Questions Asked on
November 24, 2019

  1. Physics

    A horizontal cable pulls a 200 kg cart along a horizontal track.the tension in the cable is 500N. Starting from rest (a)how long will it take the cart to reach a speed of 8m/s (b) how far will it have gone ?

    asked by Pareha
  2. Trigonometry

    In △ABC, m∠A=α, m∠B=β, m∠C=γ. AB=c, AC=b, BC=a. Find the remaining parts of each triangle if the following parts are given. a) a=4.60, b=3.10, α=18º. Find: c≈__, β≈__, γ≈__ b) a=5.24, b=4.44, β=48º. Find: c≈ __, α≈ ___, γ≈ __

    asked by Mira B.
  3. math

    Find four numbers that form a geometric progression such that the third term is greater than the first by 12 and the fourth is greater than the second by 36.

    asked by maggie
  4. math

    Julia collects colored beads for craft projects. Of Julia’s beads, 4/ 9 are silver, 1/5 are gold, and 1 /4 are blue. The rest of the beads are red. Which expression gives the closest estimate of the fraction of red beads Julia has?

    asked by krystle
  5. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 4.9g of sucrose in 17g water. Calculate the boiling point, freezing point and osmotic pressure of this solution at 25 degree Celsius.

    asked by humphrey
  6. algebra

    The function A=A0e^-0.01386x models the amount in pounds of a particular radioactive material stored in a concrete vault, where x is the number of years since the material was put into the vault. If 500 pounds of material are placed in the vault. A) How

    asked by Edith
  7. Statistics

    The probability of shopping as Shoprite supermarket is 60% while that of shopping at Pick and Pay is 40%. If the shopper goes shopping eight times. A. what is the probability of Shopping at least three times at Shoprite supermarket. B. Shopping at most

    asked by Shafuna
  8. algebra

    The value of a particular investment follows a pattern of exponential growth. In the year 2000, you invested money in a money market account. The value of your investment t years after 2000 is given by the exponential growth model A=7200e^0.045t A) How

    asked by Brenda
  9. English

    An author's ____ could be to inform, to entertain, or to persuade.

    asked by YRN DJ
  10. Calculus

    Find the indicated partial derivative. (Assume a, b, and c are greater than three.) u = x^(a)y^(b)z^(c) [∂^(6)u]/[∂x ∂y^(2)∂z^(3)]=

    asked by #1
  11. Chemistry

    Billions of pounds of urea are produced annually for use as a fertilizer The reaction used is 2NH3+CO2=CO(NH2)2+H2O The typical starting mixture has 3:1 mole ratio of NH3 to CO2 .If 47.7grams urea form per mole of CO2 that reacts what is the A:Theoretical

    asked by Enock
  12. Math

    if you roll a number cube 54 times about how many times do you expect to roll a number less than 5? 7th grade Math 'Use Theoretical Probability and Proportional Reasoning To Make Predictions"

    asked by Suga-fan-army-BTS
  13. chemistry


    asked by jessica
  14. Health Essay

    Directions : Describe your initial thoughts regarding physicians’ ability to deny medical care to Medicaid patients. Do you believe all facilities and providers should be required to accept Medicaid recipients? Explain your answer. Make sure Word count

    asked by Lu
  15. Math

    Find x 2x^(4/5) = 162 I don't understand this problem. Step by step would be great thank you :)

    asked by snapping
  16. English

    A _____ sentence helps to give additional evidence for a claim or a main idea.

    asked by YRN DJ
  17. statistics

    For this assignment, use data from W1 Project. Data: Literature Review Social scientists have long been interested in the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. Several studies over the past few decades have demonstrated that eyewitnesses are not always

    asked by whitney
  18. math

    Inverse Variation I'm doing something wrong in my calculation but I can't figure out what -- The cost per person to rent a mountain cabin is inversely proportional to the number of people who share the rent. If the cost is $36 per person when 5 people

    asked by carly
  19. English

    A student is writing a persuasive essay that argues FOR the increasing use of ethanol as a fuel source in America today. Which of the following statements is supportive of the student's purpose and which statements are irrelevant or digressive from the

    asked by YRN DJ
  20. Math

    Store A sells 5 bagels for $2.05. store B sells 3 bagels for $1.35.How do the unit rates compare? I found the unit rate for b, it is 45...because 45 * 3 = 135 and the price for 3 bagels is 1.35.. but can you help me with a's unit rate please?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    The following graph shows the number of soccer games a team won in each of their first three seasons. Explain how you could redraw the graph so that the change in wins between the three seasons does not seem so great. The graph goes from 10 in season 1 to

    asked by Brooklyn, I'm a boy
  22. Social studies

    Which of the following cultures were among the earliest known inhabitants of North America? A. Maya B. Inca C. Anasazi D. Olmec** Ms. Sue can you please check my answer.

