Questions Asked on
November 23, 2019

  1. History

    Which best explains how the immediacy of electronic communications and the media impacts information in a negative way? Bad news about a corporation could allow its stockholders to dump their shares on the market, but this could harm the economy. Social

    asked by Ash
  2. Physics

    A force of 50N acts on the end of a wrench 18 cm long. a) In what direction should the force act to produce the maximum torque? Draw a diagram. b) What is the maximum torque? (State both magnitude and direction)

    asked by n
  3. Social studies

    How did the Spanish conquest affect culture in the Americas? A. The Spanish, American Indian, and African cultures blended overtime B. The Spanish destroyed Aztec and incan cultures so that no trace remained C. Spanish colonist gave up European culture and

    asked by Jolie
  4. Geography

    is Christianity the dominant religion in North Africa? true or false? I think it's false because it's Islam right? I just want to be sure

    asked by bob
  5. maths

    The product of 2 numbers is 24,and the sum of their squares are 52.Find their sum.

    asked by kumar
  6. Geography

    The acceptance of bribes by government officials who manage natural resources is an example of... A.profit maximization. B.productivity. C.environmental regulations. D.corruption. i chose A because that was in the book and it was false

    asked by bob
  7. math

    The mass of a box of chocolates is 290g.The box contain 7 identical chocolate.Manish eat 3 chocolates the mass of the box is now 194g. Find the weight of the empty box.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Calculus

    what is the taylor series of f(x) = sin(x) at a=pi/3

    asked by Marianne
  9. Social studies

    Many colonies in the Pacific islands began demanding independence A. During World War I B. When Japan seized control over the islanders during World war II C. After the defeat of Japan in World War II D. Soon after being colonized by European powers

    asked by Arialm2
  10. Math

    Solve the equation. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. 1#: 7r - 7 = 2r +18 1. r= -5 2. r= 5 3. r= 2.2 4. r= 1.2 _____________________________________________________ Solve the equation. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. 2#: 2x + 12 = 18 - x 1.

    asked by shell
  11. Microbiology

    Please can anyone help me Identify the correct answer. Thanks so much in advance. The cell wall of gram-positive bacteria may contribute to the development of septic shock. Identify the component which is most associated with the induction of septic shock.

    asked by Sohmay
  12. math

    Direct vs. Inverse Variation Also this one: You purchase a new SUV; as age increases, the resale price decreases. I believe this would be inverse, but the answer packet says neither direct nor inverse. As I understand inverse, as one value goes up, the

    asked by carly
  13. physics

    A book weighing 29 N is placed on a table. How much support force does a table exert on the book? Answer in units of N. (I know the answer to this part is 29 N) part 2: What is the net force on the book in this case? Answer in units of N

    asked by Faria
  14. Social studies

    What did Han emperors do to keep the economy stable? A.stopped merchants from selling goods along the Silk Road B.bought grain, stored it, and resold it during times of low harvest ** C.introduced the first standardized coins D.refused to allow monopolies

    asked by 56ty
  15. Math

    the total cost c of a firm is partly constant and partly varies as the square of the quantity x of goods produced if 20 units of goods cost#30,000 and 45 units cost #60,000. find the cost of producing 120 units

    asked by Falaye
  16. Science

    A 10.0 L of an incompressible liquid exerts a force of 20 Newtons at earth. If 2.3 of this liquid is at the moon, how much would this liquid exert on the moon? (Moon's gravity 1.62 m/s^2) a. 0.508 N b. 0.675 N c. 0.784 N d. 0.831 N

    asked by Tris
  17. US History

    The cartoon " ograbme". I have read it 3x. I can't decide what this is a direct result of either 1. has to do with tariffs? 2. has to do with foreign relations? I narrowed it down to these 2 choices.

    asked by Lizzie
  18. Maths

    Planning delivery route for milman

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    Consider a company that selects employees for random drug tests. The company uses a computer to randomly select employee numbers that range from 1 to 6296

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Careers

    which careers that are available in these subjects

    asked by Siyabonga
  21. Civics

    Explain why an independent and unbiased jury and judge are important. What is a jury?

    asked by Dejen
  22. maths

    If the length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by 25%,find the difference between the areas of the old and new rectangles. [Hint: Ans.9LB/16Sqcm.] ??

    asked by kumar
  23. Careers

    Can I study nursing?with this subjects Math lit, geography,life sciences, agriculture sci

    asked by Boitumelo
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of mgcl2 is produced by reacting 168g ofmgco3 with excess hcl(mg=2,c=12,o=16,cl=35.5)

    asked by Adam
  25. Geography

    I was wondering what was the date 63 million years ago in the cenozoic era? I have tried to google it, but it does not say can you help please?

