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December 20, 2019

  1. Science

    If water temperature changes in favor of greater oxygen levels how do the population of the fish and wading bird population change in response to the new oxygen over time?

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  2. Science

    Compare renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and discuss the effects on each on biodiversity

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  3. History

    Which best describes the beginning of the American Revolutionary War? The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, acknowledging America’s independence. American colonists fought

    asked by Arabella
  4. History

    Which factors contributed to the success of Latin American independence movements? Select all that apply. The support of George Washington boosted the morale of revolutionaries. Great Britain assisted Latin American leaders militarily. Rough terrain made

    asked by Alec
  5. English

    tell how using a reading role helped you understand the book. The reading roles are described in the link of unit 4, lesson 1, slide 4. support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from the novel.(Johnny Tremain) Using reading roles helps me

    asked by Wheels On The Bus
  6. science

    Which of these is responsible for ridding the body of waste?

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  7. Chemistry

    With the knowledge that the formula of Diphosphorus pentoxide is P205, and its anion is P3-02-, what would be its cation? Would the cation be P5+ or something? Give an answer to what you think is the cation of diphosphorus pentoxide and why.

    asked by Last Name
  8. math

    The circumference (C) of the base of a grain silo is 160 feet. To the nearest tenth, what is the radius (r) of the silo? (C = 2πr) A) 18.5 feet Eliminate B) 25.5 feet C) 50.9 feet D) 64.8 feet PLSSSSSSS HELP

    asked by spockter
  9. Algebra

    The width w of a rectangular swimming pool is x+4. the area a of the pool is x^3-13x+12. What is an expression for the length of the pool If you can help I would really appreciate it

    asked by Mikayla
  10. Mathematics

    A jar contains a large number of pennies. The pennies can be divided into equal shares among 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 children with no pennies left over each time. What is the least number of pennies the jar could contain?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Social Studies

    Hello! Can someone check my answer? Which of the following musical styles of the 1800s has helped shaped current genres, such as country and rock music? A. dixie B. jazz C. gospel D. blues *** Thank you!

    asked by CellLover727
  12. History

    How did the Japanese imperial court system of appointing government officials lead to the rise of the Fujiwara family? Hi can u pls help

    asked by Emma🤩_
  13. civics

    In the Supreme Court case Schenck v. United States, the court ruled that sometimes speech can be punished. Schenk's words were found to be illegal due to which of the following circumstances. A. Schenck was a foreigner. B. Schenck's words supported the

    asked by aya_980
  14. Science

    1.Which of the following is an inference based on an observation? (1 point) The hybrid plant produced larger flowers than the control group. The orchid was 22cm in length. The color indicates the 35 flowers may have been crossed with rare orchids. The

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Algebra

    In ΔABC, AC = BC, CD ⊥ AB with D ∈ AB , AB = 4 in, and CD = square root of 3 in. Find AC.

    asked by Helen
  16. Math

    Wait I just realized the answer you game me or...JULY was kinda confusing can someone explain it a bit simpler Q: Santa is working with his helpers. He counts 89 heads and 230 feet. How many reindeer and elves are there not including him.

    asked by Fifi
  17. English

    Which sentence does not contain an intensive pronoun? A) I guess I will just take out the trash myself. B) While treating herself to lunch, Angie ran into an old friend. C) Tony himself made dinner last night even though he hates to cook. D) Lisa wondered

    asked by Ryan
  18. health

    the number of calories consumed most equal the number of calories______. needed*** burned absorbed wanted

    asked by nneeddss hheellpp
  19. physics

    A spiral spring has a length of 14cm when a load of 4N is hung on it.A force of 6N extends the spring by 4cm.calculate,the length of the spring.if a force of 3N is hung on it;assuming hooke's law is obeyed

    asked by isreal
  20. English

    A place where goods are made

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Science

    The minority carrier lifetime of a material is the average time which a carrier can spend in an excited state after electron-hole generation before it recombines. Calculate the minority carrier lifetime (in μs ) for a single crystalline solar cell having

