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December 18, 2019

  1. science

    Human hearts have pairs of two types of chambers; the atria (plural for atrium)and the ventricles. Atria are where blood enters the heart and ventricles pump the blood out of the heart. The heart also takes in oxygen poor blood, pumps it through the lungs

    asked by 🐱‍👤Darkwolf 🐱‍👤
  2. Geometry

    Does anyone have the answers for connections academy geometry b unit 7 lesson 7 circles unit test?

    asked by taylor
  3. History

    Which option accurately describes Anton van Leeuwenhoek’s impact on the scientific community during the Scientific Revolution? He improved the microscope, which enabled him to discover bacteria and red blood cells. He invented the seed drill, which

    asked by malia
  4. math

    As part of a science experiment, Natasha drops a bouncy ball from various heights, h, and observes the height to which the ball rebounds, r. The table shows the results of Natasha's experiment. Initial height, h (in meters) Rebound height, r (in meters)

    asked by the awner man
  5. Math

    [copyrighted test]

    asked by I rlly need help
  6. Social studies

    During the song period entry into the government bureaucracy was based on

    asked by Anonymous
  7. science

    Which of these is responsible for ridding the body of waste? A) nervous system B) excretory system*** C) circulatory system D) reproductive system

    asked by 🐱‍👤Darkwolf 🐱‍👤
  8. English

    hi! can you help me out with this question, "Why do you think people like stories about characters who take enormous risks for the chance of a large reward?” im kinda stuck and really need help on this, thank you in advance!

    asked by merry holidays!
  9. science

    unit 4 lesson 13 the human body unit test review science 7a- unit 4

    asked by heather
  10. Math

    You flip a coin and then roll a fair six-sided number cube. What is the probability the coin lands heads-up and the number cube shows a number 3? A) 1/2 B) 1/3 C) 1/6 D) 1/12

    asked by West Point
  11. Math

    you are making scarves for presents each scarf needs 3/4 yd of fabric. how many yards of fabric do you need for 6 scarfs. help all i need is you to check my answer a 9 1/3 yd b 4 1/2 yd**** c 8 yd d 5 1/4 yd

    asked by unknown to unknown
  12. Social Studies

    This is my last test so help really appreciated Which describes the relationship among national governments? A. All national governments are legally equal. B. All national governments engage in alliances with other national governments. C. National

    asked by ☆Alexa☆
  13. history

    Which are aspects of the German economy and which are aspects of the British economy? mixed economy: brittish strong market orientation: german focused on engineering and technical aspects:german relied on natural resources in the 1800s:german British

    asked by KK
  14. Math

    A softball player bats twice in a game. Each at-bat results in an out, getting on base, or hitting a home run. What is the number of possible outcomes in the sample space? A) 3 B) 6 C) 9 D) 12

    asked by pyramid
  15. social studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. The Swahili culture was a blending of can someone plz tell me

    asked by justsomanycups
  16. Social Studies

    Why as President Lincoln unable to persuade congress to pass his Reconstruction plan? I just need a simple link or answer to what the answer is thank you!! P.S. this is my first post ever

    asked by BOI WHERE MY BEANS???!?!?
  17. math

    find the area of each circle. round to the nearest tenth.use 3.14or 22/7. with 6cm with 25in with 11ft 4.diameter =10.5 5.radius=6.3mm 6.radius=31/4 yd

    asked by jaiden
  18. Social Studies

    What were President Johnson’s plans for Reconstruction? Please don't tell me a answer i just want a link cause i don't like cheating.

    asked by Johny Johny YOU GARBAGE!!!!!
  19. Accounting

    A company's ______ include the financial statements and notes to the financial statements as well as management's extensive discussion and analysis. A. Balance Sheet B. Internal Audit Report C. Annual Report D. Income Statement My answer is B, is this

    asked by Anonymous
  20. History

    Why was the compromise of 1850 important?

    asked by Kendell
  21. Math

    Write a unit rate for the situation. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. traveling 426 miles in 7 hours (1 point) A.85.2 miles B.hour71 miles C.hour0.0426 miles D.hour60.86 miles/hour

    asked by Hi
  22. Math

    In a survey, 50 students were asked whether they prefer orange juice or grape juice. Twenty-five students said they prefer orange juice. What percent of the students surveyed said they prefer orange juice?

    asked by Orange Juice <3
  23. literature

    The mystical island to which Lanval is taken is named _____________________________. Please help me!