    asked by IKTA!
  26. Physics

    There are about 200,000 glaciers in the world, covering 726,000 km2 with an average thickness of several hundred meters. In the process of global warming, the glaciers are slowly melting. Estimate the rise of the average sea levels in case they are all

    asked by Vix
  27. English

    Please check my answer and me know ways I can improve this thank you. What are some editing strategies you can use when proofreading your paper for errors? I read the document twice to ensure no important information was missed the first time. The first

    asked by Lu
  28. math

    Brand A granola is 25​% nuts and dried fruit and brand B granola is 20​% nuts and dried fruit. How much of sweet item A and sweet item B should be mixed to form a 30 dash l b batch of sweets that is 24​% nuts and dried​ fruit?

    asked by jaja
  29. History

    Match the empire to the event | Roman Empire | Byzantine Empire | Both | Spread through Western Europe Collapsed in the 1400's Based in western Mediterranean Gained empires through military victories Embraced Eastern Orthodox Christianity Emperors were

    asked by Jaxx
  30. English

    She did not notice how popular she was. She did not pay attention to how popular she was. Same thing

    asked by Raychatu Sanfo
  31. Science

    Do you think your model accurately represents an alcohol thermometer? How is it like a manufactured thermometer? How is it different?

    asked by HELP ASAP
  32. Physics

    A plane flies in a circle of radius 4,000 meters. The plane completes the circle in 2.5 minutes. What is the centripetal acceleration of the plane?

    asked by Isabella
  33. math

    Direct vs. Indirect Variation The volume of the water in a swimming pool as it is filled at a rate of 200 gallons per minute. I said this is direct variation V = 200t The volume of the water in a swimming pool as the water drains at a rate of 200 gallons

    asked by carly
  34. English

    List some important ideas that Johnny Tremain includes. So what are important ideas Johnny Tremain includes?

    asked by Trikzz
  35. math

    gemma is making neckleses , she needs 10 beads in each neckles ,she has got 81 beags altogether ,how many neckleses can she make?

    asked by noor
  36. Math

    x/4 + 1 = -5 1. -2**** 2. 16 3. 4 4. -24

    asked by Mountain
  37. Chemistry

    E is a solution of dibasic acid H2X containing 3.25g per 250cm^3 of solution F is 120mol/dm^3 of KOH solution ,calculate the average volume if E used

    asked by Abisola
  38. English

    Are the words interesting and interested related or different

    asked by Raychatu Sanfo
  39. Math

    619.5 km = __m this is the first question please help me

    asked by julie
  40. English

    The Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen translated by Eleanor Marx-Aveling CHARACTERS: Doctor Wangel Ellida Wangel, his second wife Bolette, Hilde (not yet grown up), his daughters by his first wife Arnholm (second master at a college) Lyngstrand Ballested A

    asked by sapphire
  41. Calculus

    How do we diffentiate in between when to use spherical polar coordinates and cylindrical polar coordinates for a transformation in a vector calculus question(line integral, stokes theorem etc.)

    asked by Aryaa
  42. Math

    Using math symbols, translate: 10 is 5 less than y

    asked by Please help me
  43. Calculus

    Could someone explain how do we verify stokes theorem for the vector field F=zi + (2x+z)j + xk taken over the triangular surface S in the plane (x/1)+(y/2)+(z/3)=1 bounded by the planes x=0 y=0 and z=0. Take boundary of the above triangular surface as the

    asked by Aryaa
  44. Math

    Okay, this isn’t a homework question I randomly came up with it but I don’t know how I should calculate it. So say someone has 108 billion dollars, and they buy something that’s 20 million dollars . What percent of the 108 billion did they spend?

    asked by Ur boi Xmcdees yum what
  45. calculus

    Persons A and B are running toward a certain point C. A is east of C and running west at 8mph. B is south of the point and running north. When B is 4 miles from the square, A and B are 5 miles apart. How fast is B running at this moment if the distance

    asked by Pat
  46. Geometry

    I really don't understand why my answer isn't right for this problem. Let G denote the centroid of triangle ABC. If triangle ABG is equilateral with side length 2, then determine the perimeter of triangle ABC. I drew a diagram and I got 2(sqrt13)+2, but

    asked by Dog_Lover
  47. math

    zeros of 16t³-100t+50

    asked by Zelex
  48. Math

    A straight line l is parallel to a vector a and passes through a point B whose position vector is b. The point C has position vector c and vectoe p os the position vector of the foot of the perpendicular drawn from C to l. Prove that p = [ (c-b)a ]/( |

    asked by Aryaa