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January 9, 2020

  1. algebra

    3. Tell whether each equation has one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. (3 points) 6x + 8 = 6(x + 2) 10x = 15 + 5x x + 11 = 8x + 11 - 7x Pls, help I really can't figure this out!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Kitty
  2. Social Studies

    Which caste’s members had to do the jobs nobody else wanted, such as cleaning toilets or butchering animals? A. Brahmins B. Dalits C. Kshatriyas D. Sudras please help me

    asked by Tahaha
  3. math

    A work ladder can extend to 8 meters. How many centimeters is that? How many kilometers is that? Use unit analysis to solve this conversion problem. (1km=1000m)

    asked by uh oh stinky
  4. Social studies

    Sexism, poor education, and weak infrastructure are all examples of what kind of obstacles facing South Asia?

    asked by yeet
  5. History

    How has Native American settlement in New Mexico impacted preservation efforts in the state? A. New Mexico’s Native population is becoming less vocal in preservation advocacy. B. New Mexico’s Native population is becoming more vocal in preservation

    asked by i miss my brother
  6. science

    Over time, a particular plant has developed a longer stamen. Which of the following is a possible advantage of having a longer stamen ?

    asked by abby
  7. physics

    the tape in a videotape cassette has a total length 256 m and can play for 2.3 h. As the tape starts to play, the full reel has an outer radius of 38 mm and an inner radius of 13 mm. At some point during the play, both reels will have the same angular

    asked by aquead
  8. English

    In what situation might you write a comparison-and-contrast essay? 1. to help readers decide between two choices 2. to reflect on an exciting experience you had 3. to explain to readers how a process works 4. to break a large idea into smaller parts I

    asked by Help Please?
  9. social studies

    hi i hope u can help me plz check my answers Which of the following is one factor that caused the decline of the Roman Empire? A. its practice of trading with other parts of the world B. a rising middle class that could read and write C. disorder caused by

    asked by i need help
  10. physics

    If You weigh 690 N. What would you weigh if the Earth were six times as massive as it is and its radius were four times its present value? Answer in units of N. Need help i don't know how this

    asked by aquead
  11. English

    Which adjectives to describe an intense feeling about something

    asked by Natalie
  12. Physics

    A boy uses a rope to haul a box of weight 600N up an inclined wooden plane of effective length 3.0m and onto a platform 1.0m high. If in doing so, he exerts a force of 400N on the rope. Draw the diagram of all the forces acting on the box and calculate the

    asked by Mustapha
  13. Math

    Of the people at a park, 60% are men and 75% of the women wear jeans. The number of men is 140 more than the number of women who do not wear jeans. After more women come to the park, 65% of the people at the park are women. How many more women come to the

    asked by Indiana Jones
  14. math

    Which quantity is proportional to 65⁄5?

    asked by ivy
  15. Science

    2. Cypress Pond Park Planning City officials planned the placement of the playground, hiking trail, and parking lot around the pond. In response to concerns that polluted water would run off of the parking lot and into the pond when it rains, they decided

    asked by Jolyne
  16. algebra

    write an equation in point slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-3,5); m=2/3 I don't understand how to figure this out

    asked by posey
  17. algebra 2

    I need help to solve system by substitution. 6x+3y=0 X+5y=9

    asked by Kristen
  18. Math

    half of the pieces of fruit in the bowl ara apples. there are also 3 oranges 2 pears and a banana. how many apples are there in the bowl? show your work

    asked by
  19. Social Studies

    which best describes the history of bangledesh? a. bangledesh was under british rule, then part of india, then independant b. bangledesh was under british rule, then part of pakistan, then independant c. bangledesh was never under british rule, unlike

    asked by logan
  20. social studies

    Problem 1: How does Camella Entekhabifard feel about the Iranian Governement? Problem 2: What is Wahhabism? Where does it most influence? Problem 3: Where is the religious tension in South Asia? (Connexus Student btw these arent quiz or test problems just

    asked by logan
  21. kiswahi

    maana ya misemo

    asked by dancan
  22. math

    what is 25/40 as a precent

    asked by lilly
  23. Math

    Evaluate the expression 8n for n = 1.