    asked by question?
  24. Math

    One morning it begins snowing heavily, and continues snowing at a constant rate. At noon a snowplow starts down a long road, clearing the snow as it goes. At 1:00 a second plow starts at the same place and follows the first plow, clearing the snow that has

    asked by Ol Musky
  25. Social Studies

    Read the excerpt. “I truly never would have thought my idea of opening a high-end art supply store would work when my country became independent from the Soviet Union. But because the arts are so important here in Poland, and the government helped me all

    asked by jaeden martells wife 💘
  26. Careers

    What can I do at collage or university with these subjects??? Math lit Business Geography Tourism L.O Eng Zulu

    asked by Sandille Malaza
  27. Careers

    What career should I follow by math literacy, tourism, business studies

    asked by Nthabeleng
  28. math

    Describe the pattern in each sequence and determine the next term of the sequence 11, 17. 23, 29

    asked by kittycat
  29. math

    what is 4,197 divided by 6?

    asked by boston
  30. math

    1.Ben needs to buy orange juice. He can buy 64 fl oz at the grocery store for $2.00, or he can buy 256 fl oz at the wholesale club for $7.50. A.Find the unit price for the grocery store orange juice. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. B.Find the

    asked by otter
  31. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of potassium hydrogen tartrate that is measured to prepare 100 mL of a 0.150 mol/L standard solution

    asked by Rachel
  32. Math

    insert grouping symbols in 32/8-4 to = 8

    asked by Megan
  33. physical education

    why was Olympia selected to hold at the ancient Olympic games

    asked by helen
  34. Math

    What annual rate of interest will enable $800 to grow to $1000 in three years? cant seem to derive the formula for this one, normal compound interest isnt working for me

    asked by Nathan
  35. Economics

    How does profit incentive affect the quantity supplied

    asked by Fredrick
  36. Math

    One-third of Olivia’s age, increased by 12, is equal to twice her age, decreased by 3. How old is Olivia?

    asked by trippy blue
  37. Social Studies

    How did the social order of people in the Han dynasty reflect Confucian values?

    asked by Lofi._.Loli
  38. Science/Biology

    A grass snake living in northern England dies of natural causes. After a long period of time, its remains decay in the soil to become fossil fuel. When the fossil fuel is processed, sold, and burned by humans, it releases carbon dioxide into the air. Which

    asked by Help is Always appreciated
  39. English

    Based on research about the background of the novel and the author's life, a reader can predict that the next events in the novel will most likely be about A. the search-and-rescue effort for Phillip and Timothy. B. Phillip's reunion with his parents after

    asked by 54ty
  40. java

    PLZ HELP ASAP 1. What is Java SE? A. Java Standard Edition B. Java Software Editor C. Java Scientific Edition D. Java Software Emulator 2. Which of the following is the correct header for the main method of a Java program? A. public static void main(String

    asked by help
  41. Health

    When are your friends plays video games for at least six hours each day and gets upset when he has to go eat dinner with his family this is a sign of a good anxiety disorder be a phobia see bipolar disorder D and impulse control disorder

    asked by Maxe
  42. math

    9) Find q if p = -12 and the quotient p/q = -3. a) -4 (wrong) b) 4* c) -1/4 (only the one is minus) d) 1/4 19) 32 ÷ 24 is EXACTLY equal to a) 1.3 (wrong) b) 2.7 c) 4/3 d) 8/3* 20) Which answer choice is equivalent to −65/−12? a) 65/12 (wrong) b)

    asked by bruhg
  43. verbs

    A Superblade was used at the 2 o'clock position, and the anterior chamber was entered find the verbs

    asked by tanya
  44. math

    helo. i have a queston how do i caculate 49 pecent of 162 i think i now but am not sure i thik i woud change percent to decimal and then multiply so that woud be 0.49 x 162 i tink tank you catalina rose mary

    asked by catalina rose mary
  45. Spanish

    What does ire a la boltería para comprar dos redondos a la ciudad mean?

    asked by Lola
  46. English

    What detail reveals the influence of the Great Depression on the author's writing? A. Finally, one evening, a woman came to the house with our good news . . . B. It was built on a hill, a group of tan brick houses and apartments with a playground as its

    asked by person
  47. math

    Gavin has nickels, dimes and quarters in a ratio of 8:1:2 if Gavin's coins are quarters, how many nickels and dimes dose gavin have?

    asked by rose
  48. math

    chris is building a model out of wire. he has a length of wire that measures 9/10 of a yard. if he cuts it into 5 equal parts, then how long will each piece be?

