Questions Asked on
December 16, 2019

  1. science

    What is the correct order of the steps used in the scientific method? (1) conduct background research (2) formulate a hypothesis (3) pose a question (4) test the hypothesis (5) analyze the data and draw a conclusion (6) communicate the results (1) pose a

    asked by anon
  2. Calculus

    The base of a rectangular box is to be twice as long as it is wide. The volume of the box is 256 cubic inches. The material for the top costs $0.10 per square inch and the material for the sides and bottom costs $0.05 per square inch. Find the dimensions

    asked by Ab
  3. Math

    Use the following lines to answer the question. line g: y=−45x+75 line h: y=54x+34 Is line g Perpendicular to line h? Why or why not? A: Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h and are opposite and reciprocal. B: Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h

    asked by Trent
  4. Algebra

    Wilmer spends at least 13 hours reading for his assignments each week, plus 1 hour completing each Reading Response assignment. The inequality that represents the total number of hours, y, Wilmer reads for his various assignments each week is y≥x+13,

    asked by Maybelline
  5. Science

    We know that the law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed. It only changes form. Consider this energy transformation diagram. Assume that the energy input in this case is chemical potential energy and the useful

    asked by AnonymousCharlie
  6. Geometry

    m∠ABC=(6x+8)° and m∠DEF=(12x-8)°. If ∠ABC and ∠DEF are supplementary, what is the measure of each angle? I CAN'T ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR THE LIFE OF ME!

    asked by Olly
  7. Algebra

    Lakita is going to plant trees and bushes to landscape her new yard. She cannot exceed her budget of $150. Each tree costs $45, and each bush costs $20. Which inequality correctly represents the situation, where t is the number of trees and b is the number

    asked by Maybelline
  8. English

    This is for the text "Little Sinner's" (down below) The question is "What is the theme of the story? Give two specific examples." Thank you!!! I'm reposting because I need more ideas please, you guys are awesome! Thank you!!! Rafferty ran. Once in the

    asked by Bry
  9. Science

    A strong electric field is A. Directed toward a charge B. Directed away from a charge C. Caused by a large quantity of charge** D. Caused by a small quantity of charge Please help !!!!

    asked by Hipniblet
  10. Math

    Find the simple interest for each of the following round to the nearest cent 27850 at 7.75% for 100 days

    asked by Ella
  11. Organic chemistry

    How to turn ketone into alcohol

    asked by Leman
  12. Maths

    18 years ago, Sam was thrice as old as trishu. Sam is 54 years old now. A)how old will Sam be 5 years from now ? B)how old was trishu 5 years ago?

    asked by Yashika
  13. science

    True or False: Drag and tailwind are examples of a contact force.

    asked by Anne
  14. Math

    19. William had a board that was 5 ft. 3 in. long. He cut off a piece that was 2 ft. 8 in. long. How much board does he have left? A.3 ft. 7 in. B.3 ft. 5 in. C.2 ft. 7 in. D.2 ft. 5 in*** Am I right? Please help

    asked by Frankie Gains
  15. Math

    If Britney drove for 3.8 hours at a constant speed of 56 mph and Willis drove for 4.1 hours at a constant speed of 52 mph who drove father? How much farther?

    asked by Meher
  16. Math

    A 20-inch pizza is cut into 9 equally sized pieces. How many radians does each slice represent? What is the 'sector area' of each slice?

    asked by Q
  17. Math

    write each rate as a unit rate. what is 6 eggs for 3 people.

    asked by chwants
  18. math

    what does the i and the m and the s stand for in the equation m = log I/s in order to find the intensity/magnitude of earthquakes?

    asked by jenny
  19. chemistry

    the clinical NH4Cl injection for treating alkalosis is 220ml per tube,each containting 0.160g NH4Cl. calculate the CNH4Cl and Cos,NH4Cl of the injection.and how does the erythrocyte behave in this solution?

