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December 19, 2019

  1. Math

    Lesson 8: Geometric Constructions Madelyn had a square piece of cardboard that was 10 inches in length. She cut one 3-inch square from each corner. The shaded part represents the remaining cardboard. Show your work!

    asked by HELPPPPPPP
  2. History

    Which accurately describes a scientific discovery of Johannes Kepler? Kepler circumnavigated the globe and mapped much of South America. Kepler was a botanist who discovered the process of photosynthesis. Kepler discovered that planetary orbits were

    asked by Tyson
  3. world history

    Read the sentence. A French intellectual of the Enlightenment period was known as a _[blank]_. Which most accurately completes the sentence? philosophe coup d’etat carte blanche bourgeois

    asked by bella
  4. math

    Question:Which pair of ratios forms a proportion? 4/15, 16/65, 63/36, 7/4, 45/75, 5/8, 14/72, 2/9 Im having trouble with this one and need help, I looked back at my lessons but still do not understand.

    asked by oop
  5. History

    Compare and contrast the treatment of different religions by rulers of the arab empire please help me i have worked hard on getting all of my other answers i just cant this one please help if you can

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  6. Social Studies

    Evaluate the unintended consequences of the Union Blockade on the conditions at Andersonville. Essay Responce

    asked by LOLHELPQUICK
  7. Spanish

    Which option shows the correct order for meals in Spanish-speaking countries beginning with the earliest one? A. Refrigerio, desayuno, cena B. Desayuno, almuerzo, cena C. Desayuno, cena, almuerzo I'm not sure which one is it. Please help!

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  8. math

    Stephanie runs 5 days a week. Her distances for 5 days are 2.8 miles, 3.3 miles, 3.9 miles, 4.3 miles, and 4.9 miles. Which is the best estimate for the number of miles she ran? A) 12 miles B) 19 miles C) 21 miles D) 23 miles

    asked by dua
  9. Math

    Find the product and simplify 4/9 of 15/8 A 5/6 B 5/12 C 32/135''' D 135/32 You are making scarves for presents. Each scarf needs 3/4 yd of fabric. How many yards of do you need for 6 scarves? A 9 1/3 yd B 4 1/2 yd''' C 8 yd D 5 1/4 yd Find the product 8

    asked by Jazmin
  10. Chemistry

    How many liters of NH3, at STP, will react with 19.5 g O2 to form NO and H2O? You must show all of your work to receive credit. 4NH3(g) +5O2(g) --> 4NO(g) + 6H2O(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Algebra

    Sarah took the advertising department from her company on a round-trip to meet with a potential client. Including Sarah, a total of 12 people took this trip. She was able to purchase coach tickets for $300 and first class tickets for $940. She used her

    asked by I am confusion
  12. Social Studies

    Which Southwest Asian countries have a form of democracy? Select the two correct answers. A. Saudi Arabia B. Israel** C. Syria D. Iran E. Turkey I dont Know the other one ;^;

    asked by Alex_The_Wolf
  13. history

    Which accurately describes the actions of Hernán Cortés during the Age of Discovery? A Upon arriving in the Americas, Cortés conquered the Mayan Empire and gained control of present-day Panama. B Upon arriving in the Americas, Cortés conquered the Hopi

    asked by jeffrey
  14. Early Childhood Edu

    Many children who are enrolled in special speech and language treatment programs in lower elementary school: A have a history of middle ear infections. B come from middle-class neighborhoods. C did not attend preschools. D have parents who cannot read.

    asked by Melody
  15. Physics

    Hey, I need help to study for finals: I know one of the questions (our teacher gave us) is: there is a 4kg mass traveling at 4 m/s to the right on a frictionless surface that collides with a block of 5kg. The 5kg block is moving at 2 m/s. They stick to

    asked by Mark
  16. English

    hi! I want to check my answer to the question, "What is a Faustian Bargain"? I need this as soon as possible, and I appreciate the help in advance. my answer: A Faustian Bargain is an exchange in which someone sacrifices something or someone that is very

    asked by Merry holidays!
  17. Social studies

    How have people adapted to the environment in Georgia (Country)

    asked by Jazmin
  18. History

    11.What occurred, in part, because of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points? A.The Central powers suffered four million military deaths, half of which were German soldiers. B.Germany requested an armistice to end the war and negotiate peace terms.*********

