Questions Asked on
January 10, 2020

  1. Math

    Which statement best describes the graph of 2𝑥−5𝑦=−25 and the graph of 𝑦=52𝑥+5? The graphs show the same line. The graphs show lines with different slopes, but the same y-intercept. The graphs show lines with the same slope, but different

    asked by tete
  2. Physics

    a body of 700g hangs from the end of a long wire fixed to a high tree. A horizontal string attached to the body pulls it until the wire is at 30° to the vertical. Find the tensions in both the string and the wire

    asked by Chidi
  3. math

    Points L and M are equidistant from another point K. The bearing of L from K is 330°. The bearing of M from K is 220°. Calculate the bearing of M from L.

    asked by King
  4. world history

    which of the following is the difference between athenian direct democracy and american representative democracy? a. in a direct democracy, citizens elect others to represent them, and in representative democracy, citizens participate directly. b. in a

    asked by Trevor
  5. Civics

    Why was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary? Select the two correct answers. A. Each citizen must be ruled by the same laws. B. Each citizen must be able to participate in government. C. Each citizen must have the protections of the Bill of Rights. D.

    asked by Help?
  6. Maths

    Joong Ki, Minho and Ali have some green and some red buttons. Joong Ki has 9 more buttons than Minho. Minho has 5 more green buttons than Joong Ki. The ratio of the number of red buttons that Joong Ki has to the number of red buttons that Minho has is 5:3.

    asked by Lisa
  7. Civics

    Which of the following governments has unlimited power? A. unitary presidency B. socialist oligarchy C. parliamentary system D. constitutional monarchy I think the answer is D.

    asked by Help?
  8. Math

    A produce store has stacked apples in the shape of a triangular pyrimid. The first layer on top contains a single apple. The second layer contains 3 apples arranged in a triangle. The third layer contains 1+2+3=6 apples. Using algebra, convert your

    asked by Emma
  9. algebra

    Consider the scatter plot shown. Which shows the line of best fit? Explain your reasoning. A scatter plot is shown in the xy-plane. The values on the x-axis range from 0 to 9 in increments of 1 and the values on the y-axis range from 0 to 9 in increments

    asked by who dat
  10. English IV

    Polonius believes Hamlet has gone mad because Ophelia no longer returns his love. Relying on what you learned in Act I, select other possible reasons for Hamlet's strange appearance and behavior in scene ii of Act II. Select all that apply. Hamlet has said

    asked by DeAnthony
  11. Math

    Express 1728 and 2025 in terms of their prime factors. Hence evaluate: ((1728)^1/3))/sq(2025)

    asked by King
  12. algebra

    which function describes the arithmetic sequence shown? 3,7,11,15,19,23,...

    asked by help
  13. social studies

    Sexism, poor education, and weak infrastructure are all examples of what kind of obstacles facing South Asia? A. political B. economic C. environmental D. religious

    asked by Anonymous kid
  14. English

    The main theme of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "How Do I Love Thee," is that love is a powerful and moving force in people's lives. It is expressed through Browning's words in the poem. How is this same theme best conveyed in "The Adventures of

    asked by maddie
  15. Algebra

    Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point. y-4=5/2(x+3);(-7,8) I need help 🙂

    asked by Memed
  16. MATH

    Here are the prices (in thousands) for 9 houses for sale in a local neighborhood: $160, $295, $298, $299, $300, $302, $308, $312, $314 Which measure should be used to summarize the data? A. mean B. Median C. Mode Please help! I think it might be B.

    asked by person
  17. algebra

    The scatter plot shows how many pages of a novel each of 8 students read and how much time they spent reading. A graph for Time vs Number of Pages Read is shown whose horizontal axis is labeled as Time left parenthesis minutes right parenthesis and the

    asked by who dat
  18. math

    A marketing company sent 259 emails on Monday, 431 emails on Tuesday, and some emails on Wednesday. If the company sent 1,300 emails in 3 days About how many did the company send on Wednesday. Please help

    asked by Mr. King
  19. physics

    A bullet of mass0.01kg is fired with a velocity of 200m/s in to a sack of sand of mass 9.99kg which is swinging from rope .At the moment the bullet hits, the sack has a velocity of 0.2m/s. Workout the velocity of bullet and sand just after the bullet hits

    asked by abraham
  20. Geometry

    The adjacent angles paralellogram are congruent. Always, sometimes, or never

    asked by Courny
  21. calculus

    Find the most general antiderivative. (Use C for the constant of integration. Remember to use absolute values where appropriate.) f '(x) = 4x^3 − 10x + 4

    asked by kay
  22. algebra

    which of the following is the name for an algebraic statement that includes the greater- than or less- than symbols ?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    A fireworks rocket consists of two fuel stages which serve to provide two consecutive accelerations of the rocket. Starting from rest at a height of 0 m and a time of 0 seconds, the rocket is ignited and the accelerations begin. The first acceleration

