Questions Asked on
January 6, 2020

  1. math

    How much more do you spend by purchasing luxury items from the table below? item cost name brand jeans $35.95 store brand jeans $19.95 store brand sneakers $15.98 name brand sneakers $34.65 store brand shirt $9.40 name brand shirt $15.30 name brand socks

    asked by MIA
  2. Algebra

    Translate this sentence into an equation: 171 Is the product of Gail's score and 9

    asked by Trisha
  3. Biology

    Translation is the process by which the sequence (1 point) A. of bases of an mRNA is converted into the sequence of amino acids of a protein. B. of bases of tRNA is converted into cytoplasm before attaching itself to polypeptide. C. of bases of tRNA is

    asked by zoe
  4. English

    World War II and Nazism influenced many European writers in this unit you read sections by Milosz and Ionesco. Compare the different tones and perspective these writers bring to bear on this subject

    asked by KIWI
  5. algebra

    Are the following numbers a Pythagorean Triple? 10, 24, 23 (you must show your work and explain, if they are or are not a Pythagorean triple)

    asked by :)
  6. World History

    Which option evaluates how imperialism influenced Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America? A) European powers established a system of communism to rule in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. B) The expansion of the European political system allowed

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    Plz check my anwser or give me the anwser The ratio of students packing lunch to those buying lunch is 2 : 9 The number of students buying lunch is how many times the number of students packing lunch? The number of students buying lunch is___________ times

    asked by uu
  8. Science

    1.Electric charges that are different (1 point) attract each other. repel each other. exist in pairs. do not interact. 2. Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet (1 point) are only perpendicular to the magnet. spread out from one pole and curve around to

    asked by 안녕
  9. ap biology

    Which of the following properties allows water to have a high boiling point A It is a small, covalent molecule. B It can form hydrogen bonds. C It contains oxygen D It contains only three atoms. confused a lil

    asked by anom
  10. math

    what does 4x=12 represent

    asked by wyatt
  11. history

    As the gurus lived in the forest, they talked and taught about their ideas on religion. These ideas were passed down orally but eventually were written down as the A.raymayanas B. vedas C.upanishads d.mahabharata

    asked by ShReK
  12. Religion

    Why is singing important in celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation?

    asked by Name-Who-Is-Unavailable
  13. Algebra

    3x^4−6x^2+4x−9 +5x^4+3x^2+10x+2 -------------------------- 8x^4−3x^2+14x−7 Is this right?

    asked by Maybelline
  14. Math

    Twice the difference of a number and 3 is at most 28.

    asked by Claire
  15. history

    Which accurately describes the Middle Passage of the triangular trade? During the Middle Passage, European nations transported American Indians from the New World over to Europe to serve as slaves. During the Middle Passage, European nations transported

    asked by birdy
  16. math

    Which situation can be modeled by the equation y = mx + b? Select one: a. The volume (y) of a cylindrical tank with a height of 2 feet depends on the radius (x) of the tank. b. The total income (y) of a worker who earns 8 dollars per hour depends on the

    asked by x
  17. Math

    The linear equation that models the charges a cab company applies to its customers is C=$2m+$3, where C is the cost of the cab ride, and m is the number of miles for the ride. If Jenny hails a cab and travels 22 miles from the airport to her home, how much

    asked by x
  18. Math

    A boy is 6years younger than his brother and the product of their ages is 135 find their ages

    asked by Bolu
  19. English

    folktale essay example

    asked by Trump
  20. Math

    Tanya Streeter holds the world record for freediving in the ocean. She dove 525 feet in 3 1/2 minutes. How many feet per minute did she dive?

    asked by MC
  21. math

    jan is enlarging the sketch shown on a photocopier. which could be the dimensions of her enlargement

    asked by jan
  22. Math

    Hi! Just need a question checked. Which ordered pair is part of the equation y = 3x -4? A. (1,1) B. (2,2) **** C. (3,6) D. (4,9) I substituted the ordered pairs into the equation, and B seemed to of made it true, but I just want to check in case I might've

    asked by Layla G.
  23. Math

    Maurice mows lawns on Saturday. Last week it took him 5 1/2 hours to finish. This week it took only 5 hours. How many times longer did it take last week than this week?