    asked by (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Adam.
  19. English

    from Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington From the time when I could remember anything, I had been called simply “Booker.” Before going to school it had never occurred to me that it was needful or appropriate to have an additional name. When I heard

    asked by person
  20. English

    1. Which of the following will you most likely find in an historical novel such as Johnny tremain? A.a setting in a pre-Revolutionary town such as Boston

    asked by Lexi
  21. Math

    I need help with the Equations and Inequalities Test Part 1 1. -2v - 7= -23 (1 point) 2. x/4 - 5= -8(1 point) and so on somebody please help quickly I am running out of time for this assignment

    asked by Nobody
  22. math

    Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. it is 3x3 and 5x5 grid there is 6 shaded out of A. 6 over 25 , 30% B. 3 over 50 , 6% C.6 over 25 , 24% D. 3 over 10 , 30%*** (their are 20 squares) plz help ASAP!!!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  23. English

    Is there any plagiarism in this essay? The topic is about "why there should be shorter school days?" Also if there is no plagiarism is the essay good? If not wheres the mistakes? Is there any plagiarism in this essay? Topic: Why school days should be

    asked by 🍎
  24. Math

    Find the product and simplify 4/9 of 15/8 A 5/6 B 5/12''' C 32/135 D 135/32 You are making scarves for presents. Each scarf needs 3/4 yd of fabric. How many yards of do you need for 6 scarves? A 9 1/3 yd B 4 1/2 yd''' C 8 yd D 5 1/4 yd Find the product 8

    asked by Jazmin
  25. Early Childhood Edu

    Which of the following BEST characterizes parents with interdependence goals? A They focus on individualism. B They never "baby" their children. C They encourage self-help skills during the first year. D They desire to maintain relationships.

    asked by Melody
  26. Math

    A woman is three years older than her sister and five years older than her brother .what is the total of their ages?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Spanish

    which of the following uses the correct form of the verb estar (to be)?

    asked by abby
  28. Math

    Santa is working with his helpers. He counts 89 heads and 230 feet. How many reindeer and elves are there not including him. reindeer have 4 feet elves have 2 this would make sense if I was finding one not both! Please help me

    asked by July
  29. world history

    What are some of the similarities between the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution? Select all that apply. social contract between the government and the governed providing for the concept of a three-branch government separation of church and

    asked by bella
  30. US History

    Was the Freedmen's Bureau successful as a government agency?

    asked by Muhammed
  31. Math

    3. 8 2/5 x 5 1/2 4. 8x + 8 6. 6 divided by 1/5 7. 3/8 divided by 2/7 8. 8 2/5 divided by 2 5/8 10. 6/5 divided by ___ = 6 12. c/3 = 4 13. 2 1/3x = 7 7/8 I NEED HELP ON THESE

    asked by cat loaf
  32. English

    Hi! I need my answer checked for tomorrow, it is for my project in English literature study. question: What is a faustian bargain? my answer: A Faustian Bargain is an exchange in which someone sacrifices something or someone that is very important and

    asked by Anonymous
  33. algebra

    -7x^2+6x+3=0 why are there 2 solutions for this one? Please and thank you so much

    asked by ariana
  34. math

    Suzanne was baking treats for her bakery's grand opening. She made 4 cakes with 8 cups of flour. She baked 2 pies and 3 dozen cookies. Of the following ratios, which one does not illustrate a comparison from the items created in Suzanne's bakery? A. 1:9

    asked by
  35. English

    is my English 101 thesis good enough? "Technologically mediated interactions have impacted the way people socially interact both positively and negatively"

    asked by aseel
  36. math

    model 25% on a 4 by 3 grid need help ASAP!!!

    asked by plz help
  37. algebra

    solve the absolute value equation 3{2x-2} + 8 = 20 Help (with baby steps please) I know answer is x=-1 or x=3 ( I get the 3 but not the -1) thank you again

    asked by ariana
  38. world history

    Who served as chief editor of the Encyclopédie (Encyclopedia), one of the principal works of the Age of Enlightenment? Denis Diderot John Locke Adam Smith Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    asked by bella
  39. Math

