Questions Asked on
November 28, 2019

  1. math

    Omar wanted to know if x−5 is a factor of the polynomial p(x)=x3−6x2−x+30. He applied the Factor Theorem and concluded that x−5 is a factor of p(x), as shown in the following work. Step 1: p(5)=53−6(52)−5+30 Step 2: p(5)=125−150−5+30=0 Step

    asked by Noise
  2. Math

    The bearing of x from y is 045°and the bearing of z from y is 145°,where x,y and z are three points in the plane.lf y is equidistant from x and z,find the bearing of z from x.

    asked by Christy
  3. Geography

    In the early 1600s, Bhutan's religious and political power was consolidated by a Tibetan A. mantra B.lama C. dzong D. stupa i am not sure if its mantras or dzong but im going more for mantras because it say some Hindus and Buddhist recite mantras for

    asked by lulu
  4. History

    How did the Scientific Revolution affect politics in Europe? Monarchies were abolished across the continent.*** It strengthened the position of nobility. Women were granted the right to vote. The idea of divine right to rule was questioned.

    asked by Arabella
  5. Science

    Phosphate (PO4)3– is a polyatomic ion with a 3– charge. What is the chemical formula for the ionic compound lithium phosphate? Li3PO4 LiPO4 Li(PO4)3 Li2PO4 would it be Li(PO4)3?

    asked by Noise
  6. Physics

    Oxygen has a molar mass of 32 g/mol. If 12 moles of oxygen are in a 0.1-m3 container with an rms speed of 480 m/s, what is the pressure of the gas? I don't understand what I'm doing wrong Im using p=nM(vrms^2)/3V and im getting 2.9E8? someone pls explain

    asked by Vix
  7. Maths

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions. sin(θ + ϕ); sin(θ) = 12/13, θ in Quadrant I, cos(ϕ) = −(2(sqrt 5))/5, ϕ in Quadrant II Thanks

    asked by Just another college student
  8. Computers

    given three numbers A,B,C. draw a flowchart to compute and print out the sum, average and the product of these values.

    asked by gatz
  9. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line that passes through the given points. d (−3, 7.2) and (2, −2.3)

    asked by Jenny
  10. Math

    The market equilibrium point for a product occurs when 13500 units are produced at a price of $45 per unit. The producer will supply no units at $10 and the consumers will demand no units at $200. Find the supply and demand equations if they are both

    asked by Chanaka
  11. Science

    What is the oxidation state of an element? the total number of protons an atom can gain or lose during a chemical reaction the total number of electrons an atom loses or gains during a chemical reaction the number of elements oxygen can bond with to form a

    asked by Noise
  12. Math

    Jamal wants to know if x−3 is a factor of the polynomial P(x)=x3−7x+6. Jamal calculates P(3) and applies the Factor Theorem to conclude that x−3 is a factor of P(x). Is he correct? Why or why not? No, because P(3) is equal to 0. No, because P(3) is

    asked by Noise
  13. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line that passes through the given points. (−7, 1.3) and (−7, 14.2)

    asked by Jenny
  14. Math

    You deposited $ 5,000 per month into an account that now contains $ 50,000 and earns 13% interest per year compunded monthly. Determine the amount of money in the account after 10 years

    asked by Chanaka
  15. Math

    What is the solution if the problem is Kyle is 3times older than mark john ,if mark johns age is 10 .What is the age of kyle in this time?

    asked by Jermaine
  16. Math

    The equations 𝘺=−𝟤.𝟧𝘹+𝟣𝟧 and 𝟤𝟧𝘹+𝟣𝟢𝘺=𝟣𝟧𝟢 represent Hanna’s music festival situation. Is it easier to find the x-intercept of the graph of the equations using slope-intercept or standard form? Explain. I

    asked by Veronica J
  17. algebra

    During a 555-mile flight, a plane flew at two different speeds. For the first part of the trip, the average speed was 105 mph. Then the tailwind picked up, and the remainder of the trip was flown at an average speed of 115 mph. The entire trip took 5

    asked by Emma
  18. biology

    suppose, a student noticed that many plantc in grade died ff an excess application of certain fertilizer. to which step of the scientific method would this correspond?

