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December 4, 2019

  1. Math

    Water is added to two containers for 16 minutes. The equations below model the ounces of water, y, in each container after x minutes. At the time after the start when the containers hold the same amount of water, how much water do they hold? Container A:

    asked by ••••
  2. Math

    If 126n=86 find n

    asked by Glory
  3. Statistics

    One of the questions on a survey of 1,000 adults asked if today's children will be better off than their parents (Rasmussen Reports website, October 26, 2012). Representative data are shown in the DATAfile named ChildOutlook. A response of Yes indicates

    asked by Ben
  4. Physics

    In the figure below PT is a uniform meter rule pivoted at R,the 70cm mark two forces 0.1N and 0.4N are applied at Q, the 60cm mass and S,the 85cm mark. If the meter rule is kept in equilibrium by the forces and it's weight, calculate the rate of the meter

    asked by Sule
  5. Math

    Which expressions are equivalent? Select two answers. A. 1/5 x − 10 and 1/5 (x − 50) B. 1/3 x − 6 and −1/3 (3x + 18) C. 1/2 x + 8 and 1/2 (x + 16) D. 1/8 x + 1 and 1/8 (8x + 8) E. −1/4 x + 2 and −1/4 (x + 2)

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  6. Stats

    The Centers for Disease Control reported the percentage of people 18 years of age and older who smoke (CDC website, December 14, 2014). Suppose that a study designed to collect new data on smokers and nonsmokers uses a preliminary estimate of the

    asked by Colby
  7. Chemistry

    Where are the anion and cation written in an ionic compound? A)The ion with the largest subscript in the formula is written first in the name of an ionic compound. B)The ion, cation, or anion with the greatest charge is written first in the name and the

    asked by BS
  8. English

    The Drive-In Movies" is written from the point of view of the author, Gary Soto. How would the story be different if it were written by a neighbor who observed the events described in the story? please give me an example cause I can't think of anything :(

    asked by idk
  9. English

    I am wondering if i am right In diez in the desert how did diez almost die in the desert Diez drank another mans urine Diez attempted to break open a saguaro Diez was severely dehydrated *** Diez smoked too many cigarettes

    asked by Reg
  10. math

    Which is equivalent to 80%? Select two answers. A. 0.08 B. 5/8 C. 0.8 D. 4/5 E. 80

    asked by idk
  11. Math

    Evaluate x divided by 80 for x=8/9

    asked by Please help
  12. Math

    If the spinner is spun twice, what is the probability that the spinner will stop on a consonant and then again on a consonant? The spinner is a circle divided into 6 equal sections. The sections are labeled L U Z O E and I. A. two-ninths B. one-third C.

    asked by fat newb
  13. Math

    A girl is 5years older than her brother, the product of their age is 54, find their age 1/2, 1/16, 1/8

    asked by Emmanuella
  14. Physics

    A sample of air contains 4.56 x 10^24 molecules of CO2. Calculate how many moles of carbon dioxide are in that sample.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Biology

    Some scientists reproduce, or grow, cells in a laboratory setting so they can study the cells for particular reasons. Research different examples of cells being reproduced in a lab. What is the purpose behind doing this? Name two advantages and two

    asked by Christine
  16. French

    13. (LC) What is the name of a café where you can have access to the Internet? (1 point) Cybernautes Cybercafé Surfer Télécharger 14. (LC) Select the borrowed word in the online vocabulary: (1 point) Les cybernautes Surfer le net Télécharger Être en

    asked by Meeee
  17. English

    Is panic a v/cv syllable pattern?

