Questions Asked on
December 9, 2019

  1. English

    What are some similarities and differences between Emerson's beliefs and Thoreau's beliefs?

    asked by Anne
  2. Math

    Which equation in slope-intercept form represents a line that is parallel to y=1/2x−2 and passes through the point (−8,1)? y=−1/2x+5 y=1/2x+5 y=1/2x−9 y=−2x−7 y=−2x−5

    asked by Trent
  3. math

    Sasha reads at a rate of 0.8 pages per minute in her favorite novel, but only 0.5 pages per minute in the autobiography she is currently reading. Her English class has a minimum reading requirement of at least 75 pages per week. This situation is

    asked by Maybelline
  4. spanish

    Mis primos _[blank 1]_ muy traviesos de niños y siempre se portaban mal cada vez que _[blank 2]_ que mi tía se _[blank 3]_ de casa. Empareja los espacios en blanco con las palabras correctas eran iban iba era veía

    asked by Lost
  5. Science

    The density of 95.2 % (weight percent) of H2SO4 is 1.53 g/ml.calculate the molarity of this solution.

    asked by Ahmad
  6. English

    Which sentence contains the present participle of the verb (go)? A. Tyler is going to the soccer game. B. Tyler has gone to the soccer game. C. Tyler goes to the soccer game. D. Tyler will go to the soccer game.

    asked by Holly
  7. spanish

    La señora Ramírez se estresaba cuando _[blank 1]_ que sus hijos no _[blank 2]_ a tener éxito. Dijo a su hija Natalia: Empareja los espacios en blanco con las palabras correctas. eran iba veía eras iban ibas

    asked by Lost
  8. Finance Maths

    Suppose you have written a derivative that pays the squared value of the stock price at maturity T=1; that is, it pays S3(1). The stock currently trades at S(0)=100. Your model is a single period binomial tree with up value for the stock equal to 102 and

    asked by Anonymous
  9. history

    Which sentence has both an action verb and a linking verb? A. When the movie ended, the audience applauded. B. That story was exciting, and its ending was a big surprise! C. The trees look bare after they lose their leaves. D. The museum has a new dinosaur

    asked by bob
  10. Geometry

    Hi, I'm in Honors Geometry and I need a little help on this portfolio project. I know how to make the triangles but I'm not sure how to answer the questions. SSS: Cut three pieces of string. Make each piece of string the length of one of the sides of the

    asked by Student
  11. Math

    Which graph represents the solution set for the inequality y≥x+1? A graph of a solid line at y equals x plus 1, with shading below the line. A graph of a dotted line at y equals x plus 1, with shading above the line. A graph of a solid line at y equals x

    asked by May
  12. Spanish

    Lee lo siguiente. _[blank 1]_ los años clave de sus vidas. Los dos tenían una buena profesión. _[blank 2]_ a casarse. Rodolfo _[blank 3]_ a alcanzar sus metas. _[blank 4]_ el momento perfecto de comprarse una casa. Empareja los espacios en blanco con

    asked by Lost
  13. Science

    which of the following were found to destroy ozone in the upper atmosphere? A. sulfur oxides B. CFCs C. nitrogen oxides D. carbon dioxide

    asked by BOIIIIIIIIII
  14. Music

    which one of the following is not one of the instrument families in the standard symphony orchestra? A. strings B.woodwinds C.brass D.sopranos~

    asked by hi
  15. Business

    A college professor told her students, the purpose of a management course is to teach students about management ,not to teach them to be managers. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss.

    asked by Begna
  16. Algebra

    Amazon charges a flat rate of $129 (yearly) for Amazon Prime and $7.99 for each HD movie rental. Youtube Red charges a flat rate of $144 (yearly) and $4.99 for each movie rental. a) Write an equation to represent Amazon's charges. Explain how you got that

    asked by Bobby
  17. Math

    Bill’s favorite breakfast cereal is available in four different sizes. Which is the best buy? A. 15-ounce box for $4.20 B. 10-ounce box for $3.10 C. 22-ounce box for $5.72 D. 18-ounce box for $4.50

    asked by YEET boy
  18. algebra

    Triangle CAT is located at C (-2, 2), A (4, -2), T (1, 1). Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with a scale factor of 4

    asked by ;____;
  19. Civics

    Hypothetically Speaking: Explain how the prompt below is an example of checks and balances. Uh oh…you just got pulled over by a police officer. He writes you a ticket for texting while driving. The only problem is you didn’t have your cell phone at the

    asked by dewdroplyss
  20. math

    A hoverboard manufacturer has just announced the Glide 5 hoverboard. The accounting department has determined that the cost to manufacturer the Glide 5 hoverboard and the equation is y = 35.78 x + 31842 . The revenue equation is y = 87.98 x . What is the

    asked by Tiffany Warren
  21. algebra 2

    a quadratic equation can be written in vertex form or in standard form. sometimes one form is more beneficial than the other. identify which form would be more helpful if you needed to do each task listed below and explain why. a. factor the equation. b.