    asked by Can You Help Me?
  24. science

    geromino I jumped in to the world . no parachute.bottless felling in to enemy territory in to the night(had my eyes closed) didn't take them long find to me these suicide mission are all the same name? not yet.unit:82nd newborn 'ha ha. slapped me around a

    asked by Alemu roba
  25. algebra

    Which function describes the arithmetic sequence shown? 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, .. A) ƒ(x) = 4x − 4 B) ƒ(x) = 4x − 3 C) ƒ(x) = 4x − 2 D) ƒ(x) = 4x − 1

    asked by 7
  26. Math

    3x +4x + 6 -x➋ - 3× -3 formula

    asked by m/d
  27. Math

    Sam solved the following problem: -4x + 5 > 29 -4x + 5 - 5> 29 - 5 -4x > -24/-4 x > 6 What was his TWO mistakes? Sorry i am bad at this so i need help.

    asked by IDEK
  28. Computer

    Q. Will AMD GPU get ray tracing support this year?

    asked by Professional
  29. Maths

    Q.What is the probability of getting 53 mondays in leap year?

    asked by Doubtful Student
  30. Career

    Q. Is Youtube the best career except any career?

    asked by xX Evil Xx
  31. Civics

    Hello :3 I was wondering if I could get a little help on this question, please and thank you!! Which method did the Native American tribes use to keep a radioactive waste dump from being built in Ward Valley, California? A. signed petition B. nonviolent

    asked by Avah
  32. algebra

    Which is a correct description of the data in the table? Time Worked (hours) 8 11 10 5 12 8 Earnings ($) 72 99 90 45 108 72 A. The explanatory variable is time worked. The response variable is earnings. The association is positive. **? B. The explanatory

    asked by Luffy
  33. History

    Why is it important for local communities to work to protect the environment? Choose exactly two answers that are correct. A. because the federal government has no environmental policies in place B. because it fosters a NIMBY attitude among community

    asked by Kam
  34. Science

    All ______ have heat

    asked by Jenn
  35. accounting

    Brooks Inc. uses process costing. The costs for Department 2 for April were: Cost from preceding department $20,000 Cost added by department: Materials $21,816 Labor 7,776 Factory overhead (FOH) 4,104 33,696 -------- The following information was obtained

    asked by Tomi
  36. science

    list and define three possible values to consider when making environmental decisions

    asked by Lindsay
  37. Math

    Mark recorded the growth of a plant over 8 weeks. The equation y=0.2x+2 represents the height y, in inches, after x weeks

    asked by Jenny
  38. algebra

    Which is a correct description of the data in the table? Time Worked (hours) 8 11 10 5 12 8 Earnings ($) 72 99 90 45 108 72 A. The explanatory variable is time worked. The response variable is earnings. The association is positive. B. The explanatory

    asked by who dat
  39. math

    which is the fraction 14/5 written as a mix number help

    asked by zombiekiller4064
  40. math

    qustion 1.) jill has bought a 9 pound bag of cat food for her cats. she has used 4/5 of the bag. how many pounds has she used?

    asked by logan
  41. algebra

    Alexa created the line of best fit shown for the data points graphed. Is the line a good representation for this data? Explain your reasoning. A graph is shown in the xy-plane. the values on the x-axis range from 0 to 18 in increments of 2 and the values

    asked by who dat
  42. History

    What is Moksha? A. The castle of priests B. Becoming one with Brahman C. The set of scared hymns D. A teacher in Hinduism I think its b but im not sure

    asked by I needz help asap
  43. Science

    4. There’s a scientific theory out there that says that our brain uses an algorithm to create our thoughts and it’s called the Theory of Connectivity. This theory suggests that information comes into our brains, is processed, stored, and then results

    asked by Sam
  44. math

    solve for x 4+2(x+3x) = 4-x(2-3)+2x

    asked by batbo
  45. math

    what is the difference between a complementry angle and a suplemenntry angle

    asked by Stressed Otaku
  46. Careers

    What should i study for when i get to University Math lit,Geography ,Life Sciences ,Agricultural Sc

    asked by Asanda nomaka
  47. Math

    1. Sam solved the following problem: -4x + 5 > 29 -4x + 5 - 5 > 29 - 5 -4x > -24 -4x/-4 > -24/-4 x > 6 What were his two mistakes? (3 points)

    asked by becky
  48. English

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics in the following sentence. Having proved that he was trustworthy, the teen now begged his parents to grant him more independence. security direction support freedom

    asked by 안녕
  49. Math

    Use cross products to demonstrate whether or not the two ratios are equivalent: 4/6 and 14/21. Please help ASAP

    asked by Mario Dernantinez
  50. English

    1. Which of the following will you most likely find in an historical novel such as Johnny Tremain? A. setting in a pre-Revolutionary town such as Boston B. Mythical characters such as Johnny Appleseed C. opinions of modem-day historians and political

    asked by 안녕
  51. math

    Viana has two aquariums. The small aquarium holds 5 gallons of water and the large aquarium holds 8 gallons of water. She knows that there are 24 pints in 3 gallons. Find the unit rate of pints :gallons , then determine the number of pints she’ll need to

    asked by uh oh stinky
  52. math

    Write the statement “cars are vehicles” as a conditional statement. Then write the converse. Also, write the inverse.