    asked by Isla
  18. Stats

    The International Air Transport Association surveys business travelers to develop quality ratings for transatlantic gateway airports. The maximum possible rating is 10. Suppose a simple random sample of 50 business travelers is selected and each traveler

    asked by Westin
  19. Stats

    Customers arrive at a movie theater at the advertised movie time only to find that they have to sit through several previews and prepreview ads before the movie starts. Many complain that the time devoted to previews is too long. A preliminary sample

    asked by Tad
  20. Math

    The 5th term of the expontential sequence is 4375 and 2nd term is 35, (a) Find the 6th term (b) Sum of the five term

    asked by Emmanuella
  21. Programming

    [Help me to solve this question] Regarding the following problems, you are asked to make a pseudocode for calculating income tax with the following conditions: Input: Numeric in the form of numbers> = 0 If the input is something other than that then an

    asked by ibnu chairul akbar
  22. English

    Nartey (read/reads) a story book

    asked by Bechanor Hayford
  23. Ed tech

    witch graphic organizer best represents changes over a period of time A. Venn Diagram B. Buble Map C. Timeline D. Story Map

    asked by Connexeus girl
  24. maths

    Write equation of parabolla with vertex ( 4,3 ) passes through ( 5,2 ) vertical axis

    asked by muudee
  25. Math

    How can cos(x - pi/4) be rewritten as sin(x + pi/4)?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    I need help with this math question: As you calculate the design cost for a site, you conclude it will be $50 per hour. However, your final estimate to the client will be for $55 per hour to include which cost (without including the cost as a line item)?

    asked by DeAnthony
  27. Business

    As you are scanning letters, you work with the client to find a size that is large enough to see, but not too large to download. What have you worked to find? the Winnie the Pooh spot the Goldilocks spot the Peter Pan spot the sweet spot I chosen "the

    asked by DeAnthony
  28. Math

    What property justifies that 6x+9/3 =2x + 3? (it isn't like 6x plus the fraction 9/3, it's like the expression 6x + 9 divided by 3.) A. Commutative Property of Addition B. Commutative Property of Multiplication C. Distributive Property D. Addition of Like

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  29. Psychics

    The speed of a car traveling on a straight road increases from 63 m/s to 75 m/s in 4.2 s what is the cars acceleration ? Please help

    asked by Ashley
  30. criminology

    How were victim's rights established in the United States? a) They are implied by the Bill of Rights. b) They are rooted in the U.S. Constitution. c) They have been written into law in every state. d) They were created by a Supreme Court decision. I think

    asked by athena
  31. Chemistry

    Name two elements that have properties similar those of the element potassium.

    asked by Kiersten
  32. Economics

    Suppose you take a loan of $1000 today at a compound interest of 10 percent. Calculate the loan amount at the end of year 2. Thanks!!!

    asked by Riley
  33. Math

    A committee is to consist of 2 members. If there are 12 men and 6 women available to serve on the committee, how many different committees can be formed? a. 153 b. 816 c. 72 d. 136 ***

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    Together Paul and Jack earned $72 washing cars. Jack washed twice as many cars as Paul. If Paul washed 3 cars, how much did they charge to wash each car?

    asked by Autumn
  35. Science

    Please help me PCl5 + H2O → H3PO4 + HCl What coefficients will balance the equation? 1, 4, 1, 5 1, 5, 1, 1 2, 5, 1, 2 2, 4, 2, 5 And NH4OH(aq) → H2O(l) + NH3(g) What coefficients will balance the equation? 1, 2, 2 3, 3, 4 2, 1, 2 1, 1, 1 I think the

    asked by BS
  36. Geometry

    Find the coordinates of the orthocenter of the triangle with the given vertices

    asked by kim
  37. Statistics

    A simple random sample of 60 items resulted in a sample mean of 76. The population standard deviation is 12. a. Compute the 95% confidence interval for the population mean (to 1 decimal). b. Assume that the same sample mean was obtained from a sample of

    asked by Jaycee
  38. Statistics

    For a t distribution with 16 degrees of freedom, find the area, or probability, in each region. c. To the left of -1.746. (Use 2 decimals.) d. To the right of 2.583. (Use 2 decimals.) e. Between -2.120 and 2.120. (Use 2 decimals.) f. Between -1.746 and

    asked by Madi
  39. Math

    Jerome has 1/2 12 of the group’s video games at his house. Mario has 2/5 25 of the group’s video games at his house. What fraction of the group’s video games is either at Jerome’s house or Mario’s house?

    asked by I'm not giving my name away
  40. statistics

    Health insurers are beginning to offer telemedicine services online that replace the common office visit. Wellpoint provides a video service that allows subscribers to connect with a physician online and receive prescribed treatments. Wellpoint claims that

    asked by tyson
  41. Math

    With her expression is not equivalent to the model below?