    asked by yasmin please help
  49. Math

    1. How long will it take to triple your investment if you are earning a simple interest 5 percent annually? a) 12.5 years b) 15 years c) 20 years d) 40 years 2. If the interest rate per compounding period is 2.3% and the annual interest rate is 9% what is

    asked by year 11 math
  50. Spanish

    Empareja las oraciones con las palabras para formas mandatos. No _[blank]_ fila para ver esa película. Podemos verla en casa. Choices are pierda, lleven, or hago

    asked by Auzy
  51. History

    How did the merit system contribute to good government in the Song dynasty? It's a written question. The basic outline of what I have (don't want to post my exact answer) is "The merit system allowed for those who are truly skilled enough to be in charge

    asked by Jaxx
  52. History

    Following the Compromise of 1850, the Georgia state government released the Georgia Platform. Which was an effect of the Georgia Platform? a. fewer incidents of fugitive slaves in the South b. greater expansion of abolitionist sentiments in Georgia c.

    asked by AnonymousCharlie
  53. geography

    What other two reform movements seem to have grown out of the desire to improve working conditions?

    asked by destiney
  54. math

    Thomas buys a new PLasma tv that costs 3500. He puts 300 down and borrows the rest. After 3 years he owes 3500. What annual interest rate, compounded semi-annually was Thomas being charged.

    asked by year 11 math
  55. Math

    8 cups___pt??????

    asked by Pur3_Aye
  56. BioMedicine

    54) The suspension of virus has a concentration of 250 ng/uL. What would be the concentration in the third test tube? A. 25 ng/ul B. 2.5 ng/uL C. 0.25 ng/uL D. 0.025 ng/uL why is the answer C? thank you

    asked by Ariana
  57. Math

    solve for x. X-5/6=7/8

    asked by Sorrow-Filled-Mellon (luv u sue)
  58. tech

    How can someone be humorous and have fun online with others without becoming a bully? A. She can make her mean comments anonymously. B. ( She can use etiquette to make sure that written communication is clearly understood ) C. She can use ALL CAPS when she

    asked by THE PURGE
  59. Math

    Line segment AB has endpoints A(10, 4) and B(2, 8). Find the coordinates of the point that divides the line segment directed from A to B in the ratio of 1:4. A) (6, 6) B) (2, 56/5) C) (24/5, 42/5) D) (42/5, 24/5)***

    asked by pyramid
  60. math

    Isabel pumped 7 gallons of water into her pool each minute for 63 minutes. What was the total change in the amount of water in the pool.

    asked by lola
  61. Algebra

    Hello! Can someone tell me what this question wants me to solve? (I don't need any help with the answer) Solve the equation. –4n + 7 + 2n = 1

    asked by CellLover727
  62. Math

    Help! I will answer, but want to make sure I'm right. Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. a) Estimate 49% of 162. b) Use mental math to calculate 49% of 162. To solve A I will round 49% to 50%

  63. Social Studies

    Read the passage. Many people visit Britain because of their heritage. Americans, for example, often travel to the United Kingdom to revisit the homes of their English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestors. Tourists flock to famous places such as London’s

    asked by jaeden martells wife 💘
  64. Statistics

    I'm having trouble understanding the difference between a biserial correlation coefficient and a tetrachoric correlation coefficient. Could someone please provide an example of each to help me understand the difference? Thanks!!

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math

    A ticket to a concert costs either $12 for a child or $15 for an adult. A total of 300 tickets are sold and the total money collected is $4140 . The number of child tickets sold is

    asked by brennan
  66. Math

    1. How would you represent 3 quarter notes as a fraction? 3/4 2. How many sixteenth notes would be needed to have the same duration as 3 quarter notes? Represent this as a fraction 1/8 3. How would you represent 4 eighth notes as a fraction? ? 4. How many

    asked by Finn
  67. English

    Hi! Im comparing and contrasting Urban/Suburban lifestyle in an essay, and i'm having difficulties finding similarities, any ideas?

    asked by .
  68. Math

    There were 800 farmers' markets initially in the USA in 2012. In 2013, the number of farmers' markets was 1.25 times the initial number of farmers' markets. Then, in 2014, the number of farmers' markets was 1.25 times the number of farmers' markets the

    asked by Help is Always appreciated
  69. algebra

    A gallon of water weighs 8 and one-third pounds. How much does 1 and one fifth gallon of water weigh?

