Questions Asked on
December 13, 2019

  1. History

    Which group was crucial for aiding communication in the Pacific theater? A-Caesar Code Breakers B-Navajo Code Talkers C-Enigma Cryptographers D-Cipher Bureau

    asked by Yahir
  2. history

    How does the Manuel Antonio National Park benefit Costa Ricans? There is more than one correct answer choice. Be sure to select all that apply. A. The land value raises overall tax revenues through taxes paid on the 683 hectares of land. B. All Costa

    asked by Auzy
  3. Algebra

    Suppose that the functions s and t are defined for all real numbers x as follows s(x) x-4 and t(x)=4x+1 write the expressions for (s•t) and (x) and (s+t) and evaluate (s-t)(-2)

    asked by Donnice Salisbury
  4. astronomy

    an astronomer looking out into space will observe that

    asked by Anonymous
  5. history

    What is a perspective that Costa Ricans are not known for? A)appreciation of life known as pura vida B)punctuality C)conservation of air, water, and land D)la hora tica i belive it is c my friend thinks its A

    asked by Auzy
  6. history

    What is a perspective that Costa Ricans are not known for? A)appreciation of life known as pura vida B)punctuality C)conservation of air, water, and land D)la hora tica I believe it is C

    asked by Auzy
  7. calculus

    (2 points) Consider the function f(x)=xe^−8x, 0≤x≤2. This function has an absolute minimum value equal to: which is attained at x= and an absolute maximum value equal to: which is attained at x=

    asked by anonymous
  8. Science

    In the figure, potential energy is being converted into kinetic energy from A) point A to point B B) point B to point C C) The only energy involved here is kinetic. D) Energy is not being converted.

    asked by -_- your local hobo stove
  9. Math

    A man made a will in which he left 4/9 of his money to his wife and 2/5 of the remainder to his eldest child. The rest was shared equally among his four younger children. If each of the younger children received #108000; what was the wife's share?

    asked by Bernard
  10. French

    Unite 2 lecon 7 page 66 answers.

    asked by Rina
  11. English

    6. In "mending wall" the wall symbolizes a:the barrier to peace between neighbors ** b:the emotional separation between neighbors c: the strength of communities in a northern climate d: the challenges of living in a northern climate helpp?

    asked by nola.
  12. math

    A solid metal cylinder has diameter 60cm and height 28cm.It is melted and recast to 50 equal cubes.Find the edge of each cube to 3 significant figures

    asked by lucy
  13. Science

    which best describes the function of the respiratory system? a) provides for passive exchange of oxygen and co2 in the alveoli of the lung b) mechanism for breathing C bring co2 and o2 into the lungs D provides the body with needed oxygen a)?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    A bakery offers a sale price of $3.50 for 4 muffins. What is the price per dozen?

    asked by Dena
  15. Algebra

    Can you tell which of the following triangles are right and explain your answer? The numbers represent the lengths of the sides: 5, 6, 7

    asked by Helen
  16. Social studies

    Which features of the roman government limited individual power? Select the 2 correct answers. A. The senate was the most powerful branch of government. B. The assemblies were a form of direct democracy. C. The two consuls could veto each others actions.

    asked by Olivia
  17. Math

    Which of the following scenarios does not represent a function? A. Kirin saves $5 from her allowance every week. B. Brent weighs himself each week. One week, he weighs himself twice. C. Amanda runs two circuits around the park in 45 minutes. D. DeSean

    asked by AnonymousCharlie
  18. calculus

    Find a formula for the fourth degree polynomial p(x) whose graph is symmetric about the y-axis, and which has a y-intercept of 4, and global maxima at (1,7) and (−1,7). p(x)=

    asked by Aishah
  19. Math

    Four kids; Aaron, Bessy, Carli, and Dawn Play with beads. They start with 200 beads in all. Aaron gave Bessy 26 beats, Bessy gave Carli 36 beats, Carli gave Dawn 32 beads, and Dawn gave Aaron 4 beads. They end up with the same number of beads each other.

    asked by Morea
  20. Biology

    linnaeus class classify class of all organisms organisms into two kingdoms later sciences added a third kingdom later still scientist expanded the system to five kingdoms now scientist classify organisms into 3 domains which are divided into 6 kingdoms

    asked by Ameeria
  21. math


    asked by irene
  22. math

    plz help me with this question amigos. you are baking for a cook out. you want to make 4 times the amount in the recipe requires 2/3 cup of sugar. how much sugar do you need

    asked by galaxy trys ;)
  23. english

    37. cause : there is concern about global warning and damage it is doing to the environment. which of the following belongs in the effect column A:solar panels help to harness the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. B: geothermal keeps the

    asked by nola.
  24. Art

    What does gesture drawing try to capture? A.Words B.Action C.Personality D.Appearance

    asked by evi
  25. Social studies

    what does relative price compare (Please don't copy off the internet.)

    asked by idk
  26. Algebra

    In a right triangle the length of a hypotenuse is c and the length of one leg is a. Find the length of the other leg b, if: c=5, a=3;

    asked by Helen
  27. chemistry

    what are some the properties of organic/inorganic compounds?

