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December 22, 2019

  1. world geography

    Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka all face the threat of lost farmland due to 1, mudslides 2, soil erosion 3, damage to aquifers 4, water pollution ( i know this one is wrong) please help

    asked by hello
  2. Calculus

    Find the local maximum and minimum values and saddle point(s) of the function. If you have three-dimensional graphing software, graph the function with a domain and viewpoint that reveal all the important aspects of the function. (Enter your answers as a

    asked by #1
  3. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed between the curves y=(x-2)^4 and y=(x-2)^3.

    asked by Raj
  4. Careers

    What's the point of doing and going to school when I could be doing something I value more than school, such as making my own games, programming or something. Can someone give me some insight into the significance of school in our lives so I can get some

    asked by weg
  5. Physics

    6.20) Calculate the density of a fluid in which a hydrometer of uniform density 0.80g/cm^3 floats with 90% of its volume submerged. Note: Pls provide me an answer with relative solution/formula to this problem. Thanks!

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  6. Physics

    6.21) Calculate the density of a person who floats in fresh water with 5.0% of her volume above the surface. Note: Provide solution/formula in the answer. Thanks!

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  7. Physics

    7.1) The pressure in the esophagus is -10 mm Hg. Convert that pressure to centimeters of water, as it would be measured by a water manometer. Note. Provide me a solution with formula used. Thanks!

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  8. Physics

    6.22 )An ornithologist weighs a bird bone in air and in water to find the bone's density. The mass of the bone in air is 25.0 g and its apparent mass in water is 2.0 g. a. What mass of water does the bone displace? b. Calculate the volume of water

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  9. Physics

    5.29) The formation of condensation on a cold glass of water will cause it to warm up faster that it would have otherwise. If 8.0 g of water condenses on a 100 g glass containing 300 g of water at 5.0°C, what will be the final temperature? Ignore the

    asked by Sean Francis C. Nocete
  10. Maths

    Using Mathematical Induction, prove the following: a) 2+4+6+.....+2n= n(n+1)

  11. maths

    Using Mathematical Induction, prove the following 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ... + n^2 = n(n+1)(2n+1)/6

  12. math

    Using Mathematical Induction, prove the following: a) 6^n - 1 is divisible by 5, for n>_0.

  13. Calculus

    Find the area above curve y=(1/2*x-2)^6+5 enclosed by a line cutting at (0,y) and (x,y). Note.It is a straight line.

    asked by Raj
  14. maths

    1. A quantity is partly constant and partly varies inversely as the square of x.write the relationship between x and y when x=1,y=11 and when x=2,y=5.find the values of y when x=4. 2.find,correct to the nearest naira,the compound interest on 85750 naira

    asked by mohammed goni ali
  15. Agriculture


    asked by OLAWALE
  16. Physics


    asked by Anonymous
  17. social studies

    1. Population density is the number of people that live in a region divided by the number of A) roads. B) square miles or kilometers in the region.*** C) waterways. D) people who used to live there. 2. How do demographers figure out population growth? A)

    asked by bee_bro
  18. Science

    What Is Motion?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English

    Which of the following sentences is written in the past perfect tense? A. Latisha is joining the photography club. B. Latisha joined the photography club. C. Latisha had joined the photography club. D. Latisha will be joining the photography club.

    asked by Kyra
  20. science

    so i have a geologic time portfolio and i need help i'm confused really confused:Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the information you found about the Earth’s history and geologic time scale. Open a blank presentation. Then save it. To do this,

    asked by just some girl
  21. art

    i need help with ideas and kinda under standing please .List the subject matter that is typically shown in the style that you chose. For example, if you chose comic book art, you would list superheroes, villains, secret hideouts, and alter ego identities.

    asked by just some girl
  22. English

    This is to Katherine switzer a run to remeber paragraph i cant copy and paste it because its on my computer. Which detail from the selection supports the answer to the previous question?

    asked by Fluffychu
  23. Physics

    A Metal sphere A has a charge of +6 units and an identicalmetal sphere, B, has a charge of -4 units. If the spheres are brought into contact with each other and then seperated, the charge on sphere B will be _______. College Physics, equation or work would

    asked by Jack
  24. Math

    What is the square root of a 169??? This is my first lesson with square roots i need help pls!!

    asked by Im gonna sleep 😴
  25. Maths

    How is 0.7/ 1.275 is equal to 0.7/ 0.3

    asked by Jaanvi
  26. math

    Three points P, Q and R are on level ground. Q is 240 m from P on bearing of 230°. R is 120 m to the east of P. (b) Determine (i) The distance R from Q; (ii) The bearing of R form Q. (c) A vertical post stands at P and another one at Q. A bird takes 18

    asked by kd
  27. Algebra

    Suppose y varies directly with x, and y = 15 and x = 5. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. What is the value of y when x 9?

    asked by Chappal
  28. Algebra

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passed through (-3, 4) and (1, 4).

    asked by Chappal
  29. Algebra

    Use point-slope form to write the equation of a line that has a slope of 2/3 and passes through (-3,-1). Write your final equation in slope-intercept form.

    asked by Chappal
  30. Physics


    asked by Hawi