    asked by jay
  22. English

    This question asks about your work in your reading role. You may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about

    asked by KitKat
  23. math

    Alfonso makes $8.00 per hour working at a movie theater and $12.00 per hour working at a restaurant. Next week, Alfonso is scheduled to work 6 hours at the movie theater. Which of the following inequalities represents the amount of hours (h) that Alfonso

    asked by Alec
  24. Math

    c = How many baseball cards did he had before giving them to his friends. Question: Roberto decided to get rid of all of his baseball cards, so he gave his four friends 32 baseball cards each. How many baseball cards did he have before giving them to his

    asked by Brooklyn, I´m A Boy
  25. social studies

    what goods are Exported from league city and what goods are Imported from league city

    asked by bee_bro
  26. English

    What is the primary reason that the author contrasts the speaker's informal language with his large vocabulary? A) to foreshadow future events B) to convey the conflict of the story C) to serve as a means of characterization D) to make the reader condemn

    asked by N
  27. Life science

    The probability that two heterozygous parents for widows peak will have a child with a straight hairline is ____ percent.

    asked by Alex
  28. Chemistry

    Use your knowledge of the law of conservation of mass to answer the following question: In the lab, a student reacts lithium with oxygen to produce lithium oxide. (Lithium + Oxygen -----> Lithium Oxide) How much lithium will be needed to react with 5.4

    asked by Autumn
  29. Math

    Suppose your boss owes you $800, plus a commission of 2.5% on a sale of $1,000. How much does your boss owe you? $1,250 $845 $825 $1,050

    asked by unknown
  30. Chemistry

    With the knowledge that cesium floride's formula is CsF, wouldn't its cation be Cs+ and its anion F-? If not, tell me the correct cation and anion and why.

    asked by First Name
  31. geography

    The science that studies population distribution and change is called 1. demography. 2. geography. 3. economy. 4. sociology.

    asked by bee_bro
  32. social studies

    1. __________ are people who move into one country from another. 1. Emigrants 2. Immigrants 3. Urbanites 4. Nomads 2. One of the largest involuntary migrations in history was the transatlantic 1. Irish migration. 2. immigrant wave. 3. slave trade. 4.

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  33. Math


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  34. Social Studies

    Many cities expanded in America because of their location near A.) Brothel × B ) Highways? C.) Railroads ? (My guess) D.) Luxury Hotels ×

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  35. Chemistry

    Equation And Name CH3CH2CH=CH2+HCL

    asked by Abrish
  36. Math

    What would be the area of triangle if area of rectangle having sides X+3 and y is 16 root over 3?

    asked by Naina
  37. Science

    What is the square root of 12

    asked by Wii
  38. History

    Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt?

    asked by Noah
  39. Science

    What Contributions Did Louis Pasteur Make to Medical Science? Can anyone help I need to turn this in today!

    asked by Zapper
  40. Humanities

    Who is akbar

    asked by Anonymous
  41. maths

    if ' a' is congruece to' b ' and' b' is congruence to' c' then 'a' is congurence to 'c'

    asked by saqib
  42. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. What are the two significant differences between HMOs and PPOs? Wait times and reimbursement Reimbursement and cost Reimbursement and freedom Cost and freedom X

    asked by Lu
  43. maths

    Question 11 [Total Marks 5] The egg displayed is composed of 4 arcs from 4 sectors. The arc AC has centre B. The arc BD has centre A. The arc AB has centre O. The arc CD has centre E. The radius of the central circle is 1cm. OE and OB form a right angle.

    asked by t
  44. math

    here are 168 seats in the school auditorium. There are 7 seats in each row. There are 70 people seated, filling up full rows of seats. How many rows are empty?

    asked by HI
  45. English

    Please correct me if I make an error. My friend is a victim of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. A flair of an artistic essence lay within Annabelle — for me to marvel.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. _____________ is the extent to which health care services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. Access Outcomes Security Quality X

    asked by Lu
  47. Science

    Explain the law of conservation of energy. Give a specific example using kinetic and potential energy that shows how energy is conserved.

    asked by Trig