    asked by alexis
  28. Algebra

    Identify the mapping diagram that represents the relation and determine whether the relation is a function {(-5,-4), (-1,5),(-5,3),(7,8)}

    asked by Helper
  29. Math

    Which of these numbers are divisible by 9? 7,625 4,932 9,180 2,969 1. 9,180 and 4,932 2. 9,180 and 7,625 3. 2,969 and 4,932 4. 2,969, 9,180, and 7,625

    asked by Unicorn Lover🦄
  30. Chemistry

    For any enzyme that follows simple Michaelis-Menten kinetics, when the initial Velocity of the reaction is 80% of Vmax what is the substrate concentration? The answer is: [S] = 4Km Can you explain why it is?

    asked by FS
  31. English

    Please check my answer and let me know how I can improve it thank you. Directions: Answer the following question in at least 2 sentences 1. How do you go about collecting information on your intended audience? ( I am not sure what else to do in regards to

    asked by Lu
  32. Math

    Blake says he can use the absolute value to help order the numbers -6/5 and -2/3. He says the absolute value of -6/5 is greater so it is farther away from zero, and therefore -6/5

    asked by in need of help
  33. History

    A justice of the peace court is an

    asked by Chloe
  34. math

    If Paul runs 6 laps in 7 mins. How long it takes him to run 24 at same rate

    asked by Susie
  35. Social Studies

    How can a quota help protect workers?

    asked by Zane
  36. pre calc

    A plane takes off at 95 miles per hour and with a 10 degree angle of elevation. When does it reach its cruising altitude of 21,000 feet?

    asked by Tyrone
  37. electronic

    The current through a meter movement is 150μApeak. What is the dc value if the instrument uses half-wave rectification?

    asked by mani
  38. science

    a projectile is fired from the vertical tube mounted on the vehicle which is travelling at the constant speed of 30kph. the projectile leaves the tube with a velocity of 20m/s relative to the tube.neglecting air resistance

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physics

    Calculate the force required to submerge a wood of mass 200g and volume 1000cm3

  40. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=x^2/ 6x^2+8. List the x values of the inflection points of f. If there are no inflection points, enter 'NONE'.

    asked by Aishah
  41. calculus

    The function f(x)=−2x^3+6x^2+48x−6 is increasing on the interval ( ). It is decreasing on the interval ( −∞, ) and the interval ( , ∞ ). The function has a local maximum at ( )

    asked by Anonymous
  42. calculus

    List the critical numbers of the following function in increasing order. Enter N in any blank that you don't need to use. g(x)=2x^1/3−2x^−2/3 ( ) ( ) ( )

    asked by calculus
  43. Science

    When creating an urban green space, which of the following needs to be determined in order for the space to provide the most benefit to the most people? A.the number of amenities near the space B.the proximity of the space to the city's population C.the

    asked by Brandon
  44. Science

    Drag each phrase describing flood mitigation projects to the appropriate box to indicate whether it is a cost or a benefit. Cost-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------benefit word

    asked by 16 shots
  45. math

    Emma uses turquoise beads to make bracelets to sell at an event. The total amount Emma earns, y, is proportional to the number of bracelets, x, she sells. Emma earns $10 for each sold bracelet. Which equation represents the total amount Emma earns at the

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Algebra

    In a right triangle the length of a hypotenuse is c and the length of one leg is a. Find the length of the other leg b, if: c=13, a=5;

    asked by Helen
  47. math

    The angle of elevation of the sun is 27 degree. If a tree is 12 yd tall how long will the shadow be?

    asked by aj
  48. English

    Which sentence most clearly expresses the main idea of Langston terrace? Langston Terrace is a place that is worth writing about Langston Terrace is a place important to the civil rights movement Langston Terrace was a great place to live *** Langston

    asked by I need some help
  49. Math

    Taste is a(n) _____________ sense that can only truly be distinguished by the one who is doing the tasting. objective hypothesized subjective *

    asked by Moo
  50. English

    What tone do these lines from Zlata's diary express? Hey! You know who won the yugovision song contest!!!??? EXTRA NENA!!!??? A) Uninvolved and serious B) Exited yet puzzled C) Panicked but approving D) Bored and Not interested HELP!!!

    asked by help!!
  51. Math

    A booth at the farmer’s market has fresh goat cheese in three sizes of containers. The big container is 30 ounces and costs $9.00. The medium container is 15 ounces and costs $4.95. The small container is 8 ounces and costs $2.00. a. What is the cost per

    asked by ~~~~~Kayla~~~~~
  52. English

    Which statement best sums up the theme of Robert frost's poem "Mending Wall"? a) people who set up fences and walls are isolated and unkind b) most social relationships are shallow and superficial c) for some people, good realtionships depend on having

    asked by 789
  53. Math

    One-third of Olivias age, increased by 12, is equal to her age twice, decrased by 3.How old is Olivia? This isnt multiple choice and im confused on how to solve.

