Questions Asked on
January 2, 2020

  1. Math

    A man made a will in which he left 4/9 of his money to his wife and 2/5 of the remainder to his eldest child. The rest was to be shared equally among his four younger children. If each of the younger children received #108,000; what was his wife's share?

  2. Maths

    In a school, four out of five students have calculators.If two students are picked at random,what is the probability that a) both have a calculator b) only one has a calculator

  3. Earth Science

    1. Which of the following layers is farthest from Earth's center? a. outer core b. mesosphere c. asthenosphere d. lithosphere 2. How do seismic waves help scientists understand Earth's layers? Select the two correct answers. a. Scientists can observe how

  4. algebra

    An apple, 2 oranges and 3 pears cost £2.10 altogether. An orange and a pear cost 64 pence. How much more does an apple cost than a pear?

  5. Careers

    What jobs can I find with these subjects ? Maths lit ,life science,business studies,consumer

  6. History

    Which identifies an important discovery made during the Renaissance with the use of the newly invented telescope? A. The earth previously had multiple moons B. The edges of our galaxy were mapped out. C. Pluto is the last planet in our solar system. D. The

  7. Science

    1.What two categorical ways of thinking about matter are discussed in the passage?

  8. Maths

    In a large crowd there are three times as many men as women .three people are chosen at random. Assuming that there are so many people that choosing three has a negligible effect on the proportion of men to women , find the probability that they are. a)

  9. math

    What would be the difference at the end of one year between the simple interest earned on a deposit of $450 at 4.5% and the compound interest earned on $450 at 4.5% compounded annually? $22.50 $22.25 $0 $20.25

  10. English

    Please I need help with the introduction and conclusion of my essay titled-importance of cleanliness

  11. Algebra

    Write the equation in standard form using integers (no fractions or decimals): 𝑦 = −2/3𝑥 − 1 6. Write an equation of the line that passes through (2, -1) and is parallel to the graph of y = 5x – 2. Write your final equation in slope-intercept

  12. French

    Please help me Explain how you are spending your Christmas holiday in French

  13. Algebra

    How do we use formulas to solve root equations?

  14. Careers

    Does maths lit ?life science,geography and history they can help me to become a lawyer?

  15. English

    I need help plz asap plz help me I'm desperate! 15. identify the simple predicate in this sentence the florist's assistant watered the flowers and ferns in the greenhouse.

  16. Math


  17. Math

    –9p – 17 = 10 A.–3 B.16 C.18 D.–16

  18. English

    Please I need someone's help quickly .We were asked to write a speech on the importance of cleanliness and I don't know how to begin .I'm in grade 11

  19. Chemistry

    What is cracking of petroleum

  20. Chemistry

    Explain chatelier's principle

  21. Geography

    Please can someone explain the concept of earthquake

  22. Science

    Four hundred grams of gold weighs

  23. Physics

    What are transverse and longitudinal waves with examples

  24. math

    a man decides to create a vegetable garden. He buys 100m of wire netting to fence off a rectangular area from the kangaroos. There is already an existing fence on one side of the rectangle, so the 100m of wire netting is for the other 3 sides.If x is the

  25. Algebra

    Find the square root of 121 A. 11* B. -11 C.12 D.13

  26. English

    Can the introduction take this form - First of all, what is cleanliness? According to Miriam Webster's dictionary, cleanliness is the property of being habitually clean and having good hygiene. Cleanliness has a lot to do with safe and healthy living

  27. Math

    Louisiana biologists tagged 250 fish in the oxbow lake False River on October 5. On a later date, they found 7 tagged fish in a sample of 350 fish. Estimate the total number of fish in False River to the nearest hundred. 7/350 = 250/x * 7/250 = x/350

  28. History

    How did the practice of enslavement begin and why were only Africans enslaved

  29. math

    perry invests $2,800 into two savings accounts. One account earns 4% annual interest; the other earns 3.5%.

  30. English

    I NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY plz check my work What is the purpose of diagrams in informational text? A. to present the main idea B. to define specialized vocabulary C. to summarize information in a visual way***** D. to make clear supporting details [I write

  31. Chemistry

    Why is ammonia soluble in water

  32. Maths

    In a class of 80 students 53 study art,60 study biology,36 study art and biology,34 study art and chemistry,6 study biology only and 18 study biology but not chemistry.Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram.Determine the number of student study

  33. Physics

    A closed inexpansible vessel contains air saturated with water vapour at 77 degree Celsius.The total pressure in the vessel is 1007mmHg.Calculate the new pressure if the temperature is reduced at 27 degree Celsius (S.V.P of water asked by ada on October

  34. History

    The Two Main Internal Challenges To The Policy Of Emperor Tewodros 2 Came From -And -

  35. Science

    Calculate the number of moles of 25g of limestone (caco3) used in a chemical reaction? (Ca=40 c=12 o=16) 2 calculate the mass of calcium chloride that can be obtained from 25g of limestone in the presence of excess hydrogen chloridw

  36. math


  37. Math

    For every 5 cups of flour there are 7 cups of water needed to make cookies. If you have 28 cups of water, how many cups of flour is needed?

  38. Algebra 1

    Please help me with this question, Thank You. Mrs. Isabelle is making paper and plastic foam animals for her first-grade class. She is calculating the amount of wasted materials for environmental and financial reasons. Mrs. Isabelle's class is making

  39. Social Studies

    I NEED HELP!! EMERGENCY!! The Question is: Write a paragraph discussing how the Crusades affected the Non-Christians and the Christians?