    asked by zazay
  20. Mathematics

    simultaneous equation: 4x-9y^2=19, 2x+3y=11

    asked by Shammy
  21. History

    1.Which statement best characterizes early native Americans in new mexico Most early native Americans worked mining copper and silver Most native Americans were nomadic hunters and gatherers Most Native Americans lived in villages and farmer Most Native

    asked by Tyler
  22. Math

    2 plus 2?

    asked by Brady
  23. Math

    ''a certain company pays the workers at the end of each week. if a worker works up to 40 hours he is paid 10 gh cedis for each hour worked. if an employee works more than 40 hours he is paid 15 gh cedis for every hour worked in excess of 40. all employees

    asked by Gifty
  24. programming with basic.

    A certain company pays the workers at the end of each week. if a worker works up to 40 hours he is paid 10 gh cedis for each hour worked. if an employee works more than 40 hours he is paid 15 gh cedis for every hour worked in excess of 40. all employees

    asked by Gifty
  25. biology

    EXPLAIN the roles that bacteria play EVERY ECOSYSTEM

    asked by fuad
  26. Physics

    As astronaut on a strange planet can jump a miximum hirizontal distance of 15m if his initial speed is 3m/s what is the free fall acceleration on the planet

    asked by Hussien Abdikadir abdulahi
  27. math


    asked by dfg
  28. Math

    There are six boys and four girls of equal ability trying out for four players school bowling team. How many teams will consist of two boys into girls? How many all boy teams can be formed?

    asked by Brenda
  29. economics

    what has the greatest effect on the distribution of income

    asked by sienna
  30. Math

    what is pi

    asked by Aniya Williams
  31. math

    a remote-controlled airplane travels at the speed of 11ft per second for part of it's flight what is the speed of the airplane in feet per mintue

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    Alex swims in a 400-m freestyle competition at an average speed of 1 and 1 third m/s if he increases his average speed to 1.6m/s how much less time will he take?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. math

    Hillary and Charlene both drove from city a to city b. at 10 am., Hilary left city a and drove at an average speed of 120 km/h Charlene drove at an average speed of 144km/h and took 50 minutes. she arrived at city b at the same time as Hillary. find the

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    The height of a tree is 12 meters. What is the height of the tree in feet?(1m=3.28ft) A. 13.08 ft B. 39.36 ft---- C. 48.00 ft D. 472.44 ft I think this because when i did 2.28*12, i got 39.36

    asked by anonymous
  35. Science

    Three bags containing different number of wooden cubes are dropped from the same height. Which of the following statements is true? A) Bag A has more kinetic energy than Bag C as it falls B) Bag C has the most kinetic energy before it was release C) Bag B

    asked by AnonymousCharlie
  36. geography

    What generalization can you make about the abolition of slavery in the South?

    asked by jamies
  37. Math

    Tan x= 0.5329

    asked by Alexis
  38. Health

    A person should power walk for ____minutes a day in order to benefit from this activity. A)30-45 min B)25-30 min C)20-25 min D)15-20 min I think A

    asked by Jamie Sperling
  39. Math

    A king snake is 31/50 m long. What is an equivalent length of this king snake in meters? A. 0.31 m B. 3 1/50 m C. 0.062 m D. Not Here

    asked by Ramen
  40. math

    7.25 times 2 1/2

    asked by Ramen
  41. History

    Please help..thank you.. Which statements accurately describe key compromises reached at the Constitutional Convention in 1787? Choose exactly two answers that are correct. The Great Compromise, also known as the Connecticut Compromise, established that

    asked by Abby
  42. math

    . Raymond buys bottles of water at $4.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $37.59. How many bottles of water b did he buy

    asked by meow meow kit kat =^.^=
  43. science

    When an airplane experiences a tailwind, are the forces added or subtracted?

    asked by Maya
  44. Math

    Are you able to classify polygons by their sides and angles?

