Questions Asked on
December 1, 2019

  1. History

    1. Why did some Texans choose to support the Union in the civil war? A. They thought Texas should be an independent nation. B. They were immigrants who did not understand the Declaration of Causes. C. They were afraid of being drafted into the military. D.

    asked by Help ME PLEEAASSSEEEE
  2. art

    What was the inspiration for the Doric order as described in the Ten Books of Architecture?

    asked by wdqfe
  3. Math

    A purse contains 4 pennies, 2 nickels, I dime, and I quarter. Different values can be obtained by using one or more coins in the purse. How many different values can be obtained?

    asked by AnonyMouse
  4. History

    how did the Civil War affect Texas economically and how did these effects impact the people of Texas

    asked by Anonymous
  5. math

    In triangle $XYZ,$ $M$ is the midpoint of $\overline{XY}.$ Let $D$ be the point on $\overline{YZ}$ such that $\overline{XD}$ bisects $\angle YXZ,$ and let the perpendicular bisector of $\overline{XY}$ intersect $\overline{XD}$ at $P.$ If $XY = 36$ and $MP

    asked by bob
  6. Math

    An electronics store offers its employees two different compensation plans. Employees on plan A earn $500 per week plus a 25% commission on their weekly sales of the products. Employees on Plan B earn $750 per week plus a 15% commission on their weekly

    asked by Celestina
  7. Social Studies

    What was the effect of the development of long-distance navigation skills by the Polynesians?

    asked by Connections Academy
  8. MATH

    Please describe on how to use area models to find the quotient of 1/2 divided by 2/5. Then finding the quotient numeral operations only.

    asked by Beans
  9. math

    lim (x^x) x->0

    asked by anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    Explain the observation made when chlorine gas is bubbled into asolution of iron (ii) sulphate

    asked by vinn
  11. Algebra

    Pls help me solve this: 5 over x+2 plus 3 over x equals 2 over x

    asked by Darcy
  12. Math

    On a soccer team 40% of goals are scored by the star player on the team if 70 goals are scored all season how many are scored by the rest of the team

    asked by Anonymous
  13. algebra,

    37 • x Problem: Which expression is equivalent to the expression shown?

    asked by Naomi Bush
  14. English

    I am doing an idiom project and it is about bag of tricks and I need explanation, 2 pic, and 2 dialoge

    asked by Mahveen
  15. science

    what mass of copper at 90 degrees celcius when added to 200g of water at 15 degrees celsius contained in a 100g aluminum calorimeter will give a final temperature of 25 degrees celcius

    asked by AJ
  16. Physics

    MD Robotics is the company that built the Canadarm for the International Space Station. Engineers (including a friend of Mr. Meyer) are working on a way to use the arm to launch small satellites. The idea is to attach a launch pad (1200 kg) to the hand

    asked by Talha
  17. Mathematics

    A sector of a circle of radius is 7cm substending an angle of 27% at all he center of the circle is used to form a cone. A. Find the base radius of the cone. B. Calculate the area of base of the cone

    asked by Adesuyi Similoluwa
  18. math

    The probability that Santa Claus is coming to town is 0.8. The probability that the Grinch is coming to town is 0.15. Find the probability that both Santa Claus and the Grinch come to town if the two events are mutually exclusive. Is this just Ø since

    asked by lijm
  19. calculus

    A 5ft person is running away from a 50ft light post at 13ft/s. Find the rate of change of the shadow from the person when they are 60 feet from the light post. So I made a right triangle diagram, where the vertical side is 50ft, the bottom side is x + y

    asked by Pat
  20. Math

    Tickets for a concert costs $2 each for children and $5 each for adults. A group of thirty people consisting of children and adults paid a total of $87 for the concert. How many adults were in the group?

    asked by miss math
  21. chemistry

    With an explanation of your answer, arrange the following compounds in order of increasing boiling point. 1.butane 2.butanoic acid 3.methyl propane

    asked by Khadija
  22. Calculus

    Q. The sum of the two shortest sides of a right-angles triangle is 18cm.Calculate a.the least possible length of the hypotenuse b.the greatest possible area of the triangle

    asked by Raj
  23. Poetry

    Criticize my poem please A time far away Yet we still yearn A time that was a beautiful lie Shielding us from Now, a time, an ugly truth. A memory is distinct, a faded thought in the back of my mind My heart still weeps for that time of innocence. Where we

    asked by wishahubb
  24. Calculus

    Q.a.Find the stationary points on the graph of y=12x+3x^2-2x^3 and sketch the curve. b.How does your sketch show that the equation 12x+3x^2-2x^3 =0 has exactly three real roots. c.Use your graph to show that the eequation 12x+3x^2-2x^3 = -5 also has

    asked by Raj
  25. Math

    A stock increased in value by 7% on Wednesday and then decreased in value by 4% on Thursday. What was the net percentage increase in the value of the stock from the end of the day on Tuesday to the end of the day on Thursday? A)2.72% B)2.88% C)3.00%

    asked by Celetina
  26. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. T/ F The U.S. healthcare system was founded on the following goals: heal the sick, prevent disease, and promote health. This question is confusing me. I know that the U.S. healthcare system was founded on 1. Treat the

    asked by Lu
  27. Business

    What is one of the most important things to consider when dealing with end user/customers during a MIS development project?

    asked by Jasmine
  28. Health

    I am not understanding this. I thank you for your help. 1. T/F Money invested into public health in the early 1900s had a larger impact on health outcomes than money invested in the last 20 to 30 years.

    asked by Lu
  29. Math

    Find an antiderivative of f(x) = 3^2x + e^−3x whose graph passes through the point. (0, 1/ln 9)

    asked by anonymous
  30. math

    Cindy's Ciders produces and sells spiced apple cider. Cindy has a monthly fixed cost of $3080 and production costs of $3 per gallon of cider. Each gallon of cider sells for $8.50. a) Find the monthly cost function associated with Cindy's Cider (let x=

    asked by lijm
  31. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. 1. Which key component that contributes to our health status is a major confounder of the physical environment? A. Heredity B. Genetics C. Personal behaviors D. Socioeconomic environment X

    asked by Lu
  32. Health

    Please check my answers thank you. 1. T/F It is more cost-effective to prevent a disease than to treat one: True 2. Patients are seen here when they need to recover from a serious illness, injury, or surgery that requires a high level of specialized care.

    asked by Lu
  33. math

    Emilie is playing a game. The probabilities that she will win $5, win $10 or lose $3 are 0.2, 0.1, and 0.7, respectively. What are Emilie's expected winnings losses? What I did: Wins: 5 (0.2) + 10 (0.1) = 2 Loss: 3 (0.7) = 2.1

    asked by lijm
  34. Physics

    A particle is moving along a line that passes through the origen has zero angular momentum about that origen?

    asked by Harsha
  35. Accounting

    You are a new staff accountant in your first year of training within a small practice. An in-charge accountant with 2.5 years of experience has been ill and been home on sick leave. You are due to go on a short leave to study for the CPA exam. You have

    asked by Amity
  36. math, binomials

    Patty's pastries has 400 employees. It has been estimated that the probability of a worker gaining 6 pounds per year is .2. Use the normal approximation to the binomial random variable to find the probability that at least 90 of her workers will gain 6

    asked by lijm
  37. math

    Bill entered three contests. The probability he will win contest A is .2, the probability that he will win Contest B is .1 and the probability that he will win the Contest C is .6. Assuming that these events are all independent of one another, what is the

    asked by lijm
  38. Physics

    how long can a cheetah run a distance of 1100m

    asked by kheiyce Vileen