    asked by 56ty
  23. Algebra

    Draco steals and throws Neville's red ball straight up at 86 feet per second from about 11 feet above the ground. How long does he have until the ball reaches the ground? HINT: Use the function h(t)=−16t2+86t+11, where h(t) is the height of the red ball

    asked by Kenzie
  24. English

    This is the writer's choice of words, including the vocabulary used, the appropriateness of the words, and the vividness of the language. " "

    asked by YRN DJ
  25. English

    This is another way of saying "diction." This can help reveal a) the tone of the work, b) connotations of meaning, and/or c) his style of writing. Example: There is a significant difference in the choice of: celebrity, infamy, or fame.

    asked by YRN DJ
  26. Math

    A coin is weighted so that the probability of obtaining a head in a single toss is .4. If the coin is tossed 25 times, what is the probability of obtaining fewer than 10 head? For this problem, I found the mean and standard deviation first. I got 10 for

    asked by Lijim
  27. Algebra

    Tim Brown wants to enclose his children's play area with fencing. Tim found that he needs to install 50 feet of fencing around the rectangular play yard. If the yard covers 150 square feet, what are its dimensions?

    asked by Kenzie
  28. Algebra 1

    a study of consumer buying habits found that people who biy low calorie meal replacement shakes have higher obesity rate and higher percentage of gym membership than those who don't. are these two trends an example of causation, correlation, or both?

    asked by Sara
  29. Algebra

    Draco steals and throws Neville's red ball straight up at 86 feet per second from about 11 feet above the ground. How long does he have until the ball reaches the ground? HINT: Use the function h(t)=−16t^2+86t+11, where h(t) is the height of the red ball

    asked by Kenzie
  30. Calculus

    Why is the answer for "If P(2,-4) is a point on the graph of the function y=f(x), find the corresponding point on the graph of y=-3f(2x)+1" is (1,13)?

    asked by Trevor N.
  31. biology

    what is heart disease

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Trig

    Find the exact value of each trigonometric function for the given angle θ. (2, -sqrt(5) ), cotθ w/ unit cirlce line in 4th quad

    asked by Sammirah
  33. Algebra


    asked by Aurielle
  34. chemistry

    Given the information A + B ⟶ 2 D Δ H ∘ = − 764.7 kJ Δ S ∘ = 328.0 J / K C ⟶ D Δ H ∘ = 465.0 kJ Δ S ∘ = − 188.0 J / K calculate Δ G ∘ at 298 K for the reaction A + B ⟶ 2 C Δ G ∘ =

    asked by stacey
  35. math

    evaluate -5g - 6 for g = -2 a. 4 b.16 c.10 d. -13

    asked by who cares
  36. English

    can someone help me make this short Summary Dan and his friends, Abby and Jordan, take a road trip down to New Orleans, Lousiana the summer after high school graduation. The three met at a college prep. campus named New Hampshire College Prep (NHCP). They

    asked by kyle
  37. Physics

    Forces A,45N at an angle of 0 degree to horizontal, force B, 30N at an angle of 300 degree to the vertical.force C,unknown?

    asked by Fikre
  38. Chemistry

    1. Distinguish between a conductor and electrolyte. 2. State Faraday's first law of electrolysis 3. What is an electrochemical cell 4. State five differences between an electrochemical cell and electrolytic cell.

    asked by Amora
  39. Physics

    What scale should I take for readings like (6.38,12.7,19.1,25.53,31.91,38.29) on x-axis and (1.27,1.25,1.21,1.18,1.14,1.12) on y-axis?In a-4 size paper graph.

    asked by Raj
  40. Calculus

    Verify Stokes theorem for F =(y^2 + x^2 - x^2)i + (z^2 + x^2 - y^2)j + (x^2 + y^2 - z^2)k over the portion of the surface x^2 + y^2 -2ax + az = 0 While evaluating the integral we get hard to evaluate integrals. What can we do to simplify this?

    asked by Aryaa
  41. math


    asked by Joseph
  42. History

    Cartoon ograbme. Question does the cartoon relate to tariffs or relations with foreign nations ( Britian). To me it’s clearly both.

    asked by Lizzie
  43. US History

    Use the political cartoon to answer the question. A political cartoon shows an overweight Uncle Sam getting a new outfit made at a shop with the President measuring him for a new suit. The rolls of cloth are labeled Enlightened Foreign Policy and Rational

    asked by Emma
  44. Science

    Explain your observations on what organisms need to grow. Also discuss ways in which human activity can impact an organism’s ability to obtain the resources it needs to survive. Share your opinion about how human activity can be changed to have less

    asked by lucy
  45. geography

    What city is located at 34°s, 18°w? I just find the ocean?? I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

    asked by Rylie
  46. science

    How does temperature affect the solubility of most solids?

    asked by Mrs. Hela Hatake
  47. social studies

    Describe feudal Japanese society. What were the roles of shoguns, samurai, daimyo, and peasants?

    asked by Uma
  48. Math

    Use the formula for continuous compounding to compute the balance in the account after​ 1, 5, and 20 years.​ Also, find the APY for the account. A ​$20 comma 000 deposit in an account with an APR of 2.5​%.