    A printer can print 24000 pages in 2 hours. a) if the printer starts printing at 2:30 pm, how many pages will be printed by 5:15 pm? b) if the cost of printing pages is $12.50, what is the cost of printing per minute? For the first one I got 33000 pages

    asked by Indiana Jones
  40. Math

    What is the equation of a circle with its center at (−6,−3) and a radius of 12? A: (x−6)2+(y−3)2=12 B: (x−6)2+(y−3)2=144 C: (x+6)2+(y+3)2=144 D: (x+6)2+(y+3)2=12 E: (x+6)2+(y+3)2=24 I believe that it is C

    asked by Trent
  41. Social Studies

    Which are some cultural characteristics of Brazil? Select the two correct answers. A. The language spoken is the same as in other South American nations.--- B. It has the largest Catholic population in the world. C. Half of its population consists of

    asked by Wheels On The Bus
  42. Science

    Help Why does the number of bacteria increase rapidly in a short period of time?

    asked by lucy
  43. Calculus

    The temperature at a point(x, y, z)is given by T(x, y, z) = 100e^−x^2 − 3y^2 − 9z^2 where T is measured in °C and x, y, z in meters. (a) Find the rate of change of temperature at the pointP(4, −1, 5) in the direction towards the point (5, −2,

    asked by #1
  44. Math

    write a ratio and percent for the shaded area

    asked by Lil Choppaz
  45. math

    a photo has a perimeter of 20 cm. using a photocopier you enlarge the photo so that its new perimeter is 70cm. what is the scale factor dilation. a:12.3 b:7.5 c:3.5 d:0.3 help?

    asked by nola.
  46. Math

    Emilio needs blank markers for his project .he has only blank markers. How many more markers does he need 12 more makers

    asked by Giovanni Perez
  47. Physics

    A 30kg child and 20kg child sit on the opposite ends of a seesaw pivoted at its centre. Where should another 20kg child sit in order to balance the seesaw?

    asked by Thandizo
  48. math

    Phil received a prize of x dollars from a poker tournament. The tournament cost him 100 dollars to enter. What were Phil's net winnings from the tournament?

    asked by Brady
  49. Math

    Can someone please help me on this subject? Patterns and Variables Unit Part 1

    asked by Zay
  50. English

    I'm half done with the question, “Why do you think people like stories about characters who take enormous risks for the chance of a large reward?” and I will like someone to give me feedback and check it. my response: I think that some of the people

    asked by merry holidays!
  51. math

    -7x^2+6x+3=0 how many real number solutions does the equation have can you explain it by doing it...i don't get steps please thank you

    asked by ariana
  52. Maths

    Explain the facts and fallacies about female participation in sport

    asked by Yunus
  53. Spanish

    what popular Mexican dish uses stuffed poblano chiles?

    asked by abby
  54. Physics

    I need help with this question with explanation. Thanks A particle of mass m starts from rest at position x = 0 and time t = 0. It moves along the positive x-axis under the influence of a single force Fx = bt, where b is a constant. The velocity v of the

    asked by Sara
  55. English

    hi, I can't answer this question and I will like some help. “Why do you think people like stories about characters who take enormous risks for the chance of a large reward?”

    asked by merry holidays!
  56. algebra

    how many real number solutions does the equation have? -8x^2-8x-2=0 the answer is 1, but why please and thank you

    asked by ariana
  57. chemistry

    The solubility of PbF2 in water is 0.830 g/L. What is the value of Ksp? how would I calculate this?

    asked by bea
  58. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the events to place them in the order that occurred first to the order that occurred last. The Islamic States in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) becomes a threat. Saddam Hussein is removed from power. Civil war broke out between ethnic and religious

    asked by Alex_The_Wolf
  59. Science

    What is the mass, in grams, 6.5 mol of sodium nitrate (NaNO3)? Please show all work.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Social Studies

    Howdy! Can someone check my answer? Which of the following musical styles of the 1800s has helped shaped current genres, such as country and rock music? A. dixie B. jazz *** C. gospel D. blues Thank you!