    asked by Delilah
  42. English

    "I have cleaned the room ," the child said to her mother. (choose correct pronoun I/SHE)

    asked by saloni
  43. Math

    K(lat 60 degree N,long 50 degree W) is apoint on the earth surface l is another pointdue east of k and the third point N is due South of k The distance kl is 3520km and KN is 10951km.calculate the long of c,the latitude of N

    asked by Glory
  44. Careers

    Can I become a Medical doctor while studying those subjects at school but in University studying Medicine?

    asked by Shantale Marimo
  45. Science

    Try as he might, was done while he pushed against the wall

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Differential Equations

    Solve (D^2-3D+2)y =x(x+4) and show that its general solution is given by y=Ae^x + Be^2x +(x^2/2) + (7x/2) + (19/4) My work : auxiliary eqn , m^2 - 3m + 2= 0 m=1 , m=2 Reduced eqn : yn = Ae^x + Be^2x P.I. = 1/f(D)*F(x) = (1/(D^2-3D+2))*(x(x+4)) P.I. =

    asked by Aryaa
  47. Math

    Find the quadratic equation of 2 and -6

    asked by Emmanuella
  48. science

    If a 50kg cheeetah had kinetic energy of 18,000 joules , how fast is the cheetah running?

    asked by Grace
  49. mathematics

    a two digit number is such that its value is equal to four times the sum of its digits. If the digits are interchanged, the new number formed exceeds two thirds of the original number by 52. Find the number.

    asked by grover
  50. maths

    a 10m piece of wire is cut into two pieces one piece is 2m longer than the other. how long are the pieces?

    asked by james
  51. History

    Which is true regarding how presidential Congressional plans differed? A: the president wanted to bring seceded back into the Union as quickly as possible B:the president believed that Congress would be to soft on Southern Rebels C:Congress refused to

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    Which of the following measures could be 432 square inches? A. The width of a car B. The area of a doormat********* C. The volume of a suitecase D. The perimeter of a classroom

    asked by IKTA!
  53. math

    Show how to use the distributive property to multiply the two numbers with mental math. 8 x 16 I just need you guys to explain it to me with 8 x 16

    asked by kk
  54. Vocabulary

    I need help with this fill in the blank question: Wanting to be a better archer who hits the bull's eye is a good _____. The answer that I think is strategy, but I don't think it's the right answer.

    asked by DeAnthony
  55. economics

    yell-oyew boat ,ltd produces a popular brand of point y birds called blue meanies consider the demand and supply equation do blue meanies qd,x=150-2px+0.001i+1.5py and qs,x=60+4px-2.5w,solution

    asked by terefe
  56. Social studies

    How are the economies of South America similar? How are they different? can someone give me an idea of what to do? i don't need the answer, just how to do it.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Science

    I need help on matching the rationale to the goal setting step: 1. The goal is a broad-based projection.-Write a general statement. 2. The goal is a purpose.-Create a timeline. 3. The goal should be assessed.-Create a measurable scale. Is this correct?

    asked by DeAnthony
  58. English

    Falcons belong to the raptor family. They are the fastest flyers of all the raptors. These birds of prey eat small animals and other birds. To catch a bird, a falcon flies high into the air. It dives down and hits its prey in midair. Falcons do not build

    asked by KIttenKelly
  59. algebra

    A 38 ft long ladder is leaning against an embankment inclined at 60 deg. to the horizontal. If the bottom of the ladder is 15 ft from the embankment, what is the distance from the top of the ladder down to the embankment to the ground?