    asked by roobsen hika
  19. maths

    Define utility using graph and mathematical expression

    asked by samuel
  20. chemistry

    How we can prepare sulfuric acid solution containing 6.10gperdm3 of sulfuric acid?

    asked by Sehrish Shafique
  21. English

    1. Write things names in English. 2. Write item names in English. 3. Write stuff names in English. 4. Write things in English. 5. Write names about things in English. --------------------------- Which ones are good to use?

    asked by rfvv
  22. Math

    For three consecutive months, a person deposited some amount of money on the first day of ech montg in a small saving fund. These three successive amounts in the deposiy, the total value of which is ksh. 65,form a GP if the 2 extreme amounts be multiplied

    asked by BRIAN
  23. Physics

    in 1921, the Dodge Brothers built a boat named the SS Delphine and it had a whopping 3000 HP. So, how much horsepower would a Challenger SRT® Hellcat Redeye Widebody need to tow the SŚ Delphine up the industry standard: Davis Dam Grade Climb? Pro Tips

    asked by Alejandro
  24. Science

    Find the mass of silver deposited when a current of 4.6A is passed through a solution of silver salt for 85min

    asked by Brannet
  25. Maths

    Out of 65 players,11 play basketball only,11 play both basketball and cricket.The number of players who play cricket is twice the number of players who play basketball.By using a venn diagram find the number of players who play cricket only and who don't

    asked by Utsav
  26. management

    purpose of management teach students a management ,not to be a managers .do you agree this

    asked by Abel
  27. Algebra

    Find the value of the variable such that: the value of 5−a is 20 greater than the value of 6a−1

    asked by Jenny
  28. Psychology

    Examine the phenomenological emphasis on bracketing. Would bracketing enable a rethinking of the emphasis on mind in psychological thinking?

    asked by rcjules
  29. Algebra

    Write the number as a power of 5. 125^3

    asked by Jenny
  30. math

    z/m − z/n =1, if m≠n

    asked by po
  31. Careers

    Wht high paying jobs can i do in the future if I do these subjects? Pure maths, tourism, history and business studies

    asked by Unknown
  32. physics

    we crawled a long through the city traffic at 6m/s for 5m'. than we left the city & we gradually acceleration to 24m/s2 in 20s

    asked by velocity-time graph
  33. Physics

    A bullet of mass 5.0 g and velocity 330 m/s passes through a wheel at rest. The wheel is a solid disk of mass 2 kg and radius 18 cm. The bullet passes through the wheel at a perpendicular distance of 15 cm from the centre and the bullet's final velocity is

    asked by Josh
  34. math

    If all the beads in a jar are either orange or purple and the ratio of orange to purple beads is 6 to 5, what is the ratio of the following: a. purple to orange b. purple to all beads c. all beads to orange Please help ASAP on all 3 parts!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  35. Math

    The bearing of q from p is 250° and the bearing of r from p is 160° . If q is equidistant from p and r ,find the bearing of r and p

    asked by Anonymous
  36. History.

    How did oyo empire (begins) & fall.

    asked by isreal
  37. physics

    a 75 w light source consumes 75 w of electrical power . assume all this energy goes in to emitted li ght of wavelength 600nm calculate the frequency of the emitted light?

    asked by ftsum
  38. Programming

    write a fortran program to store scores of five courses of three students

    asked by Obioha
  39. Maths

    A salesman sells articles at Rs.80 each.He sells 1500 articles in the first week.In the second week,he sells 18% more than in the first week and in the third week, he sells 12% more than in the second week. Calculate the amount received by the salesman if

    asked by Chanaka