Questions Asked on
December 23, 2019

  1. math

    Madeline drew a grid of 5 cells in a row. 4.88 4.86 4.84 4.82 Explain how you can use structure to find the missing decimal. Incorrect answer A. Moving left to right, the whole number stays the same and the tenths decrease by 2. Incorrect answer B. Moving

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  2. geography

    On a sketch map of Nigeria,show the political division of the 36 states including the F. C. T.

    asked by thankgod
  3. physics

    a ball is trough with initial velocity ui=(10i+15j)m/s when it reaches the top of trajectary negelecting air resistance what is its velocity and acceleration

    asked by Riyadh Abdallah
  4. Algebra

    Please help as soon as you can! Madelyn had a square piece of cardboard that 10 inches in length. She cut one 3-inch square from each corner, as shown below. Please show your work!

    asked by Alexander
  5. Physics

    7.3) a. Calculate the pressure exerted on a disk in the lower back having an area of 20 cm^2 if a woman stands erect and supports the weight of her upper torso on that disk. The mass of the upper torso is 25 kg. Express this pressure in mm Hg. b. If this

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  6. Physics

    6.23) In a measurement of a man's density he is found to have a mass of 65.0 kg in air and an apparent mass of 1.50 kg when completely submerged in water with his lungs empty. a. What mass of water does he displace? b. What volume of water does he

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  7. Physics

    7.5) If the maximum force that an eardrum can withstand without breaking is 3.0 N and the area of the eardrum is 1.0 cm^2. A. Calculate the maximum tolerable pressure in the middle ear in N/m^2 and convert this to mm Hg. When might the pressure in the

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  8. Maths

    Allied alloy travel between town A and B at a distance of 20 kilometres for the first 150 km to Lori travel at average speed of 50 km per hour and the remaining part of the journey at average speed of 45 km per hour calculate the speed for the whole

    asked by David
  9. science

    Name the conditions under which urine production increases in mammals

    asked by lucy
  10. History

    President Jackson encourage other states to pass the same ____ laws as South Carolina A. Education B. Slavery C. Tariff D. Voting I think it’s C If I’m wrong please help me. I have read the book three times but, I still can’t figure out the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    Geostationary Satelliets Are Placed In Orbits Of Radius 4.2*10^4km,use The Information To Deduce g At That Height?

    asked by Yonas Amsalu
  12. math

    Potatoes cost $0.62 per pound. What is the total cost of the bags of potatoes Tanisha needs to buy

    asked by Yusra
  13. Math

    a women student is to answer b10 out of 13 questions.find the number of her choices where she must answer a,the frist two question b,exactly 3 out of the frist 5 question c,the first or second question but not both; at least3 of the frist 5 question

    asked by Aludin
  14. Physics

    Calculate The Value Of g At 1000m Above The Surface Of The Earth.The radius Of The Earth Is 6378.1km.

    asked by Yonas
  15. Social studies

    A potlatch can best be described as a A. Religious Ritual B. Form of Government C. Social Ceremony* D. Family Organization

    asked by :^)
  16. Maths


    asked by Yonas
  17. Civic education

    Local and world civic problems

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    -3m+3(m + 6) A.6 B.-6m + 6 C. 6m + 18 D. 18 Please Help

    asked by Mr. Man
  19. math

    86 of 65

    asked by dakota
  20. Health

    What are the 8 major muscle groups of the body ? *** not multiple choice ***

    asked by Oop sksksk
  21. Physics

    6.15) You wish to design a hydraulic system so that a force put into it would be increased by a factor of 100. a. What must be the ratio of the area of the slave cylinder to the area of the master cylinder? b. What must the ratio of thr diameter of the

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  22. Physics

    7.4) If the pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain of an infant rises to 85 mm Hg (5-12 mm Hg is normal), the resulting outward force will cause the skull to grow large. Calculate the outward force in newtons on each side of such an

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  23. Physics

    1. If the Density= 6 g/mL and the Volume= 42mL What is the mass 2. If the Mass= 4 grams and the Density=2 g/mL What is the Volume 3. If the Mass=12 grams and the Volume=4mL What is the Density 4. If the Mass=121 grams and the Volume= 11mL What is the

    asked by Jazmin
  24. Science

    Compare renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, and discuss the effects of each on biodiversity. Can someone help me on what affects it has on biodiversity pls?? I need help on this:(

    asked by Help
  25. Science

    A hypothesis and a theory are related because ….. A. A Theory is always used to develop a hypothesis B. They are both developed in the absence of observations. **** C. the data collected when a hypothesis is tested can support a theory. D. an experiment

    asked by Oop sksksk