    asked by CellLover727
  61. Physics

    A spring-like trampoline dips down 0.06 m when a particular person stands on it. If this person jumps up to a height of 0.29 m above the top of the trampoline, how far with the trampoline compress when the person lands? Include units. This is a question on

    asked by Michael
  62. world history

    Who was the radical leader of the French Revolution, in a position of power in the National Convention and the Committee of Public Safety, responsible for mass killings during the Reign of Terror? Napoleon Bonaparte Jean-Paul Marat Maximilien Robespierre

    asked by bella
  63. physical science

    A ray of light traveling in air strikes a flat 2 cm thick block of glass (n=1.50) at an angle of 30° with the normal. Trace the light ray through the glass, and find the angles of incidence and refraction at each surface.

    asked by isabela
  64. Math

    What is 13.8 plus 44?

    asked by Lola
  65. mathematics

    the profit on a business was shared between two partners P:Q in the ratio 3:4.if Q received #8,000 more than P, the profit was?

    asked by olanrewaju
  66. Math

    A circle has the equation (x−13)^2+(y−1)^2=4. A: What is the center of the circle? B: What is the radius of the circle? Select two answers: One for question A, and One for question B. A: (13,1) A: (13,−1) A: (−13,−1) A: (−13,1) B: 2 B: 4 B:

    asked by Trent
  67. History

    The last part of the Declaration of Independence contains a list of complaints the colonists had against King George. Which of the following best describes an economic complaint the colonists had toward the king? Cutting off trade*** Taking away colonial

    asked by April
  68. Spanish

    Which sentence would you expect to hear after this sentence? Sentence: "Me gusta el pastel!" A. Que sabroso esta B. Que salado esta C. Que caliente esta

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  69. math

    How do you solve this? The host's doorbell rang 20 times. The first time the doorbell rang, only one guest arrived. Each time the doorbell rang after that, two more guests arrived than had arrived on the previous ring. How many guests arrived in all at the

    asked by Rosemarie
  70. Math

    What is the value of this expression if x = 4? (the example they gave me; 2x + 6) A. 2 B. 8 C. 14 D. 20

    asked by Trying to help
  71. english

    Read the line from “The Death of the Hired Man,” in which Mary explains how Silas felt about his former coworker, the young student Harold Wilson. “He hates to see a boy the fool of books.” Which answer best states what this line means? Silas hates

    asked by Maybelline
  72. Algebra

    Why is (-5i) ( 6i) positive 30? Thank you

    asked by Ariana
  73. English

    Dear Jiskha, Please share some examples I should write about like Cat vs Dogs Dogs vs Birds Those are just a few examples I chose NOT to write about. Any else that may be adrenalizing and catch my teachers attention? Yours truly, Morningfrost

    asked by Morningfrost
  74. Calculus

    There is a graph of y=1/sqrtx.Show that the area of the region between line and curve at x=1 and x=3 is 3-(5sqrt3/3). 👍 1 👎 1 👁 33 asked by Raj yesterday at 6:35am "Show that the area of the region between line and curve" . What line? Assuming you

    asked by Raj
  75. world history

    What important idea, which served as the foundation of the United States Constitution, was based on precedents set by the Magna Carta? citizen election of the monarchy the right to a fair and speedy trial the right to vote for all men and women freedom of

    asked by bella
  76. Science

    The diagram below shows positions of the Moon as it orbits the Earth. Half of the Moon's surface is lit by sunlight no matter what the Moon's position. But the amount of the lit surface visible from Earth varies with the Moon's position. Examine the

    asked by >_<^~^
  77. world history

    Which are aspects of both the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution? select all that apply Both removed the influence of religion on society. Both placed limits on government. Both strengthened the powers of the king or president. Both protected

    asked by bella
  78. math

    Write an expression to represent: The sum of seven and the quotient of a number xxx and eight.

    asked by laura
  79. world history

    Which identifies the event that overthrew the monarchy of France in 1789? Declaration of Independence Reign of Terror French Revolution French and Indian War

    asked by bella
  80. math

    Six times the sum of a number and 18 is at most 19

    asked by julisa
  81. Maths


    asked by Yunus
  82. math

    How do I solve this? ht^2=-0.6t^2+4t

    asked by t
  83. math

    the width of a picture is 20 cm. using a color copier, you reduce the width of the picture to 5 cm. what is the scale factor of the dilation? pls help

    asked by aliania
  84. Government

    4. Why do people form governments and make laws? a. to keep peace b. to fight with one another c. to explore their world d. to practice their beliefs My answer would be A. Please tell me if my answer is right or wrong.