    asked by wefewfwefewf
  22. Algebra

    How do I graph this equation? y = 4x + 1? Can someone tell me step by step?

    asked by Hope
  23. algebra

    Suppose the total length of the truck and trailer is given by the expression 8 50 . If the trailer measures 7 32 , which radical expression represents the remaining length for the truck's cab?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. algebra

    Two crews were assigned the job of setting 900 fence posts. By the time the job was completed, one crew had set only 7/8 as many fence posts as the other crew. How many fence posts were set by the faster group?

    asked by Ashleigh
  25. English

    I'm having trouble finding consistent information... How should a movie be cited in-text in APA? How should a movie be cited in references in APA? Should movies be italicized, underlined, etc. when mentioned in-text?

    asked by APA format
  26. Email

    Suppose you have some kind of an disability in your right hand which makes your handwriting unclear... You just finished your semester examination and you are writing a letter to a senior lecturer/professor informing your situation and kindly requesting

    asked by Aryaa
  27. spanish

    Empareja las frases de la derecha que se relacionan lógicamente con las palabras o frases de la izquierda. tener novio/a tener éxito llegar a tiempo vivir por su cuenta

    asked by Lost
  28. Mathematical Finance

    Assume that the future dividends on a given stock S are known, and denote their discounted value at the present time t by D¯(t). For American call and put options values C(t) ,P(t), suppose we have that P(t)−D¯(t)−K>C(t)−S(t) Suppose you buy the

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Physics

    Amtrak's 20th century is en route from Chicago to new York at 110km/h

    asked by Akshana
  30. Chemistry

    is there a way to experimentally determine the enthalpy and entropy of a borax solution without titrating it

    asked by umtuin
  31. Math Finance

    At time zero you enter a short position in a forward contract on 1 share of the stock XYZ at the forward price of 10.00. Moreover, you buy one exotic derivative, with the same maturity as the forward contract, which pays to the holder exactly one share of

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Sam grew three pumpkins for the pumpkin garden contest. The pumpkins weigh 24and1/8 pounds 18 and2/4 pounds and 32 and5/6 pounds Find the combined total weight of Sam’s pumpkins

    asked by Maya
  33. Chemistry

    Which of these substances have the same meniscus shape? Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Chemistry

    Which of these substances have the same meniscus shape? why?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Chemistry

    H2+I2 ⇌2HI IF we have graph of no of moles of HI against time then how can we know at what rate No. of moles H2 levels off with time

    asked by Raj
  36. math

    Which ratios from a proportion?

    asked by amiracle
  37. math

    ​Which congruence criteria can be used to prove the triangles are congruent?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math repost for chris

    (Please use Ask a New Question instead of piggybacking on someone else's question.) whats the proportion for 2/5 = x/25 and 10/3=7/x and y+4/11 = y-2/9 and z-1/3 = 8/z+1

    asked by Writeacher
  39. Computer Science

    How can I explain the phrase cocooning resources, and relate it to cloud computing? P.S. "cocooning resources" is related to Computer Science. Not Earth Science.

    asked by DeAnthony
  40. pre algebra

    solve the equation -2v-7=23 A. 15 B. 8 C. -8 D. -15

    asked by joe mamma
  41. English

    I am not sure how to answer these questions because the source that I am using is a government one. bls. gov ooh (altered so I can submit my question.) I thank you for your help. Directions: Answer the following questions using the source that you were

    asked by Lu
  42. pre algebra

    I NEED HELP WITH SOLVING THIS EQUATION x over 3 -10=-12 a. -6 b. -66 c. 6 d. 66

    asked by hello
  43. Math

    Unit 6 test i need answers

    asked by Help
  44. Reading

    Check my answers please. 2. In "Life Without Gravity," the author provides many ideas and details about living in microgravity. What do you consider the most important idea in "Life Without Gravity"? In an essay, describe the idea you think is most

    asked by hi
  45. writing

    I am writing a paper on why the Deaf community does not want to have cochlear implants. I've been told I need a hook in the first paragraph. This is what I wrote, does this sound good? The first sentence is what I added. In 1961 when the first cochlear

    asked by Marie
  46. English

    Which sentence uses the past form of an irregular verb? A. My friend is keeping a journal. B. Adam has seen that show twice. C. Elsa gave me this book. D. We listened to the weather report.