    asked by BILLY
  24. math

    How do I solve 372 = -3x - 6(8x + 6)? I already know x = -8, I just need to know the process of how to get it.

    asked by 🍋
  25. Math

    While I was teaching my students I stumbled on that question because I have a serious headache. I need help because I am starting to grade papers. Five-eighths of the marching band members are seniors and 1/5 of the marching band are juniors. What fraction

    asked by Mrs. Flemming
  26. Math

    The whole area of five squares is 200 pc volume. If one square is 2 pc volume, what is the perimiter of volume pc put through five squares, not of the same volume, but as a pc inch?

    asked by YO
  27. geometry

    Write the statement “cars are vehicles” as a conditional statement. Then write the converse. Also, write the inverse. I'm super confused if a car is a vehicle then ___ ??? or if an automobile is a car then its a vehicle ?? if a car is a vehicle then

    asked by babey
  28. Physics

    Two vectors 10N and 20N are inclined at angle 60°to each other. Find the resultant force and direction of d vector

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    The quantity y is partly constant and partly varies as the square of x. when x=1,y=11 and when x=2 ,y=5. Find the value of y when x =4

    asked by Anonymous
  30. American history

    (fill in the blank) is the tactic of battle that General William Tecumseh Sherman used to advanced toward Atlanta, burning down crops, homes and towns along the way.

    asked by x
  31. Math

    graph y=-7x -1 ????im super confused

    asked by Jalyn
  32. Science

    I’m filling out a guide sheet test but I’m unsure whether or not these last few answers are right. Can someone check them for me? Thank you. 9. What process adds water to the zone of saturation? A. Drawdown B. Incursion C. Subsidence D. Recharge My

    asked by Science
  33. Math

    If the time is 10:00 when Jina goes to school, and the time is 12:00 when she comes back, how much hours did Jina spend in school?

    asked by Blaze
  34. American history

    Which statement most accurately describes each side's main strategy at the start of the Civil War? Select one: a. The South planned to invade the North; the North planned to stop this invasion in the border states. b. The North planned to isolate the South

    asked by x
  35. Math

    Which of the following are equal to the expression below? Check all that apply Square of 40 over 2

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Algebra

    How Do I solve this system of linear equalities word problem? "Sandy makes $2 profit on every cup of lemonade that she sells and $1 on every cupcake that she sells. Sandy wants to sell at least 5 cups of lemonade and at least 5 cupcakes per day. She wants

    asked by Ava
  37. Social studies

    How did the division between e. and the w.Germany affect the Germans

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Earth Science

    I’m filling out a guide sheet test but I’m unsure whether or not these last few answers are right. Can someone check them for me? Thank you. 9. What process adds water to the zone of saturation? A. Drawdown B. Incursion C. Subsidence D. Recharge My

    asked by Lauren
  39. Math

    Ten times the sum of a number and 19 is at most 18. Translate the sentence into an inequality

    asked by Gyanni
  40. math

    is the square tan in a tangram congruent to a square pattern block

    asked by charlene
  41. Social Studies

    One cause of the outbreak of World War I was caused by 1:The outbreak of the Russian Revolution 2:Rising tensions among European powers 3:The killing of a Serbian National 4:The invasion by Germany of Belgium

    asked by Dan
  42. Business

    What is Musk’s other energy-based company? Why does he feel this is an equally important company to his electric car innovation? I need help with this question, I don't quite get what its asking

    asked by Rei
  43. Science

    Are pesticides a crop technology? I think maybe they are, but i am not sure.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  44. Physics

