is mercantilism? My answer: Mercantilism is a theory that when a country exports more items than it imports, it will get richer. Please check if my answer is acceptable. I am almost certain it is correct.

  52. Algebra

    Write an inequality that represents the fact that while making each item, you canโ€™t access this limit. Be sure to include the cost per item in this inequality. Product A: $20 Product B: $65 Spending limit: $150

  53. calculus

    the velocity of a particle moving along the x-axis at any time t>=0 is given by v(t)=cos(pi t)-t(7-2pi) find the acceleration at any time t

  54. java

    Object[] options1 = { "Try This Number", "Choose A Random Number","Quit" }; JPanel panel = new JPanel(); panel.add(new JLabel("Enter number between 0 and 1000")); JTextField textField = new JTextField(10); panel.add(textField); int result =

  55. calculus

    given the function g(x)=m(-2x+2)^5 -n, where m and n don't equal zero and are constants. find g'(x) and g"(x)

  56. math

    serena has $2,500 to invest in a CD(certificate of deposit) if serena invests the $2,500 in the CD that yields 4% interest, what will the CD be worth after 2 years

  57. Careers

    I am phumzile in grade 11 i am doing mathematical literacy,bussiness studies,life science, life orientation, i want to know which career path can i follow

  58. Physics

    A shopping bag can provide a force of 65.0 N before breaking. A shopper puts 5.00kg of groceries in the bag. If the shopper tries to lift the bag with an upward acceleration of 2.00 m/s/s, will be bag break?