    asked by bob
  47. Science

    What is the Density? Mass=121 grams. Volume=11mL.

    asked by #Hatergonhate!
  48. Science

    What is the Volume? Mass=25 grams. Density=5 g/mL.

    asked by #Hatergonhate!
  49. Science

    What is the Mass? Density=10 g/mL. Volume=50mL.

    asked by #Hatergonhate!
  50. writing

    How does this sound? As I read the history of cochlear implants, I found that the individuals in the Deaf World were never consulted about developing a device such as the cochlear implant to help them hear. No one had asked them if they really wanted to

    asked by Marie
  51. u.s. history

    What was Ballou fighting for and why?

    asked by jas
  52. English

    Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly thank you. So when they asking if " this is a potent source are they asking if the source is strong? C. Is this source potent? Yes D. Why does this make it a good source? This makes a good source

    asked by Lu
  53. Math

    For questions 1-5 solve the equation 1. -9x -5=-95 A. 17 B.11 C.10 *** D.-10 ? 2. x over 4 - 5=-8 A.-27 B.-12 C.-7 D.12 3. x over 4 + 10 =14 A. 96 B.46 C. 16*** D. -16 ? 4. 2(2-2x) =-3x A. -4 B.4 C.6 D.0 5. 2.9n + 1.7 =3.5 + 2.3n A. 3 *** B.-3 C. 0.3 D. 1

    asked by LittleNugget
  54. pre-algebra

    If Nx3/4=4/5, then what is N?

    asked by Alex
  55. pre-algebra

    If d/5=4, then what is d?

    asked by Alex
  56. algebra

    If 2 1/4r = 10, then what is r?

    asked by Alex
  57. math

    A map shows the distance between the corner of Cactus Road and 1st Street and the corner of 1st Street and Merle Road as 3 inches. If the scale is 1 in. : 3.7 mi, what is the actual distance?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. history

    Who or what did Massanet believe would protect the mission?

    asked by bcm
  59. Social Studies

    Legalism helped lead to rebellions after Shi Huangdi's death because under Legalism, a minor crime received punishments that A. were too severe. B. cost too much C. focused on the community D. were to merciful

    asked by Adellina (OCA)
  60. Math

    At time zero you enter a short position in a forward contract on 1 share of the stock XYZ at the forward price of 10.00. Moreover, you buy one exotic derivative, with the same maturity as the forward contract, which pays to the holder exactly one share of

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    A store pays 895 for an antique clock and marks the price up by 45%. What is the new price

    asked by Plz I need help
  62. Math

    355 with an additional 25%

    asked by Plz I need help
  63. Math

    Which equation in slope-intercept form represents a line that is parallel to y=−4x−5 and passes through the point (0,0)? A: y=−4x−7 B: y=4x−7 C: y=4x−9 D: y=−1/4x−5 E: y=−4x

    asked by Trent
  64. Math

    Parallelogram JKLM is reflected across the y-axis and then translated down 6 units to form parallelogram QRST.

    asked by Karina
  65. Math

    Sue has 7/8 of her book left to read if she reads another 2/7 of the book, how much of the book will she have left? 1. 33/56 2. 1/5 3. 5/8 4. 23/40

    asked by Oh Wow
  66. math

    Elizabeth and Lauren sold cookies for a school fundraiser and made $1,316.70. Together the girls sold a total of 831 cookies. Elizabeth sold chocolate chip cookies for $1.50 each, and Lauren sold peanut butter cookies for $1.65 each. How many cookies did

    asked by sammy
  67. Social Studies

    Use the table below to answer the following question. Favoring the growth of cities and merchants would be an example of which political party's stance? the Federalist Party’s support of French policies. the Federalist Party’s belief that the

    asked by Big brain 19 year old
  68. Math

    Which of the following expressions is equal to −18? Select three that apply. Group of answer choices 6 − (−6) −3 −( −9) −15 − 3 −8 − 4 1 − 19 −20 – ( −2)

    asked by Tenley
  69. Math

    PLEASE HELP ASAP A man added 2 gallons of water to a fish aquarium. He realized it was too full and needed to bring the water level back down. How could the man bring the water level back to its previous level? Select three that apply. Group of answer

    asked by Tenley
  70. Science

    Recall from previous activities in this lesson which era is sometimes referred to as the Age of Mammals and list the other possible names that could have been used to describe this era, and why.