    asked by Michael
  49. Science

    Cassandra is building a machine that will convert ocean waves into electricity. If she wants to get the most energy from the waves possible, which kind of waves should she use for her machine?

    asked by Science
  50. Algebra

    I have to create parabola that represents the ark of a projectile, meaning it starts and (0,0) and has a downward ark. My problem is that I only know the vertex (6,3) and I know it ends at 12. Could anyone help me turn that into a quadratic form to graph

    asked by Craigslist
  51. science

    Isaac and Joe worked together to draw a model of a transverse wave. Issac used the model to measure the distance between two crests. Joe said, "Good job measuring the wave's amplitude!" Why might Isaac have been confused by Joe's statement? A. Isaac

    asked by Pleaseee help Science
  52. Math

    if you roll a number cube 54 times about how many times do you expect to roll a number??

    asked by Suga-fan-army-BTS
  53. Math

    Peter selects a sock from his drawer. The sock is black. There are 4 white socks, 7 blue socks, and 12 black socks left in the drawer. He selects a second sock from the drawer without looking. Is it likely that peter selects a sock of the same color?

    asked by Suga-fan-army-BTS
  54. Science

    ways in which human activity can impact an organism’s ability to obtain the resources it needs to survive.

    asked by lucy
  55. chemistry

    H2SO4(aq)+H2O(l)→H3O+(aq)+HSO4−(aq) solve

    asked by jessica
  56. chemistry

    Given the information A+B⟶2D ΔH∘=−764.7kJ ΔS∘=328.0 J/K C⟶D ΔH∘= 465.0 kJ ΔS∘= −188.0J/K calculate ΔG∘ at 298 K for the reaction A+B⟶2C ΔG∘=

    asked by stacey
  57. Algebra

    Are these two equations perpendicular when graphed? y=9x-2 and 3y=7-x

    asked by Billy
  58. Math

    A new theme park will have five roller coasters, six water rides and eight suspension rides. If you were going to go on 5 of the 8 suspension rides, how many different ways could you do so?

    asked by Terry
  59. Math

    How do I differentiate y=x^3(3x+5)^7/2

    asked by Grace
  60. Calculus

    At which x values does the curve y=1+60x^3-10x^5 does the tangent line have the largest slope. List the x values in increasing order and enter n in the second box if the max occurs at only one x value

    asked by Samantha
  61. Math

    Multiplying a number by 4/6 then dividing by 2/5 is the same as multiplying by what number ?

    asked by Lluvia
  62. Math

    What is the definition of bias response and unbiased response? Can someone tell me in simple terms please.

    asked by anonymous
  63. English

    how do you quote an offensive term? I want to qoute something, but it has the N-word in it, and that would be bad.

    asked by wishahubb
  64. World cultures

    The key to Singapore’s success was A.) importing cheap goods B.) producing goods for export C.) developing its mineral wealth D.) attracting foreign labors to work in its mines and forests

    asked by Amanda
  65. English

    These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not

    asked by YRN DJ
  66. Physics

    Fused quartz possesses an exceptionally low coefficient of linear expansion, −15.50×10−7 (∘C)−1. Suppose a bar of fused quartz of length 3.23 m at 20.0 ∘C is heated to 227 ∘C. By how much, in millimeters, would the bar expand?

    asked by Jason
  67. English

    It was recently reported that the Riversville city council is considering cutting its funding of the Riversville Library in order to save money for the next fiscal year. While I appreciate the city's need to tighten its finances, I am vehemently opposed to

    asked by YRN DJ
  68. Algebra

    The top of a rectangular table has an area of 255 square feet. It has a length that is 2 feet more than the width. Find the dimensions of the table top.

    asked by Kenzie
  69. Science

    A scientist discovered a microscopic, unicellular organism with no nucleus. Which of the following correctly describes the organism? A.The organism is a plant. B.The organism is an animal. C.The organism is a prokaryote.** D.The organism is a eukaryote.

    asked by 56ty
  70. science

    An autographed baseball rolls off of a 1.3 m high desk and strikes the floor 0.15 m away from the desk. How fast was it rolling on the desk before it fell off? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Lira Dogjani
  71. English

    Thesis: Louisa May Alcott, best known for writing Little Women, resented being classified as an author of juvenilia because she felt it diminished her status among her contemporaries and her audience. I. Topic Sentence: Alcott had an impressive literary

    asked by YRN DJ
  72. math

    A flight is supposed to 1025 hours and reach its destination at 1320 hours. If it start 15 minutes late and arrives 19 minutes late,how longdoes it take to reach its destination?

    asked by ranu
  73. English

    (1) Emily Dickinson is regarded as one of the greatest American poets. (2) She was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, to a very prominent family. (3) Her childhood was normal, filled with friends, activities, and having fun. (4) As she grew older, she

    asked by YRN DJ
  74. English

    Please check my answer thank you What strategies can you use to help you write in a grammatically correct way? proofreading is a strategy that can help you write in a grammatically correct way. You can have someone else can proofread your work as well and

    asked by Lu