    asked by MC
  24. Math

    Catherine got 9 3/8 pounds of cherries from her tree this year. Last year she only got 6 1/4 pounds. How many times more pounds did she get this year than last year?

    asked by MC
  25. Algebra

    Find the value of the expression: –2x(x^2–x+3)+x(2x^2+x–5) for x=3; −3

    asked by Helen
  26. Intermediate Algebra

    Translate to an algebraic expression (a) one third of the difference of two numbers (B) Seventeen less than nine percent of a number

    asked by Udi
  27. Math

    Anybody have any site links, or can explain to me better about outliers? My book is hardly any help and it's kind of frustrating.

    asked by Layla
  28. Math

    Can you help me on this question 3.89+42.71+12.32

    asked by Sophia
  29. Accounting

    Which of the following is a true statement regarding interest calculation methods? A. If a borrower receives a loan on a discount basis, the APR will be less than the simple interest. B. Interest is calculated either on a straight basis or a delayed basis.

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Since B=Ae^kt, Given that there are 350 bacteria present initially and there are 1700 after 4 days , find the number present after 1 week

    asked by Dani
  31. Math

    The mass of a radioactive substance decreases at a rate proportional to the mass at the time. The orginal mass is 700 grams and after 8 years it has decayed to 550 grams. Determine its half-life.

    asked by Kelly
  32. English

    What impact did the novel have on you as a reader? would you recemond the novle to your freind?

    asked by Gregg Johnson
  33. math


    asked by ryan
  34. Math

    Round 17.87 m to the nearest m

    asked by Mum
  35. maths

    prove that arctan3+2arctan2=pi+arccot3

    asked by goto
  36. math

    draw pattern using toothpicks and also write the rule of pattern

    asked by aditya
  37. math

    Which situation can be modeled by the equation y = mx + b? Select one: a. The volume (y) of a cylindrical tank with a height of 2 feet depends on the radius (x) of the tank. b. The total income (y) of a worker who earns 8 dollars per hour depends on the

    asked by x
  38. Chemistry

    What will be observed when aqueous silver trioxonitrate (v) is added to aqueous sodium bromide

    asked by Akinlo
  39. science

    The velocity ratio of a machine is 6 and it efficiency is 75%.what effort would be needed to lift a load of 300N with the machine?

    asked by PAA
  40. Physics

    As a marble rolls down a hill, it accelerates at 3 m/s^2. If it starts from rest , how far will it have moved after 6 seconds??

    asked by Mj
  41. Math

    BM and CN ARE ALTITUDES OF TRIANGLE ABC.IF AB=3.5cm,AC=3.2cm,AND BM=2.1cm ,calculate the area of triangle ABC and hence find CN

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    a boat is traveling with a velocity of 42km\h(40 degree south of east) in a river. The river's current is 5km\h south. what will be the resultant velocity of the boat relative to the shore?

    asked by ella
  43. math

    There are 154 seats in the school auditorium. There are 7 seats in each row. There are 70 people seated, filling up full rows of seats. How many rows are empty?

    asked by HI
  44. Math

    Find the equation of an ellipse that have eccentricity 2/5 and foci (-1, 3) and (3, 3) .

    asked by Yilkal kindante
  45. Mathematics

    If the first, third and fifth term of the linear sequence are the first three term of an exponential sequence. if the seventh term of the linear sequence is 14. calculate the twentieth term of the linear sequence

    asked by Daniel
  46. Physics

    An aeroplane flies horizontally at 80m/s in still air. If the aviator wishes to fly due south and the wind is blowing from south-east at 30m/s.(1) what course must he steer?(2)how long will it take him to arrive at his destination 200km away?

    asked by Nigel
  47. Science

    replace r=cot theta sec theta in cartesian equation

    asked by Njana
  48. Maths

    Evaluate the following indefinite integrals. i.du/u² ii. 6dv/v⅝

    asked by Ozair
  49. French

    Interesting story in french

    asked by lucy
  50. physics

    A rigid tank of small mass contains 40.0 g of argon, initially at 200°C and 100 kPa. The tank is placed into a reservoir at 0°C and allowed to cool to thermal equilibrium. (a) Calculate the volume of the tank. (b) Calculate the change in internal energy

    asked by miyuki
  51. science

    what is newtons first law

    asked by aliyah