    asked by A.B
  60. English

    Can someone please help me I know its a test and DON'T want any one posting answers so I get in troble but I need help on it I have a bad grade already so can i get help please

    asked by ??????
  61. Digital Arts

    I need help double checking a question- Help is always appreciated! Rendering includes which of the following? A. Using a stylus to outline details B. Using color to add the appearance of solidity C. Having good audio features for a film D. Writing stories

    asked by Clara
  62. Math

    Goldbegs sleigh currently runs at 203mph but he needs it to go 400mph with all the packages he has to deliver. If Goldberg is delivering presents at an altitude of 5813.6ft.with the same drag and weight of a 2019 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody, how much

    asked by Arthur Lincoln
  63. math

    9 5/12 - 4 2/3 A.4 1/2 B.5 1/3 C.5 1/4 D.4 3/4

    asked by trinity
  64. math

    Ten times the sum of a number 15 and is at least 21 .

    asked by Giselle
  65. Social studies

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. Mongolia, Japan, and the Koreas are largely , with large majority ethnic groups. However, the make up a small minority group on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. China’s largest ethnic group are the Han,

    asked by Mari
  66. English studies

    What is the features of predicates

    asked by Adeyemo
  67. Math

    List the elements of the set {x | x ∈ Integers and 8 ≤ x < 12 } 9, 10, 11, 12 8, 9, 10, 11 9, 10, 11*

    asked by Moo
  68. social studies

    Chinese settlement was restricted to the west by which natural barrier? A. the Pacific Ocean B. the Gobi Desert C. the Huang River D. the Himalaya Mountains I don't need the answers, I just need my work checked. I picked C, is it correct?

    asked by Adellina (OCA)
  69. Math

    456,207 to the nearest ten thousand

    asked by Anonymous
  70. physics

    A car traveling at 42 m/s horizontally flies off a 95 meter-high cliff. Search crews need to know where to look for the wreckage. How far away from the base of the cliff, should they search?

    asked by help
  71. Math

    Solve the equation using mental math. y+1/4=6 11/12 what am I supposed to do?!?

    asked by CONNEXUS USER
  72. Math

    Write three rations to equal 5/40 A. 2/14, 3/21, 4/28 B. 1/8, 2/16, 3/24 C. 1/9, 2/18, 3/27*****my answer D. 5/40, 5/45, 5/50***also kinda thinking about it Jake sold 28 tickets to the school fair, and Jeanne sold 21 tickets. What is the ratio in simplest

    asked by yee
  73. Math

    I have 2/3 cups of sugar. How many recipes can I make if the recipe calls for 1/4 cups of sugar?

    asked by Bailey
  74. logic pattern proof

    Symbolize and test for the validity of the following arguement using pattern proof If u send me a message then I will come to meet you. If you do not send me a message then I will go to China. Therefore either I will come to meet you or I will go to China

    asked by Aryaa
  75. Health and Human Services revised

    Please check my answer and let me know how I can improve on it thanks. Directions: Answer the following questions in 2 separate paragraphs. (revised) 1. Why is the cost of health care an important factor? The cost of health care is an important factor

    asked by Lu
  76. world history

    can someone who is knowledgeable in world history please check my answers thank you. 1.)hitler became the leader of germany when a.his army staged a coup d' etat against the government b.the german people elected him president c his party won a majority in

    asked by adrian
  77. Math

    x-1/5=4 2/5 what do I do???

    asked by Ramen
  78. social studies

    1) if you choose to become a diplomat after college which of the following will be you primary job? A) organizing military operations involving two or more countries B) promoting a friendly and open relationship with another government C) determining

    asked by i miss my brother
  79. math

    A marksman's chance of hitting a target with each of his shots is 60%. (Assume that the shots are independent of each other.) If he fires 30 shots, what is the probability of his hitting the target at least 20 time? First, I found the mean by multiplying

    asked by confused
  80. math

    A salesperson makes 15% commission on everything she sells. How much commission would she make on sales of $1200?