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  45. science

    Is this statement true or false? 1.You can make a concentrated solution more dilute by adding solvent. true false complete the statement. When a solvent can dissolve no more of a solid solute at a specific temperature, we say the solution is

    asked by MB
  46. Math

    Profit maximization of consmer mu=p according to cardinalist using mathimatical ferivation

    asked by Ebisa furgasa
  47. Math

    The length of a car measures 20 feet. What is the length of a model of the car is the scale factor is 1inch to 2.5feet.

    asked by Gracen
  48. math

    I was hoping that some one could review my answers and tell me if im correct or not ^^ 1. -2 (m-30)=-6m a)-15 b)-13***** c)-8 d)8 2. 3.75x + 3.7=1.7 + 1.75x a)10***** b)-1 c)1 d).1 3.-9 - 6(w+5) a)-15w + 5***** b)-15w + 30 c)-6w + 39 d)-6w + 21

    asked by gachamichi
  49. Science

    Which kingdom would this organism belong to? Characteristics Has nucleus Has mitochondria Is multicellular Cells grow in columns Cell wall present Decomposer

    asked by Plz I need help
  50. Math

    11. Which inequality matches the graph? 2n + 5 ≤ 7 2n – 5 < 7 2n + 5 < 7 2n + 5 ≥7 I need help plz I don't know how to do this

    asked by unseenface0987
  51. Math

    For all problems in this section, use the binomial tree model. Unless otherwise stated, assume no arbitrage. A stock is currently priced at $55.00. The risk free rate is 4.6% per annum with continuous compounding. In 9 months, its price will be either

    asked by Raina
  52. math

    factor p(x)=6x^(5)-11x^(4)-15x^(3)+45x^(2)-31x+6

    asked by alyssa
  53. Physical Science

    8.What type of reaction is this: NaCl > Na + Cl2 Synthesis**** Decomposition Single Replacement Double Replacement Combustion 9. What type of reaction is this: KOH + HNO3> HOH + KNO3 Synthesis Decomposition Single Replacement Double Replacement****

    asked by oooooof
  54. math

    12 lb 8 oz + 17 lb 8 oz

    asked by sydney
  55. Chemistry

    CH4 name

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Science

    Which of the following statements is a consequence of the equation E=mc^2? A. Energy is released when matter is destroyed B. Mass and energy are equivalent C. The law of conservation of energy must be modified to state that mass and energy are conserved in

    asked by Hipniblet
  57. Algebra

    What is the percent increase of 36 ft. and 3 in. to 37 ft. and 6 in. I think it is 2.7% increase pls answer today

    asked by Anonymous
  58. history

    What do Sunni and Shia differ on?

    asked by Iron Man
  59. math

    what multiple of 9 is also a factor of 9

    asked by ella
  60. Physics

    A vertical string(ignore its mass),whose spring constant is 875N/m is attached to a table and is compressed down by 0.16m.what upward speed can it give to a 0.38kg ball when released?

    asked by EFRANGE
  61. Algebra

    Write each of the following expressions as a power of 2: 4^−6⋅ 4^4⋅ (2^3⋅ 2^−4)^−1

    asked by Jenny
  62. history

    what is one of the Islamic dynasties to dominate in the Middle East during the Middle Ages.

    asked by nobody
  63. Math

    28 x 4

    asked by Tebby
  64. Physics

    I cant find out how to solve this problem. I have tried multiple times and get it wrong every time. Please show me how to solve the problem. An 9.00 g bullet is fired into a 322 g block that is initially at rest at the edge of a table of 1.3 m height. The

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Algebra

    Can someone please help me? The table shows the number of miles driven over time. Express the relationship between distance and time in simplified form as a unit rate. Time (hours) | Distance (miles) 4 | 188 6 | 282 8 | 376 10 | 470

    asked by Cheese :3
  66. Physics

    A rocket is fired vertically upward. At the instant it reaches an altitude of 2300 m and a speed of 279 m/s, it explodes into three equal fragments. One fragment continues to move upward with a speed of 224 m/s following the explosion. The second fragment

    asked by Need Help
  67. history

    In my history class, we are currently learning about the Analects of Confucius and I was wondering what this quote means? "Never give a sword to a man who can't dance." Thanks for the help.