    asked by Sweet Pea
  85. World History

    The death of Charlemagne and decline of his empire led to this system becoming a widespread solution to a lack of central authority. A) Feudalism B) Communism C) Confucianism D) Anarchism

    asked by Jonathan
  86. math

    Rene wants to track the inches of rainfall below or above the average monthly rainfall in four cities in Texas over the course of four months. Rene displays the data for her project in the table below. Negative numbers represent rainfall amounts below the

    asked by 123
  87. math

    which of the following statements is true a: positive numbers are always rational numbers b: negative numbers are always irrational c: negative numbers are sometimes rational d: negative numbers are always integers ** idk , found this tough .. but check ?

    asked by nola.
  88. math

    which of the following is an integer multiple of the unit fraction 1/4 a:(1/4)^3 b:1/3 x 1/4 c:2.4/4 d:5/4 ** thoughts ?

    asked by nola.
  89. Gov

    What rate of income tax from all levels of government is currently in place in the United States? A. between 15 and 25 B. between 15 and 35 C. between 25 and 35 D. between 25 and 45 E. between 35 and 45 B or C?? Im not sure and I tried looking it up to

    asked by Anonymous
  90. English

    Miss Strangeworth never gives away any of her roses because A. she wants them to grow as long as possible. B. she has only a few full-grown rosebushes. C. she feels they belong on Pleasant Street. D. she wants to put them all in vases in her house.

    asked by jenny
  91. spanish history

    Mining of precious metals was prevalent in the Spanish colonies, in contrast to the British colonies of North America, where it wasn’t until the mid-nineteenth century that California experienced a gold rush. After the Spanish conquest of the Inca in

    asked by bella
  92. world history

    What was the significance of Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty, or give me death” speech? It represented opposition to the Continental Congress. It encouraged soldiers in the French and Indian War. It inspired the Sons of Liberty to attack Boston. It

    asked by bella
  93. world history

    From 1793 to 1794, the Committee of Public Safety took control of France’s government and used the guillotine to execute suspected enemies of the French Revolution. This time period is known as the _[blank]_. Which option most accurately completes the

    asked by bella
  94. calculus

    For what values of a and b is the following equation true? ( (sin2x)/ x^3 + a + b/(x^2)) lim x--->0 a= b=

    asked by girl
  95. calculus

    For what values of a and b is the following equation true? Below is the equation ( (sin2x)/ x^3 + a + b/(x^2)) lim x--->0 a= b=

    asked by calculus100
  96. geography

    how many times of climes does albania have

    asked by Anonymous
  97. spanish history

    Whereas the US did not lose any land as a result of wars with its neighbors, Bolivia lost its coastline and became a landlocked country. What was the name of that war and the country that acquired Bolivia’s lost territory? The Great Rebellion, Spain The

    asked by bella
  98. calculus

    Evaluate the following limit by first recognizing the sum as a Riemann sum for a function defined on [0, 1]: lim 10/n ( (1/n)^1/2 + (2/n)^1/2 + (3/n)^1/2 +.....+ (n/n)^1/2 ) n----> infinity

    asked by girl
  99. English

    What is the meaning of a text that is something other than, or beyond, its literal meaning? denotative meaning explicit meaning** figurative meaning literary meaning

    asked by Maybelline
  100. calculus

    x If f(x)= ∫ (16−t^2)(e^(t^5))dt , on what interval is f increasing? 0 Answer (in interval notation):

    asked by calculus100
  101. calculus

    Find the following indefinite integrals. ∫(cos(t)) / (9sin(t)+10)^(2) dt

    asked by calculus100
  102. calculus

    Find a function f and a number a such that for all x>0 f(x) = a= x 2+∫ (f(t) /t^2 )dt =2√x a for all x>0.

    asked by college student
  103. pre-algebra

    1. -2v - 7 = -23 A. 15 ****** B. 8 C. - 8 D. -15 the ****** is my answer please help thanks

    asked by Diamond
  104. world history

    What is another name for the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution? Declaration of Rights Magna Carta Article I Bill of Rights is it A?

    asked by bella
  105. history

    Many of the European countries founded colonies in the Americas during the colonial period. Which country founded cities in what is now Bolivia and the US in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Peru Spain Mexico Portugal

    asked by bella