    asked by Alex
  70. Social Studies

    Cause and effect. Africans slavery in the Americans.

    asked by YT_turtlelover52
  71. Math

    23.You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015 . Can you be confident that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? Why or why

    asked by Me.
  72. geometry

    Given Line RQ, TQ, WQ, and YQ are radii. Prove: triangle QWT is congruent to triangle QYR

    asked by holly
  73. Calculus

    There is a graph of y=1/sqrtx.Show that the area of the region between line and curve at x=1 and x=3 is 3-(5sqrt3/3).

    asked by Raj
  74. world history

    Which action by ancient Mesopotamians most contributed to the desertification of their lands? a.temple construction route construction c.the overuse of land for agriculture d.the planting of trees after clearing land

    asked by somoeone
  75. Chemistry

    Give the short explanation of born harber cycle for Na2s

    asked by Edso
  76. math

    To construct a wall 18 m long, 0.5 m thick and 9 m high, bricks of dimensions 20 cm *15*10 cm each are used. if the mortar occupies1/10th of the volume of the wall,then find the number bricks used.

    asked by arjun
  77. Science

    I need help with this and fast. I need 8 sentences. Why does the number of bacteria increase rapidly in a short period of time?

    asked by Zapper
  78. Geography

    Which of the following best explains how immigration affects the cultural landscape of religion?

    asked by vex
  79. History

    Which region in texas is located in the southeastern part of the state? A)Great Plains B)Mountains and Basins C)North Central Plains D)Coastal Plains***

    asked by Kim
  80. Physics

    Consider three point charges located the corner of aright angle triangle where charge one and chargethree=5microcoulomb,2=-2

    asked by Bereket mossia
  81. math

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curve y=x^2*e^x and the x-axis, 0≤x≤1

    asked by maath
  82. literature

    Fill in the blank with the correct response(s). (2 points each) 1) The knight Bisclavret is afflicted by the curse of periodic transformation into a _____________________________.

    asked by question?
  83. math

    how do you take the antiderivative of √(1+4x^3)

    asked by maath
  84. Math

    The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 8 and 504 respectively.If one of the numbers is 56,find the smallest value of the other number

    asked by Kin shing
  85. literature

    Gundahari, king of the Burgundians, slain in a terrible battle with the Huns in the fifth century which saw the downfall of the Burgundian kingdom, is the historical protype of the legendary Norse hero _____________________________ . The historical bride

    asked by cap
  86. literature

    3) Roland and Oliver embody two different characteristics or virtues – the qualities of _____________________________ and _____________________________

    asked by iron man
  87. Math

    HI! Can y'all help me with this? Thanks! What is the next number in the sequence? 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, A. 223121~~~~~~ B. 113221 C. 312211 D. 1112211 Thanks! ~~~~~~~ = my pick. Bye! PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!

  88. Gov

    Do you think the press is sufficiently protected so that it may continue its investigative role? Why or why not? What does this question mean in other words

    asked by Anonymous
  89. excel

    what do you use to create a chart

    asked by FRANKLINA
  90. English

    According to “Charles,” in what way does Charles become an “institution” in Laurie’s house? Laurie talks about Charles so much that he seems like part of the family. Laurie’s family wants to help Charles. Anyone who makes a mess or causes

    asked by Anonymous
  91. English

    A writer decides to make an emotional appeal in an essay to persuade the audience of his or her opinion? A. a touching story B. historical facts C. expert opinions D. scientific evidence (this one?) Please help. Thank you!

    asked by Maddy
  92. physics

    consider three point charge located the corner of aright angle triangle where charge one=charge three =5microcoulomb,charge two=-2microcoulomb and area=0.1m,then find the result force exerted on charge three?

    asked by Bereket mossia
  93. Math

    study ways of raising a loan to buy a car or house e.g bank loan

    asked by Muhammad Anas
  94. science

    Surface tension in water is due to __ ?

    asked by mario
  95. math

    Heather has scored 99 ,71 ,91 , and 72 on her previous four tests. What score does she need on her next test so that her average (mean) is ?80

    asked by james
  96. math

    One minus the quotient of one and a number xxx.

    asked by avery
  97. math

    The difference of Janelle's age and 15 is 50

    asked by james
  98. history

    how was the enlightenment linked to the scientific revolution?

    asked by annie
  99. Biology

    describe the energy transformation that occurs during photosynthesis

    asked by sevan
  100. sports

    what are the roles of basketball

    asked by rio