    asked by sam
  53. Chemistry

    C2H2 + 3O2 ---------> 2H2O + 2CO2 What is the volume of Oxygen required for the complete combination of 12.5cm^3 of ethene.

    asked by Deborah
  54. algebra

    Tell whether each equation has one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. a. 6x + 8 = 6(x + 2) b. 10x = 15 + 5x c. x + 11 = 8x + 11 - 7x

    asked by LIT MINECRAFTER
  55. Math

    Can someone help me with Percents? I don’t understand it at all. If someone could please actually help. Thank you.

    asked by I don’t know
  56. calculus

    ABC Daycare wants to build a fence to enclose a rectangular playground. The area of the playground is 950 square feet. The fence along three of the sides costs $5 per foot and the fence along the fourth side, which will be made of brick, costs $10 per

    asked by kay
  57. Science

    List 3 benefits or advantages of Hydroponics (basically farming without soil). 1: No soil borne pests or diseases can exist. 2: Water is not wasted as it is recaptured to reuse. 3: Saves space because the system can be stacked. Please check if these are

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  58. language arts

    from “A Bird Came Down the Walk” by Emily Dickinson 1 A bird came down the walk: 2 He did not know I saw; 3 He bit an angle-worm in halves 4 And ate the fellow, raw. 5 And then he drank a dew 6 From a convenient grass, 7 And then hopped sidewise to the

    asked by kate
  59. math

    24. If two sides of a triangle measure 14 and 19, what is the inequality for the third side? plsss helppp

    asked by leo
  60. Social studies

    How did emperor Asoka‘s achievements reflect the ideals of Buddhism? I’m so stuck on this question! Need help

    asked by Squid
  61. Physics

    Block B is on a resistance-free surface and a horizontal force of 4.54 N acts on the block. This force produces an acceleration of 2.44 m/s/s. Block A, which has a mass of 4.38 kg, is then dropped onto Block B as shown in the "after" picture. The same

    asked by Jonathan
  62. Math

    Joe has 3 red, 5 orange, and 9 blue blocks. What is the ratio of blue to orange? Write your ratio in all three forms. 9:5, 9 to 5, 9/5 Is this right

    asked by Joe
  63. algebra

    which of the following is the name for an algebraic statement that includes the greater than or less than symbols ?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    Dikembe is in a skyscraper 185 ft. above the ground. Javier is in a coal mine 322 feet underground. What is the difference in Dikembe and Javier's elevation? 185-322=137 is this right

    asked by Joe
  65. math

    triangular flower garden ABC in which AB = 4m, BC = 5and ∠BCA =30. Point D lies on AC such that BD = 4 m and ∠BDC is obtuse. Find: (a) ∠BDC (b) the length of AD (c) the length of DC (d) the area of the flower garden ABC

    asked by King
  66. geometry

    A sign is in the shape of a rhombus with a 60° angle and sides of 7 cm long. Find its area to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Lucy J
  67. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 5.75 m/s/s for a time (t1) of 6.76 seconds. The car then maintains a constant speed for a time of 7.32 seconds (t2 minus t1). Finally, the car slows down at a rate of -4.21 m/s/s.

    asked by Can You Help Me?
  68. math

    write a unit rate for the situation.round to the nearest hundreth if nesccesary traviling 426 miles in 7 hours my answer is 85.2/hour

    asked by batbo
  69. Math

    a piece of land ABCD earmarked for building sub-county hospital. (a) Write down the ordinates of curves AB and DC for x= 0,200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200. (b) Use trapezium rule, with 6 strips to estimate the area of the piece of land ABCD, in hectares.

    asked by King
  70. Algebra

    Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, how long will it take to fill the tank from empty to full?

    asked by jy
  71. Math

    Given that sin 2x = cos (2x - 10 degrees), find tan x, 4 significant figures.

    asked by King
  72. math

    using a pair of ruler and compasses only construct a quadrilateral PQRS such that /PQ/=8cm, QPS=105°,angle PQS=30°,/PR/=9cm, RS=RQ

    asked by nettle
  73. Math

    what is the smallest number that can be written using three different digits which has millions period as its last period?

    asked by Dasuni
  74. Math

    What is the greatest number which has the billions period as its last period?

    asked by Dasuni
  75. physics

    Find by drawing and by calculation the resultant of two vectors 3 and 4 units inclined to each other at A 30 degree B 90 degree C 120 degree

    asked by grace
  76. Careers

    Mathematics literacy,Business studies,Tourism,L.O Wat career can i take with those subjects

    asked by Ashley
  77. science

    a tank of 18 cubic meters capacity is filled with water fully in 1hour 30 minutes the filling rate in litres per minute is

    asked by Anonymous