    asked by idk
  81. Math

    So, im doing Ms. Jessica Auciello's 8th grade readiness math class. I just need help in general, as i am 44 lessons behind and need to get this all done before the 19th. Im on lesson, "Up, Down, and All Around'' And i just need help with everything. If you

    asked by kill me plz
  82. Social Studies

    How did forced assimilation effect Aboriginal children? A. It encouraged the children to learn their own language. B. It caused the children to be taken from their families. C. It forced the children to leave Australia. D. It guaranteed the children equal

    asked by CGM
  83. Health and Human Services

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. T/F the increase in generic drugs caused a decrease in the spending rate on retail prescription drugs from 2016 to 2017. True I based my answer on this "With retail prescription drugs, the reasons for the decrease in

    asked by Lu
  84. Science

    Could someone please help me on the Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems Test Lesson 13 unit 4

    asked by Love Always
  85. Math

    Which of the following

    asked by Shane
  86. Math

    If Goldberg is delivering presents at an altitude of 5,813.6ft, with the same drag and weight of a 2019 Challenger SRT® Hellcat Redeye, how much HP would he need to reach 400 mph? Pro Tips •100% driveline efficiency •P (air density) at 5813.6 ft =

    asked by Luis
  87. Geography

    Which group in Spanish colonial society filled high government positions? A. Creoles B. Mulattoes C. Mestizos D. Peninsulares My answer is D. Am I correct?

    asked by Spill the tea, sis ☕
  88. Math

    Multiply (-0.64)(-2.5) Enter your answer as a decimal.

    asked by Kyle
  89. Math

    Divide 5/6 / -2/3 A) -5/4 B)-5/9 C)5/9 D)5/4

    asked by Kyle
  90. Math

    I need help with Maps and scale The question is : The actual Distance between two cities is and the map scale 100 km find the map distance.

    asked by Shane
  91. maths

    simplify (cos2Ɵ-1)/sin2Ɵ

    asked by AJAKORE SAHEED
  92. Math

    Melissa put her cat, Herman, on a diet and kept track of his weight. At the end of 4 weeks, she recorded Herman's weight change as −4 1/2 ounces. She noticed that he had lost the same amount of weight each week. What is Herman's weight change each week

    asked by Kate
  93. Math

    If both the denominators are the same on 2 fractions, they can be added right?

    asked by Trikzz
  94. History

    Which type of information can scientists learn from such discovery? A. the approximate age of the skeleton B. whether the person had migrated from another region C. the size of the prehistoric community D. wether the person made tools

    asked by I need help plz
  95. Science

    SCIENCE Prairie grasses grow from the roots and not from the tips. How does this adaptation help prairie grasses to survive? a. The grass can grow wider to make the stem more sturdy b. The grass can take in more carbon dioxide c. The grass can

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    solve the equation 13×+1=1

    asked by tamiru
  97. art

    when creating a portrait an artist wants to pay close attenetion to proportion as well as capture the pesonality of the individual. the portrait pictured here

    asked by (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) [dont mind this]
  98. Social Studies

    Summarize the actions of the United States throughout World War 1. Y'all got any ideas? I searched on google but nothing really helped.

    asked by Subscribe to danplan ꆛ
  99. Social Studies

    What major change did people make during the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution A. They began hunting B. They began trading C.They began gathering D. They began farming I think it’s A or C Can you tell me if I’m correct

    asked by Alexis
  100. Science

    Cotton clothing is made from Select one: a. little hairs on cotton plant leaves. b. fibres on cotton plant roots. c. strips of cotton plant stem. d. fibres growing around cotton plant seeds. I know its made from the plant, but my my lesson and textbook

    asked by ❄ Snowflake ❄
  101. maths

    Write equation of parabolla focus (5,0) and p:4 vertical axis

    asked by muudee
  102. Math

    Melissa bought 3 loaves of freshly baked bread at a specialty bread shop. She paid twice as much for the whole grain bread as for the French bread, and $2.50 more for the cinnamon raisin bread than for the whole grain bread. She spent a total of $11.25 for

    asked by Cookie Crumbs
  103. Social Studies

    5. How does the laissez-faire economic system align with Jefferson’s political party’s views ? A. Implementing a free market would ensure the government plays only a small role in the economy. B. A free market economy was necessary for the purchase of

    asked by Ace
  104. Health

    Please check my answer and let me know how I can improve it thank you. 1. Why is there a demand for Health Services Administrators? The rate of Health Services Administrators are growing at a fast rate because of the aging population, the needs for

    asked by Lu
  105. What?