    asked by Himiko Toga
  54. New year

    Why new year celebrated on 1 jan

    asked by infotreasure
  55. Math

    16. A survey of a random sample of voters shows that 52% plan to vote for the incumbent and 48% plan to vote for the challenger. The survey has a margin of error of pm5\% . What is the range for the percentage of voters who plan to vote for the incumbent?

    asked by Fatima
  56. Geography

    Can you list 8 different periods of the earth? I need help with my portfolio.

    asked by Morningfrost
  57. Math

    Write three ratios equal to 7/35 A:1/7, 2/14 , 3/21 B:5/7 , 10/7 , 15/7 C:7/35 , 7/40 , 7/30 I know thisone is wrong D:1/5 , 2/10 , 3/15 I'm not asking for answers I just need help :)

    asked by +Glitter
  58. math

    round 815,295 to the nearest thousand

    asked by kerionne
  59. History

    what kind of social structure did the Huang he have? I cant find anything on the internet to help me dose anyone have an answer or an article I can read?

    asked by Veronica
  60. English

    This is for the text "Little Sinner's" (I'll post down below) The question is "What is the theme of the story? Give two specific examples." Thank you!!! Rafferty ran. Once in the alley he ran as fast as he could, and when he turned into St. Joseph Street

    asked by Bryanna
  61. Psychology

    Can someone tell me all about OCD? A link or an explanation would be greatly appreciated!

    asked by Agent T
  62. English

    Please check my answers. 1. Replace the bold-faced word in the sentence with an appropriate vocabulary word: I chose to GIVE UP sweets to get in preparation for soccer season. A. enigma B. abstain from ******** C. transfix D. self-efface 2. The fact that

    asked by --------- TheCrazyBangladeshi -----
  63. Social Studies

    Other than the canal, what draws tourists to Panama? A.Tourists come to experience the wide variety of ethnic cultures in Panama. B.Ecotourists come to see the wide variety of plants and animals in the rain forests. C.Ecotourists come to see the way that

    asked by KIttenKelly
  64. Math

    1. 2/5*3/7 2.9/10*5/7

    asked by PrincessJay
  65. Science

    In 3–5 sentences, describe flood mitigation techniques the federal government might use. I just need ideas or maybe links to websites I can research at. Thanks!

    asked by Hayley
  66. Math

    A store is having a 20%-off sale. It gives an additional 10% off if the item is still above $100 after the first discount. A jacket costs $149.99. Will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars

    asked by <(o_o)>
  67. Math

    Tim is a first grader and reads 28 words per minute. ​ Assuming he maintains the same rate, how many words he can read in 5 minutes?

    asked by Anja'kayla Ardoin
  68. History

    Why did some Texans choose to support the union in the civil war? a. They thought Texas should be an independant nation***** b. They were immigrants who did not understand the Declaration of Causes c. They were afraid of being drafted into the military d.

    asked by kayla
  69. math

    I really need help solving this equation 5.4+0.2x=-1.4x+8.6

    asked by hello
  70. Geography

    How did European infrastructure assist in the spread of the plague?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. pre algebra

    Solve the equation below -2(m-30)=-6m A.-15 B.-13 C.-8 D.8

    asked by supp
  72. Geography

    The Plague in Siena: An Italian Chronicle, Agnolo Di Tura, 1348. "They died by the hundreds, both day and night, and all were thrown in ditches and covered with earth. And as soon as those ditches were filled, more were dug. And I. Agnolo di Tura .. buried

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math

    Your brother is 13 your age. Your sister is 4 years older than your brother. Your sister is 9 years old. Write and solve an equation to find your age a. Please help me with this problem!!!

    asked by Penny
  74. Math repost for anja…

    Can someone help me plz with this word problem. Tanner is making her family's secret recipe of fruit punch for the barbecue this weekend. The ratios for mixing the perfect fruit punch is very specific so she pays special attention to the amounts and units.

    asked by Writeacher
  75. health

    it is often hard to practice self control when eating in the compony of others because people are greatly influenced by which of the following peers*** environment appearance of food hunger i need an answer asap plz i need help

    asked by aaron
  76. Health

    when consuming fats the healthiest choice is food high in saturated fats unsaturated fats ***? trans fats cholesterol PLZ HELP ME ASAP

    asked by aaron
  77. history

    What we’re the causes of World War 2?

    asked by Ashlee
  78. science

    How does our sun’s 11 year sunspot cycle effect Earth?

    asked by Grace
  79. Math

    given abc with a(-4,1), b(8,-1), and c(-2,9), write the equation of the line containing midsegment xz in standard form, where x is the midpoint of ab and z is the midpoint of bc.

    asked by Ugly Bob
  80. math

    what is half of 1 1/2

    asked by Unknown
  81. Math

    4 = 5 3x-7 = 3x+5

    asked by Bobby
  82. science/physics

    James combines the force of a tennis racket and his arm on a tennis ball. I don't understand what this question is asking, and it doesn't go with any other problem, could someone try to tell what it is asking because I have no clue ;-;

    asked by CoolDude