    asked by Grace
  68. Physics

    Two 10.0-kg balls, each with a charge of 11.0 C, are separated by a distance of 0.500 km in interstellar space, far from other masses and charges. (b) Calculate the force of gravity between the two balls. (c) Calculate the electric force between the two

    asked by Please Help Me!!!
  69. Algebra

    A leaky value on the water meter overcharges the residents for one gallon of water every 1 1/3 months. The overcharged amount w varies directly with time t find the equation that models this direct variation how many months it will take for the residents

    asked by Gabby
  70. physics

    Using force board to determine the resultant of two forces

    asked by Gifty
  71. Vocabulary

    Some hikers are surprised when they get poison ivy rash, as its ( cringe , onset) can sometimes be several days after the encounter with the vine. Is it onset?

    asked by Abby
  72. Math

    What is 53 times 46836

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Geometry

    Consider that ΔXYZ is reflected across the y-axis and translated 2 units down. Choose all TRUE statements about the transformation. 1) X'Y' ≅ XY 2) ∠Z ≅ ∠Z' 3)ΔXYZ is not congruent to ΔX'Y'Z'. 4)Reflecting and translating the triangle change its

    asked by pyramid
  74. Math

    What does the graph of a function in the form y = mx + b look like? line point parabola circle

    asked by ASAPASAP A. S. A. P.
  75. History

    what are 4 specific similarities or differences between the Merovingian and the Carolingian Dynasties.

    asked by question?
  76. Arithmetic

    4 1/3÷1 2/9 Enter your answer, as a mixed number in the simplest form.

    asked by BlacKKrackin'
  77. Social Studies

    I couldn't understand this myself so It would be helpful if you can help me. This is about Indian cultures in America. How did the environment influence the American Indian cultures of the Northwest and Southwest?

    asked by Chiaki
  78. English

    So, I’m trying to do this Critical Response essay thingy for English and I need examples of character development in Nethergrave by Gloria Skurzynski. I haven’t found where I can read it online otherwise I would’ve done this myself. If you have

    asked by Carpet
  79. algebra 1

    how do you find whats equivalent to 1/y-1/4

    asked by nia saintclair
  80. Math

    12 lb 8 oz + 17 lb 8 oz = ?

    asked by Cat
  81. biology

    Nondisjunction can result in __________. the number of cells produced being more than four cells in which crossing-over did not occur mitosis occurring instead of meiosis cells with abnormal numbers of chromosomes

    asked by lexi
  82. Math

    In a class, 37% of the students are girls. There are 20 boys in the class. What is the number of girls in the class?

    asked by Kaye
  83. Math

    7 pt 1 c + 4 pt 1 c =?

    asked by Jojo
  84. English

    What text features does the author of “Art, Architecture, and Learning in Egypt” use to help readers better understand pyramids? Describe how each text feature provides additional information about pyramids that is not in the main text.

    asked by abby
  85. calculus

    The length ℓ, width w, and height h of a box change with time. At a certain instant the dimensions are ℓ = 7 m and w = h = 2 m, and ℓ and w are increasing at a rate of 3 m/s while h is decreasing at a rate of 1 m/s. At that instant find the rates at

    asked by #1
  86. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? A. The mountain climber felt for a foothold. B. Jennifer tasted the pasta sauce. C. Michael grew tired of the arguing. D. He just looked at me in confusion.

    asked by bob
  87. Math

    ( The surface area of the container is about 1601.4 cm ) The container is coated with 2 layers of specialty paint that costs $6.05 per jar. Each jar of paint covers 800 cm squared. How much does the paint cost?

    asked by J
  88. math

    solve the proportion 6/4=y/6 ​(Type the value of y. Simplify your answer. Type an​ integer, proper​ fraction, or mixed​ number.)

    asked by uma
  89. Math

    A planet has an approximate diameter of 3.06 • 103 kilometers. What is this number written in standard form?

    asked by Levi Ackerman