    Use the following image to answer the question. Flowchart with 6 boxes. Box A sits at the very bottom of the left side of the flowchart, which flows into Box B. Box B flows into Box C. Box C flows into Box D. On the bottom of the right side of the

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    Jordan has 4/5 as many DVDs as Joseph. If Jordan has 56 DVDs, then how many does Joseph have?

    asked by Please help
  107. Algebra

    3(y-1)=2x+2 I need to find the slope and I am not sure how to with this equation?

    asked by
  108. Chemistry

    When is a compound considered binary? when it has at least one double bond when it has two of the same elements bonded together when it has two different elements bonded together when it has two atoms Isnt it when it has two different elements bonded

    asked by BS
  109. Chemistry

    What is the difference between a molecular formula and a structural formula? A)A molecular formula will show the actual number of atoms in a molecule, while the structural formula will show the organization and layout of the atoms in the compound. B)A

    asked by BS
  110. English

    What sentence in a Christmas carol has the word proposed in it.

    asked by OOfer
  111. Math

    Do the values in the table represent a proportional relationship? x 2 3 4 5 y 5 6 7 8

    asked by Rumaysa
  112. Calculus

    Explain how to solve: cos(arcsin√5/3)

    asked by Anonymus
  113. Calculus

    x= arccos(-√2/2) - cos(arcsin√5/3)

    asked by Anonymus
  114. Earth Science

    Which statement best describes the arrangement of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra in clay minerals? 1Points A tightly packed B random C sheets D spherical

    asked by Wolfie
  115. Social studies

    Rome became an empire when

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Social Studies

    Why did the Palestinians’ relationship with Israel worsen when Hamas won the most seats in the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary election? A. Hamas wanted to eliminate Israel as a country. B. Hamas wanted Israel to invade Lebanon. C. Hamas wanted to build

    asked by Anonymous
  117. science

    the earth__________ in a ______ _____ direction. __________- to move in a curved path around a center point or object. the earth _________ in a _________ ________ direction around the ___

    asked by mackenzie hendricks
  118. math

    on a number line from 0 to -10 where is thirteen thirds

    asked by laila
  119. Histroy

    Name one main success and one main failure of the Republic of Texas government. Then, tell how these factors contributed to Texas annexation by the United States. (4 points) I listed the Battle of San Jacinto and the Failed Santa Fe expedition but I don't

    asked by LittleNugget
  120. Physics

    Bif and Hap both want the 12.0 kg file cabinet. Bif pulls to the left with a force of 200 N. Hap exerts a force of 200 N to the right, at an angle of 30 degree above horizontal. a.)Draw the free-body diagram of the cabinet with all forces labeled and

    asked by Sarah
  121. physics

    A grocery shopper tosses a(n) 9.1 kg bag of rice into a stationary 17.6 kg grocery cart. The bag hits the cart with a horizontal speed of 7.0 m/s toward the front of the cart. What is the final speed of the cart and bag? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Tex
  122. Physics

    A jet aircraft is traveling at 230 m/s in horizontal flight. The engine takes in air at a rate of 96.7 kg/s and burns fuel at a rate of 3.96 kg/s. The exhaust gases are ejected at 482 m/s relative to the aircraft. Find the thrust of the jet engine. Answer

    asked by Tex
  123. math

    in a group of quarters and nickels, there are four more nickels than quarters. how many nickels and quarters are there if the coins are worth $2.30?

    asked by Beatrix
  124. mathematics

    if the price of oranges was raised by 1/2k pet Orange,the number of oranges a customer can buy for #2.40 Will be less by 16 .what is the present price of an Orange.

    asked by Oluyemi
  125. world history

    can someone please check my answers thank you. 1.)lenin founded the comintern as a way to a. spread the revolution b.take over the government c.suppress soviet dissidents d.improve soviet relations with other nations i chose a 2.)isolationists in the

    asked by luis
  126. math

    sum=245 product=15,006 What are the two numbers?

    asked by Beatrix
  127. Statistics

    The average annual cost of the first year of owning and caring for a large dog is $1,843 (US News and World Report, September 9, 2013). The Irish Red and White Setter Association of America has requested a study to estimate the annual first-year cost for

    asked by Brinlee