    A potter’s wheel moves from rest to an angular speed of 0.30 rev/s in 25.8 s. Assuming constant angular acceleration, what is its angular acceleration in rad/s2 ? Answer in units of rad/s^2

    asked by Sopa
  45. Math

    How do I write an example of the associated property of addition with the numbers 3 5 8

    asked by Keira
  46. Science

    Why are index fossils useful to geologists? A. They tell the age of the rock at one location only. B. They tell the absolute age of the rock in which they occur. C. They tell the relative age of the rock in which they occur. D. They tell the ages of many

    asked by Keira Stone
  47. Accounting

    Krollon Company uses the FIFO method in its process costing system. The following data are for the most recent month of operations in one of the company’s processing departments: According to the company’s costing system, the cost of beginning

    asked by Toni sanbi
  48. Careers

    Can I qualify to be a clinical psychologist Maths literacy, geography, economics, Business St

    asked by Nelly
  49. math

    Evaluate 4 times a number q plus 25 when q=2. 27 31 33

    asked by smartguy
  50. Science

    A storm over the central part of tu he U.S. What direction will the storm move?

    asked by Jordyn
  51. Math

    X/5 =-2

    asked by 안녕
  52. Math

    Define homeomorphic and give an example of a homeomorphic shape

    asked by joe momma
  53. Science (Agriculture)

    In which areas are Hydroponics most useful? A. Area with healthy soil B. Area with dry, poor soil*** C. Coastal area I am sure that it is B, but C is confusing me a little.

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  54. Careers

    Can I become paramedic with mathlit?

    asked by Seipone
  55. Math

    A garden is 33.75 feet long and 21.6 feet wide. Draw a diagram of the garden with the lengths written on al for sides. What is the total distance around the garden

    asked by Alex
  56. math

    The sum of 3 consecutive multiples of 7 is 1155.

    asked by isaiah
  57. Maths

    1,suppose You Are Observing The Behaviour Of Cell Population In Alabratory.In One Experment,you Start With One Cell&the Population Is Tripling Every Minute. A,write Aformula To Determine The Number Of Cells After"t"Minute? B,use Your Formula To Calculet

    asked by Please Do!!
  58. Physics

    A solid hass of 400g in air and partly immersed in a certain liquid it has a mass of 320kg .given that the relative density of the liquid is 0.80. Calculate the volume of the solid immersed in the liquid.

    asked by Abdulwahid
  59. Careers

    what courses can i do after matric with the subject combination of economics ,bussiness studies maths literacy and tourism

    asked by unathi zondo
  60. Science

    chemical formula for water

    asked by Idina
  61. math


    asked by psalm
  62. Accounting

    Papyrutech Corporation produces fine papers in three production departments—Pulping, Drying, and Finishing. In the Pulping Department, raw materials such as wood fiber and rag cotton are mechanically and chemically treated to separate their fibers. The

    asked by Toni sanbi
  63. Mathematics

    angle elevation of highest point of a building from points s and t are 60 and 30 respective. T is vertically above s and st 10 m calculate height above s, solution

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Maths

    In what way bar graph is better than picto graph

    asked by M.shashi dhar reddy
  65. Accounting

    Reutter Company manufactures a single product and uses process costing. The company’s product goes through two processing departments, Etching and Wiring. The following activity was recorded in the Etching Department during July: Materials are added at

    asked by Tomi mathew
  66. Biology

    1,how Many Chromosomes Are There Is Afertilised Human Ovum?

    asked by #tigabu
  67. MATHS

    Y=x+1 y=X-2

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    seven times a certain number is 36 less than 10 times the same number, find the number

    asked by Stephenie
  69. Accounting

    Solex Company produces a high-quality insulation material that passes through two production processes. Data for June for the first process follow: Required: 1. Assume that the company uses the weighted-average method of accounting for units and costs.

    asked by Toni sanbi
  70. Accounting

    QualCon, Inc., produces wine bottles for vintners in a process that starts in the Melt and Mold Department. Data concerning that department’s operations in the most recent period appear below: Required: QualCon uses the FIFO method in its process costing

    asked by Toni sanbi