    asked by Sebastian Michaelis
  71. math

    What is the remainder when 16,055 is divided by 16?

    asked by amina
  72. math

    The inequality 70◦ < x < 80◦ represents the range of the ideal water temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, for Sammy’s fish. Which statement is true about the situation? A. The ideal water temperature is less than 70 ◦F. B. The ideal water

    asked by booboo
  73. Math

    plz help me. If Jason spends 2 2/3 hours more at the camp, he will complete 7 hours of camp counseling. How many hours has he worked as a counselor so far?

    asked by Aissatou
  74. math

    Solve the equation –4n – 12 + n = 3. –5**** –3 5 3

    asked by gachamichi
  75. math

    6400 in the ratio 3:5

    asked by sam
  76. math

    A coffee distributor needs to mix a(n) Breakfast coffee blend that normally sells for $8.30 per pound with a Gazebo coffee blend that normally sells for $8.70 per pound to create 70 pounds of a coffee that can sell for $8.33 per pound. How many pounds of

    asked by Tiffany Warren
  77. math

    calvin buys 3/5 pound of ground beef. he divides the beef into 6 equal portions. a)find the weight of 1 portion of beef. b)fin the weight of 4 portions of beef.

    asked by alex
  78. Math

    What number will equal 47,000 if rounded to the nearest thousand

    asked by Alpha
  79. math

    A bag contains 20 marbles: 9 red, 5 blue, 3 green, and 3 yellow. A marble will be drawn from the bag and replaced 50 times. What is a reasonable prediction for the number of times a green or yellow marble will be drawn?

    asked by Wes
  80. Vectors

    Given the equation of a line, [x, y, z] = [2, -1, -1] + k[1, 2, 4] Determine the equation of line 3 through [1, 4 , -3] perpendicular to line 1.

    asked by Christian
  81. Math

    What is the value of 4x when x=3.3?

    asked by Jane
  82. Math

    How much would a 203.8 pound woman weigh on the sun,if a object on the surface of the sun weight around 28 times as much weight on earth?

    asked by Jane
  83. Vectors

    1. Determine if the following equations represent the same line L1=(0,-2,3) + t(-1,1,2) L2=(-1,1,1)+ v(-2,2,-4) Supposed to be square bracklets.

    asked by Christian
  84. Economics

    In 1988 interest on the national debt was $214 billion and in 2018 it was $532 billion. In 1988 10% of the interest was paid to the foreign sector and in 2018 28% was paid to the foreign sector. In percentage terms, how much did interest paid to the

    asked by Chad
  85. algebra

    What would the equation for “Marie has 24 coins in half Dollars and dimes?”

    asked by Lisa
  86. Physics

    A car of mass 500kg is travelling along a horizontal road. The engine of the car is working at a constant rate of 5kW. The total resistance of motion is constant and is 250N. What is the acceleration of the car when its speed is at 5m/s?

    asked by hello123
  87. Science

    Samantha for clay powder into a glass of wine and mastered do you notice that the water became cloudy entering the same color as the claim Samantha let the glass sit on a table for a few hours then she observe for the water was clear again and I layer of

    asked by Confused student
  88. Science

    How I prepare the 1% Acid water

    asked by Firdos khan
  89. math

    solving rational numbers is so confusing.I don't understand how to solve -14/5 x (-51/69)

    asked by jade
  90. English

    What traditions have grown around baseball, and how do they affect the people who play and love the game?

    asked by I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!
  91. Vectors

    Write the vector equation and the parametric equations of the plane that is perpendicular to the line [x,y,z] = [5,3,-1]+t[-1,7,2] and parallel to the line [x,y,z] = [2,-3,1]+s[-1,3,-2] and containing the point (1, 2, 5).

    asked by Christian
  92. Vectors

    1. Determine if the following equations represent the same line L1=(0,-2,3) + t(-1,1,-2) L2=(-1,1,1)+ v(-2,2,-4)

    asked by Christian
  93. Math, permutations

    How many different 6 letter "words" can be formed from the letters C,A,N,Y,O,N if: O must be last, A must be first and repetitions aren't allowed. Here is how I set it up: A ? ? ? ? O (? Represents blanks) so 4!?

    asked by Lijim
  94. math

    what is15% of $25.60

    asked by Anonymous
  95. reading

    Always to Remember" is an essay about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It also includes photographs of the memorial and of Maya Lin. In an essay, explain whether the text and pictures together give you enough information to understand why the Vietnam

    asked by welp_oh_dear
  96. reading

    Describe one ethical issue related to the “access economy”

    asked by welp_oh_dear